when you and i are alone (i've never felt so at home) by namgi [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi just wants to go shopping but Namjoon seems to have other plans. (Predictably, Yoongi doesn't mind one bit.)
a.namgi  Suga/Namjoon  bts  2018-05  non-au  2k+ 
3 days ago
adventures of parents sugamon and kids!taekook by dimpledprincejoon [Archive of Our Own]
Don't get him wrong, Namjoon loves Taehyung with all his heart, and he loves spending time with him at any chance he can get, he really does. But that doesn't mean he loves working all day and then waking up in the middle of the night to spend hours trying to get him to sleep.
50k-60k  a.dimpledprincejoon  unread  au  Suga/Namjoon  bts  kid-fic 
4 days ago
Unconventional (but baby it works) by PhantomFlutist [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi and Seokjin had a weird dynamic, but it worked for them. Until Yoongi met Namjoon, which threw a wrench in things in a really big way.
Suga/Namjoon/Jin  a.PhantomFlutist  9k+  au  unread  bts 
4 days ago
이사 (Move) by TheHalesNyx [Archive of Our Own]
tumblr prompt from anon: "Sugamon fake dating AU it could be like the end of the agreement where they realize that you know they love each other with a little background to the situation. Smut plzzz"
10k-15k  a.TheHalesNyx  Suga/Namjoon  bts  *  2018-05 
6 days ago
Every Time You Do That Thing You Do by Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) [Archive of Our Own]
The five times Jungkook is obvious about his feelings for Jimin, and the one time Jimin actually gets it.
3k+  jungkook/jimin  a.veritasevita  2018-05  non-au  bts 
8 days ago
Oceans Between Us by novilunar [Archive of Our Own]
After two years, Seokjin suddenly reappears in Namjoon’s life
Namjoon/Jin  au  15k-20k  bts  2018-05  a.novilunar 
9 days ago
the future is ours by namakemono [Archive of Our Own]
If there was ever a time when Jungkook wasn’t in love with Jimin, he can’t remember it now.
15k-20k  a.namakemono  bts  non-au  2018-05  jungkook/jimin  * 
9 days ago
Reverse by Kewlmint34 [Archive of Our Own]
What if the tables turned? What if the situation was reversed? What if Peter didn't want Tony to go?
1k+  tony/peter  avengers  a.Kewlmint34  2018-05 
14 days ago
Scars by ametis [Archive of Our Own]
Will has a secret: the scar on his stomach arouses him. Hannibal finds out.
hannibal/will  hannibal  35k-40k  a.ametis  unread 
15 days ago
Round Two by hoppnhorn [Archive of Our Own]
Billy clearly won round one. Steve doesn't want to give him a shot at round two. Or does he?
20k-25k  a.hoppnhorn  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-04 
15 days ago
expensive lips by flitter [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook goes to Sephora on a mission to get some lipstick. He leaves completely enamored with an employee named Jimin.
10k-15k  jungkook/jimin  bts  au  2018-05  *  a.flitter 
15 days ago
time slip by namakemono [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin wakes up in the year 2017, which is very strange, considering the fact that last he checked it was 2013.
25k-30k  jungkook/jimin  bts  *  2018-05  a.namakemono 
15 days ago
Irkutsk by numberts (numberthescars) [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi just can’t understand why Namjoon needed to fuck off to Siberia to write sad poetry for a month.
6k+  a.numberthescars  2018-05  Suga/Namjoon  bts  non-au  *  *brilliant 
15 days ago
come, come to me, look at what you've done to me by psomheon [Archive of Our Own]
bangtan are currently shooting bon voyage in hawaii and hoseok has to put up with a sleeveless namjoon
JHope/Namjoon  pwp  2k+  bts  a.psomheon  2018-05 
16 days ago
(Miss You) Kiss You by smiles [Archive of Our Own]
Seokjin visits Yoongi's studio late at night because he misses him.
1k+  suga/jin  2018-05  a.smiles  bts  non-au 
16 days ago
Sheep Among Wolves - Chapter 1 by GinForInk [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook is a studio intern. Namjoon is another alpha, the famous producer from floor eight. Jungkook's instincts don't work around Namjoon, but he never meant to let him know.
a.GinForInk  Namjoon/Jungkook  *  2018-05  30k-35k  omega-verse  bts 
16 days ago
Here For You by chocochunkkookie [Archive of Our Own]
Jeongguk has had anxiety for as long as he can remember. Luckily (?), he's managed to keep it a secret for this long.

But luck doesn't always stay on your side, does it?


The hyungs find out about Jeongguk's anxiety in a very first-hand way.
2k+  ot7  gen  bts  a.chocochunkkookie  2018-05 
16 days ago
Closer To Perfection by minie_kookie [Archive of Our Own]
A look at how Jeongguk's relationship with his hyungs evolved with time and Jikook's Japan trip inspired by Jeongguk's GCF.
non-au  a.minie_kookie  2018-05  6k+  bts  jungkook/jimin 
16 days ago
I'll Show You My World by DancingSkys [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi was really questioning his sanity, writing someone on a BDSM forum and asking is he was still looking for a sub as his profile stated. He was convinced he was dreaming as the other actually agreed to meet up and turned out to be an incredibly nice guy who was more than willing to introduce shy, introverted and inexperienced Yoongi to the world and wonders of BSDM.
a.DancingSkys  bdsm  au  unread  bts  Suga/Namjoon  10k-15k 
16 days ago
maybe baby by gangbang [Archive of Our Own]
there's something weird in the air! jimin has a sneaking suspicion it might be a love potion.
4k+  a.ganbang  jungkook/jimin  bts  *  cute  2018-05 
16 days ago
Again Again Again by mnsg [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi takes a deep breath. Runs through the facts. 1. Namjoon is really fuckin drunk. 2. They made that dumbass pact well over ten years ago when they were both sad and weird and lonely. 3. His heart definitely did not seize up a little bit at the thought of marrying his best friend. It just didn’t.
a.mnsg  unread  7k+  Suga/Namjoon  bts 
16 days ago
One Mic, for rixythewraith: bangtanexchange
There’s nothing subtle in Yoongi’s words, no metaphors, no hidden meaning. They’re challenging, provoking and Namjoon finds himself enjoying this battle more than any other before.
unread  4k+  Suga/Namjoon  bts 
16 days ago
a mid-twenty sob story: seouldone
it's been a year and four months and min yoongi's in his lungs. Alternatively known as the story where namjoon's in love and yoongi probably is, too, he's just really bad at showing it
unread  a.seouldone  bts  Suga/Namjoon  3k+ 
16 days ago
im not here to make you kneel by theskyfelldown [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m sorry.” Yoongi whispers against his lips. His wet lips moving against his, so close they share each other’s breath. Namjoon wants to tell him he’s sorry too – realizes deep down he isn’t, says nothing and presses his lips against Yoongi’s chest.
2k+  Suga/Namjoon  bts  non-au  a.theskyfelldown  Suga/Jin  2018-05 
17 days ago
safe (until it's late) by joonontheshore [Archive of Our Own]
It's not like Namjoon doesn't see dicks, like, on a daily basis, really. But—

"Fuck, Jeongguk," he practically flies back.
2018-05  15k-20k  Namjoon/Jungkook  a.joonontheshore  bts  non-au 
18 days ago
I know I'll fall in love with you, baby by witheredleaf (micooled) [Archive of Our Own]
The soulmate/soulbond au where Yoongi is part of a famous rap duo and Jungkook is his diligent fanboy, they meet at a fansign and things escalate from there

(alt. Yoongi didn’t sign up for this)
au  30k-35k  2018-05  bts  a.micooled  Suga/Jungkook 
19 days ago
fake it by flitter [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook wins an episode of Run! BTS, which means Jimin has to give him a kiss on the cheek every day for one month.

He'd probably be utilizing his win to tease the hell out his favorite hyung. Except for one minor detail – Jungkook is unfortunately, ridiculously in love with Jimin.
wip  non-au  unread  jungkook/jimin  bts  a.flitter  10k-15k 
21 days ago
Dazzle Me With Gold by sleep_song [Archive of Our Own]
At 2 AM, Jungkook is honest and sweet, and Jimin is none of these things.
jungkook/jimin  15k-20k  non-au  a.sleep_song  bts  unread 
21 days ago
then, now, always by namakemono [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin wakes up in the year 2017, which is very strange, considering the fact that last he checked it was 2013.
45k-50k  series-index  *  jungkook/jimin  a.namakemono  bts  non-au 
21 days ago
Put my heart back together by Kaminari [Archive of Our Own]
He knows he's being awfully selfish, craving so badly for Jimin's attention when all he's ever been doing from the very beginning is pushing the other boy away. Yes, he knows but can't help it.

Or: Jimin's tired and Jungkook finally comes to his senses.
unread  face-fucking  jungkook/jimin  a.Kaminari  non-au  bts  7k+ 
21 days ago
Stranger things have happened by KNBigBTS7 [Archive of Our Own]
There was another person in his bed. A person with a deep, sleepy voice he may have found very attractive under different circumstances but seeing as he didn't know who it belonged to, "Who the fuck are you?"

or the where yoongi is rapper, namjoon is a lawyer, and the rest of bangtan are lovely, matchmaking little shits.
5k+  Suga/Namjoon  bts  a.KNBigBTS7  au  2018-05 
21 days ago
keep on the road you're on by petrichorian [Archive of Our Own]
Jeongguk and Jimin are back in Japan where they always end up getting conflicted over their feelings.
10k-15k  non-au  unread  bts  jungkook/jimin  a.petrichorian 
21 days ago
Whalien 52 by TheFlowerMother [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon writes a song about the loneliest whale in the world and Yoongi tries to find the words to comfort him, but his words fail him.

I learn that Namjoon wrote a sad song about being lonely and he just needs love ;-;
1k+  a.TheFlowerMother  Suga/Namjoon  non-au  gen  2018-05  bts 
21 days ago
the lost seasons (i try to restore them) by sugastruck [Archive of Our Own]
soulmate au:

a boy, significantly shorter than namjoon and wrapped up tightly in a grey scarf, sleepy eyes half-hidden by soft brown locks, moves out of the crowd, both hands wrapping around the paper cup and he looks so cold and namjoon moves without thinking, leaping out of his chair and pushing through the crowd because the boy is already leaving and holy shit that boy might be the owner of the name that’s been on his wrist for the past two years.
Suga/Namjoon  unread  au  a.sugastruck  10k-15k 
21 days ago
Glass Diamonds by GinForInk [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook accidentally fires his skateboard through the window of a dance studio.
15k-20k  unread  au  jungkook/jimin  bts  a.GinForInk 
21 days ago
Sharing is caring by orphan_account [Archive of Our Own]
Probably one of Namjoon's favorite things about being in a group with guys he actually likes is the way they can share everything.
polyamory  V/everyone  Jhope/V  bts  pwp  2018-05  *hot  *  comeplay  face-fucking  3k+ 
21 days ago
A Different Level of Flirting by Silent_Caster [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi is annoyed with Namjoon's flirting, but Namjoon does try to make it better.
And Taehyung... Taehyung just suggests a lot of reasonable things.
3k+  a.Silent_Caster  unread  non-au  Suga/Namjoon  bts 
21 days ago
we throw our shadows down by pinkichor [Archive of Our Own]
“i’m fucking fine,” yoongi had spat.

“i saw you almost fall on your ass, hyung. you’re not fucking fine,” and namjoon used airquotes, hoping it expressed how gravely unconvinced he was.

“just leave it, joon.”
5k+  a.pinkichor  lapslock  Suga/Namjoon  bts  non-au  unread 
21 days ago
Video Camera by shugamonie [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon has to find a job as soon as possible before he loses his apartment. When he gets an offer from a porn company to record himself sleeping with a random stranger, he's left with the difficult task of actually finding someone willing to do it.
pwp  porn-au  au  unread  a.shugamonie  bts  Suga/Namjoon  7k+ 
21 days ago
sunflowers by yukwoned [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon isn't sure when he starts hoping that Yoongi is going to be the next customer to walk through the door, but he's more than sure that Yoongi is the cutest angry customer he's ever seen.
3k+  a.yukwoned  unread  au  Suga/Namjoon  bts 
21 days ago
Nothing to Fear by bagelswrites [Archive of Our Own]
It's rare that anything genuinely scares Min Yoongi. It's a question that nags at Namjoon's mind. He's made it his personal quest to find out, to understand. On Halloween night, he finally finds the answer in the most unexpected way.
5k+  non-au  bts  Suga/Namjoon  unread  a.bagelswrites 
21 days ago
You give me purpose by TsingaDark [Archive of Our Own]
While on their Wings tour in Japan, Jimin starts receiving gifts from an anonymous person, but it doesn't take long until he begins to figure out who the presents are from.
6k+  jungkook/jimin  a.TsingaDark  non-au  bts  2018-05 
21 days ago
Show me how it's done by strangedesires [Archive of Our Own]
"Do you want me to kiss you, Kookie?" he hears himself ask, and his voice is so deep, so startlingly deep and scratchy that even Jimin himself is slightly taken aback.
5k+  pwp  jungkook/jimin  bts  a.strangedesires  2018-05  non-au 
22 days ago
i've got a lover back in japan by teecysh [Archive of Our Own]
It's no secret that Jungkook always aims for the best of the very best. The art of giving Jimin birthday presents is no exception.

(a bunch of silly, fluffy snippets of jungkook and jimin's trip to japan.)
2k+  jungkook/jimin  bts  a.teecysh  2018-05  non-au 
22 days ago
If You'll Show Me Yours by TheStigsWriterCousin [Archive of Our Own]
Tony is a stressed out college professor. After work he logs on to his favorite website to watch pretty boys doing all sorts of filthy things at his anonymous request. For the first time, he recognizes one of the boys.

Peter has a webcam show to help pay for college. He has no idea his professor has stumbled upon his performance.
7k+  au  porn-au  a.TheStigsWriterCousin  *  age-difference  daddykink  tony/peter  avengers  2018-05 
22 days ago
Both Ways by bonjourtristesse [Archive of Our Own]
You know that thing we talked about that night in Hongdae? Before I introduced you to the boys?”

Almost back to rest, Jimin’s pulse spiked suddenly with a rush of adrenaline, for once nothing to do with dancing. “Yes,” he said, smile faltering.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but,” Taemin’s eyebrows sloped in sympathy. “Jungkook is super obviously in love with you.”
7k+  *  *lovely  a.bonjourtristesse  jungkook/jimin  bts  2018-05  ns 
22 days ago
thigh highs by graesun [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin's wearing thigh highs. Jungkook's having heart palpitations.
jungkook/jimin  *  a.graesun  bts  2018-05  pwp 
22 days ago
Riptide by peppermint_wind [Archive of Our Own]
Jeon Jungkook is still just a kid when he sets out for Seoul. He knows about the tall buildings, the maze-like roadways, and dorm life he's signed up for. He expects the difficulties of being a trainee, finds it in the holes of his worn out dance shoes and countless sleepless nights. But what he doesn't expect, could never expect, is meeting Park Jimin.

It's then Jungkook realizes that there's more to learn in Seoul than dance choreographies: about growing up, falling in love, and about himself.


A three year story [2013-2016] of coming together, breaking apart, and putting each other back together again. Jeon Jungkook learns about change, growing up, and the hardships of falling in love with a friend.
a.peppermint_wind  60k-70k  jungkook/jimin  bts  unread 
22 days ago
Figuring It Out as We Go by peppermint_wind [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook never thought this would happen to him; eighteen years old and questioning everything he used to know. Staying up late watching gay music videos with wide-eyes, phone tucked to his chest, probably isn't helping him much, either, but what is he supposed to do when he realizes seeing two men together makes his whole body ache?

**Based off of Jungkook covering Troye Sivan's, "Fools."
4k+  a.peppermint_wind  bts  jungkook/jimin  2018-05  coming-out 
22 days ago
read my lips by asterismos [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook has an oral fixation. It's a simple fact of life. He only realizes it's becoming a problem when he starts wanting to wrap his lips around something else.
8k+  2018-5  a.asterismos  d/s  Namjoon/Jungkook  bts 
25 days ago
Bonbi Forest
Pins, Illustrated textiles, jewellery, clothing, artwork ·
shopping  pins-indep 
26 days ago
Baby, it's cold outside by wingedwhalien [Archive of Our Own]
It’s not that Yoongi doesn’t like being here, especially because it means he gets to spend Seollal – the Lunar New Year – together with Namjoon. He even hates himself a little for complaining all the time, knows that he has been acting a little off on the whole drive here, and the last thing he wants is for Namjoon to think that coming here is not to his liking.

Yoongi and Namjoon are spending some alone time in the mountains.
Suga/Namjoon  bts  a.wingedwhalien  1k+  2018-04 
26 days ago
fever dream by becuille [Archive of Our Own]
“Uh. Mr. Stark?” Peter calls out. His vision is blurred and the room is spinning, like that time when he was 13 and threw up on the Cyclone and Ned laughed so hard at him he nearly got sick too. “I don’t feel so great?”
a.becuille  avengers  tony/peter  1k+  sex-pollen  2018-04 
28 days ago
Sugar(And Everything Nice) by innerempire [Archive of Our Own]
Alternate universe in which Tony isn't Ironman, but he's still the CEO of a company with too much money to burn and questionable morals.

(The fic where Tony and Peter swipe right on each other in Tinder, things go from there and they find that they're fucking perfect for each other)
WIP  tony/peter  avengers  a.innerempire  underage  au  daddykink  2018-04 
28 days ago
What's a Not Gay Way to Ask Him to Go Camping with Me? by obstinatrix, seutedeern [Archive of Our Own]
Erik is the headmaster of Westchester Private School for Gifted Youngsters. Charles is the new teacher, fresh from university.

Erik is known for his draconian character streaks and he's got such a dry sense of humour, it's almost dusty.

It's no surprise he enjoys riling up his new young teacher.

(Or: the AU in which Erik could be the Ron Swanson to Charles's Leslie.)
10k-15k  a.obstinatrix  a.seutedeern  unread  X-Men  charles/erik 
29 days ago
Lionheart by nivo [Archive of Our Own]
The problem is simple, really: Jeongguk is cool, and Hoseok is... Hoseok.
2k+  a.nivo  JHope/Jungkook  bts  *  *lovely  au 
4 weeks ago
you know how bad boys get by Saperli_Popette [Archive of Our Own]
It's six months until Peter is legal in the state of New York, and he's not being at all subtle about what he wants for his birthday present.

In other news, Tony is doomed.
8k+  a.Saperli_Popette  tony/peter  avengers  2018-04  *  *lovely 
4 weeks ago
The 10 Year Plan by teacuphuman [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur and Eames make a pact that if neither of them is attached in ten years time, they'll get together. Nine years, 10 months, and 29 days later, Eames starts to panic.
a.teacuphuman  unread  arthur/eames  20k-25k  inception 
4 weeks ago
Baby, I'm So Carefree by MmeIrene [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon’s thigh bumped his under the table, and Yoongi side-eyed him before doing a double take, because someone had slipped a headband onto him, and now a light pink, fluffy halo was floating above his head, and he had leaned forward to put his chin in his hand as he talked with fans, and his lips were stupid red, and his thigh was still touching Yoongi’s.

He looked like an actual angel, and Yoongi wanted to do bad things with him.
3k+  2018-04  pwp  Suga/Namjoon  bts  a.MmeIrene 
4 weeks ago
First Love by MmeIrene [Archive of Our Own]
“Hyung,” said Taehyung again, insistently. “My brother is coming in today.”

Yoongi set down his pen with a sigh and finally glanced up. “Yes. I saw his name in the appointment book. Namjoon, right?”

Taehyung nodded. He bit his lip. “Hyung, you have to try to talk him out of it.” Taehyung flapped his hands nervously. “It’s his first tattoo. He doesn’t have a very high pain tolerance. And he’s under a lot of emotional stress right now. I’m afraid he’ll regret doing this when he’s thinking clearly.”
4k+  a.MmeIrene  au  Suga/Namjoon  bts  2018-04 
4 weeks ago
Hook, Line, and... by MmeIrene [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi mistakes Namjoon for a new hooker and gets territorial about his street corner. It’s been working for him, okay?

Or, the one where Yoongi meets - quite possibly - the love of his life.
Suga/Namjoon  au  4k+  a.MmeIrene  bts  prostitution  2018-04 
4 weeks ago
you could be my new thing by MmeIrene [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon didn’t normally do this.

This being show up in the underground, face free of makeup and hair completely un-styled, dark purple bangs falling into his eyes, and wait in line to get into a bar to see Agust D perform.

An Underground Rapper AU, in which BTS was only ever a six member group, Kim Namjoon was only ever an idol rapper, and Min Yoongi was only ever an underground rapper, but they were still destined to meet in any timeline.
3k+  *  *lovely  bts  au  Suga/Namjoon  2018-04  a.mmeirene 
4 weeks ago
son of a witch by subsequence [Archive of Our Own]
The facts of this story are these:

1. Kim Namjoon is a witch.
2. He's had his license to practice magic suspended for blowing up part of a building (not even a whole one).
3. He's serving probation in the middle of nowhere with two criminals, three guys who share a desktop computer from 2003, and a fox named Spot.

And that's just the beginning.
15k-20k  au  Suga/Namjoon  unread  a.subsequence  bts  WIP 
4 weeks ago
Every Piece of Fuzz by kizuke [Archive of Our Own]
Five things Yoongi and Namjoon notice about each other.
a.kizuke  Suga/Namjoon  bts  2018-04  gen  -1k 
5 weeks ago
see on both sides like chanel by agust__d [Archive of Our Own]
It all starts with a coat of clear nail polish.

Or, Yoongi wants to wear nail polish and skirts, but isn’t entirely comfortable with it yet. Taehyung supports him.
Suga/V  10k-15k  a.agust__d  bts  2018-04 
5 weeks ago
Your Next Mistake by Saperli_Popette [Archive of Our Own]
Tony has to watch those YouTube videos a lot in order to find out who that spider-themed vigilante is.

Yep. That's totally the reason.
1k+  a.Saperli_Popette  tony/peter  avengers  2018-04 
5 weeks ago
Last-Name Basis by Saperli_Popette [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Peter has sex with Tony, Peter calls him “Mr. Stark,” and then wonders if humiliation can be fatal.
a.Saperli_Popette  tony/peter  avengers  1k+  2018-04 
5 weeks ago
the boss, the chaebol and the bartender by liberateme [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon, graduate turned bitter old man, follows up on a text from an old college friend, and finds bar work going at a local strip club. There, he gets sized up by a high schooler, mistaken for a private dancer, and witnesses an old man be thrown out on his ass. All in the space of a day. What happens over the course of several months is much, much more.
WIP  au  Suga/Namjoon  Suga/JHope/Namjoon  Suga/Jhope  JHope/Namjoon  a.liberateme  bts  infidelity  2018-04 
5 weeks ago
August Rain by spiderlilies [Archive of Our Own]
Joining the kpop industry was meant to be Yoongi's path towards an easy, romance-free life where music would be the only occupant of his heart. That was the plan. That was the plan, until his feelings decided to sneak up behind him in the middle of the night and pull him into a chokehold. Struggling only made it worse. And when Yoongi woke up the next morning, he realized that his heart had been stolen by the one member with whom he could never seem to see eye to eye with.

It happened in March.
WIP  a.spiderlilies  Suga/Namjoon  bts  2018-04  * 
5 weeks ago
Proxy by Weconqueratdawn [Archive of Our Own]
I just really wanted to write about Will getting off on Hannibal's beautiful leather gloves. So now here we are.

A post-Ko No Mono fic where Will tries to resolve the different sides he's seen of Hannibal into one man. Hannibal helps by gifting a pair of his gloves to Will. The results are... unexpected.

Will darted forward and grasped his jaw, hard. Friction from his gloves - leather ones - dragged Hannibal’s skin taut. His fingers left bloodless white imprints. Will dragged them further across his jaw, up over his cheek, and watched a bright-red bloom flood back in his wake.

Hannibal didn’t move; he met Will’s gaze as he always did - as an equal.

Will moved closer still. With one hand, he slid thick-soft fingers into Hannibal’s mouth. With the other, he unzipped his fly.
3k+  2018-04  hannibal  hannibal/will  a.Weconqueratdawn 
5 weeks ago
Lets Go Home by signifying_nothing [Archive of Our Own]
yoongi is supposed to be making sure namjoon leaves the studio before three am, but it's not really working out that way.
*  *hot  2018-04  3k+  pwp  a.signifying_nothing  Suga/Namjoon  bts 
5 weeks ago
so i'll be your candle, and i'll be your statuette by pearl_o [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi isn't sure how long they've been talking, exactly, but it's long enough to have gotten pretty fucking deep into the topic, and long enough for his slowly sobering brain to suddenly deliver the message that that hot prickly twitchy feeling is arousal, Yoongi, you goddamn idiot.
3k+  Suga/Jhope  unread  a.pearl_o  bts 
5 weeks ago
tumble down like jack and jill by pearl_o [Archive of Our Own]
If Yoongi believed in that sort of thing, he might take this all as a sign from the universe that he shouldn't be messing around with his best friend.
au  4k+  a.pearl_o  Suga/Namjoon  bts  *  2018-04 
5 weeks ago
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