Bitwig | webshop
This DAW is made by some coders who left Ableton. I've to read up if it's good. I first saw it in 2012.
audio  @osx 
16 hours ago
Tom Bihn and Jawbone Giveaway - YouTube
I won something but the guy kept on mailing excuses everytime I contacted him. In the end I never received the Jawbone.
16 hours ago
vkgoeswild - YouTube
Great piano covers… first time I heard her SOAD covers a couple years back. Very intense.
youtube  fandom  music 
17 hours ago
Bittorrent Sync alternative
6 days ago
Useful Mac — The Screenshot Spectacular
The Screenshot Spectacular If you’re a designer, you probably take a million screenshots a day to share with co-workers like I do. Even if you’re not a designer, you’re likely to need to share your...
screenshot  @osx 
11 days ago
Top 9 Hoplite tips to help you stay alive in the demonic Depths | iPhone | Pocket Gamer
Hoplite - iPhone walkthroughs, hints and tips available here. Many more iPhone walkthroughs, hints and tips available, inside.
12 days ago
HOW TO: Automatically remux mkv files to mp4 on completion in Download Station for PS3 playback : synology
Hi all, I recently bought a DS213J, and got pretty frustrated when it couldn't remux mkv files for the PS3 on the fly, even thought the FAQ says...
synology  converter  video 
12 days ago
Streamlining Our Proposal Writing Process | LaCroix Design Co.
How we are using Git, Markdown, CSS and Marked to create proposals more quickly.
@favorite  @business  @writing  markdown 
14 days ago
Free online device mockup images. Select your screenshot and drop it on the mockups.
photography  images  free  royalities  creativecommons  download  stock 
14 days ago
Mit welchem WLAN-Netz zuerst verbinden? App legt Reihenfolge fest | iphone-ticker.de
iOS-Geräte sortieren die verfügbaren WLAN-Netze in alphabetischer Reihenfolge und verbinden sich automatisch mit dem ersten bekannten Netzwerk in dieser
troubleshooting  apple  @ios  wireless  network 
14 days ago
Dunnnk - Generate Product Mockups For Free
We generate beautiful product mockups. Upload your design and we'll give you a high resolution mockup in return.
@favorite  photography  images  free  collection  royalities  @shopping  creativecommons 
14 days ago
How to AirPlay music and video from Android to your Apple TV | Android Central
No iPhone or iPad behind doesn't mean you can't still AirPlay content to your Apple TV It isn't inconceivable that you own both an Android phone or tablet and an Apple TV. Sure, we're fans of Chromecast in these parts, but the Apple TV still has a lot to offer, especially if you're heavily involved in the iTunes content ecosystem. One party piece that the Apple TV offers to iPhone and iPad owners is AirPlay. Wirelessly streaming music and video, mirroring the display on your iOS device or Mac, it's a tremendously handy thing to have. But just because you've got an Android phone or tablet doesn't mean you can't join in with some of the AirPlay action. Head on past the break to see a couple of ways to AirPlay your locally stored music and video from your Android device to your Apple TV.
android  appletv 
16 days ago
Old software friends - All this
Nice alternative to AppleScript for giving scripts minimal GUI.
@osx  script  app  @favorite 
16 days ago
When Italians Chat, Hands and Fingers Do the Talking - NYTimes.com
Gesticulating is a vital part of communication in Italy, where about 250 gestures are used regularly and studied by scientists and philosophers.
16 days ago
Apps für Autofahrer: Mit dem Smartphone durch den Verkehr | ZEIT ONLINE
Das Leben als Smartphone ist langweilig: Im Auto muss es nur navigieren oder Musik spielen. Dabei kann es doch so viel mehr als nur das. Sieben Apps, die zeigen, was.
car  app  collection  @ios 
18 days ago
Yihi SX350 50W Upgradeable Chip
1. Download the Yihi SXi Setup file, install and run as administrator.
2. Download the Firmware update file.
3. Connect the SX350 chip to your computer through the USB port (DO NOT HAVE A BATTERY CONNECTED TO THE SX350)
4. On the Yihi SXi program, click "Connection" then "Install Driver"
5. After the driver is installed, click "Connect"
6. Click "Return", then click "Upgrade"
7. Click "Open file" and browse to where you downloaded the firmware update file.
8. Click "Install"
vape  tutorial 
21 days ago
Report a Problem
App zurückgeben, refund bekommen.
troubleshooting  appstore 
23 days ago
How to share music on Pinterest
You can easily add audio from a variety of sites and services to give your boards some musical pizzazz.
4 weeks ago
26 signs you were born and raised in Germany
At least one of your friends is still at university aged 33.
german  culture 
5 weeks ago
Why Americans still use Fahrenheit long after everyone else switched to Celsius - Vox
You can blame two of history's all-time greatest villains: British colonialism and Congress.
5 weeks ago
LEAD digital: So gelingen Kampagnen mit Youtubern
Die vergangenen Wochen brachten den Youtubern und ihren Vermarktungspartnern einige Schlagzeilen - meistens negative. Wie funktioniert das Youtube-Universum und was müssen Unternehmen, die Kampagne...
ad  @business  youtube 
6 weeks ago
Aiming to Ease App Discovery, Apple Pairs With Pinterest - NYTimes.com
App Pins aims to do for smartphone apps what Pinterest’s service has done for photos, recipes and many other types of websites. In short, the service is a type of digital corkboard that lets visitors save, or “pin,” items they like or places they want to go.
pinterest  @business  apple 
6 weeks ago
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