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Extenuating Circumstances Procedure : Birmingham City University
The significant change is in what used to be called a deferral. This is now: “A review of your performance for consideration of a new attempt.” This covers situations where a student didn’t submit work or where they did but they believe their performance was impaired due to extenuating circumstances. Students can still claim for a 10 day extension. Do read the documentation yourself but also point students to the Ask service for advice.
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Who Do I Call? : Birmingham City University
We understand that in some circumstances it is easy to forget what to say or do, and this can make people feel nervous.  To help, we've put together some flowcharts to explain what we think you should do in some difficult situations:
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BSM Courses Page: For staff supporting students' physical or mental wellbeing
BCU's Operational Guidelines: Responding to Concerns about a Student's Mental or Physical Wellbeing
This includes the "what to do" flow chart you can see below.
The "Pre-Mental Health and Wellbeing Form" students need to complete to see an advisor.
List of upcoming activities run by BCU's Wellbeing Hub.
Information on what you should do if you have concerns about safeguarding.
Other resources: Under the welfare tab there are links to The Big White Wall and Forward Thinking Birmingham. Students who have mental health difficulties should also see their GP.
If you need to call ASK, it´s 7777 (the number in the flow chart below is the old one.)
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Mohammed Rahman - School of Social Sciences | Birmingham City University
Dr Mohammed Rahman is a Lecturer in Criminology, and has been at Birmingham City University within an academic capacity since 2008. He completed his BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing degree in 2011, and then an MA Criminology in 2013. For his MA thesis, Mohammed’s research investigated the decision-making processes of armed robbery. His research was awarded distinction.
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Fluctuating conditions : Birmingham City University
We expect the incidence of a disabled student needing more than 20 days to be rare. Adjustments have to be reasonable, and if it was felt that an extension of this length compromised academic standards, then it may not be a reasonable adjustment for the University to make. We also have to remember that it may occasionally be necessary to allow a student more than 20 days to submit an assignment, and in this case, they would be subject to the rules concerning plagiarism like any other student.
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Research & Development Unit for English Studies (RDUES)
The Research and Development Unit for English Studies (RDUES), based in the School of English at Birmingham City University, is a small team of corpus linguists, software engineers and statisticians. We carry out fundamental and applied research in corpus linguistics, developing new descriptions of the language in use and tools for the extraction and management of knowledge in databases. The Unit's linguistic background is broad: corpus-based linguistics, lexicography, applied linguistics, the study of modern English language, modern languages, TEFL. Activities include:
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School of Computing and Digital Technology : Yevgeniya Kovalchuk
Yevgeniya joined the School of Computing and Digital Technology and its Cyber Security Research Group as a Lecturer in Computer Science in September 2016. She received an MSc in Economic Cybernetics from the National Technical University of Ukraine and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Essex. During her professional career, she worked in both pure industrial and academic environments, as well as on projects connecting the two. She has a strong track record of applying computer and data science to solve problems across a wide range of business areas, including banking, insurance, logistics, healthcare, sport and entertainment, among many others.
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Birmingham City University : Digital Catapult announces partnership with Birmingham City University
Dr Umar Daraz, Director for the Institute of Sustainable Futures, added: “This a real coup for the region, and recognises our growing capability and strong links with the SME community across a number of sectors. We very much look forward to working with the Digital Catapult, SMEs and Birmingham City Council to capitalise on the potential of the Data Catalyser – and in the process help to kick-start the Midlands Engine.”
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School of English : eBay language study reveals what's in a word
Researchers at Birmingham City University trawled more than 68,000 items listed and sold on the auction giants’ UK site, to find out how online sellers choose to describe their products.

The studies, which spanned more than 15 million words, revealed patterns in language which significantly changed the price buyers could expect to pay for similar goods.
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M&E Lab – Impact
M&E Lab speaks to current concerns in co-design, co-creation and collaborative research, through developing quantitative and qualitative methods for the impact assessment of Media, Arts and Design projects. We offer a range of open-access resources but want to hear from you to develop services tailored to your project requirements.
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School of English : Matt Gee
Involved in corpus linguistics - text analysis
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Digital Catapult and Birmingham City University to unlock data for the UK » Digital By Default News
Birmingham City University will install and operate the West Midlands Data Catalyser as a regional and national hub for the unlocking and smart use of currently closed and proprietary data and will be working with a wide range of organisations.
These organisations include Birmingham City Council, the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), the West Midlands Combined Authority and businesses both big and small across the UK.
Government money
News of the West Midlands Data Catalyser closely follows the announcement of Birmingham City University’s STEAMHouse project earlier this month, which will use the Data Catalyser. The Government announced that it will be contributing £14m to help transform the former Typhoo tea factory in Birmingham into a collaborative innovation centre for solving the challenges facing SMEs in the West Midlands region.
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Graduation Ceremonies : Birmingham City University
General visitors can come to the UK for up to six months (in any 12 month period), so this type of visa would be suitable to attend your graduation.  General Visitor visas cannot be extended and General Visitors are not entitled to work or study during their stay. General Visitors must be able to show that they will return home by the end of the six-month period.
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TEE : Adegoke Oluwatosin
Research Activities: This research is going to part of a wider ECN (Nigeria) – DECC (UK) collaboration programme. Through workshops organised in partnership with Nigeria’s stakeholders in the energy sector, a scenario model is developed based on the Energy Pathway Calculator model developed in the UK and which has been adopted by countries like China, Belgium and South Korea. It is a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods.
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WebCorp: The Web as Corpus
Matt shared with us the software developed for text based analysis and how this has already has external applications (WebCorp).

Expertise then is around: extracting information from text (annotation); analysing text on the web to extract information and diachronic linguistics (comparing changes to the use of text over time)

It seems then there is potential for uses of the software across several professions such as: medical, advertising and legal and could support processes such as: shared language between disciplines and developing in-house expertise in text and the web.

WebCorp was a JISC funded project and is open source
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Mak Sharma - Olympic Torchbearers - 2012 Olympics | London 2012
Mak Sharma has relentlessly inspired hundreds of students through their educational journeys, whether it was a HNC, degree or an MSc. He is dedicated to employer engagement and brings the best out of students, by using technology as the catalyst for learning. This has been through vendor resources, equipment and visits.
He works with 15 of the biggest names in IT and most notably the success of the BCU Cisco partnership over the last 10 years has been instrumental in the employment success of the graduates.
During austerity measures, it is even more important to have solid relationships with key companies such as Cisco so that we can build a brilliant future for the learners of today that will be the leaders of tomorrow.
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