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6 days ago
Create a Repository Archive with git
# Format: git archive {branchname} --format={compression} --output={filename}
git archive master --format=tar --output=kuma.tar

git archive some-feature-branch --format=tar --output=kuma.tar
git  backup 
7 days ago
Property Index – SVG 1.1 (Second Edition)
The strange thing about using CSS to style SVG elements is that only certain properties can be used, depending on the element. For instance, you can set the fill on a <polygon>, but not the points.

The W3C has a list of properties that outlines which SVG properties can be manipulated by CSS.
@webdev  svg  css  @reference  @favorite 
7 days ago
An extendable markdown processor.
18 days ago
Volume Mixer
Sounds pretty nifty… for those times when you need it. BUT: currently it seems to be a memory hog. See this review:

This is not worth the money.

Both the driver and the app have giant memory leaks. Within a day of usage, coreaudiod and the app itself had grown to 12GB and 8GB respectively. This makes this app unusable, at the moment.

Other bugs include:
-If an app restarts, the UI will remember its audio level, but it will be FULL volume in reality.
-The driver output periodically resets to something other than what is shown in the UI. This makes a loud annoying noise.
@osx  app  audio 
20 days ago
git-remote-dropbox is a transparent bidirectional bridge between Git and Dropbox. It lets you use a Dropbox folder or a shared folder as a Git remote!
dropbox  git 
20 days ago
Statiked:Creating Static Blogs Made Easy!
Interesting, but I like being 100% in charge.
markdown  static  @osx  app 
20 days ago
Alex - Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing
Whether your own or someone else’s writing, alex helps you find gender favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate, or other unequal phrasing.
culture  writing  gender 
20 days ago
Welcome to Madoko
Madoko is a fast markdown processor for writing professional articles, books, manuals, webpages and presentations, with a focus on simplicity and plain text readability.

Support for BibTeX bibliographies!
markdown  bibtex  @study  @writing 
20 days ago
Berliner Gewässer - Faltbootwiki
Where am I allowed to drive and all the good stuff.
sup  @reference  maps 
20 days ago
Synology Forum • View topic - YouTube upload
… of course the answer is using the commandline.
youtube  remote  nas  synology 
27 days ago
Contexts — Window Switcher
I'm using Witch, but might try this one out at some point.
@osx  window 
4 weeks ago
Open Extension-less Files in Your Favorite Editor on OS X - Hiltmon
I have RCDefaultApp installed, but missed this little trick. Sadly for Sublime Text you have limited options. I installed Text Wrangler just for this purpose :/
@osx  @tweak 
4 weeks ago
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