Facebook’s Plot To Conquer Mobile: Shatter Itself Into Pieces (techcrunch.com)
Swiss Army knives don’t cut it on mobile. Packing in too many features creates apps that seem bloated and slow. Perhaps more than any company, Facebook has struggled to adapt its busy website to the small screen. But through a talk with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and its Messenger team in November, a strategy to make the social network feel lean across devices came into focus. Facebook plans to conquer mobile one app at a time.
facebook  social_web  2014  app  smartphone  mark_zuckerberg 
february 2014
Bill Gates may work on future products at Microsoft (theverge.com)
Microsoft is expected to name Satya Nadella as its new CEO in the coming days, but attention is shifting towards Bill Gates’ role at the software company. Bloomberg News reported on Friday that the Microsoft board is considering replacing founder Bill Gates as the company’s chairman. Gates took a less active role at Microsoft in 2008, eight years after Steve Ballmer succeeded him as CEO. While board member John Thompson is rumored as a possible chairman replacement, two new reports suggest Gates may be weighing up a more active role at Microsoft.
bill_gates  microsoft  satya_nadella 
february 2014
Facebook Turns 10: The Mark Zuckerberg Interview (businessweek.com)
Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t usually observe sentimental anniversaries. This year he’s confronted by three of them. On Feb. 4, Facebook (FB), the company he co-founded in a Harvard University dorm, turns 10 years old. The prodigy himself turns 30 in May. It’s also been a decade since his first date with Priscilla Chan, now his wife, whom he first met in line for the bathroom at a Harvard fraternity party.
mark_zuckerberg  facebook  social_web  snapchat  google  2014  facebook_messenger  facebook_labs 
february 2014
Lenovo CEO on Apple, Samsung: 'Our mission is to surpass them' (tech.fortune.ccn.com)
In an interview with Fortune, Yuanqing Yang says that his company seeks to replicate its ThinkPad success with Motorola.
lenovo  apple  samsung  google  motorola  2014  übernahme  smartphone 
february 2014
Nest Team Will Become Google’s Core Hardware Group (techcrunch.com)
Google today sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. While many speculated that Google would release phones after it bought Motorola in 2011, it didn’t happen — Motorola remained a partner like other Android OEMs. Recently, Google acquired Nest, and TechCrunch has learned that Google has big plans for the team behind the connected device company.
nest  google  hardware  2014  smartphone 
january 2014
Diese Frau lockt Mark Zuckerberg nach München (welt.de)
Stephanie Czerny, Gründerin der Konferenz Digital Life Design, hält nichts von zu viel Internet. Aber die Branche kennt sie in- und auswendig. Ihr Erfolgsgeheimnis ist bayrische Volksmusik.
stephanie_czerny  dld  2014  silicon_valley  mark_zuckerberg  marissa_mayer  dropbox 
january 2014
This Google Glass user went to the movies. Then he got interrogated for about four hours. (washingtonpost.com)
Days after a California driver escaped a traffic conviction over wearing Google Glass behind the wheel, the search company's augmented-reality device is once again testing the law. On Saturday, an Ohio man was detained for several hours by federal agents who suspected him of recording "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" in his local movie theater using Glass's video function.
usa  2014  google_glass  ohio  wearable_technology  urheberrecht  kino 
january 2014
Facebook Starts Showing Fewer Text Status Updates From Pages, More From Friends (techcrunch.com)
Facebook has just announced a slight tweak to the Newsfeed algorithm. The newest version of the Newsfeed will show fewer text-based status updates from Pages, but will serve more text-based status updates from users.
facebook  social_web  2014  newsfeed 
january 2014
Kleiner Perkins founder says Silicon Valley elite are being treated like Jews in Nazi Germany (theverge.com)
Tom Perkins, one of the co-founders of the Silicon Valley powerhouse venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, is afraid the next Kristallnacht — a night of violence against Jews before the start of World War II — will happen in the Bay Area.
silicon_valley  2014  nazis  usa  deutschland  judentum  kleiner_perkins 
january 2014
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Donate $5 Million to Silicon Valley Health Center (recode.net)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have donated $5 million to Ravenswood Family Health Center, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based group that aims to bring medical services to low-income community residents. The funds will go to providing jobs, doubling the patient service capacity and supporting the expansion of more residency programs.
mark_zuckerberg  priscilla_chan  spenden  usa  palo_alto  silicon_valley  2014 
january 2014
2013: The Year 'the Stream' Crested (theatlantic.com)
The Stream has been the organizing metaphor for the web for the past several years. In May 2009, a high-ranking editor of TechCrunch identified and summarized this grand shift in the way people used and talked about the web.
alexis_madrigal  2014  social_web  mobile_web  internet  vergänglichkeit  stream 
january 2014
Uber And Disruption (techcrunch.com)
Usually an industry’s disruption happens faster than anyone anticipates. Things look like business as usual to the slow moving incumbents, who often have not faced a real market threat for a while. Then the incumbents’ business undergoes sudden, cataclysmic collapse. Uber and Lyft are in the midst of causing this pattern to eat away at the taxi industry.
uber  lyft  taxi  2014  wirtschaft  innovation  elad_gil 
january 2014
Facebook plans suite of standalone mobile apps for 2014 (theverge.com)
Facebook’s new Messenger app is lightning fast and utilitarian — a vision of the "mobile first" mentality Facebook promised one year ago. In an earnings call two weeks after Messenger launched, CEO Mark Zuckerberg reflected on how the company had "historically" moved forward by building a lot of features into its core app — and how things were about to change. "We also have a few separate apps that are widely used, such as Instagram and Messenger, our standalone messaging app," he said. "In the future, we expect to develop more of these services to help people share."
facebook  facebook_messenger  2014  social_web  mobile_web  smartphone  mark_zuckerberg 
january 2014
Messaging Giant WhatsApp, Now With 430M Users, Has No Plans For Disappearing Photos (techcrunch.com)
WhatsApp, an early mover in the messaging app space, has racked up 430 million active users to date. But despite the influx of new competition from the likes of Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk and Snapchat, WhatsApp says it will be sticking to its guns: avoiding advertising; staying away from “gimmicks” like disappearing photos and games; and continuing to request its users to keep paying to use the service as its basic business model.
jan_koum  whatsapp  2014  dld  snapchat  mobile_web  smartphone  werbung  ukraine 
january 2014
Bitcoin’s Recent Price Stability Could Point To Growing Maturity (techcrunch.com)
The nearly boozy Bitcoin rallies and crashes of 2013 led to endless media coverage, rising mass market knowledge of its existence, and piece by piece, the growing maturity of its underlying network.
bitcoin  währung  2014 
january 2014
Inside the Angsty, Affirming World of Whisper (nymag.com)
At my high school, most real online communication happened between private blogs. Between classes, my friends and I set up password-protected Livejournals, on which we'd spill our gossip about crushes, breakups, and other teenage scandals. There were blogs whose authors were known and kept under wraps (friends were given the passwords), and other, public ones that remained anonymous. It was a fairly advanced private social network for the pre-Facebook era, but what I remember most vividly about the Livejournals were the breaches: The girl who forgot to log out on a library computer and had her secrets spilled involuntarily, the couple whose fights became public, the teacher who patrolled the network for evidence of rule-breaking. It was a high-risk, high-reward disclosure system, and anonymity was never quite guaranteed.
whisper  anonymität  2014  social_web  internet 
january 2014
How Silicon Valley Could Destabilize The Democratic Party (forbes.com)
Much has been written, often with considerable glee, about the worsening divide in the Republican Party between its corporate and Tea Party wings. Yet the Democrats may soon face their own schism as a result of the growing power in the party of high-tech business interests.
demokratische_partei  usa  2014  silicon_valley  wirtschaft  san_francisco  san_jose  google  apple  facebook 
january 2014
Welcome To The Net Neutrality Nightmare Scenario (buzzfeed.com)
Net neutrality advocates just lost their biggest battle yet. Welcome to “Internet 3.0.”
netzneutralität  usa  2014  internet 
january 2014
Kim Dotcom: 'I'm not a pirate, I'm an innovator' (theguardian.com)
The larger-than-life tycoon behind Megaupload.com, in New Zealand facing US piracy charges, has made a dance album to distract himself from his woes. But how does he fit that in with playing Call of Duty all night?
kim_dotcom  2014  megaupload  mega  urheberrecht  musikindustrie  musik-streaming  baboom 
january 2014
Why Obama's NSA Reforms Won't Solve Silicon Valley's Trust Problem (wired.com)
When Barack Obama announced his reforms of National Security Agency surveillance programs today, few people were as interested as Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Marissa Mayer, and Steve Ballmer.
barack_obama  2014  nsa  usa  überwachung  silicon_valley 
january 2014
In Keeping Grip on Data Pipeline, Obama Does Little to Reassure Industry (nytimes.com)
Google, which briefly considered moving all of its computer servers out of the United States last year after learning how they had been penetrated by the National Security Agency, was looking for a public assurance from President Obama that the government would no longer secretly suck data from the company’s corner of the Internet cloud.
google  microsoft  intel  2014  barack_obama  nsa  überwachung  silicon_valley  wirtschaft 
january 2014
Google's robotics program has legs, but where is it going? (theverge.com)
The company is now the biggest name in the robot business (after the Pentagon).
google  roboter  boston_dynamics  2013  übernahme 
january 2014
How artificial intelligence is shaping the future of Facebook (theverge.com)
Earnings calls are usually meant to do little more than reassure investors — but in Facebook's most recent call, the day before Halloween, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled something unexpected. Facebook had formed an Artificial Intelligence group, Zuckerberg announced, and the company was acquiring a machine-translation company and hiring the best academic minds in the field. The goal, he told investors, was "to do world-class artificial intelligence research using all of the knowledge that people have shared on Facebook." He teased new products that would be more natural to interact with, and could solve problems beyond the reach of current technology. For anyone on the call, the point was clear: the future of Facebook would be powered by AI.
künstliche_intelligenz  2013  facebook  social_web  gesellschaft 
january 2014
Uber surge pricing: sound economic theory, bad business practice (theverge.com)
Adjusting for supply and demand makes sense on paper, but fails to understand basic consumer psychology.
uber  transport  verkehr  usa  2013  kapitalismus  marktwirtschaft 
january 2014
Hey Uber, Lyft Is Growing Faster Than You (techcrunch.com)
Uber’s revenue numbers, which were leaked to Gawker just a few weeks ago, look bold at roughly $20 million per week.
uber  lyft  verkehr  usa  transport  2013 
january 2014
Apple Widens Smartphone Gap Over Samsung In U.S., Now Has 42% Ownership: NPD (techcrunch.com)
While Samsung and Android continue to increase their market share on a global scale, the U.S. continues to be a story directed by Apple and its iPhone. Q4 2013 figures out today from the Connected Home Report from The NPD Group indicate that the iPhone now has reached ownership of 42% of all smartphone owners in the U.S., while Samsung is now at 26%.
samsung  apple  android  ios  musik-streaming  2014  usa  smartphone  mobile_web 
january 2014
What Google can really do with Nest, or really, Nest’s data (arstechnica.com)
Google’s acquisition of Nest for $3.2 billion this week has been heralded as the company’s big move into home automation. Nest has made overtures about customer privacy, but given the size and profitability of its new owner’s advertising and personal data business, the new relationship needs a closer examination.
google  nest  2014  übernahme  privatsphäre  versicherungen  energie  internet_der_dinge 
january 2014
Deutsche Telekom Move Could Pave Way for T-Mobile US Sale (recode.net)
With increasing speculation that T-Mobile US could look to combine with Sprint, Deutsche Telekom has made a move that may show it is at least thinking about possibilities for selling its T-Mobile stake.
2014  sprint  t-mobile  wirtschaft  deutsche_telekom 
january 2014
Abschied von der Utopie: Die digitale Kränkung des Menschen (faz.net)
Das Internet ist nicht das, wofür ich es so lange gehalten habe. Ich glaubte, es sei das perfekte Medium der Demokratie und der Selbstbefreiung. Der Spähskandal und der Kontrollwahn der Konzerne haben alles geändert.
nsa  sascha_lobo  2014  überwachung  internet 
january 2014
How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet (wired.com)
Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and the other tech titans have had to fight for their lives against their own government. An exclusive look inside their year from hell—and why the Internet will never be the same.
facebook  google  yahoo  microsoft  silicon_valley  2013  nsa  keith_alexander  überwachung  wirtschaft 
january 2014
PreCheck unchecked: why the TSA is putting more people in the fast lane (the verge.com)
Agency says it's trying to speed up airport security lines, but details on its selection process remain murky.
flugverkehr  flugsicherheit  2014  sicherheit  verkehr  transportation_security_administration  usa 
january 2014
Uber Will Focus On Southeast Asia Launches Over The Next Two Months (techcrunch.com)
Uber is preparing to launch in several Southeast Asian cities over the next few weeks, said its head of Asian expansion in an interview last week. The well-funded startup’s decision to focus there is a sign of the many opportunities for consumer mobile startups in Southeast Asia. Not only are there high mobile penetration rates throughout the region, but also a growing base of affluent customers with a taste for luxury products, a bracket Uber wants to position itself in.
uber  asien  verkehr  transport 
january 2014
Even President Obama Thinks That Facebook Isn’t Cool Anymore (techcrunch.com)
Ask anyone under the age of 30 if they love Facebook. Chances are, the answer will be no.
facebook  social_web  barack_obama  2014  snapchat  instagram  facebook_messenger 
january 2014
Zuckerberg Calls Snapchat A “Privacy Phenomenon” (techcrunch.com)
Mark Zuckerberg thinks Facebook’s innovated by creating a place where people could share what wasn’t shared before, which is also why he thinks Snapchat is important. Today in a low-profile talk at Stanford alongside discussions of the NSA and venture capital’s shortcomings, Zuckerberg said “Snapchat is a super interesting privacy phenomenon.”
snapchat  mark_zuckerberg  facebook  privatsphäre  social_web 
january 2014
What Happens When Google Wants To Buy A Google Ventures Portfolio Company? (techcrunch.com)
Yesterday’s Nest acquisition was unique in the respect that out of its four board members, one of them, Bill Maris, was a partner at the corporate VC arm of the acquirer’s parent company, Google Ventures.
google  nest  google_ventures  2014  übernahme  wirtschaft  apple 
january 2014
Mozilla Calls on World to Protect Firefox Browser From the NSA (wired.com)
Brendan Eich is the chief technology officer of the Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit behind the Firefox web browser. Among many other things, he oversees the Firefox security team — the software engineers who work to steel the browser against online attacks from hackers, phishers, and other miscreants — and that team is about to get bigger. Much, much bigger.
mozilla  mozilla_firefox  2014  brendan_eich  open_source 
january 2014
N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers (nytimes.com)
The National Security Agency has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world that allows the United States to conduct surveillance on those machines and can also create a digital highway for launching cyberattacks.
nsa  überwachung  2014  geheimdienste  usa  internet  computer 
january 2014
Facebook Could Launch Its Flipboard-Like News Reader This Month (recode.net)
After years of experimentation, cancellations and redesigns, Facebook looks like it is finally going to launch in the coming weeks a news reading service built for mobile devices.
facebook  social_web  2014  mobile_web  nachrichten 
january 2014
Messaging App Usage Grew 203% In 2013, Leading All Other Categories (techcrunch.com)
The App Store’s increasingly competitive nature may mean that only a minuscule number of apps (0.01% by 2018) become financial successes, but that hasn’t slowed down growth, either in number of applications available, or their usage. According to new data released by Flurry Analytics this morning, overall app usage in 2013 saw 115% year-over-year growth, with Messaging apps showing the most dramatic growth, up 203% year-over-year.
app  2013  mobile_web  smartphone  mobile_messaging 
january 2014
Protesting Taxi Drivers Attack Uber Car Near Paris (techcrunch.com)
Taxi drivers attacked an Uber car while protesting near Charles-de-Gaulle Airport earlier today — the protesters smashed a window, damaged the car hood and slashed a tire. Rude Baguette first spotted the attack on Twitter. We also confirmed with the passengers and Uber that the incident is very real. Nobody got hurt, but the attack was very violent.
taxi  uber  frankreich  protest  verkehr  transport  2014  paris 
january 2014
App Monetization To Get Tougher Still, With Gartner Predicting 94.5% Of Downloads Will Be Free By 2017 (techcrunch.com)
The business of making money from apps is going to get tougher still, with analyst Gartner predicting that through to 2018 less than 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their developers.
wirtschaft  mobile_web  smartphone  2014  2017  gartner  tablet 
january 2014
Michael Kassan, MediaLink Host Media Version of CES (recode.net)
Lots of people came to last week’s Consumer Electronics Show to gawk at giant TVs and crazy gaming glasses.
consumer_electronics_show  2014  wirtschaft  werbung  technik  michael_kassan 
january 2014
Canadian teen convicted of child pornography after spreading explicit photos of boyfriend's ex (the verge.com)
Sexting photos of yourself can be perilous, but sexting photos of somebody else could lead to jail time. A teenage girl in Canada has been convicted of distributing child pornography after she sent around five explicit pictures of a girl she found on her boyfriend's phone, CNN reports. The 16-year old defendant is being tried as a minor, and is out on bail while awaiting sentencing.
sexting  2014  kanada  jugend  social_web 
january 2014
Sony fuels speculation that it will release a Windows Phone (the verge.com)
Sony is rumored to be considering launching a Windows Phone this year, and now the company has confirmed it’s still in discussions with Microsoft. Speaking to TechRadar this week, Sony’s European mobile chief, Pierre Perron, says the company doesn’t want to be a “single OS manufacturer," noting it’s not a viable position long term. "[Working with Microsoft] is an interesting proposition for us in the PC environment, and we continue our engagement with them,” says Perron. "We are exploring this as part of our discussion in mobile space too. One thing is using the platform [Windows Phone] itself, and another is 'what can we deliver on top of it'?"
sony  windows_phone  microsoft  smartphone  2014  gerüchte  nokia 
january 2014
Rede von Veit Dengler an der Dreikönigstagung 2014 (nzzmediengruppe.ch)
Twitter, Facebook und Co.: Ende der journalistischen Qualität oder Beginn einer pluralistischen Medienwelt? Ein Ausblick aus Sicht der NZZ-Mediengruppe.
veit_dengler  neue_zürcher_zeitung  medien  medienwandel  journalismus  schweiz  deutschland  social_web  the_new_york_times 
january 2014
Die Zukunft ist hier (sueddeutsche.de)
In den USA startet eine der größten Technikmessen der Welt, die Consumer Electronics Show. Sie ist ein Blick in die Zukunft. Was die Unternehmen dort präsentieren, wird Städte, Wohnungen, Autos verändern - und möglicherweise sogar das Zähneputzen.
consumer_electronics_show  2014  wearable_technology  internet_der_dinge  selbstreferenz  samsung  lg  sony 
january 2014
Tagesthemen aus Sunnyvale (sueddeutsche.de)
Seit Marissa Mayer bei Yahoo das Sagen hat, vermied sie bislang die ganz große Bühne. Nun hat sie auf der Consumer Electronics Show eine Stunde lang neue Produkte präsentiert. Doch statt Google, Facebook und Twitter müssen sich vor allem Medienhäuser vor dem kalifornischen Unternehmen fürchten.
yahoo  marissa_mayer  2014  medien  medienwandel  mobile_web  consumer_electronics_show  selbstreferenz 
january 2014
Samsung chairman urges staff to innovate 'non-stop' and drop hardware focus (the verge.com)
Samsung Electronics' chairman, Lee Kun-hee, is calling for his company to forget its old business models and focus on a new wave of software innovation. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Lee used his annual New Year's speech to urge the company to "get rid of business models and strategies from five, ten years ago and hardware-focused ways." To achieve that, he wants the company's massive research and development centers to "work around the clock, non-stop."
samsung  2014  software  hardware  innovation 
january 2014
Music sales decline for the first time since the iTunes Store opened (the verge.com)
Digital music sales declined for the first time in 2013 since the iTunes Store opened a decade before, according to new data from Nielsen SoundScan. Billboard reports that sales of tracks declined 5.7 percent, to 1.34 billion units, while album sales fell 0.1 percent, to 117.6 million. The chief culprit, according to executives interviewed by Billboard: streaming services like Spotify and Pandora.
musik  musik-streaming  musikindustrie  2014  itunes  apple  spotify  pandora 
january 2014
Zynga tests Bitcoin payments for seven online games (the verge.com)
Zynga hasn't had much to celebrate lately — the social gaming company suffered a huge drop in users last year and it hasn't had a hit title in some time. But now it's taking a new tack, turning to the Bitcoin community. In a post on Reddit's Bitcoin subreddit last night, the Zynga team said it is currently "testing expanded payment options for players to make in-game purchases using Bitcoin," specifically through the payment provider Bitpay. Currently, only seven Zynga games support Bitcoin payments, most of them titles in Zynga's derivative "ville" series:  CastleVille, ChefVille, CoasterVille, CityVille, FarmVille 2, Hidden Chronicles and Hidden Shadows.
zynga  bitcoin  2014  währung  gaming 
january 2014
Commentary: The year that was in tech, and what's ahead (usatoday.com)
Is it the beginning or the end? As 2013 hurtles to its conclusion, the debate on 2014 has just begun: Is the tech industry on the verge of a renaissance, or is the bubble about to burst? The glass-half-full types point to Twitter's titillating IPO; the other half insist that's when investors cashed in on social media's hype.
2013  2014  technik  facebook  twitter  google  social_web 
january 2014
Walt Mossberg: The Exit Interview (mashable.com)
At an age when some may consider spending more time practicing their golf swing or perfecting their poker face, tech journalist Walt Mossberg is about to embark on what may be his biggest adventure yet. After 22 years as The Wall Street Journal's personal technology columnist, Mossberg penned his last column this week. As of 2014, he will helm a new tech media enterprise — one that still does not have a name — with longtime business partner Kara Swisher.
walt_mossberg  2013  the_wall_street_journal  journalismus  technikjournalismus 
january 2014
Amazon will release original shows in 4K (the verge.com)
Amazon is planning to make 4K content a little bit easier to come by. This morning, Amazon Studios announced that it will shoot all of its 2014 series — both comedies and dramas — in the ultra high-resolution format, and that it will at some point make those 4K recordings available to viewers. "We think customers are going to love watching these series in the highest resolution ever available to consumers, and we can't wait to deliver it," Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios, says in a statement. The studio says that all new series and pilots filmed this year will be shot in 4K.
amazon  2013  2014  video  fernsehen  4k_tv 
december 2013
Der Geist von Ehingen (brandeins.de)
Auch knapp zwei Jahre nach der Insolvenz der Drogeriemarktkette Schlecker ist ihr Gründer am ehemaligen Firmensitz noch sehr präsent.
anton_schlecker  2013  schlecker  wirtschaft  ehingen_an_der_donau 
december 2013
Tech companies call for 'aggressive' NSA reforms at White House meeting (the guardian.com)
The top leaders from world’s biggest technology companies called on the US to "move aggressively" to reform the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance operations after discussions with President Obama on Tuesday, resisting attempts by the White House to portray the encounter as covering a range of broader priorities.
google  apple  facebook  barack_obama  2013  nsa  prism  tempora  geheimdienste  usa  überwachung 
december 2013
Walt Mossberg's Top Products in Two Decades of Tech Reviews (allthingsd.com)
This is my last column for The Wall Street Journal, after 22 years of reviewing consumer technology products here.
walt_mossberg  technik  technikjournalismus  2013  the_wall_street_journal 
december 2013
Obama to meet with leaders from Apple, Twitter, and Yahoo tomorrow (the verge.com)
Today, the White House announced plans to meet with at least 15 tech leaders, including CEOs from Apple, Twitter, Etsy, Netflix, Dropbox, AT&T, Comcast and Yahoo. According to an official statement, the leaders will discuss the president's recent challenges with the launch of Healthcare.gov, as well as the administration's embattled NSA surveillance programs and the role of the tech sector in job creation. The meeting will also include Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Google's Eric Schmidt, and Zynga founder Marc Pincus.
barack_obama  nsa  2013  gesundheit  wirtschaft  google  apple  facebook  zynga  silicon_valley  prism  tempora 
december 2013
Target Not Selling Beyonce’s New Album (billboard.com)
While Beyonce's new fast-selling self-titled album is sure to be on many Christmas wish lists, there's at least one major retailer that's opting not to sell the album: Target.
beyoncé  musik  musikindustrie  usa  2013  wirtschaft 
december 2013
Es werde Licht (sz-magazin.de)
In Westafrika kann schon ein grauer Star lebenslange Blindheit bedeuten. Und viele Kranke werden verstoßen, denn sie gelten als Opfer des Teufels. Letzte Rettung ist die »Africa Mercy«, ein schwimmendes Krankenhaus, das vor Anker geht, wo immer Hilfe nötig ist. Wir waren an Bord.
afrika  2013  gesundheit  gesellschaft  religion  krankheit 
december 2013
Beyoncé Rejects Tradition for Social Media’s Power (nytimes.com)
The release of a blockbuster album has historically come with a few standard marketing moves. Flood the radio with an early single. Book as many TV appearances as possible. Line up partnerships with big retailers and consumer brands.
beyoncé  musik  musikindustrie  marketing  2013  itunes  apple  social_web 
december 2013
Homelessness Is Up in New York City, But It's Down Everywhere Else (theatlanticcities.com)
This week, the New York Times published an in-depth look at homelessness in New York City. It follows the story of Dasani, one of the city's 22,000 children without housing, humanizing the statistic that the city's homeless population grew by 13 percent from 2012-2013 alone.
obdachlosigkeit  2013  usa  new_york  kalifornien  texas  florida  san_francisco  los_angeles 
december 2013
Norbert Röttgen, Kanzlerkandidat in spe a. D. (süddeutsche.de)
Rot-Grün glänzt wieder und die CDU verliert ihren Glanz: Bundespolitisch ist der Absturz der Christdemokraten bei der Landtagswahl in Nordrhein-Westfalen noch bedeutsamer als der rot-grüne Sieg. Wieder hat sich ein möglicher Nachfolger Merkels selbst aus dem Weg geräumt. Doch Röttgens Niederlage in Düsseldorf ist auch für die Kanzlerin gefährlich.
kommentar  christlich_demokratische_union  norbert_röttgen  nordrhein-westfalen  deutschland  2012  politik 
december 2013
Last man streaming: Spotify's $250 million war chest makes it the music company to beat (theverge.com)
With $250 million in new capital, the company is planning a big expansion — and its competitors should worry.
spotify  2013  musik-streaming 
december 2013
The Googlization of the Far Right: Why is Google Funding Grover Norquist, Heritage Action and ALEC? (prwatch.org)
Google, the tech giant supposedly guided by its “don’t be evil” motto, has been funding a growing list of groups advancing the agenda of the Koch brothers.
google  silicon_valley  2013  politik  usa  lobbyismus 
december 2013
What We Need in a Next-Gen Social Network (thenextweb.com)
It’s time to move on. The feeling is becoming more and more significant with each passing day and it just keeps spreading.
facebook  social_web  2013  jugend 
december 2013
Facebook Swears It's Cool Among Teens (wired.com)
Facebook insists that the oft-repeated story isn’t true. Teens don’t hate its social network, the company says, and they’re not leaving in droves.
facebook  jugend  2013  social_web  sheryl_sandberg 
december 2013
Episode 492: M. Erb's Amazon Empire
We recently became obsessed with a strange, select club: The top rated reviewers on Amazon. These are ordinary people — not Amazon employees — who write and record hundreds of astonishingly detailed reviews on Amazon.
amazon  wirtschaft  social_web  2013 
december 2013
Bank of America says Bitcoin could become a 'major means of payment'
Analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch issued the bank's first research report today on Bitcoin, the virtual currency that approximates cash on the internet, concluding that the currency has the potential to become a "major means of payment for ecommerce" as well as a "serious competitor to traditional money transfer providers."
bitcoin  bank_of_america  banken  wirtschaft  währung  2013 
december 2013
Spotify plant kostenlose Mobil-Version
Der Musik-Streamingdienst Spotify plant eine Gratisversion seines Angebots für Mobilgeräte. Das berichten mit der Angelegenheit vertraute Personen. Bisher müssen mobile Nutzer eine monatliche Gebühr zahlen.
spotify  2013  smartphone  mobile_web  musik-streaming 
december 2013
Apple buys Topsy, a Twitter search and analytics firm
Apple has purchased Topsy, a search engine and analytics firm for tweets that's been one of Twitter's biggest partners, reports The Wall Street Journal. Though there's no clear implication for what Apple might do with Topsy, the Journal suggests that it could begin using Topsy's data to better target ads, to inform users of its products about popular subjects, or to generally tap into of-the-moment interests. Apple confirmed the acquisition to the Journal, which reports that the purchase price was over $200 million.
2013  apple  topsy  twitter  social_web 
december 2013
Hate your friends’ Facebook posts? Now you can unfollow them
Keep your friends friended and your enemies friended but unfollowed.
facebook  social_web  2013 
december 2013
Congress members push privacy bills in response to Amazon delivery drones
Will drones give you better shopping recommendations by watching your house?
drohnen  amazon  2013  wirtschaft 
december 2013
NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show
The National Security Agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world, according to top-secret documents and interviews with U.S. intelligence officials, enabling the agency to track the movements of individuals — and map their relationships — in ways that would have been previously unimaginable.
2013  the_washington_post  edward_snowden  geotracking  geheimdienste  überwachung  national_security_agency 
december 2013
Too Lazy to Be Social? Google's Auto-Reply Patent Keeps You Connected to Your Networks
In a hyper-connected society, keeping up and up to date with each other is becoming an overwhelming chore, especially with the amount of over-sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Google, no stranger to trying to keep things automated with services like Google Now and also keeping people in touch with its Gmail service, is working on a way to automate your presence on social media sites like Facebook. Thanks to a new patent application, whenever your friends post an update, Google could send an auto-reply to make it seem like you’re a good friend, always on top of your friends’ business.
google  patent  2013  social_web 
december 2013
IDC Forecasts PC Shipments to Fall by Double Digits In 2013; Volumes Are Expected To Stabilize Above 300 Million Units per Year, But With No Significant Recovery - prUS24466513
IDC Forecasts PC Shipments to Fall by Double Digits In 2013; Volumes Are Expected To Stabilize Above 300 Million Units per Year, But With No Significant Recovery.
2013  computer  tablet  smartphone  idc  wirtschaft  verkauf 
december 2013
Jeff Bezos: 'I didn't seek to buy the Washington Post'
Jeff Bezos' 60 Minutes interview has been making waves for the drone-delivery announcement, but a new web segment also provides a window into the Amazon founder's purchase of the Washington Post earlier this year. In the interview, Bezos says he had never considered buying The Washington Post until he was approached by Post CEO Don Graham, who asked if he would be interested in buying the paper.
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december 2013
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