we can't go on just running away by LazyBaker [Archive of Our Own]
Billy gets his camaro back.
Part 1 of the falling for you in hawkins, indi-fucking-ana series
a.lazybaker  *  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01  10k-15k 
43 minutes ago
Third Wheel by YoungAndReckless [Archive of Our Own]
Hanging out with his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend who he used to treat like shit is the last thing that Steve wants to do. Now he’s been roped into third wheeling their date.

Enter one: Billy Hargrove
a.YoungAndReckless  pwp  strangerthings  billy/steve  4k+ 
1 hour ago
Shallow Graves for Shallow Hearts by Blink_Blue [Archive of Our Own]
Nancy doesn't know what she wants. Billy takes advantage and lets her know exactly what she lost.


“What the hell were you thinking, Wheeler?”

“Because now, I’m the one who gets to fuck Steve Harrington.”
3k+  outsiderpov  a.blink_blue  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
1 hour ago
Diametric by Terrie H. Drummonds
With Garak and Bashir's relationship out in the open, O'Brien finds himself under siege by the command staff and the station's residents because of Bashir's choice.
Part of Converse Symmetry Series
outsiderpov  7k+  StarTrekDS9  garak/bashir  a.terriedrummonds  saved 
3 hours ago
The Tangents of Or by Terrie H. Drummonds
When his secret is exposed, Bashir turns to the tailor for solace, and is forced to make a choice.

Part 4 of Converse Symmetry
unread  15k-20k  StarTrekDS9  garak/bashir  a.terriedrummonds  saved 
3 hours ago
Converse Symmetry Chapter 1-4 by Terrie H. Drummonds
A subspace anomaly causes the crew of the USS Defiant from an alternate universe to cross over into DS9's universe. Led by Captain O'Brien, Ambassador Bashir, and Dukat, these alternates possess technology which could give Ben Sisko's Federation the edge in the fight against the Dominion.

Chapter 5-8 - http://members.tripod.com/~GBLvr/AtoM/cs5-8.txt
Chapter 9-12 - http://members.tripod.com/~GBLvr/AtoM/cs9-12.txt
Chapter 13-16 - http://members.tripod.com/~GBLvr/AtoM/cs13-16.txt
Chapter 17-21 - http://members.tripod.com/~GBLvr/AtoM/cs17-21.txt
80k-90k  saved  garak/bashir  StarTrekDS9  *  a.terriedrummonds 
3 hours ago
Mail Order Spy by 35grams (caxxe) [Archive of Our Own]
2091. Titans are no longer the frail oddities they once were. They're changing, growing. Governments aren’t changing with them. The International Military Police is tightening their leash. Erwin Smith orders a spy.

[Can be read with little or no knowledge of canon]
200k-250k  a.caxxe  unread  au  attackontitan  levi/erwin 
4 hours ago
between rays of light by fractalbright [Archive of Our Own]
How do you unmake a monster? By loving it, of course.

Or, the one where Erwin gets a little too attached to the monster living under his bed.
10k-15k  levi/erwin  attackontitan  a.fractalbright  unread  au 
4 hours ago
Salt by rivai-lution (stethoscopesandsigs) [Archive of Our Own]
Erwin Smith was willing to give up his life, so he didn't really mind losing his arm. Losing his mind, however, was more than he could possibly bear. His resulting isolation was crafted, deliberate, and meant to be permanent.

He never could have planned for the voiceless boy that the storm washed ashore...even if he wasn't quite convinced the boy was real.
a.stethoscopesandsigs  au  30k-35k  unread  attackontitan  levi/erwin 
4 hours ago
just kids without their jackets by writerblender [Archive of Our Own]
put your arms around somebody else

don't punish yourself

[or, how billy starts to heal with the help of his king and their mage]
1k+  a.writerblender  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 hours ago
Wait for It - a K/S fanvid by Rhaegal (RhaegalKS) [Archive of Our Own]
Between Generations and the events that triggered the Reboot, Spock is alone for nearly 100 years. Fortunately, Vulcans are very patient.
a.rhaegal  kirk/spock  StarTrekTOS  StarTrekXI  *  *brilliant  vid  ns 
23 hours ago
Darker Still by starkjoy [Archive of Our Own]
A year after Eleven closes the gate, Billy Hargrove disappears.
WIP  a.starkjoy  billy/steve  strangerthings  unread 
hunger by celoica [Archive of Our Own]
"I don't want Tommy. I want you."

Steve sucked in a breath, sharp and low, catching his lower lip between his teeth. Billy was moving closer, edging an inch or two or five closer, until he was a hairsbreadth away. Steve swallowed, plastering himself up against the car door, handle digging into the small of his back.

"What about Tina?" he suggested, a squeak in his voice. "Tina's got a crush on you, y'know, she's very obvious about it, you have to know, and she's really good at doing this thing with her tong—"

"Steve," Billy said, and it struck Steve so hard it knocked the breath out of his lungs, "shut up."
3k+  *  *hotness  a.celoica  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01  saved 
Dustin is Smart by botanicapoetica [Archive of Our Own]
Dustin had seen some pretty surprising shit in his life, especially over the last year. This might have been the greatest shit yet.
3k+  strangerthings  billy/steve  a.botanicapoetica  unread 
tissue of silver by fearlessdiva [Archive of Our Own]
A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf. Beware: coarse language, brief drug use, some sexual content, and consideration of issues of sexual consent.
70k-80k  a.fearlessdiva  hp  harry/draco  unread 
2 days ago
Make Me a Headline (I Want to Be That Bold) by dicta_contrion [Archive of Our Own]
Draco never expected to see Harry doing that again. Especially with someone else, in a grainy photograph that's landed on his desk one Monday morning.
30k-35k  harry/draco  hp  a.dicta_contrion  2018-01  *  harry/OMC  saved 
2 days ago
Wait 2 by Prairie_Grass [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is deeply confused, late for school, and has hickeys.

Derek is smug, and happy to offer Stiles a ride.

The asshole.
3k+  a.Prairie_Grass  derek/stiles  TeenWolf  2018-01  pwp 
2 days ago
Lay Your Head Down (I Won't Let The Boogeyman Come) by tabris [Archive of Our Own]
"I've kind of. Had this fantasy," Stiles says in a stumbling rush. "And seeing as this may be my last week ever in this room. Kind of a now or never thing. So. Um."

Derek drags his nose up the back of Stiles' neck, pulling him closer to his chest as he makes a questioning sound.

Stiles takes a deep breath and holds it for a moment, then blurts out, "I just really want you to sneak in, pin me down, and start fucking me so when I wake up I can't do anything but lie there take it."
3k+  a.tabris  somnophilia  derek/stiles  TeenWolf  2018-01  pwp 
2 days ago
On the Couch by Frayach [Archive of Our Own]
It’s a Mind Healer’s worse nightmare to lose a patient to suicide, but Mind Healer Nick Nichols can attest to the fact that a murder/suicide is even worse. If only Dr. Freud had come up with a sure cure for love.
25k-30k  a.Frayach  hp  harry/draco  outsiderpov  infidelity  2018-01 
2 days ago
Coitus Interruptus by oldenuf2nb [Archive of Our Own]
Some revelations should be made with quiet dignity. And sometimes, things get taken right out of your hands.

[Hermione/Ron/Molly/Ginny walk in on drarry. That's it]
2k+  harry/draco  hp  a.oldenuf2nb  2018-01 
2 days ago
Ocean Child - flippyspoon - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m Steve’s friend,” Billy said, pulling out into the road. “I’m Billy.”
“I’ve never met you,” Erica said, scowling.
“Yeah well, we don’t travel in the same social circles.” Billy wanted a cigarette.
“You look like a criminal,” Erica said.
via:katereis  4k+  *  billy/steve  strangerthings  a.flippyspoon  saved 
8 days ago
Holiday At the Henderson's - ohmybgosh - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
For some reason Steve really wants Dustin to get along with Billy. Since it's almost Christmas, Dustin reluctantly gives it a shot.
via:katereis  outsiderpov  4k+  a.ohmybgosh  strangerthings  billy/steve 
8 days ago
i'm a forever (girl) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve talks about life and love with Dustin.

Part 11 of do you feel it?
1k+  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
rest and (relax) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve tends to Billy's wounds after a bad run-in with his dad.

Part 10 of do you feel it?
1k+  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
give it some (time) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Will doesn’t like what he feels whenever he looks at Mike.

Part 9 of do you feel it?
1k+  a.palliris  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
when he (dreams) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve knew Jonathan had the tendency to go for voyeuristic photos, but he just-

He never thought the teen would have any of him, and especially not any of Billy.

(Or the two of them, together.)

Part 8 of do you feel it?
1k+  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
we love making (whispers) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve loves breaking Billy apart; loves being torn apart, himself.

Part 7 of do you feel it?
2k+  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
breathe (on me) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Billy's a surprisingly good teacher.

Part 6 of do you feel it?
1k+  2018-01  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings 
8 days ago
i've found (the right stuff) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
“Why is someone like you going out with Billy, anyways?”

Part 5 of do you feel it?
1k+  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
her fears (are made of this) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s something wrong with Max’s step-brother, Billy.

Part 4 of do you feel it?
1k+  outsiderpov  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
feeling lonely (in the dark) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve's in the middle of making breakfast when he just-


Part 3 of do you feel it?
1k+  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
i've been (touching you) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve's never really been good at the whole domestic thing.

Part 2 of do you feel it?
a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01  2k+ 
8 days ago
a man (who loves me) by pally (palliris) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve and Billy have a thing. Only sometimes, though.

Part 1 of do you feel it?
1k+  a.palliris  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
8 days ago
Runaway by ohmybgosh [Archive of Our Own]
Jim Hopper just wants to find a Christmas present for his telepathic daughter. He didn't ask for all these extra teenagers in his home.
6k+  a.ohmybgosh  strangerthings  billy/steve  2018-01  outsiderpov 
8 days ago
way we get by by brawlite [Archive of Our Own]
Billy isn't exactly sure what to do when Steve has a panic attack while they're baking together. Their friendship is still fragile, still rocky -- he doesn't want to make a misstep and ruin everything. But, the least Billy can do is not leave Steve alone though, right?

Part 3 of lattes and love songs
2k+  a.brawlite  strangerthings  billy/steve  2018-01  au 
8 days ago
linger by ToAStranger [Archive of Our Own]
It's New Year's Eve and Steve doesn't want to face Billy Hargrove or the feelings he has for him or the signs he's been ignoring with Nancy and Jonathan-- but here he is, doing it anyway.

Or: Another look into the "lattes and love songs" universe.

Part 2 of lattes and love songs
2k+  2018-01  a.toastranger  billy/steve  strangerthings  au 
8 days ago
peppermint flour by brawlite [Archive of Our Own]
Billy makes Steve Christmas cookies. They're not perfect, which sucks, because everything Steve does is perfection. It's hard to measure up.

Part 1 of lattes and love songs
2k+  au  billy/steve  strangerthings  a.brawlite  2018-01 
8 days ago
All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl [Archive of Our Own]
Professor Malfoy's world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
a.saras_girl  harry/draco  hp  100k-120k  unread  EWE 
8 days ago
The Printed Press by Soupy_George [Archive of Our Own]
Draco Malfoy was still slightly amazed that he was standing on the doorstep of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. He never would have thought that Harry Potter's very public and very ... sweary, emotional explosion would have led to him offering Draco, of all people, a job.
120k-140k  unread  hp  harry/draco  a.Soupy_George 
8 days ago
Any Instrument by dicta_contrion [Archive of Our Own]
Draco Malfoy wouldn't go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can't control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.
120k-140k  EWE  hp  harry/draco  a.dicta_contrion  *  2018-01  *lovely  saved 
8 days ago
By Any Other Name by entanglednow [Archive of Our Own]
He doesn't know his name, he doesn't know who he is, and neither does the werewolf he's on the run with. But he's pretty sure they hunt monsters, because they seem to be really good at it.
a.entanglednow  30k-35k  unread  derek/stiles  amnesia  TeenWolf 
8 days ago
in the business of searching for a precedent by lymricks [Archive of Our Own]
Steve hates that sometimes when he talks to Billy every single word comes out wrong or too slow, like he’s learning a foreign language. He guesses he kind of is.

It should be easy. It isn't, but it will be.

Part 2 of you'll lose the blues in Chicago
25k-30k  *  a.lymricks  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01  saved 
12 days ago
knit more nearly together by lymricks [Archive of Our Own]
Steve takes a second to feel relieved he’s not Dustin getting all sorts of arrested in places he shouldn’t be, then he goes back to staring.

Steve hasn’t seen Billy Hargrove since high school. Three years ago.

The cop is staring at them, looking back and forth. “So uh,” the cop says, “Are you boys…good? If you’re still willing to vouch for him, then I’ll need you to sign for him, Mr. Harrington.”

“Steve,” Steve corrects absently, at the same time Billy corrects, "Princess." The cop coughs awkwardly, and Steve walks up to the front, signs for Billy like he’s a package, or he guesses, in trouble with the law.

Part 1 of you'll lose the blues in Chicago


Great series, but FYI - not too much time spent developing start of relationship.
20k-25k  a.lymricks  strangerthings  billy/steve  2018-01  *  saved 
12 days ago
and you may ask yourself by lymricks [Archive of Our Own]
A year, one month, and right around two weeks after the police station, Christmas looms over Chicago. Steve and Billy prepare in different ways. Steve has a secret plan to host Christmas. Billy takes a trip back to Hawkins.

Part 3 of the you'll lose the blues in Chicago series
30k-35k  *  *lovely  a.lymricks  strangerthings  billy/steve  2018-01  saved 
12 days ago
in waves by lymricks [Archive of Our Own]
It’s March and it’s too cold for Billy to be shirtless and wearing shorts, but he hadn’t noticed until Harrington appeared and made him hold still. Harrington can’t seem to stop looking at the bruises. “What’s it to you if I miss a little school, Harrington?” Billy asks. He feels goosebumps rising on his skin.

“I don’t know,” Harrington snaps back, looking uncomfortable. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other. Plant your feet Billy wants to scream at him. I’m going to bowl you over.
a.lymricks  *  strangerthings  billy/steve  2018-01  45k-50k  *lovely  saved 
12 days ago
the thought that counts by lymricks [Archive of Our Own]
“How much did it cost,” Billy says again, still a statement, not a question.

Steve blanches. “It’s a gift, Billy. I don’t think--”

“How. Much.”

Steve puts his gift-buying foot in his mouth.


To Billy from Termites. The kids give Billy a coat on Thanksgiving.

Part 4 of you'll lose the blues in Chicago
3k+  *  2018-01  billy/steve  strangerthings  a.lymricks  saved 
12 days ago
third period (don't be home for Christmas) by lymricks [Archive of Our Own]
“Happy last day, everyone,” Aaron adds. His grin turns a little dirty then. “Hargrove, hey man. I bet you’re thrilled for a little more free time.”

Steve perks up, turning to see where Billy is, ready to ask him what his problem was this morning, but he freezes when he sees the look on Billy’s face.
meh  billy/steve  strangerthings  a.lymricks  2k+  2018-01 
12 days ago
Damned If I Do You by 13thDoctor [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Billy’s dad called him a faggot, Billy didn’t really know what he meant.


Lovely but feels unfinished...
10k-15k  2018-01  billy/steve  strangerthings  *  *lovely  a.13thdoctor  saved 
12 days ago
magic soaking my spine by youngamerican [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Harrington survived the apocalypse. Twice. Now he has to survive community service with Billy Hargrove, which is honestly ten thousand times worse.
35k-40k  a.youngamerican  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
16 days ago
Under the Covers by ToAStranger [Archive of Our Own]
Steve is (maybe) a little bit still in love with Nancy Wheeler and (maybe) trying to figure himself out-- between the night terrors and the babysitting and the general weirdness that is Hawkins, Indiana-- before he graduates.

Billy Hargrove fits in there somewhere (probably).

[saved to ch 12]
60k-70k  2018-01  billy/steve  strangerthings  *  WIP  a.toastranger  *favourite  saved 
17 days ago
the party never ends by brawlite [Archive of Our Own]
Billy wants a fight from Steve Harrington. He'll do just about anything to get it, too.
*  2018-01  a.brawlite  strangerthings  billy/steve  7k+  pwp  saved 
18 days ago
dried up, half full by lymricks [Archive of Our Own]
Steve’s been coming out here searching for a monster in the woods. He’s finally found one.

“What do you want, Hargrove?”
5k+  a.lymricks  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01  *  *lovely  saved 
18 days ago
In the Darkness (We are Free) by HobbitSpaceCase [Archive of Our Own]
Steve wasn’t really sure how he ended up on his knees behind the bleachers with Billy Hargrove’s dick in his mouth.
1k+  a.HobbitSpaceCase  pwp  billy/steve  strangerthings  2018-01 
18 days ago
Aftermath by HobbitSpaceCase [Archive of Our Own]
“You know,” Billy said, leaning well into Steve’s personal space, till Steve was surrounded by the scent of his cologne and the heat of his body. “If you’re getting real desperate for sex after your girlfriend left you for a freak, I could help you out.” He leaned closer, speaking right into Steve’s ear, so that Steve could feel the brush of his words against his skin, could feel the ghost of laughter behind them. “You didn’t have to creep on a little girl to get laid.”
pwp  a.HobbitSpaceCase  2k+  strangerthings  billy/steve  2018-01 
18 days ago
hard and heavy, dirty and mean by callunavulgari [Archive of Our Own]
“Remember,” he whispers in Steve’s ear, his breath hot. “You wanted this.”
billy/steve  a.callunavulgari  2k+  pwp  strangerthings  2018-01 
18 days ago
You're Dripping With Sin (And I Could Lap You Up) by everybreathagift [Archive of Our Own]
When Hannibal's submissive is assaulted, he asks Will to give him advice. The knowledge that Hannibal is the very thing that Will has never allowed himself to want creates a change, a break in their conversations. Will is a bundle of need, and Hannibal hasn't a bit of professionalism.
bdsm  d/s  45k-50k  a.everybreathagift  hannibal  hannibal/will  2017-12 
23 days ago
Controlled Descent by Whreflections [Archive of Our Own]
Will is a stressed out college student, and Hannibal spends a lot of time in the kitchen testing recipes to include in the cookbooks he sells. Their life is- as far as possible worlds go for these two- pretty normal, but Will is struggling. It'd be hard to deal with alone, but there are times he wonders...

Whatever's wrong he has to handle it, but he could lose Hannibal. The prospect of losing his mind was already scary enough without having to worry about missing an entire person.
a.Whreflections  1k+  hannibal  hannibal/will  2017-12  au 
24 days ago
The Consummation by Josselin [Archive of Our Own]
“The king’s marriage has not been consummated,” said Herode.
4k+  a.josselin  captiveprince  damen/laurent  2017-12 
24 days ago
Mistletoe by dhampir72 [Archive of Our Own]
She sits down at her chair, coffee in one hand, folded paper in the other. She is just taking a sip when she opens the paper...and promptly spits her coffee back into the cup.

The paper reads:

James Bond

That can’t be right. It’s impossible. It has to be.


[For the Secret Santa assignment: "the POV of Q-Branch minion who was the unlucky one to be paired with Bond"]
9k+  holiday-fic  a.dhampir72  00Q  Skyfall  2017-12  outsiderpov 
26 days ago
Unwritten by kaizuka [Archive of Our Own]
Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.
meh  au  yuuri/victor  yurionice  2017-12  35k-40k 
4 weeks ago
pulses that beat double by threerings [Archive of Our Own]
Katsuki Yuuri traveled all the way from Japan to study medicine in London, but finds himself very short on funds. He's long had a fascination with the scandalous Baron Viktor Nikiforov, so he's shocked when the baron takes an interest in him. So shocked he runs away as quickly as possible. But Viktor Nikiforov is a persistent man when he sees something he wants.

AKA The Victorian Era Sugar Daddy AU
wip  a.threerings  yuuri/victor  yurionice  unread  40k-45k  au 
4 weeks ago
all the world's a stage by braveten [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone has a guilty pleasure.

For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.

(And, honestly, on the spectrum of guilty pleasures, he figures that his is on the far, far more innocent side.)
100k-120k  meh  au  yurionice  yuuri/victor  a.braveten  2017-12 
4 weeks ago
Different Stars by thefangirlingdead [Archive of Our Own]
Erwin searches for Levi everywhere after he is given a second chance at life, but when he eventually finds him, it's too late - Levi not only doesn't remember him or anything about their past life, but he is also happily married. Thankful for a chance to have Levi in his life once more, Erwin tells himself that he is content with just being a friend to his past lover, but not everything goes as planned.
meh  80k-90k  a.thefangirlingdead  attackontitan  levi/erwin  infidelity  2017-12 
4 weeks ago
Dresden by hedera_helix [Archive of Our Own]
When Levi acquired his false identification he knew that the key to survival would be to stay unnoticed and to contain the bitterness and anger he feels inside himself. As the tides of war start to turn against Germany, however, Levi finds himself in a position to make a choice.
a.hedera_helix  unread  au  attackontitan  levi/erwin  300k-400k 
4 weeks ago
Irascible by bigasstrees, rivai-lution (stethoscopesandsigs) [Archive of Our Own]
Detective Erwin Smith is a family man, first and foremost. He goes to church on Sundays, he has a wife and two beautiful children, and is well-regarded by his neighbors and coworkers alike. Sure, every man has his secrets, his struggles between himself and the Lord, but Erwin has never known any man whose waters run as dark and deep as Levi's, his mysterious new partner. With Levi's arrival comes a new breed of monster leaving a trail of dead children in its wake. The clock skips a beat and before Erwin knows it, life will never be the same. A storm is coming to Southern Louisiana, the forgotten children of God have known it for a while now in their crack-houses, truck stops and the thick of the woods. The sky grows dark around the body of a little boy in New Iberia and the wrath of irascible men threatens to tear the world right open.

Eruri, Southern Gothic, True Detective-inspired, 1990’s setting, Crime Solving, Dark.
100k-120k  au  a.stethoscopesandsigs  a.bigasstrees  levi/erwin  attackontitan  infidelity  erwin/OFC  2018-01  *  saved 
4 weeks ago
Seek Your Enemy by Della19 [Archive of Our Own]
William La Fontaine hates the opera.

The music is fine, but the people are unbearable. All the backstabbing simpering society climbing omegas that look down at him for the – unwanted – attention he receives from the boorish, old money alphas, who look at him like he’s a piece of meat, caring only for his body and his last name.

Also, he might have just imprinted on some alpha doctor with a foreign accent and beautifully tempting monsters in his compelling dark eyes, whom his sister thinks has a ‘serial killer face.’

Will thinks it’s possible that she’s more right than she knows. It’s also possible that Will could care less.

Will is going to need something much stronger than this champagne.

William La Fontaine hates the opera.

A Wage Your War AU, based on the idea of what if Will’s mother hadn’t left Will and his father when Will was three, as in that fic, and that he was raised in his mother’s rich household. You should read that fic first, as otherwise this one won’t make too much sense. Hannigram A/B/O.
9k+  a.della19  au  omega-verse  hannibal  hannibal/will  saved 
5 weeks ago
Headwaters - Whreflections - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
For HanniHolidays Prompt Calendar Day 3- Fireplace

Fantasy AU. Years ago, Mischa Lecter fled the Nazis with the rest of her family, leaving behind their home, Castle Lecter, and the lesser god that inhabited it- Hannibal, a dark but immensely loyal creature who had served their family for generations. He adored her, more than all the others, and would have kept her with him forever. Instead, he lost her, and has admitted no one to the house since.

After his grandmother's death, though, Will Graham doesn't really have anywhere to call home. With all the stories she told him about growing up in Castle Lecter (and about Hannibal, most of all), he can't pass up the chance that he just might belong somewhere after all.
2k+  unread  a.Whreflections  hannibal  hannibal/will  au 
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