How to share music on Pinterest
You can easily add audio from a variety of sites and services to give your boards some musical pizzazz.
14 hours ago
26 signs you were born and raised in Germany
At least one of your friends is still at university aged 33.
german  culture 
4 days ago
Why Americans still use Fahrenheit long after everyone else switched to Celsius - Vox
You can blame two of history's all-time greatest villains: British colonialism and Congress.
9 days ago
LEAD digital: So gelingen Kampagnen mit Youtubern
Die vergangenen Wochen brachten den Youtubern und ihren Vermarktungspartnern einige Schlagzeilen - meistens negative. Wie funktioniert das Youtube-Universum und was müssen Unternehmen, die Kampagne...
ad  @business  youtube 
12 days ago
Aiming to Ease App Discovery, Apple Pairs With Pinterest - NYTimes.com
App Pins aims to do for smartphone apps what Pinterest’s service has done for photos, recipes and many other types of websites. In short, the service is a type of digital corkboard that lets visitors save, or “pin,” items they like or places they want to go.
pinterest  @business  apple 
14 days ago
Six Colors: Nobody's listening
Six Colors by Jason Snell and Friends
podcast  culture 
17 days ago
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