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DC Thomson’s Press and Journal launches website behind metered paywall – Press Gazette
Readers of the new site, based around a Word Press template, will be able to read ten articles a month before the paywall becomes active.

The website has been launched to provide “tech savvy readers” of the DC Thomson title with breaking news stories and is designed to complement the newspaper.
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december 2016 by paulbradshaw
Sunday People launches seven-day website on native advertising model | Advertising | The Drum
The layout and style of the website, which is built on the Wordpress blogging platform, has been well-received on social networking site Twitter, on which the newspaper brand has a bold presence with its @thesundaypeople account
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december 2016 by paulbradshaw
Thoughts on Calypso, WordPress and JavaScript
@NGMoreton @philipjohn this by MA OJ student @JohnONolan (Ghost, ex-Wordpress) #bcujournos
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december 2015 by paulbradshaw
Twitter Timeline Widget — Support —
To insert the timeline into a post, paste the following shortcode into your post editor:

[twitter-timeline id=1234 username=yourhandle]

In the shortcode, id is your Twitter widget ID and username is your twitter handle, without the @ symbol. (See the above get your Twitter widget ID section on where to get your widget ID.)
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may 2015 by paulbradshaw
Because is the Messenge — Medium
What’s best about Medium, however, is that it takes your boring WordPress posts and makes them not only as beautifully-rendered as all the top global online publications, but it makes your work easier to read, more compelling, completely mobile-friendly via a responsive template, it offers readers an idea as to how long each read will take, and even enforces citation to your source blog if you import your article directly from your home site via their URL importer.
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march 2015 by paulbradshaw
Command line interface for WordPress | WP-CLI
WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, set up multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.
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february 2015 by paulbradshaw
Get Maximum WordPress Speed an infographic
RT @NickKellet: Get Maximum WordPress Speed an infographic via @BerriePelser
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january 2015 by paulbradshaw
Embed Facebook Posts on Your Site — News
Paste the URL of the Facebook post directly into your post editor on its own line:
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january 2015 by paulbradshaw
The World's Most Powerful Browser-Based IDE - Codio
Nick Moreton's recommendation - allows you to run a Wordpress install on a virtual machine which shuts down when you log out (so site stops working), preventing hacks. Premium rate has 'always on' and own domain. Great for learning WP.
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september 2014 by paulbradshaw
WordPress Guide | Koding University
Cheap alternative to explore self hosted WP without signing up for web hosting and domain for a year.
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august 2014 by paulbradshaw
How to add tweetable bits to your blog post | Blog Formatting
<p>Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.~Marcel Proust <a href=” us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.~Marcel Proust”>[Tweet this!]</a></p>
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july 2014 by paulbradshaw
Poetica: Make words easy
Poetica makes it easy to ask friends and colleagues for instant feedback on your text.
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march 2014 by paulbradshaw
Ebyline Launches WordPress Plugin To Pay Freelancers - 10,000 Words
The idea is that you use WordPress because you want to manage your CMS and all of your authors are organized within WordPress. It brings some of the best part of our services into it. Either the author or an admin can authorize the payment and the payment just goes to the freelancer. And then by going into our platform later, you can get a bigger picture of what you’ve spent over time. 
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november 2013 by paulbradshaw
If you use WordPress, you too can have tweetable sentences like in that New York Times SNL story » Nieman Journalism Lab
Most of the work here is done by a year-old WordPress plugin called Tweetable Text, written by Salim Virani. (You can see it in effect on his site.) It does the job, but there were a few things I wanted to change: improving how the highlighted text and hover buttons are displayed; avoiding its use of Twitter’s tweet button code; and allowing the text-to-be-tweeted to be different from the exact text that is highlighted in the story. So I made those and a few other small changes in Salim’s code; you can check out my new version of the WordPress plugin right here.
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september 2013 by paulbradshaw
Rodo - Intelligent Computing | MySQLDump Splitter
A short piece of C++ that will split an SQL file created by mysqldump into several smaller files (of configurable maximum size), while keeping the SQL syntax correct (supports multiple insert syntax).

May work on other dialects than MySQL, but that's untested. Please let us know if you find that it works (or doesn't)!
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july 2013 by paulbradshaw | Developer and Designer Solutions for WordPress
Just type a fictitious domain name (i.e. and click create. Making development servers for your WordPress projects has never been easier. Design, develop and deploy complete, fully configured solutions right on your desktop. DesktopServer makes working with multiple virtual isolated servers simple. Eliminate costly delays from waiting on network connections and stop paying extra hosting fees for a slow development server. No waiting for your system administrator or delays for DNS propagation. Now you can test, design, and develop all your web projects at full throttle -even without an Internet connection. Copy and share websites between workstations or in workgroups just as easy as you would with an Excel file on a thumb drive. Work offline and deploy fast with quick deploy features. Read more about DesktopServer or give it a test spin for free.
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july 2013 by paulbradshaw
A/B testing for headlines: Now available for WordPress » Nieman Journalism Lab
My desire for more experimental data is one reason why I’m very happy to point you to a new resource for sites built on WordPress (like this one): a new Headline Split Tester plugin, built by Brent Halliburton and Peter Bessman, two Baltimore developers.

Not sure if you want a straight, newsy headline or something with a little more pizzazz? Something keyword-dense and SEO friendly or something more feature-y? This plugin lets you write two headlines for each post and have them presented at random to readers. The plugin records how often each version of the headline has been clicked and, once it has enough data, swaps full-time to the most effective one.
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september 2012 by paulbradshaw
WordPress › Tumblrize « WordPress Plugins
Tumblrize crossposts your published WordPress entries to Tumblr and Posterous. All you need is a Tumblr account. Changes you make to your WordPress po
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september 2011 by paulbradshaw
WordPress › Twitter Blackbird Pie « WordPress Plugins
Add awesome looking embedded HTML representations of actual tweets in your blog posts just by adding simple shortcodes. Please read the blog post at for more info and see a demo of the plugin in action at
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july 2011 by paulbradshaw
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