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Glee Fic, by milk_and_glass -
Forbidden love that happens over a series of Thursdays during Rachel's sixteenth and seventeenth year. Told from Will's point of view, he examines the relationship and what it's like to love a sixteen-year-old girl.
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september 2010 by pastself
glee | "right angle"
"I'm your teacher, Rachel, and I'm sorry, but that's all I'm ever going to be."
"I know."
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may 2010 by pastself
ladyofspring: Will Schuester: InterLima Lover *Adult*
Their whole relationship is a series of stops and starts, struggles for position and grabs for power. This is how it’s always been and this is how it will always be.
Glee  will/rachel  pwp  het  teacher/student 
may 2010 by pastself
The Map is Not the Territory by: Catja Mikhailovic/kitsune13
To make him look forward to seeing her: that’s an achievable goal, she thinks.
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may 2010 by pastself

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