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I've Found a New Baby - knight_tracer, thefourthvine - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
“Peter, what --” he began, and then he saw the baby I was cautiously unwrapping on the table that I think, once upon a time, was for visitors’ attache cases.

He blinked. I felt him cast something complex and subtle, something I hadn’t even seen him use before, maybe a seventh-order spell. Nothing happened, and his brow wrinkled slightly. “That’s a real infant,” he said, his tone flat and just a little disbelieving.

“The crying was my first clue,” I said, and pulled back the last fold of the blanket.
fic  podfic  author:thefourthvine  podficcer:knight_tracer  slash  thomas.nightingale  peter.grant  peter/nightingale  baby.acquisition  kidfic  pod_together 
august 2017 by partofthewhole
an end, a start - knight_tracer, lady_ragnell - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
After the war against the First Order ends, everyone seems to want something from Rey, but all she wants is time to figure out what she wants. Finn and Poe propose a marriage that will keep everyone at bay until she's ready, and it seems like a good idea. The only danger is that she's really in love with them.
fic  ot3  author:lady_ragnell  podfic  podficcer:knight_tracer  star.wars:the.force.awakens  finn  rey  poe.dameron  finn/poe/rey  marriage.of.convenience  pod_together 
august 2017 by partofthewhole
Sibelius's Eighth - idellaphod, lirin - Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis [Archive of Our Own]
Ever since the net had reopened to objects, Dunworthy had been given plenty of suggestions for what could be retrieved. A script for a lost play, books from a lost library...or the sheet music for a lost symphony.
fic  podfic  author:lirin  podficcer:idellaphod  gen  connie.willis  james.dunworthy  pod_together 
august 2017 by partofthewhole
More Than a Team - Poetry, Shmaylor - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Nomi wants help from a team of criminals to bring down BPO, Amanita isn't sure she trusts them, Hardison is impressed by Nomi's hacking skills, Parker comes to the rescue, and Eliot notices some very distinctive fighting styles.

[Podfic + Text]
fic  podfic  crossover  femslash  multi  ot3  leverage  sense8  author:poetry  podficcer:shmaylor  amanita  nomi.marks  alec.hardison  parker(leverage)  eliot.spencer  amanita/nomi  alec/eliot/parker 
august 2016 by partofthewhole
Pass It On - knight_tracer, thefourthvine - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ninety percent of everyone's problems could be solved by a robot that just texted NO to hockey players on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Sidney didn't have a robot, which meant he pretty much had to be the robot. He typed back, NO.
fic  podfic  author:thefourthvine  podficcer:knight_tracer  slash  hockey.rpf  sidney.crosby  evgeni.malkin  sidney/geno  ensemble 
september 2015 by partofthewhole
[podfic] In a Song - read by lunchee (lunchee) - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
cheesewithmy's "In a Song" read aloud. 40mins.

It starts with Flower.

Three months later, everyone Sid knows is singing at him.
podfic  hockey.rpf  podficcer:lunchee  slash  evgeni.malkin  sidney.crosby  sidney/geno 
april 2015 by partofthewhole
Icing the Cake - knight_tracer, thenorthface - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Amanda Kessel is standing in the tiny waiting area of her store, perfect blonde hair cascading past her shoulders and a loose fitting Gophers Hockey shirt on.

"Hi," Hilary breathes out, heart skipping a beat. Amanda Kessel is in her store. Very belatedly she remembers to add, "Welcome to Icing the Cake. What can I get for you today?" [fic + podfic]
fic  femslash  podfic  author:thenorthface  podficcer:knight_tracer  hockey.rpf  amanda.kessel  hilary.knight  amanda/hilary  au 
december 2014 by partofthewhole
thingswithwings | Podfic: Feels
Um I was writing fic but then I got distracted by this amazing link that's going around: it's a list of all the tags that are wrangled under the term "feels" at the AO3. And it's amazing. And I had to read it out loud, because it's the most beautiful piece of found poetry I've seen in ages. So I give you: feels.
podfic  podficcer:thingswithwings  gen  multifandom 
august 2013 by partofthewhole
amplificathon | Casanova's Got Nothing On Me by laulan (Anya's Ghost, Siobhan/Anya)
Author: laulan
Length: 32:03
Author's Summary: Five times Siobhan thought about kissing Anya, and one time she didn’t think at all.
podfic  podficcer:intransitive  podficcer:exmanhater  anya's.ghost  femslash  anya/siobhan  siobhan  anya  toread 
april 2013 by partofthewhole
You're the Cream in My Coffee [audiobook] | audiofic

"Apparently the stories about Rio are true," said Kathy.

"Even if they weren't before you two arrived," Cosmo retorted.
podfic  podficcer:fayjay  ot3  multi  kathy.selden  cosmo.brown  don.lockwood  kathy/don/cosmo 
august 2012 by partofthewhole
reena-jenkins: Carrying a Concealed Weapon (and other crimes to commit while being Adora Belle Dearheart)
Fandoms: Discworld
Pairing: gen
Warnings: some spoilers for Going Postal
Format/Length: mp3, 00:16:24
Author's Summary: "Adora Belle is arrested, Lady Sybil is there to help, at least she's there to make the tea."
podfic  podficcer:reena_jenkins  discworld  terry.pratchett  adora.belle.dearheart  gen 
april 2012 by partofthewhole
heard_the_owl: SPN in SPACE! Podfic: In a Brand New West
Summary: "Jensen Ackles flies transport all by his lonesome - until the goddamn government agency that was supposed to find him Someone Special ends up finding him Jared Padalecki. IN SPACE."
podfic  podficcer:heard_the_owl  rpf  slash  au  jared.padalecki  jared/jensen  jensen.ackles 
march 2012 by partofthewhole
halfamoon: Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II
Anthology of female-centric podfics by many talented podficcers. :D
podfic  multifandom  gen  femslash  het 
february 2012 by partofthewhole
cantapodpatrol: [Community/SPN] Intro to the Art of Deception
Author: suzvoy
Rating: Teen
Author's Summary: Greendale receives two last-minute transfers and Jeff doesn't get jealous. At all.
Length: 43:16, 40MB
podfic  podficcer:cantarina1  podficcer:fishpatrol  crossover  gen  supernatural  community  ensemble 
february 2012 by partofthewhole
sophinisba: Parks and Recreation podfic: Break the Sky by listedheart
Author's summary: "Andy learns about different ways of interpreting feminist ideas. Through sex." Author: listedheart
podfic  podficcer:sophinisba  parks.and.rec  het  andy.dwyer  april.ludgate  andy/april 
january 2012 by partofthewhole
aka fisharina - Podfic from fishpatrol & cantarina - Multifandom fandom_stocking podfics
Wardrobe Emergency by thingswithwings (Annie/Britta, 6min)

Introduction to Occult Studies by shinealightonme (gen, Buffy crossover, 9:28)
community  podfic  podficcer:cantarina1  femslash  britta.perry  annie.edison  annie/britta  crossover  buffy.the.vampire.slayer  gen 
january 2012 by partofthewhole
amplificathon: A Beauty Desired [an SPN/CW RPF femslash podfic anthology]
Fifteen SPN RPF femslash stories ranging from eight to forty-one minutes, and rated PG to NC-17. Starring Genevieve Cortese, Danneel Harris, Adrianne Palicki, Katie Cassidy and Sophia Bush, among others. Total time - 5:08:52

Read by [info]exmanhater, with stories by: [info]annundriel, [info]bertee, [info]cherie_morte, [info]goingtoqueens, [info]lazy_daze, [info]obstinatrix, [info]poor_choices, [personal profile] scintilla10, and [info]strangeallure
podfic  podficcer:exmanhater  podficcer:intransitive  femslash  rpf  genevieve.cortese  adrianne.palicki  danneel.harris  sophia.bush  danneel/sophia  genevieve/adrianne  danneel/genevieve  adrianne/danneel  katie.cassidy  katie/genevieve  au  wild.west 
january 2012 by partofthewhole
Like Dr. Jekyll and Donna Reed - Podfic: Two Part Invention by de-Nugis
Summary: Dean leaves hunting for reasons that seem good and Sam finds him.
The third time Dean offers Sam the Impala Sam takes her. Grabs the keys, hugs Dean quick and hard, his face twisting up like he’s not twenty-nine and pissed with Dean and scary as fuck, and drives off into the sunset.

written by de_nugis
podfic  podficcer:chemm80  supernatural  sam.winchester  dean.winchester  sam/dean  slash 
december 2011 by partofthewhole
amplificathon: Podfic: Boston Marriage by jae_w (Gilmore Girls, Rory/Paris)
File size/type: 13.07 MB, .mp3
Length: 28:33
Summary: "I think that it's time that you face the fact that you will never find happiness with a man."
podfic  podficcer:exmanhater  podficcer:intransitive  gilmore.girls  rory.gilmore  paris.geller  rory/paris  femslash 
december 2011 by partofthewhole
amplificathon: 51 Proposals
Fandom: Disney's Tangled
Pairing: Rapunzel/Flynn Rider Eugene Fitzherbert
Warnings: spoilers for the end of the movie
Format/Length: mp3, 00:23:00
Author's Summary: "Did Rapunzel and I ever get married? Well, I’m pleased to tell you that after years, and years of asking and asking and asking...I finally said yes."
tangled  podfic  podficcer:reena_jenkins  het  rapunzel(tangled)  flynn.rider  rapunzel/flynn  disney 
november 2011 by partofthewhole
Let Me Whisper in Your Ear -
Title: Apocalypse Maybe
Author: [info]aggybird
Rating: R
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Summary: Dean's acting weird, and Sam's not sure they stopped the Apocalypse. And then they go to Disney World.

Format: mp3
41.5 MB, 45 min 20 sec
podfic  podficcer:juice817  supernatural  sam/dean  sam.winchester  dean.winchester  apocalypse 
november 2011 by partofthewhole
Lost In Space (and time) | audiofic
In which Manny and Fran go to pick up a pizza, and are inadvertently caught up in a battle of life and death with giant prawn-shaped aliens bent on world domination. And Bernard is very grumpy indeed. Written & read by pandarus/fayjay.
podfic  podficcer:fayjay  podficcer:pandarus  black.books  doctor.who  crossover  gen  jack.harkness 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
cantapodpatrol: Leverage/White Collar - I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
Pairing: minor references to various pairings
Author's summary: "All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."
Length: 38:38, 35.37MB
podfic  podficcer:fishpatrol  white.collar  gen  leverage  ot3  sophie.devereaux  eliot.spencer  alec.hardison  parker/maggie  alec/eliot/parker  neal.caffrey  peter.burke  elizabeth.burke  neal/peter/elizabeth  crossover  queerlygen 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
amplificathon: podfic - 'Queensguard'
SUMMARY: Jared's heading up to Vancouver to finally start filming Season 5, after a delay of several years. Vancouver's looking pretty battered when he arrives - invasion by aliens bent on destruction of the human race will do that to a place. It's lucky that the human race are a lot more adaptable than the aliens guessed...
podfic  podficcer:fayjay  podficcer:pandarus  podficcer:cookiemom6067  podficcer:smallearthcat  podficcer:paraka  podficcer:kronos999  podficcer:crinklysolution  podficcer:laurie_ky  podficcer:templemarker  podficcer:zvi  podficcer:fishpatrol  podficcer:cantarina1  podficcer:luzula  podficcer:klb  podficcer:podcath  podficcer:lunate8  podficcer:fleurrochard  podficcer:eve_n_furter  podficcer:meansprite  podficcer:gblvr  podficcer:bananacosmic  rpf  slash  jared.padalecki  jensen.ackles  jared/jensen  au  podficcer:akadougal 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
kb_cafe: kink-bingo and podfic, perfect together
Note: This is an essay about podfic and kink-bingo, written for the "dirty talk" square on my card. I asked my friend yue_ix to look this over before I posted to see if she had any suggestions, and she had such awesome extensive comments that I decided to quote her here, rather than trying to claim her ideas as my own. Thanks, Yue!
meta  podfic  author:sophinisba  toread 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
amplificathon: SPN Podfic - The Ecstasy of the Rose by mercuries
Ruby isn't like other demons. Anna travels to her past to find out why, only to become an inextricable part of her life.
podfic  femslash  supernatural  podficcer:cantarina1  podficcer:fishpatrol  ruby(spn)  anna(spn)  ruby/anna  has:podficcer 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
The Podfic of Sadcypress - Podfic: Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation, by latentfunction
Author's Summary: Going by the dates on the blog, Sam hadn't even waited a month after the fall-out from Ruby before finding something else to keep secret.

Reader's Notes: So I realize that 8AM on the day before Thanksgiving is probably the MOST AWKWARD POSTING TIME EVER, but I wanted to get this out there for anyone who's about to hit the road like I am- or for anyone for whom this is a perfectly ordinary week and the yearly American Turkey Worshipping is a foreign practice that you have come to throw a tolerating, benign eye upon. All inclusive, that's me!

ANYWAY. So I love this fic because it is HOT LIKE BURNING, but I think I love it most of all because of the way it slips Sam and Dean into our own sphere. Sam has a sex blog! Dean uses Google reader! JFDJFJFKLDSJFKDJLK I LOVE IT. Make sure you give [info]latentfunction some love as well, because this fic has EARNED IT.
podfic  podficcer:sadcypress  supernatural  slash  sam.winchester  dean.winchester  sam/dean  has:podficcer 
september 2011 by partofthewhole
The Femmeslash Podfic Project - In An Interstellar Burst
Donna's got a teleport, Rose has an aversion to beaches, and maybe Martha's not quite as done with all of this as she thought. Next stop: everywhere.
podfic  femslash  podficcer:cantarina1  podficcer:paraka  podficcer:lunchy_munchy  podficcer:fishpatrol  doctor.who  rose.tyler  donna.noble  martha.jones  rose/martha 
july 2011 by partofthewhole
The Femmeslash Podfic Project - A Peck on the Lips
cantarina, nickelmountain and bessyboo read a series of podfics less than five minutes long. \o/
podfic  podficcer:cantarina1  podficcer:nickelmountain  podficcer:bessyboo  multifandom  femslash 
july 2011 by partofthewhole
sophinisba: Podfics: Community, Huge, NewsRadio
podifcs of:
On a Steel Horse I Ride by blackwayfarers (Troy/Abed/Annie)
automatic daydreaming by loveyouallwrong (Troy/Abed)
Intro to Public Relations by imperfectcircle [aka happydork] (Troy/Abed/Becca)
You're My Best Friend (And I Love You) by kyuuketsukirui [aka kanata] (Chloe/Becca)
podfic  community  troy.barnes  abed.nadir  annie.edison  troy/abed/annie  multi  ot3  slash  troy/abed  becca.huffstatter  troy/abed/becca  huge  crossover  chloe.delgado  femslash  chloe/becca  podficcer:sophinisba 
july 2011 by partofthewhole
amplificathon: Podfic: Honey & the Hive Queen by bree_black
It ends with Sam Winchester putting a bullet through her heart – or, that’s how it’s supposed to end.
podfic  podficcer:exmanhater  podficcer:intransitive  femslash  jo.harvelle  madison(spn)  madison/jo 
july 2011 by partofthewhole

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