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<%= grunt.template.today("yyyy-mm-dd") %>
grunt  time 
23 hours ago
Could be cool to show a post specific element like a toc in the sidebar.
jekyll  plugin  @favorite 
2 days ago
smathot/academicmarkdown · GitHub
academicmarkdown - Academic writing with Markdown
@study  markdown  @writing 
4 days ago
Disco Lights
CSS animation alters the properties of text drop shadow over quick intervals. Black text on a black background provides the funky light effect....
css  animation  typography 
4 days ago
Edit fiddle - JSFiddle
Line around h1 tags example.
css  text 
5 days ago
javascript - Show Hide div with css only - Stack Overflow
Since Kramdown wraps everything in paragraphs this isn't suited for complex layouts. :(
css  toggle 
5 days ago
How to open and close div using css - Find Nerd
Not the most elegant solution. But still pinned here.
5 days ago
Exploring Jekyll layout
Cool layout for columns in the archive using some liquid filters
10 days ago
Kraken Image Optimizer · Kraken.io
Optimzation for a price. I wonder if they use JPEGmini behind the scenes.
@webapp  @shopping  images  via:viticci 
12 days ago
Full Page Backgrounds, iOS Fail
Hack for iOS's annoying inability to work with `background-size: cover`. Source: http://css-tricks.com/forums/topic/full-page-backgrounds-on-ios-background-size-cover/page/2/#post-130095

Note: to fix the jagged scrolling use this code:

body {
overflow: scroll;
-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;
@ios  @webdev  fix  troubleshooting 
15 days ago
Chrome Font Display Issues | Patrick Wall
This kind of doesn't work for me. Chrome and FontExplorer are an aweful team.
font  troubleshooting 
16 days ago
Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...
It's good to get the most recent sizes, but afterwards I prefer outputing all files with Sketch and compress them myself.

LINK: http://css-tricks.com/favicon-quiz/
@webapp  generator  icon 
18 days ago
Getting the most out of Sass placeholders
How to use a mixin to add placeholders with the option to use the real mixin. Smart stuff.
sass  @favorite  mixin  boilerplate 
18 days ago
Getting the most out of Sass placeholders
Handy boilerplate to use a placeholder instead of a mixing whenever unwanted (=>Media Queries).
20 days ago
Sass Mixins | Georgia Tech Drupal Group
Some fontawesome mixins I didn't think of.
sass  mixin  collection  webfont 
20 days ago
Sadly Mr. Kramdown won't merge this plugin to the official version. I won't use it because of the drawbacks outlined in the post. As a plugin it's a cloned Kramdown with some small changes.
jekyll  footnotes 
21 days ago
Page-specific assets with Jekyll - Matt Gemmell
Nice trick to load site specific css and js via front-matter.
21 days ago
Import mixins/functions individually · Issue #460 · thoughtbot/bourbon
Interesting way to import only needed parts of a framework.
24 days ago
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