Scientists identify vast underground ecosystem containing billions of micro-organisms | Science | The Guardian
The Earth is far more alive than previously thought, according to “deep life” studies that reveal a rich ecosystem beneath our feet that is almost twice the size of that found in all the world’s oceans.
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11 hours ago
🖼 “skyscapes” (2016-2018) by Chloe Wilson
This body of work is inspired by the particular quality of light that the sky possesses during the transition from day to night. I find these brief, daily moments interesting because of how they precipitate both perception and introspection. This peculiar, hybrid experience has sustained my practice for the past two years. I collect reference photos from my daily commute and then transcribe these moments into paint. Any degree of realism that is attained is the accidental byproduct of an attempted divorce from self-expression.
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5 days ago
Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free | World news | The Guardian
Fares on trains, trams and buses will be lifted next summer under the plans of the re-elected coalition government led by Xavier Bettel, who was sworn in for a second term as prime minister on Wednesday.
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5 days ago
Rudy Giuliani blames Twitter for typo being turned into anti-Trump message
Jason Velazquez instantly noticed something wasn’t quite right with one of the tweets from Rudolph W. Giuliani.

It was Friday and President Trump’s lawyer had issued yet another missive criticizing special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. But unlike Giuliani’s other tweets, one pesky missing space between two sentences turned previously normal text into a bright blue hyperlink.
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6 days ago
Ask Angella: What Can I Do to Feel Better About My Finances? - Society6 Blog
“This is less of a question and more of a cry for help: MONEY. IS. HARD. Can you share some of the best financial advice you’ve received?” 
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7 days ago
'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Launches 100% Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes
The first batch of reviews are in for Sony Picture Animation’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and they’re not just good — they’re great!
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7 days ago
Tumbl Down
I’m a syndicator. I stopped wanting to silo original collections of words in other people’s systems a long time ago. I send things from here and Longwave and Status to social networks, but they don’t originate there, and twice a year I wipe them anyway. I have been using Tumblr since the outset, but long ago grabbed all my stuff out of there and set up a system to save anything new on my Tumblr to an offsite location. For some considerable time, I’ve only been using it to find material – when I reblog, it triggers an IFTTT recipe that copies the material to my personal logging site.
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7 days ago
I'm Thinking About Investigative Journalism
As of late, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in investigative journalism, and I have a few takeaways.
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7 days ago
Why The Rock's Social Media Muscle Made Him Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actor
Dwayne Johnson clenches his granite jaw as he squints into the distance. A bead of sweat drips down his forehead before he throws back his head in a belly-shaking laugh. It's a sweltering summer day in Atlanta, and The Rock is on set doing what The Rock does best. He licks his lips, delivers his lines with panache and swaggers his hulking 6-foot-5 frame out of the shot.
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8 days ago
Bristol: A Boom Town for Creative Industrialists | LBBOnline
This summer, the city of Bristol teemed with reminders of some of its most iconic creative creations. ‘Gromit Unleashed’ sprinkled over 60 custom-made statues of the mischievous hound, his hapless inventor of an owner, and the pesky penguin Feathers McGraw across the city. It was a reminder to residents and visitors that, although Wallace and Gromit may live in a fictionalised plasticine version of Wigan, they were born from one of Bristol’s most illustrious creative institutions - Aardman Animations.
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8 days ago
NASA InSight Lander Arrives on Martian Surface | NASA
NASA's Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) lander successfully touched down on the Red Planet after an almost seven-month, 300-million-mile (458-million-kilometer) journey from Earth. 
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14 days ago
Trump at bay: failure looms as Democrats load 'subpoena cannon' | US news | The Guardian
There was sunshine, palm trees and the endless expanse of ocean. There was golf with Jack Nicklaus, the most successful player of all time. There was a dinner that included stone crab, oysters, jumbo shrimp and clams; turkey, beef tenderloin, lamb and salmon; Chilean Sea bass, red snapper and braised short ribs.
16 days ago
Jacob Rees-Mogg’s failed coup shows the hard Brexit delusion is dead
This week we’re seeing the end of three delusions within the Conservative party. The first is that Theresa May would deliver the hard Brexit demanded by MPs in the European Research Group, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg. The second is that they would mount a successful challenge to overthrow her. The third – and most significant – is that the Tory party might risk leaving the EU without a deal.
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20 days ago
The Secrets of British Animation - BBC Four's new documentary
Seb Barfield recently took on the impossible challenge of  making a mere 60 minute documentary to cover one hundred years of British Animation. An impossible task, as British Animation has one of the richest animation histories of the world. It is hardly surprising therefore that many, many wonderful animators had to be left out. But TV programming is what it is, and we hope that several more documentaries can be made to cover the rest.
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20 days ago
What was the worst year in human history?
Ask medieval historian Michael McCormick what year was the worst to be alive, and he’s got an answer: “536.” Not 1349, when the Black Death wiped out half of Europe. Not 1918, when the flu killed 50 million to 100 million people, mostly young adults. But 536. In Europe, “It was the beginning of one of the worst periods to be alive, if not the worst year,” says McCormick, a historian and archaeologist who chairs the Harvard University Initiative for the Science of the Human Past.
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23 days ago
Spitzer Size Constraints on ‘Oumuamua
The first interstellar object detected in our own Solar System, ‘Oumuamua has a pleasing name, translating from the Hawaiian as something like ‘far visitor first to arrive,’ or words to that effect. It’s also proven a frustrating catch ever since detected by the University of Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS 1 telescope on Haleakala, Hawaii during a search for near-Earth asteroids. We’ve put telescope resources on Earth and in space on the object, but our observing time is up.
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23 days ago
The Farthest: Voyager in Space
Can one properly represent humanity to the rest of the Milky Way galaxy with just two identical space vessels no bigger than a small school bus and two identical copies of a golden metallic long-playing (LP) record attached to the hulls of said vehicles which contain in their grooves sample images, sounds, languages, and music of their makers and their world?
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24 days ago
Fascism is Not an Idea to Be Debated, It’s a Set of Actions to Fight
Back when I was in high school in Sarajevo, my best friend was Zoka. We listened to the same bands, went to the same rock shows, found the same stupid things hilarious, played soccer together, skied on the same mountain, supported the same soccer club, confided in each other re: girls, got drunk in the park after school from the same bottle of toxically cheap liquor. We argued about many things, very often about movies—back in the early 1980s (and thereafter) I fancied myself knowledgeable about cinema, which entitled me to deplore the movies he appreciated.
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25 days ago
This Is All Donald Trump Has Left
“President Donald Trump often stands near a helicopter on the White House’s South Lawn while reporters shout questions at him. Certain elements of this ritual are the same every time. The wheedling honk of Trump’s voice and the uneasy tilt of his standing-on-a-hoverboard-for-the-first-time posture are constants, as is his customary air of triumphal huffiness. The whining white noise wash from the helicopter bends everything in the same strange direction, with everyone involved only kind of getting maybe three-quarters of what everyone else is saying. The questions change and the answers mostly don’t. It’s never a conversation, although it unfolds roughly along those lines. “
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25 days ago
A Super-Earth Orbiting Barnard’s Star
The detection of a planet around Barnard’s Star really hits home for me. No, this isn’t a habitable world, but the whole topic of planets around this star has resonance for those of us who remember the earliest days of exoplanet study, which could be extended back to Peter van de Kamp’s work at Swarthmore’s Sproul Observatory in Pennsylvania. The astronomer thought he had found evidence for a 1.6 Jupiter mass planet in a 4.4 AU orbit there, based on what he interpreted as telltale wobbles in photographic plates of the star taken between 1916 and 1962.
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26 days ago
25 Reasons to Keep on Making Stuff in Times of Crisis
In an epic GIF-laden thread on Twitter, author Chuck Wendig lays out “25 REASONS TO KEEP ON MAKING STUFF IN THIS TIME OF RAMPANT ASSHOLERY”.
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26 days ago
“The Status Page”
- by @warrenellis. I could see how building one of these with RSS feeds and live embeds would be possible. I’ll get to it.
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26 days ago
Impact crater 19 miles wide found beneath Greenland glacier | Science | The Guardian
Crater appears to be result of mile-wide iron meteorite just 12,000 years ago
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26 days ago
Street names as a proxy for history and culture
Street names are stories of life. They tell us something about how the people in a given place work and live, what they believe in and their dreams. There are more than a million streets and squares in Germany. ZEIT ONLINE has compiled a database of the roughly 450,000 different names used. Some street names are used hundreds of times and others only once. But none of the names were chosen at random.
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28 days ago
“Our Planet”, a Nature Documentary Series from David Attenborough & Netflix
It looks like Netflix has sifted through their data and determined subscribers cannot get enough of the Planet Earth and Blue Planet nature series, so they’re making their own. With David Attenborough. The teaser trailer for Our Planet borrows heavily from Planet Earth (fonts & music are similar) but is light on the details, aside from the launch date: April 5, 2019.
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28 days ago
Diabetes and heart health: Know your risk
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA) are teaming up to bring the connection between diabetes and heart disease into focus.

The joint initiative, “Know Diabetes by Heart,” was launched last Thursday, with its own, dedicated website, including resources for patients and practitioners.
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28 days ago
Compulsory viewing: the Computer Animation Festival at SIGGRAPH Asia Tokyo 2018
The ‘CAF’ takes in the Animation and Electronic Theater, and the VR Theater, plus a selection of panels and talks about the latest in computer animation and visual effects. It’s definitely one of the best places to catch up with films from around the world.
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29 days ago
The magnetic generosity of the network effect
An idea shared is more powerful than one that’s hidden. A technology standard outperforms a proprietary one. A community is stronger than divided individuals ever could be.
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29 days ago
She created a monster: how Mary Shelley's Frankenstein invented modern horror
One stormy night in 1816, while staying at Lord Byron’s villa near Lake Geneva, an 18-year-old woman tossed and turned in the thunder-filled darkness. Her name was Mary Shelley, and she was having a nightmare about a monster made from scraps of humans.
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4 weeks ago
A new America is being born and the Democratic left are leading the way
The party won big where it went left and where it fielded women, people of colour and, above all, people of principle.
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4 weeks ago
10 Amazing Uses of Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) holds a huge potential to transform how people and businesses interact with each other as well as the surroundings. Previously VR was generally associated only with the gaming industry. Now it’s on fire with new opportunities for use. Although this innovative technology has been traditionally associated with the gaming industry,
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4 weeks ago
Urban Forestry: Explore 678,632 Street Trees of NYC with Interactive Map
The NYC Parks Department offers an amazing resource in the form of an online map that “includes every street tree in New York City” (spanning 422 species) first mapped by volunteers in 2015 and now updated daily by their forestry team. “On the map, trees are represented by circles. The size of the circle represents the diameter of the tree, and the color of the circle reflects its species. You are welcome to browse our entire inventory of trees, or to select an individual tree for more information.”
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4 weeks ago
FIRST MAN: An Effects Odyssey - VFX Voice MagazineVFX Voice Magazine
Another was to deal with visor reflections. “Every shot where you saw an astronaut had a view of the camera,” says Lambert, “and the IMAX camera is absolutely huge, but also you got to see all the crew as well, the tents and everything else. So part of the visual effects work was to re-create the scenes digitally, and then remove the camera and the crew – who all leave tracks and marks in the gravel. So that needed to be cleaned up, too. Plus, this is IMAX, so when you get your 8K scan back and you look at it, you can still see footsteps!”
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4 weeks ago
Frontier #17: “Mother’s Walk”
While reading Lauren Weinstein’s “Mother’s Walk,” the latest entry in the ongoing monograph anthology series Frontier, it occurred to me how rare it is for a comic to offer this kind of portrayal of childbirth and motherhood.
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4 weeks ago
French Abstract Formalist Comics (French Structural Comics): An Artistic Movement

In the mid-2010s, a group of young French artists began creating wordless comics with geometric and minimalist style and little or no narrative. What they show instead is more of a "process."

The emotionless and mechanical style and lack of narrative and words lead the reader to focus on the formal qualities and abstract concepts of comics, visual art, and printed media, such as space-time, movement, body, sign, texture, representation, transformation, repetition/variation, etc.
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4 weeks ago
George RR Martin: ‘When I began A Game of Thrones I thought it might be a short story’ | Books | The Guardian
Incest, dragons, gore ... with fans awaiting the next book in his hit series, the novelist talks about fame, expectations – and the new 300-year history of the Targaryens in Westeros
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4 weeks ago
Physical game design quickstart toolkit - metamedia
For a few years now, I’ve been part of running physical game design workshops in various settings – usually with the aim of achieving something playable in a short time frame, before iterating on it quickly to see what we can build.
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4 weeks ago
Graphic short story: An Artistic Odyssey | Books | The Guardian
Edith Pritchett has been named winner in the Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize 2018. This is her entry
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5 weeks ago
'We will not be silenced': Bolsonaro opponents pledge widespread protests
Opponents of Brazil’s newly elected far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, have vowed to hit the streets to oppose the intolerance and violence they fear he will inflict upon the world’s fourth largest democracy.

The once inconceivable election of the 63-year-old populist provocateur on Sunday represents a hammer blow to Brazil’s left and to millions of progressive Brazilians appalled by his hostility towards black, gay and indigenous people as well as the environment and human rights.
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6 weeks ago
Humanity has wiped out 60% of animals since 1970, major report finds
Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970, leading the world’s foremost experts to warn that the annihilation of wildlife is now an emergency that threatens civilisation.
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6 weeks ago
Brazil is set to elect a fascist as president, and business is on board
"The state apparatus - police, intelligence and security services - used in the past to harass and sabotage the animal rights, environmental and anti-racist movements, and heavily engaged in disrupting Islamist terrorism, should be deployed with full force against those stirring up far right violence and racism. The unwillingness of the liberal centre to do this is one of the most worrying signs of its lack of self-belief."
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6 weeks ago
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