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Macworld | Review: OmniFocus 1.0 task management software
A really good review of OmniFocus that includes a couple thoughts about implementation
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april 2008 by pauljacobson - Map Gmail IMAP Folders to Default Folders
What a great tip for users who get their mail via IMAP. Have you noticed IMAP folders for Sent/Junk/Spam/Drafts/Trash? You can tie them into your folder structure.
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november 2007 by pauljacobson
'For Mac users who want a simpler way to create lists. TaskPaper is a simple to-do list application that helps you stay organized. Unlike competing applications, TaskPaper is based on plain text files which offer you paper-like simplicity and ease of use.
Bookmarks  GTD  software  mac  productivity  osx  todo  tools  text  tasklists  task  Apple  application  apps  downloads  gettingthingsdone 
august 2007 by pauljacobson Aqua
Is this a true port of OpenOffice for the Mac?
Bookmarks  openoffice  osx  mac  software  office  opensource  macosx  application 
july 2007 by pauljacobson
Flying Meat: FlyGesture
This app enables you to do things on your Mac using mouse gestures.
Bookmarks  MerlinMann  software  mac  osx  mouse  freeware  productivity  automation  Tools  apple 
july 2007 by pauljacobson
A Jaiku client for your Mac: "juhu is a small mac os x application (10.4+) aimed to be a client for the jaiku web service. "
Bookmarks  jaiku  mac  osx  client  macosx  apps  software 
may 2007 by pauljacobson
How-To: Control iTunes With QuickSilver | MacApper
Great tutorial on how to use an awesome piece of software even more
Bookmarks  quicksilver  itunes  mac  osx  software  tips  tutorial  howto 
may 2007 by pauljacobson
Apple keynote: live from NAB 2007 - Engadget
Looks like some great upgrades for the creative professionals. There are updates to Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor and a bunch of other products
Bookmarks  finalcut  compressor  studio  animation  nab  apple  keynote  engadget  finalcurserver  server  macpro  8core  upgrades  technology  mac  presentations  video 
april 2007 by pauljacobson
Getting to Know WebKit -
One day I'll sit down and figure out how WebKit fits in with Safari and give it a try
Bookmarks  webkit  safari  browser  development  osx  mac  web 
april 2007 by pauljacobson
Twitter/Jaiku/Quicksilver plugin - Fragmented Mind
Very handy, I'll try it out when I feel a little energetic.
Bookmarks  quicksilver  jaiku  twitter  growl  plugin  addon  shortcut  howto  api  mac 
april 2007 by pauljacobson
Apple - Mac Pro (8 cores)
I could do a couple things with one of these babies!
Bookmarks  macpro  8cores  computer  intel  mac  osx  website  Hardware  Apple  pro 
april 2007 by pauljacobson
5 handy Quicksilver triggers | 43 Folders
I love using Quicksilver and these tips are fantastic
Bookmarks  Quicksilver  mac  osx  tips  productivity  software  gtd 
april 2007 by pauljacobson
Google Desktop for the Mac 1.0 - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
This is a new addition to the suite of Mac apps and it looks like it could be a really good one. I tried to link but it doesn't seem to work yet but until that link is activated, take a look at this detailed review on TUAW about the Mac version of Google
Bookmarks  desktop  google  mac  osx  Software  tuaw  search  googledesktop 
april 2007 by pauljacobson » Announcing Skim: Stop printing - Start Skimming.
This is a pretty cool looking app that enables you to comment on pdf documents. It is still an early release (0.2) and I don't know if it will have a price but if it doesn't, it is yet another app to take a shot at Adobe Acrobat. The download is availab
Bookmarks  skim  pdf  mac  osx  apps  research  Reading  application  commenting  software  productivity 
april 2007 by pauljacobson
Clearwired: Sundial
"Sundial is a Dashboard widget for Mac OS X that allows you to quickly and easily log time entries to your Basecamp™ account."
Bookmarks  basecamp  widget  dashboard  mac  osx  software  time  projectmanagement  Productivity  gtd  Projects  tool 
march 2007 by pauljacobson
iFeedPod - Carnglas Software
Cool source of RSS feed software for your iPod (Mac users only)
Bookmarks  iPod  rss  software  Mac  osx  apple  freeware  sync  syndication  xml 
march 2007 by pauljacobson
Facebook Developers | Facebook Exporter for iPhoto
Very cool new plugin for iPhoto and Facebook. If only there was a similar service for Vox ...
Bookmarks  facebook  freeware  mac  osx  plugin  iphoto  Software  useful 
march 2007 by pauljacobson
The new home for shows such as TWiM, Macbreak and GMT
Bookmarks  podcast  video  pixelcorps  alexlindsay  twim  thisweekinmedia  macbreakweekly  media  mac  technology  twit 
march 2007 by pauljacobson
Ambrosia Software, Inc. -- utilities/WireTap Pro
Audio recording software that records audio running through a Mac from a variety of sources.
Bookmarks  software  audio  mac  OSX  recording  music  tools  application  podcast  skype  mp3  itunes  ipod 
january 2007 by pauljacobson
Easy Time - Law Edition - Bright Light Software
This is accounting and billing software for lawyers that interfaces with iCal and Apple Address Book.
Bookmarks  easytime  lawedition  billing  accounting  lawyers  forthemac  software  mac 
january 2007 by pauljacobson
Scribus :: Open Source Desktop Publishing for Linux, Mac OS® X and Windows®
"Scribus is an open-source program that brings award-winning professional page layout to Linux/Unix, MacOS X and Windows desktops with a combination of "press-ready" output and new approaches to page layout. Underneath the modern and user friendly inte
Bookmarks  opensource  software  publishing  design  graphics  dtp  downloads  freeware  application  pdf  productivity  Projects  linux  mac  Windows  typography  tools  technology 
december 2006 by pauljacobson
Spanning Sync
Bi-directional synching between iCal and Google Calendar?
Bookmarks  google  ical  calendar  mac  sync  software  OSX  googlecalendar  apple 
december 2006 by pauljacobson
Pimp My Safari
A collection of plugins for the Safari browser
Bookmarks  safari  mac  Software  OSX  apple  browser  Web  widgets  webbrowser  tips  tools  plugin 
december 2006 by pauljacobson
Vitamin Features » How to Podcast with Skype
This is a fantastic post on recording Skype for your podcasts.
Bookmarks  skype  podcast  audio  blog  howto  hardware  mp3  mac  Apple  article  voip  tutorials  tools 
december 2006 by pauljacobson
Cycling '74 || soundflower
"Soundflower is a Mac OS X (10.2 and later) system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower is easy to use, it simply presents itself as an audio device, allowing any audio application to send and receive audio w
Bookmarks  soundflower  audio  osx  software  Mac  music  apple  tools  skype  Programming  podcasting  extensions  downloads 
december 2006 by pauljacobson
Rogue Amoeba - Audio Hijack Pro for Mac OS X
Recording software that can be used for recording podcasts and Skype conversations
Bookmarks  audio  software  mac  osx  music  apple  mp3  podcast  recording  remix  skype 
december 2006 by pauljacobson
Macworld: News: Justin Long says he's still the Mac guy
Justin Long is still the Mac guy, according to, well, Justin Long.
Bookmarks  macguy  mac  pc  ad  advertising 
november 2006 by pauljacobson - tech news/reviews/guides
Paul Stamatiou has quite a bit of interesting content, particularly in his "Articles" section on his site.
Bookmarks  blog  tech  mac  technology  software  design  wordpress  howto  reviews 
november 2006 by pauljacobson Widget - Dashboard - Blogs & Forums
Here is a great dashboard widget for users. Good looking one too!
Bookmarks  widget  dashboard  mac  Apple  software  delicious  download 
november 2006 by pauljacobson
Getting started with “Getting Things Done” | 43 Folders
This is a pretty old page and one which I intend reading very carefully. I think the GTD methodology could really come in handy and help me improve my own workflows which seem to be more workscatters at the moment.
Bookmarks  gtd  productivity  lifehacks  organization  43folders  tutorial  mac  book  advice  osx  tips  howto 
november 2006 by pauljacobson
Boing Boing: Rumsfeld resignation summarized in Mac OSX screenshot
This is pretty good. Donald Rumsfeld's resignation from office as US Secretary of Defence summarised by a Mac OS screenshot ...
Bookmarks  politics  rumsfeld  mac  osx  humor  funny  apple  american  USA  Humour 
november 2006 by pauljacobson
iLifeZone Podcast - The Mac Lifestyle Podcast
This podcast is fast becoming one of my favourites
Bookmarks  mac  ilife  Podcast  apple  blog  osx 
november 2006 by pauljacobson
This is great, free software for Mac OSX. I use it to split up pdf files.
Bookmarks  pdf  software  osx  tools  apple  free  gtd  lifehacks  downloads  mac 
october 2006 by pauljacobson
YouTube - Quicksilver Tutorial Screencast 3.0
I have been using Quicksolver for a short time and it has been fantastic.
Bookmarks  quicksilver  mac  osx  tutorial  video  Tips  lifehacks  productivity  youtube  free  freeware  application  Apple  howto  Software 
october 2006 by pauljacobson

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