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Twitter Cards: What's the best way to implement Twitter Cards on a Tumblr blog? - Quora
Containts an example Tumblr template fragment to copy-paste. Remember you need to enable Twitter cards for your domain if you are hosted on a custom url.
twittercards  embedding  preview  html  twitter  metadata  template  tumblr  from delicious
november 2013 by pascalvanhecke
Norton Labs Ditto
Online backup service for Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. By Norton/Symantec!
twitter  onlinebackup  archiving  facebook  service  gmail  norton  symantec  socialmedia  backup  from delicious
may 2013 by pascalvanhecke
Brilliant: the tool I wanted to build myself to keep track of Twitter favourites... Fetches link and creates an rss feed out of it so you can have its content in your feedreader without having to click through.
twitter  linklog  linklogging  linklogs  bookmarking  favourites  from delicious
november 2011 by pascalvanhecke
TYSTYA - Told You So Ten Years Ago
The ultimate test for your punditry: make a prediction now and have it published in ten years time....

Wondering whether this service will make it till 2021....
microblogging  time  history  predictions  twitter  gimmick  2011  from delicious
november 2011 by pascalvanhecke
twitter bootstrap tutorial | w3resource
(Series of) Twitter Bootstrap tutorials, covering:

Grid system tutorial
Layout tutorial
Typography tutorial
Tables tutorial
Forms tutorial
Navigation tutorial
Alerts and Errors tutorial
Popover tutorial
bootstrap  twitter  tutorial  webdesign  Framework  css  bootstrap  twitter  tutorial  webdesign  Framework  css  bootstrap  twitter  tutorial  webdesign  Framework  css  bootstrap  twitter  tutorial  webdesign  Framework  css  twitter  tutorial  webdesign  css  designfordevs  from delicious
november 2011 by pascalvanhecke
Stepping Out With Bootstrap from Twitter | Webdesigntuts+
Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial, covering:

The Grid System
Forms and Buttons
Tabs and Pills
Alerts and Error Messages

Includes a sample webpage made entirely with Bootstrap
bootstrap  twitter  tutorial  webdesign  Framework  css  designfordevs  from delicious
november 2011 by pascalvanhecke
[German] 2 Klicks für mehr Datenschutz | c't
The German online magazin Heise implemented social recommendation buttons that only load Twitter/GooglePlus and Facebook buttons (and tracking code) after the user "switches on" tracking.
german  deutsch  heise  facebook  likebutton  tracking  javascript  code  recommendations  viralmarketing  socialmedia  socialmediamarketing  privacy  googleplus  twitter  from delicious
september 2011 by pascalvanhecke
Twitter Bootstrap
"toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tabls, grids, navigation, and more. "
webdesign  twitter  css  html  webdevelopment  framework  layout  less  designfordevs  from delicious
august 2011 by pascalvanhecke
'Like' Button Follows Web Users -
Not news, but the interesting issue here is that facebook cookies are considered first-party cookies by browsers (they are being set when at the site) so the usual remedy of refusing 3d party cookies in the browser settings doesn't work.
privacy  socialnetworking  facebook  twitter  google  widgets  behaviouraltargeting  likebutton  cookies  tracking  from delicious
august 2011 by pascalvanhecke
WordPress › Twitter Blackbird Pie « WordPress Plugins
Wordpress plugin that automatically embeds Tweets in an attractive way on your blog when tweet permalink is copy-pasted on a separate line.
wordpress  blogging  plugin  twitter  tools  embedding  from delicious
july 2011 by pascalvanhecke
BBC acts to stop Twitter leaks by stars and writers | Media | The Guardian
Now we're all media on our own, employees are facing heavier contractual restrictions on what they can say and cannot say in public, so companies (like the BBC in this case) get to control their message.
twitter  socialmedia  media  microcelebrity  corporatecommunication  corporatetwittering  2011  from delicious
july 2011 by pascalvanhecke
ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform
"ThinkUp: capture your twitter, Facebook streams in a database for analysis."<br />
Open source project led by (ex) Lifehacker's Gina Trapani.<br />
Github repo at
php  dataownerschip  lifestreaming  aggregator  twitter  socialmedia  opensource  open_source  facebook  analytics  selfhosting  tracking  archiving  from delicious
april 2011 by pascalvanhecke
Analyze Words
"analyzes data using the text analysis program Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) originally developed at the University of Texas at Austin and the Auckland Medical School in New Zealand. Unlike most traditional word counting methods, LIWC focuses on the almost-invisible function or junk words that we rely on. Junk words include pronouns (I, you they), articles (a, the, an), prepositions (to, with, for) and other small words that typically hold together more content-heavy nouns and regular verbs.<br />
<br />
Across dozens of studies, junk words have proven to be powerful markers of peoples psychological states. When individuals use the word I, for example, they are briefly paying attention to themselves. People experiencing high levels of physical or mental pain automatically orient towards themselves and begin using I-words at higher rates. I-use, then, can reflect signs of depression, stress or insecurity."
twitter  psychology  language  analysis  textanalysis  moodanalysis  socialmedia  from delicious
march 2011 by pascalvanhecke
Quantter : a motivation engine
Tracking (quantifying) daily activities via minimal-effort input, one of which are Twitter @-replies.
tracking  twitter  quantifiedself  api  datastore  personalmetrics  visualization  visualisation  quantter  startup  gamemechanics  from delicious
march 2011 by pascalvanhecke
Pay with a Tweet - A social payment system
Put a button on your site so you "force" people to log in with Twitter and authorize a "paid tweet" with a link before downloading a file or retrieving a coupon.
viralmarketing  twittermarketing  twitter  marketing  socialmediamarketing  socialmedia  payment  from delicious
february 2011 by pascalvanhecke
Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity »
Has several features to make automate selfpromotion on Twitter (be carefull not to give a spammy impression :-S )
twitter  socialmedia  socialnetworking  socialmediamarketing  automation  marketing  tool  blogpromotion  from delicious
december 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Follow Finder by Google
A Twitter folow recommender based (probably) on Google's Socialgraph api.
api  socialgraph  socialgraphapi  google  appengine  twitter  socialnetworkanalysis  socialnetworking 
november 2010 by pascalvanhecke : deliver your content to the social web.
" helps publishers deliver their content to the social web, including twitter and facebook. "
rss  service  socialmedia  push  distribution  publishing  feeds  twitter  facebook  linkedin  syndication 
october 2010 by pascalvanhecke
[1003.5699] Predicting the Future with Social Media
"In recent years, social media has become ubiquitous and important for social networking and content sharing. And yet, the content that is generated from these websites remains largely untapped. In this paper, we demonstrate how social media content can be used to predict real-world outcomes. In particular, we use the chatter from to forecast box-office revenues for movies. We show that a simple model built from the rate at which tweets are created about particular topics can outperform market-based predictors. We further demonstrate how sentiments extracted from Twitter can be further utilized to improve the forecasting power of social media."
research  twitter  socialmedia  sentimentanalysis  paper  predictions  trends  datamining 
april 2010 by pascalvanhecke = Twitter + Delicious
Service that automatically saves the links you tweet to
For me, it's still another medium though: Twitter is timely, conversational - Delicious is about storing and annotating resources.
linklogging  linklogs  archiving  twitter  delicious  bookmarking  bookmarks  mashup 
april 2010 by pascalvanhecke
TrackDailyGoals: Recent Tweets
"Accomplish your life goals with public commitment on Twitter - use the #dailygoals hashtag in your tweets to get started."
twitter  productivity  gtd  service  aggregator  socialcontrol  hashtags  motivation 
april 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Ubercookies Part 2: History Stealing meets the Social Web « 33 Bits of Entropy
Given the increased processing power on the client, javascript can scan thousands of URLs in a few seconds and determine your identity based on your social link sharing history.
browser  delicious  twitter  browserhistory  linklogging  linklogs  privacy  research  socialweb  anonymity  spyjax 
april 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Hunch, the recommendation engine for simple life questions by Caterina Fake has built this taster for this service that will try to predict your answers on simple life questions, based on your Twitter profile.
Quite disappointing however, as it simple seems to determine a rough profile (male/female liberal, well educated - which covers 99% of all Twitter users) and then goes on about it, exploiting the same pattern in all kinds of cliche ways...
twitter  game  recommendations  recommendationsystems  hunch  statistics  profiling 
march 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Rapportive | Making Excellent Service Scale
Firefox extension that replaces the ads in Gmail with profile information based on the email address of your respondent.
"Where does Rapportive get its data from?
We combine information from several sources; at the moment, these are Rapleaf, Gravatar and Twitter. In the future we will offer integration with many more data sources, both public (e.g. social networking sites) and private (CRM).
We make a clear distinction between:
* Public data, which is information that users have chosen to make public on the internet, and which anyone could find on one of the major search engines. We aggregate public data, take into account corrections and feedback, and show this information to everyone who uses Rapportive.
* Private data, which is privileged information to which only you have access. In order to provide the Rapportive service, we may need to process this data behind the scenes; however, private data will never be shown or disclosed to any other Rapportive user or any third party"
gmail  firefox  plugin  extension  socialcrm  rapleaf  twitter  email  identifier  identifiers  socialnetworking 
march 2010 by pascalvanhecke
A browsable, searchable archive of tweets | stopdesign
Use the RSS version of, and import it into Wordpress (via the RSS importer).
Then use the Twitter Tools plugin to grab consequent tweets.
twitter  wordpress  archive  backup  tutorial  howto  dataownerschip  rss 
march 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Twitter Backup | TweetBackup
Simple service to backup your tweets.
Is of course limited to 3200 Tweets by Twitter api limitation.
Other services like and require registration and are more pushy towards their paid versions.
Make sure to choose the RSS download option, as it provides a richer data format.
twitter  backup  tools  microblogging  archive  archiving  download 
march 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Twitter Support : Contact Discoverability
Twitter still shows the username/password antipattern, yet they deserve praise for asking to make you findable via emailaddress (they are probably aware that lots of users use the service in a pseudonymously!):
"In order to be discovered by contacts, users must opt-in to the service, meaning they must explicitly choose to make their Twitter username findable via their contact information (otherwise we anonymize the username, as shown above.) "
twitter  usernamepasswordantipattern  email  discoverability  identifier  identifiers 
february 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Social Collider: mapping 1261 items about pascalvanhecke...
"reveals cross-connections between conversations on Twitter [...] earch for usernames or topics, which are tracked through time and visualized much like the way a particle collider draws pictures of subatomic matter"
Nice visualisation, not useful at all however
twitter  visualization  visualisation  socialmedia  socialgraph  memetracker  memes  memetracking  javascript  socialnetworkanalysis 
february 2010 by pascalvanhecke
default to public: tweetleak
Art project in Berlin: @tweetleak prints tweets from people as stickers to show how public your tweets are:
"Tweetleak, a monolithic anthracithe-colored pole, which is placed in a public place, aggregates tweets from nearby and "materializes" them. The collected fragments from people's lives on the web leave the digital public space on adhesive paper strips. being taken away by other individuals, they are distributed in physical space, eventually being placed in another context in another environment.

After a tweet has been printed out the author is notified. There is also a notification via twitter when the printed tweet has been taken away. The loss of control over one's data is illustrated: after a short period of time, the user won't be able to track his tweet. "
twitter  art  socialnetworking  microblogging  publishing  privacy  dataownerschip  virtualtoreal 
february 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Google Buzz
Pretty sceptical about Google's effort to outdo Facebook and Twitter.
Like the automatic sharing feature in Google Reader, it is tightly integrated with your Gmail contacts.
Mixing private communication (email) and speaking in public (microblogging) will never feel comfortable for most people (too different contexts)
googlebuzz  facebook  twitter  google  microblogging  socialnetworking  socialmedia 
february 2010 by pascalvanhecke
Pitched as "foursquare for the future".
"service for sharing your upcoming plans with friends. It's a social calendar of sorts. Just submit the things you're thinking about doing in the future, and your friends will be able to hear about them - and maybe join you, too!"
The service looks too simple and too much like being just one feature to survive, but it's a nice illustration of Facebook and Twitter integration.
facebookconnect  twitter  socialsoftware  socialnetworking  microblogging  structuredblogging  socialgraph  delegatedauthentication 
january 2010 by pascalvanhecke
[Dutch] 2009 in 53 tweets, jaaroverzicht vd gvenkdaily
"voor iedere week het opvallendste, interessantste nieuws vh afgelopen jaar (het is geen volledig overzicht, dat lukt niet in 53 tweets)"
2009  review  gvenkdaily  geschiedenis  twitter 
january 2010 by pascalvanhecke - A conversationlist is your attention transformed into a tweetstream.
"Twitter list of the people that you talk to (and about) on Twitter. The list is automatically updated daily [by over OAuth], so that it always reflects the people that you are paying attention to right now. If you @reply (or @mention) someone, they're added to your list. If you stop talking to that person, they drop off your list."
twitter  tool  socialmedia  attention  conversationlist  twitterlists  service  oauth 
december 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Dropital - Share Files Over Twitter
Share some files exclusively with your followers (verified through Twitter OAuth)
files  photos  twitter  music  sharing  filesharing  hosting 
december 2009 by pascalvanhecke
AdSense for Feeds: Socializing your feed with Twitter
Like Twitterfeed - but by Google/Feedburner.
Gives Google extra insight and metrics... (has the Google url shortener built in)
google  twitter  feedburner  2009  rss  rssfeeds  rssstats  feeds  feedstats  feedstatistics  twitterfeed 
december 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Use Twitter to tell you when to send your Email Newsletter « Toddle Stuff – Beautifully Simple Email Marketing
I like this tip for its simplicity and cleverness... and for using publicly available tools.
Twitter search for a keyword -> subscribe in Google Reader -> look at the Feed stats for frequency/day
twitter  marketing  twittersearch  googlereader  statistics  frequency  analysis  timelyness 
december 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Retweet Avatars for Greasemonkey
Userscript for that shows the retweeter's avatar prominently and the source's avatar as an inset. It is probably inspired on the way Twhirl handles @replies (the avatar replied to is shown as an inset there).
I wish Twitter implemented this natively so applications would handle the avatars the same way.
userscript  greasemonkey  twitter  retweeting  usability  avatars  avatar 
november 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Orange Friend-o-meter
Depending on your perspective, this is either a brilliant viral or an illustration of how much access app developers have to your data without you knowing it...
Works with Twitter (asks for username/password!!), Myspace, Facebook.
facebookconnect  myspace  twitter  usernamepasswordantipattern  facebook  facebookapplications  virality  campaign  advertising 
november 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Evan Williams | evhead: Why Retweet works the way it does
Explanation by Ev Williams on the native retweet function. Which, in my opinion, is going to be a much bigger deal than most people think. Since there's no redundancy anymore, there's little inhibition to retweet, and more and more people will be propagating other people's tweets. Memes/news will spread faster, and spread and origin will become easily traceable. Which in turn will make it possible for Twitter to build for-pay analytics, brand, keyword and link tracking tools. Twitter will become an even more important source of news for most people.
It fits perfectly in what seems to be the first official formulation of Twitter's mission statement: "help people discover the information that matters most to you as quickly as possible"
twitter  socialmedia  virality  memetracker  memetrackers  memetracking  memes  evanwilliams  retweeting  2009 
november 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Listorious: Discover the Best Twitter Lists
Twitter lists' sharing community:
"Twitter's new Lists feature allows anyone to curate the real time web. Listorious makes it easy to find the best lists of Twitter users on any given topic, and for list creator to publicize their lists.
This site was created using new Twitter List API."
twitter  community  collaboration  lists  directory  socialmedia  socialnetworking 
november 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Google Social Search
"Social search is opt-in and it's strongly connected to Google Profiles and Gmail. For example, if you add a link to your Twitter page to your Google profile, Google will find the people you follow and the content they produce: blogs, photo albums, videos, reviews. If your query returns useful results from your social connections, Google will display the results at the bottom of the search results pages."
socialsearch  google  personalisation  customization  twitter  2009  search  socialmedia  googleprofiles  socialgraphapi  socialgraph  googlereader 
october 2009 by pascalvanhecke
apophenia: Some thoughts on Twitter vs. Facebook Status Updates
Facebook: status updates are an invitation to conversation, a way of maintaining social peripheral awareness among friends and acquaintances. They're about revealing life as it happens so as to be part of a "keeping up" community. [...] people at a similar level of status interacting
Twitter: is about speaking in public with a targeted audience explicitly stated
twitter  facebook  microblogging  statusbroadcast  statusupdate  danahboyd  socialmedia  onlineculture 
october 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Stinky Teddy
"Stinky Teddy is Real-Time Gossip Powered Metasearch. A metasearch engine submits a user's search request to multiple search engines. The responses are combined to give the user the best possible results. Rather than being a simple mashup or utilizing a simple initial rank algorithm, Stinky Teddy analyzes the content of the search feeds to find the best results. If the real-time web is buzzing with chatter about a set of search terms, we use this real-time gossip to decide what is relevant at that moment."
metasearch  search  realtime  mashup  socialsearch  buzz  realtimeweb  twitter  blogsearch  socialmedia 
october 2009 by pascalvanhecke
[Dutch] Politie laat Twitterbericht schrappen
"De juwelier, die niet genoemd wil worden, stapte naar de politie om het bericht te laten verwijderen. De politie nam daarop contact op met Delvaux.

"Ik heb het bericht op vraag van de politie gewist. Toch ging ik niet in de fout. Volgens de juwelier was mijn horloge defect, terwijl er een nieuwe batterij in moest. "Een "schurk" is iemand die bedriegt of misleidt. Een correcte omschrijving, lijkt me", besluit Delvaux."

Meer op
liability  libel  twitter  publishing  nederlands  dutch  belgium  belgië  koendelvaux  streisandeffect 
october 2009 by pascalvanhecke
The End of the Email Era -
The article is stating the obvious, yet given the attention it gets people seemed to be waiting for a well-written description of this evolution in communication we're seeing now...
"email was better suited to the way we used to use the Internet—logging off and on, checking our messages in bursts. Now, we are always connected, whether we are sitting at a desk or on a mobile phone.
These new services also make communicating more frequent and informal—more like a blog comment or a throwaway aside, rather than a crafted email sent to one person.
Perhaps the biggest change that these email successors bring is more of a public profile for users. [...] In the new messaging world, you have a higher profile, packed with data you want to share and possibly some you don't.
Having your identity pegged to communication creates more data to manage and some blurry lines."
twitter  email  im  instantmessaging  messaging  communication  microblogging  blogging  broadcasting  socialnetworking  socialmedia  facebook  technology  wsj  digitalidentity 
october 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Twitter and Facebook Investment Terms and Game Plans - ReadWriteStart
"So any way you look at it, this is a smart deal. It is not "evil": this is all business between consenting adults."
Explanation on how what seems to be an incredible valuation, is in fact a smart and well-thought over move by investors and entrepreneurs at the same time.
twitter  business  investing  valuation  startups  startup  facebook 
september 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Trendsmap - Real-time local Twitter trends
"real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world"
Services like these are going to be big as soon as Twitter clients incorporate Twitter's location api...
twitter  trends  visualization  visualisation  maps  googlemaps  mapping  news  location  locationbased 
september 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Twitter Blog: Location, Location, Location
Announcement of the new Twitter api that lets apps add location in a non-explicit way to every tweet.
twitter  location  locationbased  locationbroadcasting  api  twitterapi  mapping  annotation  geoannotation  2009 
september 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Share Lists of Twitter Users | TweepML
Xml format for "Following lists", analogous to OPML reading lists.
And a service making it possible to create, edit and share them
twitter  lists  opml  syndication  sharing  aggregator  service 
september 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Yet another Twitter Favourites Tracker.
Seems to be more complete than and
You can subscribed to an RSS feed to see who favourited your tweets (so who actually reads them :-D )
twitter  aggregator  tracking  favourites  egosearch  egosurfing  favotter  favrd  favstar 
september 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Tweetdoc: Document your twitter event
"A tweetdoc is a document that brings together all the tweets from a particular event or search term. A tweetdoc allows you to keep a record of an event through twitter.

A tweetdoc is created by entering the appropriate hashtag or search term that you'd like to document. You can optionally setup date and time ranges, tweet limits and company logos. The result is a PDF file you can use to keep a record of any twitter-based conversation relevant to you. "
twitter  history  print  pdf  events  archive  archiving  hashtags  twittersearch  export  printing  service 
september 2009 by pascalvanhecke
TweetMeNews - Serving personalized news on Twitter
Just like, Tweetmenews serves you personalised news on Twitter.
Design is nicer and signup is smoother than 0088.
Quality yet untested.
twitter  recommendationsystems  recommendations  personalisation  news 
september 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Every hasthag becomes a chat room.
Login in (with Twitter OAuth) and tweet with hashtags automatically added.
Like - although doesn't require login to just display the searchstream/channel.
twitter  oauth  irc  channels  hashtags  grouptweet  groupware  collaboration  microblogging  events  tweetchat 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Epeus' epigone: How Twitter works in theory
Kevin Marks on Twitter:
- Flow: not an unread count of messages, just a list of recent ones, so you don't have email's inbox problem
- Faces: taps into deep mental structures that we all have to looks for faces and associate the information we receive with people we decide to trust
- Phatic: full of social gestures that are like apes grooming each other (ununderstandable for outsiders)
- Following: Making the relationship asymmetric enables the network to grow, yet keeps it an intimate experience
- Publics: there is no such thing as ONE public sphere
- Mutual Media: spontaneous order that emerges from people communicating in parallel
- Small world networks: we're used to the idea of having an institution tell us what is news—but that is really a left-over anomaly from 20th Century mass media
kevinmarks  socialmedia  twitter  tragedyofthecommons  spam  antispam  socialnetworking  asymmetry  communication  media 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
The Top 5 Reasons RSS Readers Went Wrong
Dare Obasanjo speculates why RSS readers never got mainstream:
- prevalent folder and inbox paradigm inferior to river of news
- read- only, doesn't allow for feedback/conversation within the tool itself
- "faces" are missing! (feeds/feed item visualisation is impersonal)
- hassle of RSS-subscribing
"I hope eventually get fixed since it is holding back the benefits people can get from reading blogs and/other activity streams using the open & standard infrastructure of the Web"

I'm still using an RSS reader and find it superior to twitter for useful stuff that takes a bit more patience than the umpteenth viral item...
twitter  rss  feedreadingstrategies  rssreadingstrategy  rssreader  feedreading  feedreader  feedreaders  usability  socialmedia  dareobasanjo  2009 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
BackType Connect « WordPress Plugins
WP plugin that finds "conversations" on your posting elsewhere (Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg...) and allows you to display the associated comments inline with your own.
wordpress  plugin  twitter  friendfeed  comments  commenting  conversation  backtype 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
0088 (Twitter link recommendation)
"robot that will help you get the most out of your Twitter network by finding the best news stories for you"
Sounds like what is doing?
twitter  recommendationsystems  recommendations  linklogging  linklogs  socialbookmarking 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Twitter: Your New Location Service Provider - O'Reilly Radar
Twitter might become one of the most important ways to annotate physical space:
"You will be creating a trail of mini-reviews and news as you go through life."
2009  twitter  locationbased  locationbroadcasting  geo  location  geotagging  georss  twitterapi  annotation 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
[Dutch] De Standaard Online - En de sporter, hij twittert
"WALTER WAUTERS ergert zich aan sporters die alleen nog twitteren en niet meer met journalisten willen praten."
Heerlijk. De betreffende journalist klaagt over de wijzigende machtsverhouding: de sporter (vervang door om het even welk individu die een publiek wil bereiken en dat voorheen via de pers moest doen) heeft de journalist niet meer nodig omdat zij/hij zelf rechtstreeks kan communiceren via Twitter (wat dus blijkbaar beter aanslaat dan blogs een paar jaar geleden).
twitter  blogging  microblogging  disintermediation  journalism  nederlands  dutch  destandaard  standaard 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke URLs | R.I.P.
The blogpost announcing will be shut down by lack of monetization options:
"nobody wanted it in exchange a token amount of money. No one perceived any value in it, or they wanted to operate a shortener under a differently branded domain name"
urlshortening  twitter  monetization  monetisation  service  tinyurl  businessmodel 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
See Twitter like another user sees it.
(Limited to public accounts of course)
twitter  tools  socialmedia  microblogging 
august 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Service built on Google Appspot meant for developers wanting to build quick signups or tying user credentials to an avatar:
"A lot of people use the same username across multiple services. Instead of offering your user a blank avatar when they sign up, why not take a guess and pull the portrait for the same username on other services as a default? That's what Overtar is here to help with."
googleapps  avatars  avatar  username  gravatar  twitter  api  service  facebook  digg 
july 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Tweetcount Widget — BackType
"widget uses BackType Connect to find all the links your posts receive on Twitter. It shows the number of tweets you have, and lets users retweet your posts quickly and easily"
Quite similar to the Digg badge...
twitter  javascript  badge  socialmedia  viralmarketing  viral  retweeting  blogpromotion  widget  backtype  api  counter  stats  statistics 
july 2009 by pascalvanhecke
The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack
How Twitter "hacker" got access:
# accessed Gmail for a Twitter employee by using the password recovery feature that sends a reset link to a secondary email. The secondary email was an expired Hotmail account, he simply registered it and reset the password
# read emails to guess what the original Gmail password was and reset the password so the Twitter employee would not notice
# used the same password to access the employee’s Twitter email on Google Apps for your domain, getting access to sensitive company information from emails and attachments
# used this information along with additional password guesses and resets to take control of other personal and work emails
# used the same username/password combinations and password reset features to access AT&T, MobileMe, Amazon, iTunes, domain names and other services. A security hole in iTunes gave access to full credit card information in clear text
# Even at this point, Twitter had no idea they had been compromised
security  twitter  hack  gmail  cloudcomputing  username  passwords  password  passwordreminders  authentication 
july 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Nicely done.
Mashes the Twitter trending topics up with Bing search results.
(googtweets and are already taken ;-) )
twitter  bing  search  trends  socialmedia  keywords  bingtweets  zeitgeist 
july 2009 by pascalvanhecke
PicFog - real-time image search
Shows the pictures uploaded to twitter photo hosting services in real time as a visual stream. You can search for keywords and author (and have a live stream of them as well)
search  twitter  images  pictures  photos  visualization  visualisation  realtime 
july 2009 by pascalvanhecke
[Dutch] Twitter en de NOS, de Notitie
3 soorten activiteiten:
1. Twitteren door NOS-medewerkers als privé-persoon: let op je "professionele reputatie en daardoor ook op die van de NOS als geheel"
2. Twitteren als ‘bekende’ NOS-persoon: "door de buitenwereld opgevat als communicatie namens de NOS"
3. Officiële NOS Twitter-accounts: "uitingen van de NOS en daar gelden dezelfde regels (inhoudelijk, maar ook qua branding) als voor al onze andere websites, programma’s en kanalen"
twitter  dutch  onlinemedia  policy  nederlands  nederland  journalism  corporateblogging  corporatetwittering  socialmedia  personas 
july 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Treat Twitter #hashtags like an IRC channel.
Project by Alex Bosworth
See and as examples
Uses Twitter Oauth to post.
twitter  oauth  irc  channels  hashtags  grouptweet  groupware  collaboration  microblogging  events  alexbosworth 
july 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Print all your tweets! Where were you?
Uses Twitter javascript API (so no username/pswd scraping) to download your Twitter history and have it printed - or save the resulting html file so you have an archive you can reuse later.
twitter  archive  backup  tools 
june 2009 by pascalvanhecke
apophenia: Twitter is for friends; Facebook is everybody
"This of course raises a critical question: will teens continue to be passionate about systems that become "public" (to all that matter) simply because there's social pressure to connect to "everyone"?"
(a problem that has been pointed out by Cory Doctorow: people flee social networks as soon as they become too popular)
twitter  facebook  socialmedia  socialnetworking  socialsoftware  danahboyd  privacy  teenagers  socialnetworks 
june 2009 by pascalvanhecke blog - Easily Track Clicks on Amazon Affiliate Links with...
On any Amazon product page, click “Link to this Page” in the Amazon Affiliates Toolbar on the top of the page, then click the “bitlyAmazonAffiliateLink” bookmarklet and you will be redirected to with a short, trackable link waiting for you.
amazon  affiliate  affiliateprogram  tracking  twitter  bookmarklet 
june 2009 by pascalvanhecke
New Twitter Research: Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets
Really bizarre results if you ask me:
- there are less men than women on Twitter, but men are more active and follow more people (wondering whether they filtered out the porn spam accounts???)
- men are more likely to follow other men - even women are more likely to follow men, contrary to other SNSes where content produced by women gets more attention (by both men and other women)
twitter  research  socialmedia  statistics  gender  socialgraph  socialnetworkanalysis  socialnetworking 
june 2009 by pascalvanhecke
Recruiting Via Your Employees’ Social Networks -
"personal pages, profiles and social networks are serving as fodder for companies looking to fill jobs. To mine its employees’ social networking contacts for potential hires, a business can pay for services from companies like Appirio or Jobvite, whose service Mr. Kennedy used. Both are based in the San Francisco area."

And of course I'm wondering what Appirio and Jobvite do with the data once processed...
socialmedia  facebook  facebookapplications  privacy  jobsearch  recruiting  linkedin  twitter  socialnetworking  socialnetworks  hr 
may 2009 by pascalvanhecke the Flickr 2 Twitter Automata
"How does it work? Put an # in the title, or autopostr as phototag, at every flickr photo you want to be posted on twitter. @autopostr will send automatically a tweet with your new post to all your Twitter friends."
(needs username + password however, the guys should update it to Oauth...)
twitter  flickr  flickrapi  hashtags  syndication  lifestreaming  mashup 
may 2009 by pascalvanhecke
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