A Better Force Touch
Trackpad hints. Have to read this again once I upgrade my Mac.
Sounds good… but it will take some time to adjust oneself.
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copper centre post: FastTech Forums
»I'm just concerned where we will be 20 years from now looking back.....Has anyone conducted PPM studies of what is in vapor after exhaled? Has there been studies done on how e-juice reacts on a molecular scale after sitting in an atty for an x amount of time? What happens on the molecular scale when a person vapes e-juice that has been sitting and eating away at a plastic tank? How come I dont see copper/brass in other health-sensitive industries, like the medical industry? Why is stainless steel stainless? I feel too many arguments are governed by ego rather than concrete evidence. I can ask questions all day, and the hard ones at that....It is funny to me to see one person saying that another does not have the right to express concern and then play the "just spreading ignorance' card.......who is really spreading ignorance here? I truly feel NOBODY has the right to defend ANYTHING pertaining to the effects of vaping, because it is too early in the game. I imagine the same kind of arguments took place when analogs came out.....shit, there were even doctors and dentists promoting them. I am pro vape, but more importantly, pro health. Using lame excuses like 'well, I dont smoke anymore, and who knows what was in tobacco???' rightly so, but can anyone truly state, with undeniable scientific proof, what takes place on the molecular level(involving all variables machine and human) while vaping? Some like to sound like they know. I truly cannot recommend someone to vape as I do not know enough, and am pretty sure everyone else doesnt either. I am a vape-aholic, but I never promote it, and I'm especially careful around children, because they really think it looks 'cool' and can be 'mesmerized' by the devices.... It doesnt hurt to be careful, but it sure hurts to be led by a false sense of securities.......I already see on a few issues, such as battery venting, how a mass of people thought one way in the beginning, and over time, were proved wrong, but they sure thought they were right in the beginning....that mindset really scares me....Please direct me to data pertaining to my questions and I will be happy to educate myself. I do NOT claim to know ANYTHING about vaping, but I do know how to observe and ask critical questions(that most do not want to hear)«
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10 days ago
Python 2.7.10 und 3.4.3
Einfach nur den Pfad in Skripten angeben.
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12 days ago
Tmodcustoms Bottom Feeder Mods + Dready's Mods
This must be the most beautiful Bottom-Feeder on the planet.
12 days ago
Wrapper to output styles.
14 days ago
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