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Are Newsgames Better Journalism?: Empathy, information and representation in games on refugees and migrants: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 16
This study interrogates if newsgames are meaningful supplements to already existing forms of journalism. Using the case of refugee and migrant issues, this study examines how the newsgames The Refugee Challenge, Against all Odds and The Migrant Trail convey information about migration in interactive game-play, and how migrants and their situation are represented in these games. The games are discussed in relation to empathy, objectivity, complexity and the representation of distant suffering. The overarching question is how newsgames compare to traditional journalism when it comes to helping audiences understand political events of global concern and power asymmetries between “Others” and “us.” We find that these newsgames especially enhanced journalism when they cleverly employed game logics to generate experiential engagement with the existential crisis of involuntary dislocation. Nevertheless, the games did not use their game capabilities to the fullest, which would have entailed opening up a discourse that allows for contradictory life worlds and different perspectives of and by Others in context.
Research  games  newsgames  gamejournalism  empathy  immigration 
10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Reflections on The Uber Game, one year on
But I think there is still a long way to go before newsgames become an established news format, or a class of content like video or audio. There is a big difference between making one good newsgame because everything happened to have come together in just the right way, versus being able to do so consistently at a high level.
Compared to other formats, newsgames remain complex and expensive to produce. This makes it hard to find sustainable business models to support and scale it beyond one-off or passion projects.
newsgames  FT  uber  s  t  gamejournalism 
october 2018 by paulbradshaw
Hooked: how pokies are designed to be addictive | Australia news | The Guardian
Interesting example of mobile-first design just in time for this week’s #bcujournos session @NGMoreton
gambling  gamejournalism  interactive  mobileeg  bcujournos 
october 2017 by paulbradshaw
Are Newsgames Better Journalism?: Empathy, information and representation in games on refugees and migrants: Journalism Studies: Vol 0, No 0
This study interrogates if newsgames are meaningful supplements to already existing forms of journalism. Using the case of refugee and migrant issues, this study examines how the newsgames The Refugee Challenge, Against all Odds and The Migrant Trail convey information about migration in interactive game-play, and how migrants and their situation are represented in these games. The games are discussed in relation to empathy, objectivity, complexity and the representation of distant suffering. The overarching question is how newsgames compare to traditional journalism when it comes to helping audiences understand political events of global concern and power asymmetries between “Others” and “us.” We find that these newsgames especially enhanced journalism when they cleverly employed game logics to generate experiential engagement with the existential crisis of involuntary dislocation. Nevertheless, the games did not use their game capabilities to the fullest, which would have entailed opening up a discourse that allows for contradictory life worlds and different perspectives of and by Others in context.
games  Research  gamejournalism  newsgames 
august 2017 by paulbradshaw
Iranian Revolution Video Game Takes History to a Global Audience - Kayhan London
Khonsari is a video game developer who has contributed to the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne series, as well as to the new Resident Evil installment. When he set out to address the moment in history that changed Iran forever, he chose to do so with the medium he knew best. The result was “1979 Revolution: Black Friday.”
games  gamejournalism  iran 
may 2017 by paulbradshaw
How we created “The Good, The Bad and The Accountant” – Medium
So we added other characters to build an actual storyline. We added a mayor to give orders, a lawyer to give advice and all the characters we needed to create situations of corruption (the contractor, the football club boss, the university director etc.) We just had one problem: users did not read anything in the “help” section. Actually, they didn’t even see there was a help section.
narrative  gamejournalism  game  corruption  dj  interactivity  eu  nicolaskb  s 
march 2017 by paulbradshaw
Investigating A Cyberwar | Global Investigative Journalism Network
Generally I tend to be extremely honest when I contact people. I say who I am and that I appreciate the reasons why they would not talk to me, and then ask if there is anything that could change their mind. I find that instead of telling people what I want them to do, asking them what they would like to do works wonders, even with people who operate outside the law. As a TV reporter I need quite a degree of collaboration to get my interviewees in front of the camera, and email exchanges or phone calls don’t give me a film.
sources  Interviewing  gamejournalism 
march 2017 by paulbradshaw
VR Noir on the App Store
Noir looks like something that could have journalistic applications
gamejournalism  VR  from twitter
november 2016 by paulbradshaw
Can you make learning about gerrymandering fun? Fusion teamed with mobile gaming devs to try » Nieman Journalism Lab
There have been other games created about gerrymandering, but those were mostly developed by educational companies. Fusion wanted something built by commercial developers who understood mobile gaming.
games  gamejournalism  elections  t  gerrymandering  mobile 
october 2016 by paulbradshaw
6 lessons I learned from gamifying a documentary about the Syrian cyberwar – Medium
6. If you experiment with a new journalism format you will also have to create new rules
It might sound simple with hindsight, but this was the real challenge of putting journalism into a game format: in order to make it work we had to establish new, credible conventions to make the content trustworthy.
There was a moment where the game elements took over and truth started sounding stranger than fiction. To resolve this, I needed to learn and apply game thinking.
gamification  aljazeera  gamejournalism  bcujournos 
october 2016 by paulbradshaw
Southern Rail: Developers create train cancellation game - BBC News
guards from boarding trains, which leads to services being cancelled as profits are collected from passengers.
It was inspired by months of cancellations due to an RMT dispute.
'Stopped using trains'
Once a sufficient number of train guards board on a train and a delayed service eventually departs, the player loses the game.
systems  transport  game  compj  gamejournalism  trains  delays 
august 2016 by paulbradshaw
Create your own buzz
Tools to highlight spots on video, create 'swipers' (like Tinder), polls,
swiper  tools  games  gamejournalism  quizzes  tinder  countdown  clock  onlineVideo  polls  quiz 
march 2016 by paulbradshaw
Newsroom: Game On - Storybench
Integrating “gamification” into the news has its hurdles, says Max Foxman, a PhD student at Columbia University’s Department of Communication who studies how games are being used journalistically. Tight deadlines and not enough design and programming staff are two hurdles to deploying games in the newsroom. But beginning to integrate and create games is becoming easier, especially when game platforms can be repurposed for specific stories. 
gamification  gamejournalism  Research 
february 2016 by paulbradshaw
NewsGames meetup
London NewsGames meetup
If you work in or around newsrooms and make news-games or would like to make newsgames, this is the meetup for you. Not sure what a newsgame is? Head here.
You wanted Buzzfeed, and this time we're giving you Buzzfeed. Tom Phillips, editorial director at Buzzfeed, has kindly agreed to give a talk. Buzzfeed gets mentioned and/or requested at absolutely every newsgames meetup. So finally grab your ticket
gamejournalism  community  people  buzzfeed 
february 2016 by paulbradshaw
From Nieman Reports: How news outlets are harnessing the power of video games for journalism » Nieman Journalism Lab
This is HeartSaver, a game built in two days by developers and journalists from ProPublica at a hackathon organized by the Editors Lab at the Global Editors Network in New York in 2013. Using data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the game helps users better understand how the time it takes to get to a hospital can impact survival chances during a heart attack.
january 2016 by paulbradshaw
Trends in Newsrooms: Gaming the news - World News Publishing Focus by WAN-IFRA
The BBC attracted controversy in early 2015 for its interactive text-based game Syrian Journey. The choose-your-own-adventure-style game allows users to become Syrian refugees fleeing the country as they attempt to enter Europe. The participant begins by selling his or her Damascus home at a vastly reduced price, and then makes a number of decisions to get to mainland Europe. Consequences and alternative endings include drowning and arrests.
july 2015 by paulbradshaw
You Draw It: How Family Income Affects Children’s College Chances -
Thanks for drawing. Here’s how you did:

You drew a more accurate picture of reality than about 87 percent of people who have tried so far.
You correctly guessed that children from the very poorest families face tough odds in going to college – only about one in four do.
You correctly guessed the exceptionally high rates of college enrollment for children from the very richest families – about 94 percent.
Now let’s get to the reason for this exercise: Reality forms a remarkably straight line.

We asked you to take the trouble to draw a line because we think doing so makes you think carefully about the relationship, which, in turn, makes the realization that it's a line all the more astonishing.
gamejournalism  nytimes  interactive 
may 2015 by paulbradshaw
How to Get Your Game On in the Newsroom | Mediashift | PBS
Foxman recently published a research paper, “Play the News: Fun and Games in Digital Journalism.” He examined whether and how journalists were applying games, play, and fun to the creation of news. He interviewed journalists at dozens of newsrooms currently experimenting with games, including Mother Jones, known for its political quizzes, and the New York Times, which featured the popular “Dialect Quiz.” Foxman found that the most pioneering journalists creating games were able to think like game designers when building news products that had an element of gamification. Gamification is the practice of applying game theories and game mechanics like X AND Y into non-gaming applications like journalism. These kind of “gamified” news products could be anything from a budget-balancing game to a pop culture quiz.
Research  gamification  gamejournalism 
april 2015 by paulbradshaw
Newsgames going forward | Looking for a place
Last year I had the pleasure of working together with talented people both from our department and that of Computer Sciences in a pilot project looking into the creation and reception of newsgames. What are newsgames, you might ask, and for a good reason. The seminal book published by Bogost, Ferrari and Schweizer in 2010 keeps the door open for a variety of manifestations (including ponderings on crossword puzzles), but in our project, we focused more clearly on contemporary digital games and game-like interactive data-journalistic experiments.
newsgames  gamejournalism  people  Research 
april 2015 by paulbradshaw
Finding the Story in 150 Million Rows of Data - Features - Source: An OpenNews project
If you’ve ever wanted a reason for learning how to code and being savvy with command-line tools, here’s one—try to make sense of 150 million rows of data without it. Normal text editors don’t load 150 million lines, and they definitely won’t go into Google Refine (Google Refine estimated an 85 hour upload time before crashing).

Parsing the Data

The second challenge I ran into was parsing the data. My first instinct was to convert the dataset into a CSV or TSV so I could dump the data set into a database. But splitting the dataset wasn’t as easy as I first thought it would be.
cleaning  bigdata  gamejournalism 
january 2015 by paulbradshaw
Interactive: Ebola comes to London
One of the most creative examples of online journalism I've seen. Hypertext game on #ebola by @bjacksonuk
gamejournalism  ebola  studentwork  cityoj  benjackson  hypertext  EbolaLondon  interactive 
november 2014 by paulbradshaw
1,000 Days of Syria – turning war journalism into a game | Technology |
“I was able to incorporate some of the details from my notebooks into the historical nonfiction aspect of the game that were not pertinent to reporting,” he says. “In that way I could tell more of a full-bodied experience of what’s going on there.”

There’s also the fact that, by placing the player in the role of these characters, with a certain degree of agency, empathy and connection is built in a different way to linear media such as film and literature.
gamejournalism  war  syria 
november 2014 by paulbradshaw
Playing hard with their audiences | CoveringTheFuture
RT @antiaxeada: A new way of story-telling: Gamification Interesting article of my classmate @aguspalacio
gamejournalism  studentwork  bcumedia 
september 2014 by paulbradshaw
The 100 Biggest Gaming YouTube Channels Now Bring In 3.5 Billion Views A Month
Why is gaming so successful on YouTube and Twitch? Because it’s a form of media designed to be interactive, not only between the player and the game, but also, as it turns out, between a player, a game, and those watching the player play the game. While outside of rare Mystery Science Theater 3000 exceptions, you wouldn’t want to watch someone talking over a movie or TV show, it’s a lot different when it comes to gaming. Players aren’t watching games videos to follow the story of the titles being played. They like tuning in to see either talented players playing well, funny players mocking their failings and success (or that of their opponents) or both. Many games featured are multiplayer-focused, and game like Call of Duty, Hearthstone, League of Legends or DOTA 2 allow for the video makers to provide running commentary that actually enhances the game, rather than takes away from it. The most successful of these are either the top tier players in terms of skill, or the funniest commentators/editors. Sometimes, they can be both.
gaming  gamejournalism  YouTube 
july 2014 by paulbradshaw
Marcus Bösch
My name is Marcus, i am a digital journalist, lecturer and co-founder of the Good Evil Game Studio. We are currently working on a bunch of Serious Games projects. Apart from that i teach Mobile Reporting here and there. Check the Schedule.
gamejournalism  mojo  people  ONLINEAUDIO  onlineVideo 
may 2013 by paulbradshaw
Scoople: Gaming the news to get your data » Nieman Journalism Lab
The question might be: Will Philly ever win a Super Bowl? [No. —Ed.] If I’m a Scoople user, I answer the question (2013 all the way!) then guess whether most other readers answered the same way. Questions remain open for a period of hours, and collective answers are revealed after the time expires. (Here’s an example from the Scoople blog.)

As players accrue points, they work their way up the Scoople leaderboard. The company also has launched a virtual store where players can spend “Scoople bucks” they earn by playing. For now, they can use bucks to decorate their profile pages. That could lead to a system where bucks could be redeemed and used for subscriptions to online news sites, according to Alain Mayer, co-founder and CEO of Dygest, the company that made Scoople.
predictions  gamejournalism 
july 2012 by paulbradshaw
NewsGame aims to populate a virtual world with real reporting and pretend correspondents » Nieman Journalism Lab
Thomas Loudon, CEO of the Dutch startup VJ Movement, is trying it. Here’s the idea for NewsGame, a Facebook game now in development: Players take on the role of foreign correspondents and face mini-challenges within the game world, such as “you have to cross the border into Iran” or “save child soliders in Somalia,” Loudon told me.

“You have to create your skills, your personality, you travel the virtual world as a journalist,” Loudon said. “You’re going to be cooperating or competing with other players you meet. You can decide to team up with a photographer, for example, and go together. Or you can ignore the photographer and say, ‘I’m going on my own,’ but you might not be as safe.”
t  facebook  gamejournalism  fb 
july 2012 by paulbradshaw
An investigations game - The Help Me Investigate blog
Users register with the site and join an existing investigation - or start a new one based on a limited number of ‘templates’ (e.g. investigating lobbying; following the money of local government or EU expenditure, charity funding or health; testing the claims of a corporation or police investigation; etc.). Once joined, they can also invite others. An investigation must have at least two ‘players’ before it can begin.

Once under way, as a player you are given a challenge (e.g. submit a Freedom of Information request; analyse data; identify regulations; speak to an expert; sum up the story so far, etc.). The challenge will come with help tips and resources from investigative journalists. It also has a points value based on its difficulty.
gamejournalism  hmi  ij  gamification 
march 2012 by paulbradshaw
NewsiT Raises $500K To Gamify Crowd Journalism | TechCrunch
For example, the site is currently working on a story about the effect of digital media on politics. To participate, members can answer some basic questions, like whether they trust mainstream media or friends and social networks more as a source of political information. Or they can get more involved, by actually interviewing a panelist at SXSW about their opinions.

Eventually, someone from the NewsiT editorial team will take on those contributions and combine them into a polished article. Wittstock says NewsiT is also developing algorithms to help it find the patterns in user submissions, identifying answers that might be inaccurate — or perhaps a big scoop.
gamification  gamejournalism  crowdsourcing 
march 2012 by paulbradshaw
news:rewired » Blog Archive » #newsrw: What are newsgames and how do you use them?
Schweizer also laid out eight different uses of newsgames. They can be used to:

Raise awareness about specific events and what happened;
Simulate dynamics;
Model issues;
Recreate events;
Portray experiences;
Turn stories into systems.
bobbyschweizer  gamejournalism 
february 2012 by paulbradshaw
Warco July 2011 - YouTube
In the role of war correspondent ('warco') Jesse DeMarco, the player must capture battle footage and edit together a news story, while trying to make it out alive.
All footage is taken from the proof of concept playable developed in UDK - all in game, barring the final news story which would be edited together by the player from the war footage they've captured.
video  gamejournalism  games 
september 2011 by paulbradshaw
Techdirt: iPhone Developer Creates App Criticizing The iPhone; App Is Quickly Pulled
Molleindustria is an app developer who makes a line of controversial and political games. Some of its more well known games include McDonalds Videogame, Operation: Pedopriest, and Oiligarchy. It just recently announced and released its latest game, Phone Story. This particular game takes the player through the cruel world of smart phone production using a series of mini games depicting the mining of coltan from the Congo using child labor, the suicides in the Foxconn factories and, of course, e-waste disposal in third world countries.
apple  OSFreport  censorship  iphone  apps  gamejournalism 
september 2011 by paulbradshaw
Newsgames: Sweatshop
Sweatshop is a new browser game, developed by Littleloud for Channel 4 Education, in which players fill the role of a factory floor manager in a developing nation. Taking design cues from the tower defense genre, the game tasks you with placing skilled workers and child laborers along a conveyor belt. It's also one of the most compelling and effective political games I've seen in recent years.
gamejournalism  c4  sweatshops 
july 2011 by paulbradshaw
A Hybrid iPad Game and Article: Popular Mechanics Explores New Worlds :: MinOnline
A Hybrid iPad Game and Article: Popular Mechanics Explores New Worlds :: MinOnline: He sees an app game like thi...  t  gamejournalism  magazines 
may 2011 by paulbradshaw
Cutthroat Capitalism: The Game
You are a pirate commander staked with $50,000 from local tribal leaders and other investors. Your job is to guide your pirate crew through raids in and around the Gulf of Aden, attack and capture a ship, and successfully negotiate a ransom.
wired  gamejournalism  piracy  cfj11 
may 2011 by paulbradshaw
Statement: Demand Media acquires CoveritLive
Live Gaming is Live: We’re crazy excited about this. Customers love our Polls feature where they can ask the audience a question and get instant votes back. Take that idea, but now it’s a Trivia Question and your readers earn points on a live scoreboard. Imagine the engagement you can drive with that. We even created a version where you can take live ‘bets’ (no, not real money) on things like, “who will score first tonight?” or, “Who will the Bucs take in the 5th round?”. Your readers will be stuck to their devices earning points and having fun. Like all things we do, no setup required…just click the tab under Polls & Interactive and you’re live.
gamejournalism  liveblogging  coveritlive  quizzes 
april 2011 by paulbradshaw
MediaShift Idea Lab . Designing a Newsgame Is an Act of Journalism | PBS
Games, on the other hand, are nothing without answers to how and why. 'How' governs programming the game on the designer's end or interpreting the game on the player's end. If someone wants to make a game about air traffic safety they need to understand the mechanisms by which air traffic controllers manage the take-off and landing of planes. If someone then wants to deftly play as an air traffic controller, they need to understand those same mechanisms as portrayed by the game's designer. 'How' lets you understand the system. 'Why' can either be a rhetorical position taken by the designer that informs their creation or it can be how the player understands the ways that the pieces in the system interact. Food Import Folly demonstrates the difficulties of container inspection at understaffed shipping ports. Here's a screenshot from that game:
april 2011 by paulbradshaw
Three reasons game design is essential for citizen journalism
In contrast, on Citizenside, you get points for your submissions, for making comments, for every time someone views your images, and for many more actions. Every time you do something that helps inform the user community, or increases the quality of content on, you get recognized and rewarded for that. Your level is effectively a summary of all the effort you’ve contributed to the global news community. The feedback is clear. It allows you to see at a glance how far you’ve come, and where you stand compared to other community members.
gamejournalism  citizenjournalism 
april 2011 by paulbradshaw
Partnership between publisher and app developer results in top-selling iPhone game | Poynter.
The partnership between Filter Publications, publisher of the motocross magazine Racer X Illustrated (circulation 60,000), and game developer Turborilla came about when Filter president Bryan Stealey saw the Mad Skills Motocross game on a computer.
iphone  app  magazines  gamejournalism 
january 2011 by paulbradshaw
CultureLab: Storytelling 2.0: Exploring the news game
Despite its cutesy graphics and simple mouse-click play, Burger Tycoon paints a striking portrait of how the business models of multinational food conglomerates can compel corruption. As costs begin to outstrip revenues, players look for new ways to make a profit: tearing down rainforests, stuffing cattle with antibiotics, bribing health officials. Like a political cartoon, the game is highly opinionated, but it presents its opinion through the rules of the game rather than through images and words.

Another newsgame is Escape From Woomera, a documentary game that draws on the traditions of investigative reporting. The Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre was an Australian detention camp for illegal immigrants. A four-year media blackout kept most Australian citizens from ever learning about the desperate conditions experienced within the camp's walls.
november 2010 by paulbradshaw
Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget - Interactive Feature -
Today, you’re in charge of the nation’s finances. Some of your options have more short-term savings and some have more long-term savings. When you have closed the budget gaps for both 2015 and 2030, you are done. Make your own plan, then share it online.
gamejournalism  budget  nytimes  dataday14 
november 2010 by paulbradshaw
Rewired State
The Bump Game is a cooperative two-player trivia game designed to help newly expectant parents and their birth partners learn about the mass of medical, legal, and logistical information they need to know throughout pregnancy.
philiptrippenbach  gamejournalism  pregnancy  health 
march 2010 by paulbradshaw
psmith, journalist › What news publishing could learn from video games developers
What works and what will people pay for?

In a word, updates. Online games and next-gen games consoles have the unassailable advantage of regular functionality and content upgrades: just look at how detailed and frequent World of Warcraft “patches” are.

It’s staggering, and it gets better: the last time WoW broke the games sales records was when Wrath of the Lich King sold 2.8 million copies in one day in Novmber 2008 – but Activision-Blizzard wasn’t selling a new “game” at all, just a new vivid and vast virtual world for its 12 million paying players to interact, “raid” and quest in. By contrast, The Telegraph recently added some very nice changes to its app but it remains free – it’s seen as a gateway to content.
patricksmith  gamejournalism  businessmodels 
january 2010 by paulbradshaw - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Computer Science Via Interactive Journalism - US National Science Foundation (NSF)
During the summer institute, students researched, prepared interviews, videotaped, edited the interviews and developed Scratch projects to supplement their stories with animations or games. At the conclusion of the two weeks, the teachers and students had developed an online magazine.
dj  gamejournalism  journalismeducation  oj 
december 2009 by paulbradshaw
The WoW Paywall: What Newspapers Can Learn From Orcs And Dwarves | paidContent:UK
People will pay for interaction: There are some good massively multiplayer and single-player online games out there available to play for free, plus the average gamer has already paid for a bunch of PC and console games. So what makes them cough up for WoW as well? Interaction
gaming  wow  paywalls  gamejournalism  oj 
november 2009 by paulbradshaw
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