Q&A with 'Freaks of Nurture' director Alexandra Lemay
Today on Skwigly we meet Montreal based artist and stop-motion animator Alexandra Lemay. Having studied at Concordia University and Sheridan College, Alexandra’s experience in the arts industry spans independent filmmaking, animation, practical special effects and puppet and costume fabrication. Having been selected for the tenth edition of the National Film Board of Canada‘s Hothouse apprenticeship scheme in 2014, her micro-short All the Rage proved to live up to its title, with selections at prominent international festivals including Ottawa International Animation Festival and Sommets du cinéma d’animation. Recently Alexandra has completed her latest NFB short Freaks of Nurture, a quasi-autobiographical story of a young animator’s relationship with her mother and the charmingly-observed juxtaposition of how each deal with their respective stresses in life. Having premiered earlier this year at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, Freak of Nurture will screen this weekend at the 14th Annual NYC Short Film Festival. We caught up with Alexandra to learn more about her new work and evolving relationship with the NFB.
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2 days ago
Aardman's first ever game finds shared humanity in World War I
Set in 1916, 11-11: Memories Retold takes players to the trenches of the First World War, but unlike recent takes on the theme such as Electronic Arts' Battlefield 1, the conflict itself isn't the central premise. Rather than a shooter or action game, Aardman’s game blends puzzle-solving and exploration with a deeper narrative. The end product is something of an evolution of the adventure game genre, a modern day point-and-click where story and experience are of far greater importance than challenge.
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2 days ago
The 20th-Century Artist Who Challenged the Myth of Womanhood
Leonor Fini possessed an avid taste for the dramatic. As she once declared, “I have always loved, and lived, my own theatre.” From her groundbreaking paintings to her vivid – and visually compelling – character, Fini visibly relished standing apart. Now the subject of an extensive exhibition at the New York Museum of Sex, with numerous artworks, artifacts and photos on display, Fini makes for yet another 20th-century female artist finally being paid some much overdue attention.
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4 days ago
Doctor Who Magazine - 39 Years of Happy Times and Places! – Broken Frontier
It was precisely 39 years ago that the first issue of Marvel UK’s Doctor Who Weekly went on sale, cover dated 17th October (the date it was due to go off sale!) and began a new era in Doctor Who comics which is still continuing today, 530 issues later…although these days, of course, it’s called Doctor Who Magazine, and is published by Panini since Marvel UK has long since gone the way of the Dodo, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and British Home Stores. Today’s DWM is a very different beast, a full-fledged magazine of which the comic strip is just a small (though vital) part. But in 1979 the new weekly was very much a comic, and benefited from the input of some of the most talented names in British comics.
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4 days ago
The battle for the future of TV
The race to own the future of TV is intensifying, with mobile and streaming video companies looking to build or expand video services that will launch by next year.
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8 days ago
Google to shut down Google+ after failing to disclose user data leak
This March, as Facebook was coming under global scrutiny over the harvesting of personal data for Cambridge Analytica, Google discovered a skeleton in its own closet: a bug in the API for Google+ had been allowing third-party app developers to access the data not just of users who had granted permission, but of their friends.
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10 days ago
Teacher crisis hits London as nearly half quit within five years
London schools are in the throes of a growing crisis in teacher retention, with figures revealing that more than four out of 10 quit the profession within five years of qualifying.
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14 days ago
Blogging vs. Twitter
Chris Shiflett and I were talking recently about blogging and how Twitter had sucked some of the life force of it out for both of us. Ideas that might have become blog posts were getting distilled down into 140 (and then 280) character tweets and something was lost in the process.
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15 days ago
Astronomers discover first suspected 'exomoon' 8,000 light years away | Science | The Guardian
Neptune-sized body would be the first known moon outside solar system and the largest moon yet discovered
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15 days ago
Planet X? New object hints at world billions of miles from Pluto
At the very edge of our solar system, scientists have discovered a new, extremely distant object billions of miles beyond Pluto.

Even more interesting: The object has an orbit that hints of an even-farther-out “Super-Earth” or larger “Planet X” which could be lurking out there.

The findings were announced Tuesday by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center. 
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17 days ago
The daily
Is there something you do every day that builds an asset for you?

Every single day?

Something that creates another bit of intellectual property that belongs to you?

Something that makes an asset you own more valuable?

Something that you learn?

Every single day is a lot of days. It’s easy to look at the long run and lull yourself into skipping a day now and then.

But the long run is made up of short runs.
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18 days ago
Facebook says nearly 50m users compromised in huge security breach | Technology | The Guardian
Attack gave hackers ability to take over accounts in what is believed to be largest breach in Facebook’s history
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20 days ago
Instagram Founders Resign from Facebook
Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the two co-founders of Instagram, have resigned from Facebook.
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24 days ago
The best way to learn is drawing, even if you're no artist
Our anxiety around drawing starts around puberty, when we begin self-critiquing our abilities to render a perfect likeness, Dowd says. “The self-consciousness associated with ‘good’ drawing, or a naive form of realism, is mostly to blame,” he explains to Quartz. ”If you take a step back, and define drawing as symbolic mark-making, it’s obvious that all human beings draw. Diagrams, maps, doodles, smiley faces: These are all drawings!”
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27 days ago
558m-year-old fossils identified as oldest known animal
A fossilised lifeform that existed 558m years ago has been identified as the oldest known animal, according to new research.

The findings confirm that animals existed at least 20m years before the so-called Cambrian explosion of animal life, which took place about 540m years ago and saw the emergence of modern-looking animals such as snails, bivalves and arthropods.
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28 days ago
Corbyn’s Labour shows it is prepared to shake up the status quo | Financial Times
Among executives it is fashionable to say that if you think Brexit is bad enough, wait until you see what happens when the markets focus on the risk of a Labour government. While I have concerns about the overall fiscal framework of the opposition’s policies, I am not overly concerned by some aspects of a prospective Jeremy Corbyn administration. Indeed, in at least six policy areas, which Mr Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell are treating as priorities, businesses and the government need to catch up.
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28 days ago
Henry – Rob Delaney
Note: I wrote all of this except the last paragraph in April or May of 2017. I changed names as well, except for Henry’s.
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4 weeks ago
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