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Open Everything is a global conversation about the art, science and spirit of 'open'. It gathers people using openness to create and improve software, education, media, philanthropy, neighbourhoods, workplaces and the society we live in: everything.
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june 2008 by pauljacobson
Mapping Open - Open Everything
One of big Everything goals is to map what people are doing with 'open' around the world. This page is starting point for that process ... [of capturing] the mapping process at each of the events and to eventually engage people much more broadly online.
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june 2008 by pauljacobson
iterating toward openness » Blog Archive » Noncommercial Isn’t the Problem, ShareAlike Is
"I can’t stress this point enough: the ShareAlike clause of the CC licenses and the CopyLeft tack of the GFDL rob derivers of the basic freedom to choose which license they will apply to their derived work."
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may 2008 by pauljacobson
Brian Jones: Open XML Formats
Brian is a product manager who developed the new Office Open XML formats.
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july 2007 by pauljacobson
An open letter to Cosatu's Zwelinzima Vavi : Mail & Guardian Online
This is worth the read if you want to really understand what the heck is going on in our political landscape these days.
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december 2006 by pauljacobson

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