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6 days ago
Comprehensive Guide: When to Use Em vs. Rem - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial
I strongly advise against this as it overrides the font size the html element inherits from the user’s browser settings. Hence this prevents the settings from having any effect, and removes the user’s ability to optimize for best viewing.

If you do want to change the font size on the html element, do so with an em or rem value as the root font size will then still be a multiple of the user’s browser font size setting.
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6 days ago
gcc für homebrew aktualisieren [Uberspace.de Wiki]
$ ln -s /package/host/localhost/gcc-4.9/bin/gcc ~/.linuxbrew/bin/gcc-4.9
$ ln -s /package/host/localhost/gcc-4.9/bin/g++ ~/.linuxbrew/bin/g++-4.9
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7 days ago
How I Used Blob Storage to Host My Podcast
Super smart way to save some money as a podcaster.
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8 days ago
Disable File Extension Change Warning Dialog
Even easier… I totally forgot about the Finder setting in the GUI.
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8 days ago
The New Generation of Prototyping Tools (Part 1/2) — Medium
Weld looks like a cool prototyping tool. It's free to use!
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8 days ago
8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M. — Medium
I learned to do most of the things on the list. I still love my scorching hot shower.
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8 days ago
bash - Parsing json with sed and awk - Stack Overflow
I use `jq` but here are a lot of other options listed.
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10 days ago
A Perfect Web Development Setup for your Mac
dnsmasq sounds like a cool alternative to pow.
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10 days ago
Cocoa Text System - Default System Key Bindings
The default keybindings. I have a cheaters file of them.
@osx  keybindings 
12 days ago
Keymando Home
More CPU intense than Karabiner but has (better) scripting support. I'll stick with Karabiner
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13 days ago
How can I import a large list of tasks into Trello - Web Applications Stack Exchange
Like stated in the comment below… there's now native support for this.
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13 days ago
Good enhancement for scripts.
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14 days ago
STAMP app - import Spotify playlists to Apple Music easily
This app takes a while to process a large library, but being able to dump my Spotify playlists into Apple Music is making doing a real comparison much easier. Note that it imports songs from playlists, but doesn’t recreate the actual playlist. GottaBeMobile offers some tips for finishing the job.
: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2015/07/08/how-to-transfer-spotify-playlists-to-apple-music/
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14 days ago
PSA: Using the Caffeine app on a retina screen? You can fix the icon. : apple
Caffeine is still the way to go if clamshell mode is what you want.

Ampethamine doesn't support it… but has some nice options like notifications. https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/309yfs/keepingyouawake_a_caffeine_clone_for_os_x/
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17 days ago
Image2icon - Your Mac. Your Icons.
Nice to see something new from Shiny Frog. Good alternative to a manual workflow with Sketch. I'd only use it for icons… custom folders became useless with Apple's monochrome delusion – I hate my sidebar.
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17 days ago
THE SCARF — TOTALLEE - The slim iPhone case
0.356 mm vs. 0.35mm The Veil: (http://www.caudabe.com/products/the-veil-frost)

My scarf broke relatively fast on the bottom left corner.
gadget  case 
22 days ago
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