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What a Victor You Are - Anonymous - Victor Victoria (1982) [Archive of Our Own]
For the prompt: "I would love it, dear Yulewriter, if you really leaned into that queerness." Victor gets lessons from Toddy in how to top his man.
fic  multi  yuletide  yuletide.2019  victor.victoria  victoria.grant  victor.grazinski  king.marchand  carole.toddy.todd  victor/king  victor/toddy  genderqueer 
8 weeks ago by partofthewhole
I Break Pattern, I Break Ground - knight_tracer, lady_ragnell - Star Wars Sequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
The Resistance has temporarily moved to Cloud City, and Rose finds herself in charge of getting their new fleet off the ground.

fic  multi  ot4  star.wars:the.force.awakens  toread  to.tag 
december 2018 by partofthewhole
Squad Goals (Stay Together Forever) - burglebezzlement - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Valencia's birthday is cursed. It's just how things are. Like how she's super-good at yoga, or how ghosts are always obsessed with her.

Nothing's going to change that — but maybe she's willing to let Heather and Rebecca try.
fic  femslash  author:burglebezzlement  crazy.ex-girlfriend  ot3  multi  rebecca.bunch  valencia.perez  heather.davis  valencia/heather/rebecca 
october 2018 by partofthewhole
just some oak and some pine and a handful of Revenants - Anonymous - Wynonna Earp (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Doc and Dolls have been unofficially bunking at the Earp homestead for three months when Waverly finally breaks down and tells them to get their shit together.

Our favorite threesome goes on a road trip to Ikea. (Unfortunately, no Revenants come along to spice things up.)
fic  ot3  multi  wynonna.earp  author:anonymous  doc.holliday  xavier.dolls  wynonna/dolls/doc 
july 2018 by partofthewhole
War has made us wise - Petra - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
There is just enough space for pleasure, because it's possible to be in a room filled with other people and silently ignore the fact that some of them are making love, if none of you ever talk about it. Everyone needs to feel alive if they can.
fic  multi  author:petra  star.wars:the.last.jedi  star.wars  poe.dameron  finn  rey  rose.tico  finn/rey/poe/rose 
january 2018 by partofthewhole
Here We Go Again - OzQueen - The Mummy Series [Archive of Our Own]
"Not every adventure has monsters," Evelyn says, slipping her hand into Rick's and taking the lead, angling herself through the morning crowd. "Some adventures are utter pleasure from beginning to end."
fic  het  multi  author:ozqueen  the.mummy.trilogy  yuletide  yuletide.2017  evelyn.carnahan  rick.o'connell  ardeth.bay  evelyn/rick  evelyn/rick/ardeth  post-canon 
january 2018 by partofthewhole
Man Proposes, Torture Flower Disposes - Anonymous - The Good Place (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Oh, no," Michael said, looking at the giant purple-and-pink flowers looming above the neighborhood. "Those flowers weren't supposed to be used until five years into the torture."
fic  multi  ot3  author:anonymous  yuletide  yuletide.2017  eleanor.shellstrop  chidi.anagonye  eleanor/chidi/tahani  sex.pollen 
december 2017 by partofthewhole
Attempt 472 - Anonymous - The Good Place (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Some of Michael's reboots work better than others.

"“What do you mean, I've got two soulmates?” Eleanor demands."
fic  ot3  multi  author:anonymous  yuletide  yuletide.2017  eleanor.shellstrop  chidi.anagonye  eleanor/chidi/tahani 
december 2017 by partofthewhole
All Hail the New Kids - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Poe had realized even before Finn woke up that he had picked a challenging person--Force help him, maybe two challenging people--to get himself mixed up with. Somehow he still wasn't prepared for Finn and Rey.
fic  multi  ot3  star.wars:the.force.awakens  author:dira.sudis  poe.dameron  finn  rey  finn/poe/rey 
march 2017 by partofthewhole
A Divinely Attractive Arrangement - Fahye - Love and Friendship (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
A selection from the Private Diary of Sir James Martin of Martindale. Concerning Peas, Friendship, the state of Blessed Matrimony, and several wonders of Modern Medicine.
fic  multi  ot3  author:fahye  love.and.friendship  james.martin  lady.susan  lord.manwaring  susan/manwaring/martin  post-movie  yuletide  yuletide.2016 
february 2017 by partofthewhole
Or, What You Will - ryfkah - Singin' in the Rain (1952) [Archive of Our Own]
“The powers who run Monumental Pictures, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that the time has come --” Don handed her the script, with a flourish. “-- for the very first all-talking, all-singing, all-dancing, all-star cinematic production of the great master of the stage, William Shakespeare, and I've just come from talking R.F. into giving us the leads. You're welcome.”
fic  multi  ot3  author:ryfkah  yuletide  yuletide.2016  cosmo.brown  don.lockwood  kathy.selden  kathy/don/cosmo 
january 2017 by partofthewhole
not altogether void of feeling - Anonymous - Galavant (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The thing is, Galavant doesn’t really mind bunking with the rest of the pirate crew.

It’s just that he’s gotten used to the sound of Isabella’s snores and the way Sid curls into him on cold nights. And he almost enjoys the way Isabella steals all the blankets and Sid is impossible to wake up in the mornings.

Not that he'll ever admit it out loud.
fic  ot3  multi  galavant  author:impertinency  isabella  sidney  galavant/isabella/sidney  yuletide  yuletide.2016 
december 2016 by partofthewhole
More Than a Team - Poetry, Shmaylor - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Nomi wants help from a team of criminals to bring down BPO, Amanita isn't sure she trusts them, Hardison is impressed by Nomi's hacking skills, Parker comes to the rescue, and Eliot notices some very distinctive fighting styles.

[Podfic + Text]
fic  podfic  crossover  femslash  multi  ot3  leverage  sense8  author:poetry  podficcer:shmaylor  amanita  nomi.marks  alec.hardison  parker(leverage)  eliot.spencer  amanita/nomi  alec/eliot/parker 
august 2016 by partofthewhole
The Defect, Part One: s2b2
There are some who are notorious for crossing the Wall, flashy risk-takers with their names on Most Wanted posters, whose pictures circulate at every guard station. The most experienced of the bunch have about a dozen crossings, back and forth, to their names. One of them even wrote a book about it, the dumbass, that got all the holes along the whole north sector plugged up. He's not even sorry; he'll never have to go back, not with those royalties. Smug bastard.

My picture's not anywhere. Nobody in the East knows I've been there except the people I've gone to see. Forty-five crossings East to West, forty-four West to East, never in the same place twice, never caught, never shot. It's like a dance, only your partner doesn't know you're even there. The night after I spoke to David, I was there, ready for the song to begin.
fic  ot3  multi  author:shukyou  s2b2  original 
august 2016 by partofthewhole
♥ - thehoyden - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sidney nods slowly, but looks clearly on board with the “give pregnant ladies what they want” train.
fic  multi  hockey.rpf  author:thehoyden  sidney.crosby  evgeni.malkin  anna.kasterova  kathy.leutner  sidney/geno/anna/kathy 
june 2016 by partofthewhole
what's my chance, love? - lady_ragnell - Galavant (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Galavant knows more than four chords, Isabella and Sid are long-suffering, and Madalena and Richard are actually the worst.

Or, the origin of indie legend Rock Paper Scissors.
fic  ot3  multi  galavant  author:ladyragnell  sidney(galavant)  isabella(galavant)  galavant/isabella/sidney 
february 2016 by partofthewhole
Interlude (Rise Up) - Anonymous - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
Secretary Hamilton, belay that shouting!
You protest too much, there's certainly no doubting
the other figments of your own brain would agree,
and so far there's been seven, plus me--but who's counting?

As you may have guessed from the title, Shakespeare rules apply. If you suspect something might be a dick joke: it is almost certainly a dick joke.
fic  author:fayhe  hamilton  slash  het  multi  alexander/angelica  alexander/eliza  alexander/john.laurens  alexander/jefferson  alexander/  alexander/aaron 
december 2015 by partofthewhole
Tumblr shorts - Chapter 28 - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Hello?” Sid says.

There’s a rustling sound on the other end, and the muffled sound of people speaking Russian. He can recognize Geno’s voice and some other guy. Sid snorts. Geno didn’t call him, he butt-dialed him.

Sid takes the phone away from his ear. He’s about to hang up when he hears the moan.
fic  slash  author:7iris  hockey.rpf  multi  alex.ovechkin  evgeni.malkin  sidney.crosby  sidney/geno/alex 
july 2015 by partofthewhole
the warmth of your doorways - gyzym - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
They fucking come and find him, and Hardison sits on his right and Parker sits on his left, and they bracket him with their easy warmth and their arms just brushing his and they, god, they talk about nothing. About stupid shit. About Hardison's favorite video games and Parker's strange little worldviews, things they've stolen and want to steal; how to break out of a pair of handcuffs, for next time. Finally, hating himself for it, hating the way it comes out of his mouth, Eliot says, “What the hell are you guys doing here?"

Parker and Hardison look at each other, at him. When Hardison says, “We're not asking, man," Eliot understands it, but he doesn't understand it at all.
fic  leverage  author:gyzym  multi  ot3  parker(leverage)  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  alec/eliot/parker 
june 2015 by partofthewhole
so while you're here in my arms - verity - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Bucky steps into the tent, it takes a moment for his eyes to focus in the dim light, and another for him to figure out what he's seeing. Agent Carter's bent over the table, her eyes on the map before her, and Steve is—on the ground. Kneeling behind her. With a pen.

"After the war, I'm gonna buy you some real stockings," Steve says as he evens out the seam line running down Agent Carter's calf. Their only point of contact is the pen against Agent Carter's skin—Steve's got his other hand braced against the ground. His whole body is arched away from her, like if he gets too close he'll smear his linework or someone's virtue. "Silk stockings, if you want. I think America can spring for that."

Agent Carter stretches out her other leg behind her. "We'll need Japan, first." She sounds amused.

"I'll get you Japan," Steve says, putting his hand on her ankle. "Anything you want."

—which is when Bucky Barnes backs the hell out of that tent.
fic  het  multi  marvel  captain.america  bucky.barnes  peggy.carter  steve/peggy  steve/bucky/peggy  author:verity 
march 2015 by partofthewhole
All That Glitters - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
PK loves everyone in this bar. Locker room. Whatever.

(Or: Sidney Crosby wins a gold medal and comes third for a change.)
fic  slash  multi  hockey.rpf  sidney.crosby  p.k.subban  carey.price  p.k./carey/sidney 
november 2014 by partofthewhole
We're Filthy and You're Convenient - derryderrydown - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"I better get laid," Ovi says. "So far, this threesome is crappy."

sequel to I'm Filthy and You're Gorgeous, 5600 words
fic  slash  multi  ot3  author:derryderrydown  hockey.rpf  evgeni.malkin  sidney.crosby  alex.ovechkin  sidney/geno/alex  kink 
july 2013 by partofthewhole
Password Protected - lightgetsin - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"Um. I don't know if you noticed, but sometimes I make bad choices about who to trust."

Crow tipped his head neutrally.

"So that's not my job anymore," Patrick said. "The making choices part. I still do the trusting part. I'm good at that."
fic  slash  het  multi  author:lightgetsin  hockey.rpf  jonathan.toews  patrick.kane  jonathan/patrick  patrick/others 
july 2013 by partofthewhole
Only one word for yes - Petra - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
There has to be something better to do with a sunny Saturday than study an embezzlement case. Elizabeth has a suggestion for a conversation they ought to have instead. 11,00 words
fic  ot3  multi  white.collar  author:petra  peter.burke  neal.caffrey  elizabeth.burke  neal/peter/elizabeth  toread 
january 2013 by partofthewhole
In Ascension, By Descent - Anonymous - Political Animals [Archive of Our Own]
The pattern of Doug and T.J.'s lives were set even before they set foot in the White House. Somewhere along the way, things changed. 14,739 words
political.animals  fic  gen  multi  author:lorax  yuletide  yuletide.2012  tj.hammond  doug.hammond  pre-canon 
december 2012 by partofthewhole
Six Beginnings - nixwilliams - Lewis (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Don’t go giving him ideas,” Robbie chides, but his smile is evenings by the fire, whisky and a duvet on the sofa. 590 words
fic  multi  author:nixwilliams  lewis  robert.lewis  james.hathaway  laura.hobson  lewis/hathaway/hobson 
november 2012 by partofthewhole
You're the Cream in My Coffee [audiobook] | audiofic

"Apparently the stories about Rio are true," said Kathy.

"Even if they weren't before you two arrived," Cosmo retorted.
podfic  podficcer:fayjay  ot3  multi  kathy.selden  cosmo.brown  don.lockwood  kathy/don/cosmo 
august 2012 by partofthewhole
spectrum - irnan - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Tony sets out to learn to play with others. Pepper enables him. The Avengers spend a lot of time pretending they’re not grateful for the chance to play back.

Except for Steve, who corners Tony in the workshop one day and actually says thank you out loud, which Tony considers the grossest violation of both Tower rules and common decency in general and won't talk to him for a week.
fic  gen  multi  avengers  marvel  author:irnan  natasha.romanov  bucky.barnes  natasha/steve/bucky  toread 
july 2012 by partofthewhole
thingswithwings | New Fic: Women's Weapons (Avengers, Pepper/Maria/Natasha)
relationship: Pepper/Natasha/Maria, friendship + threesome
summary: The prompt was "weapons training." So: Maria, Natasha, and Pepper train each other in their chosen weapons.
fic  femslash  avengers  marvel  author:thingswithwings  maria.hill  natasha.romanov  pepper.potts  natasha/pepper/maria  multi 
june 2012 by partofthewhole
thingswithwings | New Fic: Five Ways to Get In Touch with Your Inner Mild-Mannered Scientist (Avengers, gen + orgy)
relationships: Bruce/everyone friendship, everyone/everyone sexy times
summary: sleep, smash, sparring, science, sex.
6300 words
author:thingswithwings  avengers  marvel  fic  gen  multi  bruce.banner  ensemble  ot6  toread 
june 2012 by partofthewhole
petra | The Avengers Kink List Team Bonding Session - double drabble & offer
Summary: How to build a database to get the right person or people for every kinky contingency. One such task is suggested; readers are encouraged to submit more.

This is clearly a story that could go on indefinitely, what with all the possible combinations. Rather than postulate all of them, I put the question to you, readers: give me a character or so, a combination of kinks they're looking for, and I'll see what the database spits out in terms of possible partner(s).
avengers  marvel  author:petra  drabbles  fic  slash  gen  het  multi  ot6  ensemble 
june 2012 by partofthewhole
petra | Green indeed is the color of lovers - Avengers story, Bruce Banner/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Summary: "Come on, I don't want you to Hulk out and fuck me--okay, okay, I do, but I get why you don't want to, it's inherently dangerous, internal trauma, ruptures aren't sexy, yadda yadda yadda--but--"
fic  multi  author:petra  avengers  marvel  tony.stark  bruce.banner  pepper.potts  tony/pepper/bruce  toread 
june 2012 by partofthewhole
Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl - lightgetsin - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Summer, 1998. Neal Caffrey robs the gallery where Elizabeth O'Dell is working late, and comes away with a lot more than art. Agent Burke has no idea what's about to hit him.

Pre-canon, 21,000 words
fic  ot3  multi  author:lightgetsin  neal/peter/elizabeth  white.collar  neal.caffrey  peter.burke  elizabeth.burke  au  toread 
june 2012 by partofthewhole
gyzym: discworld fic: a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat [vimes/sybil/vetinari, pg]
Pairing: Sam Vimes/Lady Sybil/Lord Vetinari
Summary: In which Vimes is Vetinari's bulldog, Vetinari is Vimes' headache, and they're both of them Lady Sybil's boys.
fic  multi  ot3  author:gyzym  discworld  terry.pratchett  sybil.ramkin  samuel.vimes  havelock.vetinari  sybil/sam/vetinari 
may 2012 by partofthewhole
petra | Zen and the Art of Anger Maintenance - Avengers story, Bruce Banner/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Summary: Bruce doesn't trust himself as far as an unenhanced human could throw him, but his new employers, or rather teammates, or--possibly--friends want to help him work on that.
Pairing: Bruce Banner/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
12800 words
fic  multi  avengers  marvel  author:petra  bruce.banner  pepper.potts  tony.stark  tony/pepper/bruce  toread 
may 2012 by partofthewhole
Know You Better Than You Want Me To - BlackEyedGirl - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Natasha met Clint a little more than five years ago, under less than ideal circumstances. She met Phil five years ago, when things had got worse. It hasn’t been all downhill from there, but at least she’s had company. [No movie spoilers]
fic  multi  avengers  marvel  author:blackeyedgirl  natasha.romanov  clint.barton  phil.coulson  clint/phil/natasha  telepathy 
may 2012 by partofthewhole
thingswithwings | New Fic: Tangled (Community, Annie/Abed and Troy/Abed)
words: 28 800
relationships: Annie/Abed, Troy/Abed, Annie-Troy friendship
summary: "Do you want me to go down on you?" Abed asks, one afternoon, when they're watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
fic  het  slash  multi  community  author:thingswithwings  toread  annie.edison  troy.barnes  abed.nadir  annie/abed  troy/abed 
may 2012 by partofthewhole
It's Complicated - Katarin - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It's PK's rookie year and he's not sure what this thing with Carey is. He also doesn't know it's a thing at all. Sometimes PK's pretty dumb.
author:katarin  fic  rpf  slash  hockey.rpf  p.k.subban  carey.price  p.k./carey  jeff.skinner  p.k./jeff  p.k./carey/jeff  multi 
february 2012 by partofthewhole
fv_poster | Gift for sol_se (Revenge)
Music: "Blow" by Ke$ha
Summary: Emily/Destruction/Nolan OT3.
Content notes: No standardized notes apply
Length: 03:37
vid  revenge  multi  emily/nolan  het  nolan.ross  emily.thorne  challenge:festivids  vidder:elipie 
january 2012 by partofthewhole
I Saw Three Ships: Antiphonal Twilights
Notes: Title and headings adapted from Margaret Holley's Breakfast with Bonnard.
Summary: My egg yolk and buttery toast rhyming with your pears and croissants, your red poppies. Blizzards and breakfasts. Set after 4.10.
fic  parks.and.rec  multi  ot3  ann.perkins  ben.wyatt  leslie.knope  leslie/ann/ben  author:voleuse  challenge:i.saw.three.ships 
january 2012 by partofthewhole
missy_useless: all the breaking and all the gluing back
Summary: In which Jo is resurrected and the world is overrun by monsters.
Word Count: 7,506
Spoilers: S6
fic  multi  supernatural  author:missy-useless  sam.winchester  dean.winchester  jo.harvelle  sam/dean/jo  toread 
december 2011 by partofthewhole
thingswithwings | New Fic: Housewarming (Community, Troy/Abed/Annie)
summary: Annie, Troy, and Abed make pie, and then have sex. I have no idea why it's eleven thousand words.

"Hey guys, look," Abed says. "I have extra pastry dough. What should I do with it?"

They end up making shapes to put on top of the pie; Annie makes a unicorn (it looks like a duck), Troy makes a rainbow (it looks like an eyebrow) and Abed makes a blorgon (it looks surprisingly like a blorgon).

"Duck vs Blorgon in the land of the Eyebrow People!" Abed cries as they slide it slowly into the oven. Troy makes the blorgon laserbeam sounds, and Annie provides the low-pitched evil quacks. No one knows what sound an eyebrow makes.
community  fic  troy/abed/annie  author:thingswithwings  ot3  multi  troy.barnes  abed.nadir  annie.edison 
november 2011 by partofthewhole
Rosemary for Remembrance - Gehayi - Shakespeare - Works, Hamlet - Shakespeare [Archive of Our Own]
Hamlet in space, starring sensible and heroic Ophelia, genderswapped Claudius, clones Rosencrantz and Guilderstern and alien Fortinbras. (Alas, there are no sharks in space riding motorcycles, nor is there a time machine.)
fic  hamlet  william.shakespeare  author:gehayi  multi  au  yuletide  yuletide.2010  ophelia  claudius  laertes  fortinbras  rosencrantz  guildenstern  gertrude  genderswap  toread 
november 2011 by partofthewhole
sam_storyteller: Never Leave A Trace 1/3
Summary: Neal Caffrey can steal souls. Peter Burke has two shadows. Everything's normal...except when it isn't.

Recced by tfv. Magic AU.
fic  author:sam_storyteller  white.collar  ot3  multi  elizabeth.burke  neal.caffrey  neal/peter/elizabeth  peter.burke  au  toread 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
The Dead Ringer - peggy_lane - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Misha was the best private investigator in Los Angeles until he married Jared and his billions. Now, between spending his husband's money, drinking to excess, and bantering with Jared like it's his job, life is too full for anything like real work. Enter Jensen Ackles, his missing father, eccentric family, and possible mob connections…and you have a case for murder that may be juicy enough to bring Misha out of retirement. [Written for spn_cinema, based on The Thin Man.]
rpf  slash  multi  fic  author:peggy_lane  misha.collins  jared.padalecki  jensen.ackles  jared/misha  jared/jensen/misha  au  challenge:spn_cinema  toread 
october 2011 by partofthewhole
britomart_is: Fic: Like Luggage of Some Departed Traveller; Master Post
Warnings: horror themes and imagery, diseases and disasters, mild gore, angst.
Summary: AU from Season One.
Rogue wildlife attacks? Check. Virulent, incurable pandemic? Double check. Relentless string of natural disasters? Check, check, check. Dean's got it hard enough dealing with the collapse of modern society, so imagine his dismay when he goes to Stanford Law to fetch the brother he's been painfully in love with for most of his life and finds that brother happily married. When Sam, Dean, and Jess set off across the country to find their dad, it's all they can do just to stay alive, much less stay true to each other.
fic  author:britomart_is  sam/dean  sam/dean/jess  sam/jess  apocalypse  ot3  multi  supernatural  au  dean/jess  toread  challenge:spn_j2_bigbang  has:author  has:challenge 
september 2011 by partofthewhole
longsufferingly: Title: Luck of the PolishAuthor: poor_ch
Summary: Jared gets the apartment of his dreams. And the roommates aren't bad either.
Notes: I was trying to figure out if I could get Sims to be in a threesome-like-arrangement without jealousy happening (answer: yes, if you get the "no jealousy" achievement), and then I was like, this is a hot potential threesome, I should write it. Well played, self.
fic  author:chash  rpf  multi  adrianne.palicki  danneel.harris  jared.padalecki  jared/adrianne/danneel  toread  au  has:author 
september 2011 by partofthewhole
The Trigonometry of Photography - Agnes_Bean - Community [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Annie still can’t believe she’s even asking the question.

In which Annie likes lists. Aww.
fic  author:agnes_bean  annie.edison  abed.nadir  troy.barnes  troy/abed/annie  jeff.winger  multi  ot3  community 
september 2011 by partofthewhole
Contractual Obligations: A Love Story in Three Traffic Lights - Chapter 1 - shaenie - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
The way Neal says it, though, amused and dismissive, is almost insulting. Of course Peter would never do such a thing, Neal's tone implies. Absurd notion.
fic  author:shaenie  white.collar  ot3  multi  peter.burke  neal.caffrey  neal/peter/elizabeth  elizabeth.burke  toread 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
toftoft - kink bingo fic: Healing Station Argh
Completely hilarious story wherein we learn about Ronon's past as an Atlantean soap star, and the team learns they need to demonstrate some of the benefits of cultural exchange. Also: ice farming. And competitive cross-stitching. "It all started when they discovered Healing Station Argh. Or, okay, it actually started when Chuck found Pegasus cable."
fic  author:toft  het  slash  multi  pegging  rodney.mckay  john.sheppard  ronon.dex  teyla.emmagen  john/rodney  john/rodney/ronon/teyla  stargate.atlantis 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
brown_betty: Parker's Week Off
It was a little awkward sharing the elevator with Sophie, because she thought Sophie might be angry about the milkshake. Also, it had been a really bad throw. It must really suck to have bad aim.
leverage  fic  multi  ot3  author:brown_betty  author:emeraldwoman  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  alec/eliot/parker  parker(leverage) 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
brown_betty: Fic: House Rules
Eventually, Alec stops waiting for him to invite them over, and sends Parker to Eliot's place:

Third in the Odd Jobs series.
leverage  fic  multi  ot3  author:brown_betty  author:emeraldwoman  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  alec/eliot/parker  parker(leverage) 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
brown_betty: The Cat-Burglar Job [1/3]
[info]brown_betty: But if we wrote kittenfic, no one would respect us in the morning!
[info]emeraldwoman: Betty.
[info]emeraldwoman: No one respects us now.

Sequel to The Underwire Job
fic  leverage  multi  ot3  author:brown_betty  author:emeraldwoman  parker(leverage)  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  alec/eliot/parker 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
brown_betty: fic: The Underwire Job
Wherein Parker recruits Eliot for a side job. Awesome and hilarious Eliot POV. PG13 ""How can you not know? You're supposed to be my expert." And that was why Parker had brought him in, he realized, brokenly, in the ladies' fitting room of Nordstrom's. Parker was assembling her own tiny team for a job. The worst part was, he wasn't sure if he was Sophie in this team, or Nate." Also: kittens! Continues in the Odd Jobs verse (now with threesomes!)
leverage  het  fic  author:brown_betty  author:emeraldwoman  ot3  multi  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  parker(leverage)  alec/eliot/parker  alec/parker 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
liviapenn: Fic: when come back bring pie (Leverage; Hardison, Parker, Eliot)
So Alec had randomly mentioned that he was actually just gonna stay home on Thanksgiving and yes, as Eliot so awesomely put it, "play stupid video games."
fic  author:liviapenn  multi  leverage  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  parker(leverage)  alec/eliot/parker  ot3 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
The artist formerly known as makesmewannadie - Fic: Leverage, The 40 mg Job. Alec/Parker/Eliot, PG.
Parker on drugs and therapy. Lovely dynamics between the three of them.
"It had been a week since they’d busted Parker out of the rehab center and whatever those happy pills were, they weren’t really wearing off like Nate said. Well, sort of - she’d stopped most of the really weird stuff by now, like the constant eye contact and inviting him and Eliot to "express their feelings," but she was…looser, somehow. More comfortable with them."
fic  author:norah  leverage  multi  ot3  parker(leverage)  alec.hardison  eliot.spencer  alec/eliot/parker 
august 2011 by partofthewhole
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