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symphysis by ikeracity [Archive of Our Own]
After Charles and Erik broke up four months ago, Charles convinced himself he'd never see Erik again. But life has a funny way of bringing people back together.
4k+  break-up  charles/erik  X-Men  a.ikeracity  au  1906  saved 
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Bananas For You by spicynom [Archive of Our Own]
Seokjin’s pun backfires and now when he sees bananas, he thinks of Jungkook.

Or, Seokjin slowly realizes that he doesn’t see the maknae as a little kid anymore.
4k+  bts  a.spicynom  unread  Idol-verse  BTS-Jinkook 
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Your Eyes Only by tuesday [Archive of Our Own]
It was an accident. Tony did not, as a rule, check up on Peter these days, and while he had kept the monitoring programs, they were there in case of emergency.
4k+  a.tuesday  pwp  age-difference  avengers  tony/peter  1904  voyeurism 
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Different Names for the Same Thing (where i follow you go) by Trotter [Archive of Our Own]
Being Jungkook's childhood friend is rough. Being his manager is worse.

(or: the one where Seokjin is BTS's manager and still fails to catch a break)
unread  4k+  Idol-verse  a.trotter  BTS  BTS-Jinkook 
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Know It When I See Him by bendingsignpost [Archive of Our Own]
As a teenager, Dean had some pretty cringe-worthy fantasies. As an adult, he's grown out of those.

For the most part.
4k+  a.bendingsignpost  dean/castiel  spn  1904  au 
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Belly Rubs by themarmalade [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi had been doing just fine holding his own hand and petting his own hair until that damn vlive recording where everyone kept rubbing his soft yellow tummy. He can't stop thinking about it, and finally takes (desperate, slightly ridiculous) action.
4k+  a.themarmalade  unread  BTS-Namgi  Idol-verse 
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An Engagement by mokuyoubi [Archive of Our Own]
Ten years before the events of the series, Hannibal and Will were married--but how did they meet, and how did two dangerous killers manage not to kill one another long enough to fall in love? A prequel to BoneAndScale's fic, In Sickness and in Health, which aims to answer, at least in part, these questions.

New Orleans, 2003, a chance meeting between Officer Graham and Doctor Lecter in the emergency room leaves Will curious about what's going on beneath that placid mask of his.
4k+  hannibal  hannibal/will  a.mokuyoubi  1904 
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fuel to the flame by jeonbenet [Archive of Our Own]
“They’re making you wear a lot of scarves lately, huh?”

Jungkook flushes, snapping himself out of his elaborate dog analogy, instantly flustered. As if Hoseok asked him to divide like, a really big number by like... another really big number.

“What?” Jungkook says, coughing a bit on the end syllable.

(Or: Jungkook has a big thing for Hoseok's playful casual choking.)
pwp  4k+  1904  a.jeonbenet  d/s  BTS-Junghope  BTS 
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Worth the Wait by tuesday [Archive of Our Own]
An AU of an AU, in which Peter and Tony have married sex the morning of Waiting for Marriage. This changes some things, but not others.

Tony thought, A month, I need at least a month.
4k+  pwp  au  tony/peter  avengers  1903  a.tuesday 
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Lucky Break by tuesday [Archive of Our Own]
Paparazzi love them! Click here to find out why. (A fake dating future fic.)

[Fills R5 of the Tony Stark Bingo, "Peter Parker/Spider-Man"]

It was a lucky break for the guy who caught it, a one in a million shot taken by chance. Tony's car was stopped at the light. He was seated next to Peter in the back. He was turned with his back to the car door. Peter was shirtless, and the camera had caught the barest hint of the elastic waist of Peter's underwear. The Spider-suit was fortunately out of view on the floorboards. Peter had one knee up on the bench, because he'd been pulling on his jeans. In the photo, it looked like he was taking them off.
4k+  age-difference  *  *lovely  a.tuesday  avengers  tony/peter  1903  saved 
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Hey Sunny Summer by misspamela [Archive of Our Own]
“You’re staring,” Hoseok tittered, red from either alcohol or embarrassment.

“No I’m not,” Namjoon lied, still staring.

Hoseok raised an eyebrow, then winked at him. “Ah, you,” he said, all bluster but he looked shy underneath, and Namjoon wanted to die of how cute it was. “What am I going to do with you.”

“Order me another beer?” Namjoon suggested.
4k+  1903  a.misspamela  *  saved  BTS-Namseok  BTS  Idol-verse 
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Happen Again by tuesday [Archive of Our Own]
The plan was simple: complete avoidance. Don't think about it, don't talk about, don't let it happen again.
4k+  tony/peter  avengers  a.tuesday  1902 
february 2019 by pastself
Running Running (Just to Keep My Hands on You) - miss_begonia - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
These days Jungkook likes to keep a camera between him and Jimin whenever they’re alone. It feels safer that way, like there’s a barrier, like Jimin won’t be able to read the way Jungkook feels even though it’s written all over his face. Jimin is scary intuitive sometimes, tuned into other people’s emotions the way he seems tuned into his own body when he dances, and Jungkook fears that superpower of his. He wishes Jimin would be more like Taehyung, caring and loving and goofy but also a bit dreamy and off in his own world.

Something about the camera makes Jimin into a performer, too--he’s learned to turn on whenever someone shoves a camera in his face. He acts ridiculous and dances and makes funny faces like he’s trying to entertain Jungkook, and Jungkook lets it happen because it’s cute, and silly, and when he edits the footage later he laughs.
a.miss_begonia  1812  4k+  BTS  Idol-verse  BTS-Jikook 
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Perfect by LostCauses (Anteros) [Archive of Our Own]
Tall, blonde, clean-cut, mid to late thirties, the man who turned up at the piercing studio was very much not Levi’s usual clientele. Levi catered primarily for the more hard core end of the market, not causal enquiries.
“I’d like to find out about getting a piercing.” The man’s voice was deep, pleasant, but a little strained, trying too hard to be matter of fact.
“Uh huh?”
“A genital piercing.”
Ok, this was getting more interesting.

A gratuitous Modern AU. Levi's the piercer, Erwin's the client and Hanji is quids in.
4k+  a.LostCauses  levi/erwin  attackontitan  au  1811 
november 2018 by pastself
wake your sleeping youth by nebulia [Archive of Our Own]
[“Hey,” Jungkook says. “I’m just saying...if you wanted to fuck me and I fell back asleep, you wouldn't have to stop. I’d probably wake up again eventually anyway. And I like the idea, in theory. Of morning sex, I mean.”

Seokjin laughs at him. “You seriously think you’ll wake up?”

“It’s sex,” Jungkook says, like Seokjin hasn’t watched Jungkook sleep through airplane turbulence that knocked computers off tray tables and Hoseok and Jimin genuinely screaming at each other about laundry at 6 am and and Taehyung and Seokjin himself getting into a post-Mariokart wrestling match while Jungkook napped on the couch less than a meter behind them. “I’ll wake up eventually.”]
4k+  *  somnophilia  1811  a.nebulia  BTS  BTS-Jinkook 
november 2018 by pastself
kissin' in the rain by sequoiasem [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon and Yoongi make a bet. Namjoon remembers the bet. Namjoon wins the bet (although Yoongi won’t ever admit it)
a.sequoiasem  *  4k+  BTS-Namgi  BTS  Idol-verse  saved  1810 
october 2018 by pastself
heart of stone by sequoiasem [Archive of Our Own]
kim namjoon is gone, but there's a statue in the forest that bears his face. it hurts, it hurts, but yoongi can't stay away.
1810  a.sequoiasem  4k+  au  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
october 2018 by pastself
two for the price of one by returnsandreturns [Archive of Our Own]
“Mirror-verse Matt is a lot,” he hisses. “He has none of your—fluffy charm.”

“I’m not fluffy,” Matt says, which means a lot coming from the guy with the most adorable bedhead that Foggy’s ever seen. He’s not responsible for the fact that Matt looks pettable almost all of the time that he’s not physically assaulting people.

“Fluffy handsome duck,” Foggy says, accusingly. “That man is no sort of duck.”

“Is that a compliment?” Murdock calls. Foggy groans.

“I hate that there’s two of you.”
a.returnsandreturns  4k+  daredevil  matt/foggy  threesome  1810 
october 2018 by pastself
and you know, we're on the same team by misspamela [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon always felt more connected to the universe when he was out in nature. He was hoping that somehow it would make him feel more connected to Yoongi too.
a.misspamela  4k+  au  1809  saved  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
september 2018 by pastself
Loosing It by LostCauses (Anteros) [Archive of Our Own]
The Underground is heaving, but Levi doesn’t recognise many faces in the crowd, they’re mostly just kids. Changed days. There was a time he knew almost all the regulars who came to the club. Fuck, he’s getting old. The music’s not really doing it for him tonight, it’s a bit too up, he’d prefer something a bit heavier, a bit more trancey so he decides to cut his losses and head home. Levi is shouldering his way through the crowd making his way to the door when he spots the two blonds staring at him. He’d spotted them earlier, couldn’t miss them really, they’re both way over six foot and ridiculously good looking, though they look a bit out of place in a dive like The Underground.

Levi meets two strangers as he's leaving the club and agrees to go home with them...
4k+  *  threesome  1809  a.lostcauses  levi/erwin  levi/erwin/mike  au  attackontitan  saved 
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Create a pretty lie for you by rhythmsextion [Archive of Our Own]
In which Jungkook helps a drunken Jimin back to his room after the post-BBMA vlive, and ends up staying awhile.
4k+  pwp  a.rhythmsextion  *  1808  BTS  Idol-verse  BTS-Jikook 
august 2018 by pastself
Wait Time: 70 Minutes by GinForInk [Archive of Our Own]
There's a really cute guy fifteen feet behind Namjoon in the line for Expedition Everest.
a.GinForInk  4k+  au  1805  BTS-Minjoon  BTS 
may 2018 by pastself
maybe baby by gangbang [Archive of Our Own]
there's something weird in the air! jimin has a sneaking suspicion it might be a love potion.
4k+  a.ganbang  *  cute  1805  BTS  BTS-Jikook 
may 2018 by pastself
One Mic, for rixythewraith: bangtanexchange
There’s nothing subtle in Yoongi’s words, no metaphors, no hidden meaning. They’re challenging, provoking and Namjoon finds himself enjoying this battle more than any other before.
unread  4k+  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
may 2018 by pastself
Figuring It Out as We Go by peppermint_wind [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook never thought this would happen to him; eighteen years old and questioning everything he used to know. Staying up late watching gay music videos with wide-eyes, phone tucked to his chest, probably isn't helping him much, either, but what is he supposed to do when he realizes seeing two men together makes his whole body ache?

**Based off of Jungkook covering Troye Sivan's, "Fools."
4k+  a.peppermint_wind  coming-out  1805  BTS  BTS-Jikook 
may 2018 by pastself
First Love by MmeIrene [Archive of Our Own]
“Hyung,” said Taehyung again, insistently. “My brother is coming in today.”

Yoongi set down his pen with a sigh and finally glanced up. “Yes. I saw his name in the appointment book. Namjoon, right?”

Taehyung nodded. He bit his lip. “Hyung, you have to try to talk him out of it.” Taehyung flapped his hands nervously. “It’s his first tattoo. He doesn’t have a very high pain tolerance. And he’s under a lot of emotional stress right now. I’m afraid he’ll regret doing this when he’s thinking clearly.”
4k+  a.MmeIrene  au  1804  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
april 2018 by pastself
Hook, Line, and... by MmeIrene [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi mistakes Namjoon for a new hooker and gets territorial about his street corner. It’s been working for him, okay?

Or, the one where Yoongi meets - quite possibly - the love of his life.
au  4k+  a.MmeIrene  prostitution  1804  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
april 2018 by pastself
tumble down like jack and jill by pearl_o [Archive of Our Own]
If Yoongi believed in that sort of thing, he might take this all as a sign from the universe that he shouldn't be messing around with his best friend.
au  4k+  a.pearl_o  *  1804  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
april 2018 by pastself
Black as the Devil and Hot as Hell by Fiathe [Archive of Our Own]
You’re my jerk barista who purposely screws up my name when I order my caffeine fix AU
au  4k+  a.fiathe  1804  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
april 2018 by pastself
Like Nobody's Watching by taetaetiger (sexyvanillatiger) [Archive of Our Own]
It is polite of them to use the ball gag, that was the point of it after all. Namjoon does feel mighty ridiculous, though, standing here staring at Hoseok’s naked ass.
4k+  a.sexyvanillatiger  threesome  pwp  *  BTS-Rapline  BTS 
april 2018 by pastself
salt skin, lazy smiles by namgi [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon thinks that Yoongi deserves nothing less than being worshipped. Like literal down-on-your-knees worship. So that's exactly what he does.
4k+  a.namgi  pwp  1804  BTS-Namgi  BTS 
april 2018 by pastself
word's on the street and it's on the news by pearl_o [Archive of Our Own]
In which Hoseok is sexiled; Namjoon gets self-reflective after a few beers; kissing is fun; and Hoseok discovers he has a lot of catching up to do.
a.pearl_o  4k+  1804  BTS-Namseok  BTS 
april 2018 by pastself
Fire Me Higher by Sass_Master [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel’s been compiling an ever-growing list of the things that Dean likes, and the things that he likes himself. It’s exciting how often they perfectly overlap – Dean pinned underneath him, Castiel’s mouth on the delicate skin of Dean’s throat and, more recently, Dean spread out and moaning, trembling as Castiel works him open with his tongue.
Part 6 of the Dream of Now series
dean/castiel  bottom!dean  a.sass_master  *  4k+  spn  facial  saved  1803 
march 2018 by pastself
words full of holes by coloredink [Archive of Our Own]
"Yuri Katsuki! I've come all the way to Japan to be your coach!" turned out to be the pinnacle of Victor Nikiforov's Japanese.
4k+  unread  a.coloredink  yurionice  yuuri/victor 
february 2018 by pastself
Sights for Sore Eyes by badideasthatshouldntbewritten [Archive of Our Own]
“You don't realize the age difference.”

“I like the age difference.”

That was his gotcha.
a.badideasthatshouldntbewritten  4k+  tony/peter  avengers  pwp  age-difference  *  1802 
february 2018 by pastself
Six Years by sublightsleeper [Archive of Our Own]
Temperance and chastity were never words in Tony Stark’s vocabulary, until he met Peter Parker. (Everything started at the Cyclone. Everything coalesced with Thanos. And everything cemented after Peter’s graduation.)
4k+  tony/peter  avengers  *  *lovely  a.sublightsleeper  saved  1802 
february 2018 by pastself
Age of Consent by pallidiflora [Archive of Our Own]
While waiting for Peter's seventeenth birthday, Tony Stark obeys the letter of the law, if not the spirit.
age-difference  4k+  tony/peter  avengers  a.pallidiflora  *  1802 
february 2018 by pastself
five times billy leaves (and one time he stays) by gothyringwald [Archive of Our Own]
There is nothing more that Billy would rather do than share a coke with Steve Harrington, except, maybe, to kiss him. But he can't do either.

(Basically: what it says in the title)
4k+  *  billy/steve  strangerthings  a.gothyringwald  saved  1801 
january 2018 by pastself
Third Wheel by YoungAndReckless [Archive of Our Own]
Hanging out with his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend who he used to treat like shit is the last thing that Steve wants to do. Now he’s been roped into third wheeling their date.

Enter one: Billy Hargrove
a.YoungAndReckless  pwp  strangerthings  billy/steve  4k+ 
january 2018 by pastself
Ocean Child - flippyspoon - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m Steve’s friend,” Billy said, pulling out into the road. “I’m Billy.”
“I’ve never met you,” Erica said, scowling.
“Yeah well, we don’t travel in the same social circles.” Billy wanted a cigarette.
“You look like a criminal,” Erica said.
via:katereis  4k+  *  billy/steve  strangerthings  a.flippyspoon  saved 
january 2018 by pastself
Holiday At the Henderson's - ohmybgosh - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
For some reason Steve really wants Dustin to get along with Billy. Since it's almost Christmas, Dustin reluctantly gives it a shot.
via:katereis  outsiderpov  4k+  a.ohmybgosh  strangerthings  billy/steve 
january 2018 by pastself
Up Is Down and Down Is Up - dragonspell - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
A few short weeks ago, Steve would never have guessed in a million years that he would find himself here, watching Billy Hargrove fight back the urge to come just because Steve’s inside him. The thought would have been ludicrous; the idea of Billy in Steve’s bed absurd. And yet here they are, Billy pretending that he’s on a date with some girl while parking a few blocks down from Steve’s house. When Steve’s parents are home, he sneaks in through the window, but tonight, he'd used the front door.
pwp  via:katereis  4k+  *  a.dragonspell  billy/steve  strangerthings  1801 
january 2018 by pastself
The Consummation by Josselin [Archive of Our Own]
“The king’s marriage has not been consummated,” said Herode.
4k+  a.josselin  captiveprince  damen/laurent  1712 
december 2017 by pastself
Single Parent, Multiple Problems by hoosierbitch [Archive of Our Own]
Derek tries really hard to do the right thing, Stiles thinks Derek's idea of the right thing is the wrong thing, and John does his best to help.

 "Is, uh--is Stiles home?" Hale is staring at the ground and his shoulders are so tense that John's tempted to say 'Boo!' just to see what'll happen.
a.hoosierbitch  4k+  *  *lovely  derek/stiles  TeenWolf  Sheriff-stilinski  outsiderpov  underage  saved  1711 
november 2017 by pastself
Speed Dying by Hatteress (goddammitstacey) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles gets roped into speed dating because none of his college friends believe Derek exists. Derek thinks it's hilarious. Stiles thinks Derek's an asshole. Now he just needs to live long enough to tell him that.
wip  a.hatteress  derek/stiles  TeenWolf  4k+  1711 
november 2017 by pastself
Interlude by Whreflections [Archive of Our Own]
As Hannibal and Will settle in to their new lives in Australia, they're settling into their relationship, too- branching out, trying new things. As much as Hannibal enjoys having Will's attention, it stands to reason a deliberate bid for attention is well worth trying, to see how they both enjoy it.

Written for Bottom Hannibal Day 2017
4k+  a.Whreflections  pwp  hannibal  hannibal/will  public-sex  1708 
august 2017 by pastself
Just To Feel by thefangirlingdead [Archive of Our Own]
Levi suffers his first loss as a member of the Survey Corps and takes his frustration out on Erwin.
AKA, some pretty angsty hate-sex.

"This is what you wanted," He bites, face still mere inches away from Erwin’s, noses nearly close enough to touch, "Isn't it?"
4k+  rough-sex  levi/erwin  attackontitan  pwp  a.thefangirlingdead  1707 
july 2017 by pastself
Off The Cuff by teacuphuman [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is detective out to protect his investment.

Their routine is pretty solid by now. Arthur shows up to “arrest” Eames for solicitation, Arthur feeds him, Eames answers his questions, and gets paid before making his way back across town. Arthur is very good at convincing himself his only interest in the kid is as an asset. It has nothing to do with his sharp wit, or the way his eyes follow Arthur’s every move. Those plush lips and blunt hands are absolutely not something Arthur ever allows himself to think about while alone.
4k+  a.teacuphuman  arthur/eames  au  inception  1707 
july 2017 by pastself
Meet Your Heroes by Wordsplat [Archive of Our Own]
Tony gets rescued by a highly concerned, very handsy Captain America. This is confusing for a number of reasons.
4k+  avengers  steve/tony  a.wordsplat  1706 
june 2017 by pastself
Mercurial Moggy by bauble [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur has agreed to help Eames through his heat one last time, despite their complicated history together. Eames may have other plans.
4k+  a.bauble  omega-verse  inception  arthur/eames  *  dub-con  saved  1705 
may 2017 by pastself
Verisimilitude by Whreflections [Archive of Our Own]
The filming date for the first sex scene between Hannibal and Will is set. The fans are ready, the whole crew is ready...

Mads thinks he and Hugh need to practice. For a scene years in the making, they don't want to get this wrong.
a.Whreflections  hugh/mads  hannibal  hannibal/will  rps  4k+  *  saved  1705 
may 2017 by pastself
Wine Colored Days Warmed by the Sun by Erushi [Archive of Our Own]
Yuuri turns to regard him. “You look very young for a businessman,” he says.

Victor laughs. “Mine’s a family business, too.”

It’s not exactly a lie.


Or: The Mafia AU in which Victor's an heir to the Russian mob, Yuuri just so happens to be visiting St. Petersburg, and there's a hitman loose in the city.
au  *  yurionice  a.erushi  yuuri/victor  4k+  saved  1703 
march 2017 by pastself
Impressions on Paper and Skin by emungere [Archive of Our Own]
Will finished the bookcases for Hannibal’s office shortly after he got his casts off. It was one of the things he’d been putting off until he could walk again. Once he discovered he still couldn’t do more than hobble along, the bookcases were a welcome distraction.

Part 19 of the Ladders series
hannibal  hannibal/will  a.emungere  *  4k+  saved  1701 
january 2017 by pastself
Morning Breaks in Saint Petersburg by neomeruru [Archive of Our Own]
Yuuri moves in with Victor in Russia and makes himself at home, with some help.
4k+  a.neomeruru  unread  yuuri/victor  yurionice 
january 2017 by pastself
Trial and Error by garbage_dono [Archive of Our Own]
The first few times Yuuri and Victor try to have sex, things don't go as planned.
a.garbage_dono  yurionice  4k+  virginity  yuuri/victor  1701 
january 2017 by pastself
Morning by Petronia [Archive of Our Own]
They had made love again, afterward. Perhaps they made love every day.

Hannibal's memory did not constitute their coming together as discrete occurrences, but a single, bright, shimmering structure: continuously elaborated and expanded. There was so much yet to discover about Will, his abandon and reticences and curious lacunae of experience, territories unknown – Hannibal was realizing – even to Will himself. All of it endlessly delightful.
4k+  a.petronia  hannibal/will  saved  hannibal 
december 2016 by pastself
Adult Education by Mwuahna, WrathoftheStag (Mwuahna) [Archive of Our Own]
Will and Hannibal are finally a couple, and while Will has fallen quite easily into his first relationship with a man there is still one thing that makes him quite nervous. Will a workshop help him get over his fears?

And yeah, Beverly is around and is Will’s sassy BFF.
4k+  a.mwuahna  hannibal  hannibal/will  1611 
november 2016 by pastself
your mouth is wine by damnslippyplanet [Archive of Our Own]
Will is a menace and should not be allowed out of the house, or away from Hannibal’s side, not ever. It’s all Hannibal can do not to say as much. He really should have stopped a glass or two earlier.

Or: An interlude in the collared!Will 'verse, with booze, feelings, and a soupçon of smut to help us all get through the week.
hannibal  hannibal/will  4k+  a.damnslippyplanet  *  *lovely  saved  1612 
november 2016 by pastself
A Good Day by emungere [Archive of Our Own]
Will heaved himself from the wheelchair onto the bed and flopped down across it. “I am never buying silverware with you again.”
Part 16 of the Ladders series
4k+  face-fucking  hannibal  hannibal/will  a.emungere  saved  1610 
november 2016 by pastself
Too Much Information by Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) [Archive of Our Own]
When Abigail spends the night at Alana's, she recruits Beverly as backup. She should have known better. Abigail dishes some dirt about life with Will and Hannibal, and Alana may never stop blushing as a result.

A fun little Not to Die of the Truth interlude. Takes place between Chapters 21 and 22, and contains mild spoilers for that fic. Refers to The Arrangement Will & Hannibal come to at the end of The Imposition of Order and Harmony on a Design.

Part 7 of the Morphology series
4k+  a.jaqen_hgar  hannibal  hannibal/will  saved 
november 2016 by pastself
Breathe Me - Devereauxs_Disease - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Will wants Hannibal. Hannibal wants Will. If only they would share that information with each other. After a massive fight, Hannibal realizes that his mongoose might miss him.
4k+  hannibal  hannibal/will  a.Devereauxs_Disease  1610 
october 2016 by pastself
The Closest I Ever Gave by hesterbyrde [Archive of Our Own]
Will pulled the wad of stained toilet paper away from his jaw and angled his head back. The flow of blood had slowed to a lazy ooze. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Hannibal. “How come I never see you with any shaving cuts?”

“Most of the time, shaving injuries from blades are caused by dull edges.” Hannibal explained as he applied the glue, holding Will steady as he winced.

“So what. You always use new razor blades?”

“I use a straight razor.”

Will blinked. “Oh. I might’ve guessed. I’ve never used one.”

“They take some practice, but I find it to be far superior to disposable razors. Would you like me to show you?”
4k+  hannibal  hannibal/will  a.hesterbyrde  1608 
august 2016 by pastself
A Discreet Madness by emungere [Archive of Our Own]
When Will sat up, the room wobbled and lights wheeled behind his closed eyes. Once they settled, he gripped the IV stand, got himself off the bed, and shuffled over to the door.

On the other side of it, a dead man lay on a plastic sheet. Hannibal knelt beside him with a kitchen knife in one hand. He looked up from his work and froze in place, still as stone. After a few seconds, Will saw the hitch of his chest as he started breathing again.
4k+  a.emungere  hannibal  hannibal/will  saved  1608 
august 2016 by pastself
Reeling Him In by Devereauxs_Disease [Archive of Our Own]
Will wonders why Hannibal hasn’t kissed him, even though they’ve been dating for months. Hannibal would like to know what Will is talking about.
4k+  *  a.Devereauxs_Disease  hannibal  hannibal/will  saved  1608 
august 2016 by pastself
The Imposition of Order and Harmony on a Design - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It had been going on for too long and Will Graham could no longer stand idly by and watch it happen.

Part 4 of the Morphology series
hannibal  hannibal/will  au  a.jaqen_hgar  4k+  saved  1607 
august 2016 by pastself
Territory - canis_m - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A day at the beach on Captiva. Hannibal suggests a new activity. Will feels out of his depth--until he doesn't.
watersports  a.canis_m  4k+  omega-verse  hannibal  hannibal/will  saved  1608 
august 2016 by pastself
My Man Eames by earlgreytea68 [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur inherited several things unexpectedly, out of the blue, on a bright summer day in 1932.
4k+  a.earlgreytea68  unread  inception  arthur/eames  au 
august 2016 by pastself
Au Jus by canis_m [Archive of Our Own]
On the hunt for the Minnesota Shrike, Will goes into heat early. Good thing there's a doctor on call.
4k+  *  *brilliant  a.canis_m  omega-verse  hannibal  hannibal/will  will/Jack  saved  1607 
july 2016 by pastself
Metropolitan by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite [Archive of Our Own]
“Start?” He asks, voice echoing and drawing a few looks. He returns them, narrow-eyed, as the tourists take him in with wariness, gazes drifting to his neck tattoo, his shirt. “What do you fucking mean, start?” He asks again, quieter this time.

“I don’t know what you’re asking, Nigel,” Adam replies, pausing in front of an arrangement of canopic jars, topped with sculpted animal heads. “Everyone has to start somewhere.”

“And then what?”

“And then we keep going,” Adam reasons.

Adam takes Nigel to the Met. Only fair, after he dragged him to a night club.

Part 7 of the Midnighters Timestamps series
4k+  a.whiskeyandspite  a.drinkbloodlikewine  spacedogs  1607 
july 2016 by pastself
A Separate Universe by damnslippyplanet [Archive of Our Own]
Hannibal gets what he wants from Will, seemingly more so with each passing week, until Will sometimes wonders where it will end. That goes unspoken, heavy in the air between them.

Or: A little S1 AU, developing-relationship, maybe-they-oughta-tell-someone-so-the-FBI-could-save-on-hotel-room-costs style.
a.damnslippyplanet  4k+  hannibal  hannibal/will  d/s  *  pwp  saved  1607 
july 2016 by pastself
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