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Fatty fatty facebook.
Reading this post I don't mind not having loads more Facebook friends. Suddenly having actual friends as opposed to just random names isn't such a bad thing.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
huge and important news: free licenses upheld
So for non-lawgeeks, this won't seem important. But trust me, this is huge. I am very proud to report today that the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (THE "IP" court in the US) has
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
Law Practice Today :: The End of 'Command Control' Approaches to Knowledge Management?
Knowledge sharing has been a challenge for law firms for quite some time with the tendency being to hoard knowledge that gives those lawyers an edge.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
HemingwayEx •
Nice looking WordPress theme. Pretty clean and has an interesting layout.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
Making Time to Make: One Clear Line
In this 3rd part of 3, Merlin talks about setting boundaries for yourself and others to ensure that you stay on the path and give yourself the time and resources you need to get your creative work done.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
kung fu grippe
I think this is a post most parents can really identify with. I am almost obsessed with capturing memories in photos and short video clips and even digitising old photos from my youth. This stuff is more valuable than gold because they only happen once.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
Making Time to Make: The Job You Think You Have
Bottom line in this second of three parts is whether you are spending your limited time and resources creating something meaningful or whether you are spreading yourself too thin responding to external demands on that time and those resources?
Bookmarks  attentionmanagement  attention  timemanagement  productivity  focus  43folders  merlinmann 
august 2008 by pauljacobson
Making Time to Make: Bad Correspondence
This is the first part of a 3 part series. In this part Merlin Mann talks about how novelist Neal Stephenson jealously guards his time to ensure his success as a novelist even as that makes him a bad "correspondent" because he cannot respond to email as he would like to.
Bookmarks  nealstephenson  attentionmanagement  attention  settinglimits  limitations  timemanagement  productivity  focus  43folders 
august 2008 by pauljacobson Relaunches with 1,000-Character Notes Fields | 43 Folders
I didn't quite appreciate the benefit of the 1000 character field until I read this simple post. It makes Delicious a lot more appealing as a kind of microblogging tool. If you happen to be using Pukka be sure to update to version 1.7 which supports the larger description fields.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
Macworld | Android apps might not feature Bluetooth
No Bluetooth? That is a step backwards although that being said, the iPhone doesn't seem to support Bluetooth either.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
Open Knowledge Foundation Weblog » Blog Archive » A Wikipedia of English law
Open Knowledge Foundation Weblog A Wikipedia of English law August 20th, 2008 Writing in Times Online in April 2006 the eminent Professor Richard Susskind, legal tech guru and adviser to the great and good, spelt out his vision for a “Wikipedia of English
Bookmarks  openlaw  law  wikipediaofenglishlaw  openaccess  englishlaw  unitedkingdom  england  richardsusskind 
august 2008 by pauljacobson
Internet: Last piece of fibre-optic jigsaw falls into place as cable links east Africa to grid | Technology | The Guardian
I wonder if this isn't going to bring about a revolution in how we see sustainable connectivity and whether it could be regarded as an essential service like clean water and housing.
Bookmarks  eassy  fibreoptics  fibre  internet  internetconnectivity  eastafrica  bandwidth  africa  technology  kenya  infrastructure 
august 2008 by pauljacobson
Improved Sharing Features Push Google Reader Into FriendFeed Territory - Webmonkey
Improved Sharing Features Push Google Reader Into FriendFeed Territory By Scott GilbertsonAugust 14, 2008 Categories: Software & Tools When Google added its sharing feature to Reader last year, there were no options to con
Bookmarks  googlereader  friendfeed  rss  feeds  lifestream  google  sharing  socialnetworking  collaboration 
august 2008 by pauljacobson
Disqus Poised to Rule the World of Blog Comments - Webmonkey
Disqus Poised to Rule the World of Blog Comments By Scott GilbertsonAugust 13, 2008 Categories: Platforms & APIs, Software & Tools Disqus, an external blog-commenting system that works with most common blogging tools, has
Bookmarks  disqus  commenting  blogs  wordpress  tools  web2.0 
august 2008 by pauljacobson
Gmail Stops Automatically Adding Contacts - Webmonkey
Gmail Stops Automatically Adding Contacts By Scott Gilbertson July 14, 2008 Categories: Software & Tools Google has changed a longstanding and controversial behavior in the company’s mail app — Gmail no longer automaticall
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
Scrabble vs. Scrabulous: A lesson in copyright law | Technology | Los Angeles Times
A review of copyright issues pertaining to this matter but take a look at the comments too.
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august 2008 by pauljacobson
Business Valuation Resources And More . . .
ValuationResources.Com is a free resource guide to business valuation resources, industry and company information, economic data, and more.
Bookmarks  valuation  firms  business  lawfirmvaluation  guides  help  howto  industry  finance  businessvaluation 
august 2008 by pauljacobson
Days with my father
Powerful and moving. Days With My Father is a moving annotated photo essay by Phillip Toledano. The photos are moving and beautiful and the stories sad at times.
Bookmarks  stories  fatherhood  fathers  dad  sons  photoessay  family 
august 2008 by pauljacobson
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