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Antidisestablishmentarianism - throughadoor - Macdonald Hall - Gordon Korman [Archive of Our Own]

"Sorry, what?"

"You're proposing the disestablishment of our relationship and I'm, like … anti that. I'm opposed to that. Very opposed. Emphatically opposed."
fic  slash  author:throughadoor  gordon.korman  macdonald.hall  bruno.walton  boots.oneal  bruno/boots  futurefic 
6 weeks ago by partofthewhole
Dawning Political Careers (and Other Public Disasters) - kristophine - Macdonald Hall - Gordon Korman [Archive of Our Own]
“Hey, Boots,” said Bruno.

There was a muffled thumping noise. “No.”

“You haven’t even asked what this is about yet!”

“I don’t need to. It is—” There was a pause while, presumably, Boots checked his clock. “Four forty-five A.M., as in in the morning, and I have never, in all our many years of acquaintance, known you to come up with a good idea between midnight and five A.M.”

“You’re correct. This isn’t a good idea. This is a great idea.”
fic  slash  author:kristophine  macdonald.hall  gordon.korman  bruno.walton  boots.oneal  bruno/boots  futurefic  yuletide  yuletide.2019 
6 weeks ago by partofthewhole
A Series of Discoveries - genarti - Sorcerer Royal Series - Zen Cho [Archive of Our Own]
The idea came to him like a bolt of lightning. (Rollo had personal experience with being struck by lightning, so he was confident in his simile. The weather in Fairyland is not only chancy but tends to the dramatic, and dragons are, in addition to being accustomed to fly through clouds in all weathers, more than usually conductive. Fortunately, they are also extremely difficult to damage.)

Living with his family was simply intolerable. Very well; so why not live somewhere else? Why not live somewhere quite distant from all his family? Why not, in fact, leave Fairyland altogether?
fic  slash  author:genarti  dragons  paget.damerell  rollo.threlfall  rollo/damerell  pre-canon  yuletide  yuletide.2019 
7 weeks ago by partofthewhole
Anything of the Loving Kind - Anonymous - Gentleman Jack (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Ann loves her girlfriend naked, and adores her clothed, but there’s something especially thrilling about seeing her move from one state to the next.
fic  femslash  gentleman.jack  yuletide  yuletide.2019  anne.lister  ann.walker  anne/ann  au  clothing 
8 weeks ago by partofthewhole
Before, During, After - Anonymous - England Series - K. J. Charles [Archive of Our Own]
Meeting Fen Carruth entirely changed Pat Merton's life for the better.

That they get to solve mysteries together is a delightful bonus.

(Pat's experiences before, during, and after the events of Think of England)
fic  femslash  author:anonymous  think.of.england  yuletide  yuletide.2019  fenella.carruth  patricia.merton  pat/fen  archie.curtis  daniel.da.silva  pre-canon  post-canon 
8 weeks ago by partofthewhole
What a Victor You Are - Anonymous - Victor Victoria (1982) [Archive of Our Own]
For the prompt: "I would love it, dear Yulewriter, if you really leaned into that queerness." Victor gets lessons from Toddy in how to top his man.
fic  multi  yuletide  yuletide.2019  victor.victoria  victoria.grant  victor.grazinski  king.marchand  carole.toddy.todd  victor/king  victor/toddy  genderqueer 
8 weeks ago by partofthewhole
as wine pervades water - Anonymous - The Mummy Series [Archive of Our Own]
The last thing Rick expects to hear, when Evie opens the door at last, is a grim: “Darling, we’ve got to get married.”
fic  het  author:anonymous  the.mummy.trilogy  evelyn.carnahan  rick.o'connell  evelyn/rick  marriage  marriage.of.convenience  yuletide  yuletide.2019 
8 weeks ago by partofthewhole
Winter Sojourn - Anonymous - Sorcerer Royal Series - Zen Cho [Archive of Our Own]
Mrs Stapleton could not make her mind up whether to be pleased or distressed about Henrietta's going away to Fairy. For there was no doubt it was an honour:

"The first English magicienne to have been invited to the Fairy Court! The instructress to the True Queens of Fairyland! It sounds very fine, I declare."

And yet … "That it should have come at Christmas," said Mrs Stapleton, wringing her hands. "We have never spent a Christmas without you!"

After the events of the book, Henrietta pays a long-awaited visit to Muna in Fairy.
fic  femslash  author:anonymous  post-canon  henrietta.stapleton  muna  henrietta/muna  yuletide  yuletide.2019 
8 weeks ago by partofthewhole
Twined Like Barbed Wire - Muccamukk - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
When Bull and Johnny are exposed to an experimental chemical, the night or passion they spend together is only the beginning of their journey.
fic  slash  author:muccamukk  band.of.brothers  sex.pollen  bull.randleman  johnny.martin  bull/johnny 
11 weeks ago by partofthewhole
Groping to Clouds for Love - mautadite - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
“I am going to love her,” Arjana says decisively, giving a firm nod.

[Queen Who Fought in the War/Princess of Enemy Country She's Marrying to Seal the Peace Treaty]
fic  femslash  original  author:mautadite  ofc/ofc  arranged.marriage  royalty 
12 weeks ago by partofthewhole
How an SXSW Panel (That I Didn’t Even Go To) Changed My Life - Anonymous - Gilmore Girls [Archive of Our Own]
Rory and Paris founded a new media company together after graduating from Yale, and it’s going great! But are they really just business partners? And do they want to be?
fic  femslash  author:anonymous  gilmore.girls  paris.geller  rory.gilmore  rory/paris  pretend.girlfriends  epistolary 
november 2019 by partofthewhole
we’ll make a brand new start of it (in old new york) - misantlery - Buzzfeed: Worth It (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
“Just to be clear,” Andrew says. “You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend at a party to spite your high school bully and your high school girlfriend and possibly the entire state of Ohio?”

Steven giggles. “Spite’s such a harsh word. Shock and impress, maybe.”

“For a man of faith you’re being awfully morally flexible about this,” Andrew says.
fic  author:misantlery  andrew.ilnyckyj  steven.lim  andrew/steven  slash  pretend.boyfriends 
november 2019 by partofthewhole
Won't You Show Me - yekoc - To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
“Just don’t--don’t tell me it’s bad,” Lara Jean says. “Don’t make fun of me.”

Not when you know what the real thing is like and I only have the bodice-ripping purple prose version, she wants to say. Not when I worry about that all the time already.
fic  het  author:yekoc  to.all.the.boys.ive.loved.before  lara.jean.covey  peter.kavinsky  peter/lara.jean  virginity 
october 2019 by partofthewhole
in the hack - Anonymous - Schitt's Creek [Archive of Our Own]
After Ted, and before the Next Thing, Alexis joins a curling team. She's great at it, because, what, like it's hard?
fic  femslash  author:anonymous  schitt's.creek  alexis.rose  twyla.sands  alexis/twyla 
october 2019 by partofthewhole
Klemmata - greygerbil - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
King Melanthios is well aware that Prince Hesperos has other intentions than pure love when he starts courting him, but it's difficult to resist him nonetheless.
fic  original  omc/omc  slash  author:greygerbil  marriage  marriage.of.convenience 
september 2019 by partofthewhole
By Slow Degrees - OzQueen - The Mummy Series [Archive of Our Own]
Four times Rick O'Connell tried to ask Evelyn Carnahan to marry him (and one time he managed it with moderate success).
fic  het  author:ozqueen  the.mummy.trilogy  rick.o'connell  evelyn.carnahan  jonathan.carnahan  evelyn/rick  marriage  post-canon 
august 2019 by partofthewhole
Devotion, Threefold - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
"You know," Aatenel said, lowering his voice, "most people who are graced with my physical form tend to say something in response."

There had been a ritual greeting he was supposed to use, Pando abruptly remembered. It was like having water dumped on his head. He had fucked this up entirely.

An unnatural fire threatened Pando's kingdom. The people of Vrae and his Expanse had never before demanded things from each other, so Pando had begged. He agreed to marry a fire god, sight unseen - only the wedding day has come, and the fire god does seem to enjoy what he's seeing now.
fic  original  slash  author:anonymous  fire.god/king  marriage 
august 2019 by partofthewhole
the pleasure principle - yasaman - The Good Place (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"When Eleanor makes the offer, she doesn’t expect Tahani to actually take her up on it. A woman like Tahani Al-Jamil is not going to stay at a tourist trap motel with Eleanor Shellstrop, Arizona trashbag."

What happens when Tahani does, in fact, take Eleanor up on her offer to stay with her in her Sydney motel room.  femslash  fic  autho:yasaman  eleanor.shellstrop  eleanor/tahani  toread 
may 2019 by partofthewhole
The Place of Caught Breath - OzQueen - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
Her fingers pushed through his neatly-combed hair, and she eyed the lipstick smudged on his mouth before she met his gaze. "It's my birthday," she whispered.

"It is well past the final hour of your day," Jack murmured, though he didn't pull away. "Don't be greedy."
fic  het  author:ozqueen  miss.fisher's.murder.mysteries  phrynne.fisher  jack.robinson  phrynne/jack 
april 2019 by partofthewhole
Get Loud - hetrez - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot waved his arms, nearly spilling the sparkling water. He said, “I don’t have bad sex, okay? I’m not built like that.” That was a lie, the ghosts in his happy place knew how much that was a lie. What he meant was that he didn’t have bad sex with Quentin. They never had, it was like a law of nature or something. Except tonight was apparently going to break a 53-year record, goddammit.

“Well, you certainly had bad something,” Margo said.

Or: look, everybody hits a slump sometimes, okay?
fic  slash  author:hetrez  the.magicians  quentin.coldwater  eliot.waugh  quentin/eliot 
april 2019 by partofthewhole
#Rogeliban - fiercynn - Jane the Virgin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Reply from @feministfaolan
god they would be the cutest couple #Rogeliban

Reply from @RogelioDeLaVega
Wait what????
fic  gen  author:fiercynn  jane.villanueva 
april 2019 by partofthewhole
Yes and Yes and Maybe Yes - hetrez - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Eliot was in the happy place, after he’d gained control of his body and then lost it again, he’d told himself he would do absolutely anything to make things right. Turns out “absolutely anything” is pretty goddamn spectacular when you’re free, and healthy, and you’ve got the most beautiful man in the world so turned on he’s shaking, because you’re showing him all the ways that he can say, “No,” and you’ll listen to him.

Or: consent porn, with feelings.
fic  slash  the.magicians  author:hetrez  eliot.waugh  quentin.coldwater  eliot/quentin 
april 2019 by partofthewhole
Hypnotic - greywash - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Exasperated, Penny says, "Even you couldn't possibly be this bad at sleeping if you were getting dicked down on the regular."
fic  slash  author:greywash  quentin.coldwater  penny.adiyodi  quentin/penny  the.magicians 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
Pricked thee out for young men's pleasure - Petra - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Two bright young things meet at a party freshman year, get on well, and get it on; or, on his quest to become himself, Eliot finds a role model in Margo.
fic  het  queer  author:petra  the.magicians  eliot.waugh  margo.hanson  eliot/margo  pre-canon  pegging 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
The spin I'm in - longnationalnightmare - Pod Save America (RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
In the span of a second, Jon had gone from looking handsome to looking—“Fuck,” Lovett had said. He’d felt his heart rate pick up, palms starting to sweat. Lovett had promised himself a long time ago never to see Jon like this for more than a second, no matter how relentlessly he had to quash the odd accidental shock of possibility, of pushy, near-irrepressible desire. He’d promised himself, and he’d meant it. Jon was off-limits. Wanting Jon was off-limits. Even thinking about a world in which Jon wasn’t off-limits… second verse, same as the first. It wasn’t a complicated rule: just a big mess of caution tape. No; no; not for you; not ever.

So it would have been bad enough that Lovett couldn’t stop himself, suddenly, from looking. But of course, what made it a million times worse: Jon was looking back.
fic  slash  rpf  political.rpf  jon.favreau  jon.lovett  jon/jon  sex.pollen  author:longnationalnightmare 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
Ju-lee, Ju-lie - downjune - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Juli knew she was dreaming, because Margo Gondry would never touch her with this kind of tenderness, this reverence, in real life.
fic  femslash  original  author:downjune  pregnancy  ofc/ofc 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
if everything happens that can't be done - longnationalnightmare, oops_ohdear - Crooked Media RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Marriage is not a matter that weighs heavily on Lord Jon Favreau’s mind—or at least, not his own marriage. But when his best friend begins courting, it becomes a question of some urgency.
fic  slash  author:longnationalnightmare  author:oops_ohdear  political.rpf  rpf  jon.favreau  jon.lovett  jon/jon  arranged.marriage 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
An Incomplete Collection of Improper Conversations - Stonestrewn - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
“It’s less a matter of not wanting to sleep with you,” Aud says, “and more one of your father killing me if he finds out.”

“Why would he ever?” Yngvild raises her eyebrows in a show of bewilderment. “Are you planning to walk up to him afterwards, like, ‘forgive me, for I have tasted your daughter’s cream puff, M’lordship?'”
fic  femslash  author:stonestrewn  original  ofc/ofc 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
Sweet Gestures - SuburbanSun - Schitt's Creek [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m sorry. Let me get this straight,” Stevie said, doing her best to suppress a smirk. “You need to use my apartment.”

“Uh huh,” David responded, baring his teeth, just a little.

“To bake.”

He blinked at her expectantly, holding up a tube of store-bought cookie dough. “Well, I’m not exactly carrying this around just in case I need a snack."
fic  gen  slash  author:suburbansun  schitt's.creek  david.rose  stevie.budd  david/patrick 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
up close (and a little too personal) - elegantstupidity - Schitt's Creek [Archive of Our Own]
On the scale of upsetting things that had happened to her in her life, getting stuck in a closet with Ted Mullens shouldn't even register.

If only Alexis's stupid heart had gotten the memo.
fic  het  author:elegantstupidity  schitt's.creek  alexis.rose  ted.mullins  david.rose  alexis/ted 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
The Ibis Maid - mimosa-supernova (FourCatProductions) - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
In which there is a festival, a princess determined to buck tradition, and a guard that has Thoughts about her oldest friend's impending engagement.

Charming Princess/Her Gruff Guardswoman Who Tries Hard Not to Seem Too Devoted
fic  femslash  author:mimosa-supernova  original  ofc/ofc  royalty 
march 2019 by partofthewhole
Ynys Afallach (I Will Give My Love An Apple) - Femme (femmequixotic), noeon (noe) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Professor Waverley Root's tutorial in the history of magical food is something of a legend at Flamel College. Draco Malfoy wants to apply it to his work in sustainable wizarding agriculture. Harry Potter's taking it for his interest in historical overlap between the magical and Muggle worlds in the West Country. When Root pairs them together, the fireworks (and the apples!) fly. Now if only they can find something original, perhaps they'll make it through to complete their degrees on time.
fic  slash  author:femmequixotic  author:noe  harry.potter  harry/draco  draco.malfoy 
february 2019 by partofthewhole
A Kitten May Wake A Witch - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
On a perfectly crisp winter morning, a kitten wakes a witch, and in doing so, strikes a bargain.
fic  original  gen  author:anonymous 
february 2019 by partofthewhole
Union of Heart - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
When the recently widowed Duke of Bridgewater discovers he has inherited a cotton mill where the workers are striking, he decides to investigate the conditions of the workers and meets the impulsive Edward Mann, the union leader for his mill.
fic  art  comic  slash  author:anonymous  original  omc/omc 
february 2019 by partofthewhole
Ever At His Side - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Sir Asoza has for more than two decades been a good friend and trusted knight to the ruler of Athelney; he has been in love with him almost as long. When it seems like the pressure at court is getting to King Lyndon, Sir Asoza proposes a small stay at his own keep to get away from politics for a bit. In their shared solitude, however, their feelings suddenly become hard to ignore.
fic  original  author:anonymous  omc/omc  virginity  royalty 
february 2019 by partofthewhole
brought us this far & we'll do what we can - spock - Sex Education (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You know what else starts with B, don’t you?” Eric asks, sounding far too pleased for Adam's liking.

Adam thinks about it. He’s always fucking hated riddles. Freshly changed, he sits back down on his mattress and picks up his phone, bringing both himself and Eric back into view. “Buttbuddies?” he guesses.
fic  slash  author:spock  adam.groff  eric.effoing  adam/eric  post-canon 
february 2019 by partofthewhole
i only wanna be alone with you - strictlybecca - Schitt's Creek [Archive of Our Own]
Here’s the thing, Alexis stands by the fact that she came by her keys to Patrick’s apartment honestly and without guile, but she’s willing to admit to some very strong nudging? Purposeful elbowing. Kind of demanding, but, like, in a strong, empowered woman kind of way, you know?

(Alternatively, the one where Alexis accidentally overhears some private time between Patrick and David.)
fic  slash  author:strictlybecca  schitts.creek  patrick.brewer  david.rose  alexis.rose  patrick/david 
february 2019 by partofthewhole
Another pair of hands - Hyakunichisou 13 (zinnia13) - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
"So you're sprucing up your house?" Hart asked as he rang up the purchase on an iPad.

"More like trying to keep it from falling apart." Daniel had always wondered why friends who had just bought houses suddenly had no weekends as well as no money. Now he knew.

Hart smiled. "Yep. Old places are like that. Worth it, mind you."
fic  original  slash  author:hyakunichisou13  omc/omc  s2b2 
january 2019 by partofthewhole
Bakes to Die For - Longpig - The Great British Bake Off RPF [Archive of Our Own]
While digitizing the BBC archives, an intern who asked to remain anonymous discovered a transcript of a lost episode of the Great British Bake Off. The paper could neither be photocopied nor scanned as all the copies came out blank; and the actual footage was never found.
fic  gen  author:longpig  gbbo  rpf  mel.giedroyc  sue.perkins  paul.hollywood  mary.berry  yuletide  yuletide.2018 
january 2019 by partofthewhole
i get kinda hectic inside - throughadoor - Schitt's Creek [Archive of Our Own]
Ray's latest business venture, the motel's new weekly towel limit, the most recent bout of legal trouble in Twyla's family and other things that happened when David and Patrick decided to move in together.

"David looked up from the scrapbook with a pinched-face glare. "Laugh all you want," he said, "but this book contains fourteen out of the sixteen discontinued mistints from the Ralph Lauren mid-temperature metropolitan urban whites collection.""
fic  slash  author:throughadoor  schitts.creek  yuletide  yuletide.2018  patrick.brewer  david.rose  david/patrick 
january 2019 by partofthewhole
you're my cherry pie - novembersmith - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Eddie suggests they have sex, Venom is, more than anything else, extremely confused.
fic  other  author:novembersmith  venom  yuletide  yuletide.2018  eddie.brock  eddie/venom  xeno 
january 2019 by partofthewhole
impediments - novembersmith - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
In which the instution of marriage is discussed, and the impediments therein are removed.

...mostly via the application of liberal amounts of alcohol, and maybe a smidgeon of actual use of words.
fic  slash  author:novembersmith  temeraire  naomi.novik  will.laurence  tenzing.tharkay  will/tenzing  post-canon  yuletide  yuletide.2017 
january 2019 by partofthewhole
I Break Pattern, I Break Ground - knight_tracer, lady_ragnell - Star Wars Sequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
The Resistance has temporarily moved to Cloud City, and Rose finds herself in charge of getting their new fleet off the ground.

fic  multi  ot4  star.wars:the.force.awakens  toread  to.tag 
december 2018 by partofthewhole
Squad Goals (Stay Together Forever) - burglebezzlement - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Valencia's birthday is cursed. It's just how things are. Like how she's super-good at yoga, or how ghosts are always obsessed with her.

Nothing's going to change that — but maybe she's willing to let Heather and Rebecca try.
fic  femslash  author:burglebezzlement  crazy.ex-girlfriend  ot3  multi  rebecca.bunch  valencia.perez  heather.davis  valencia/heather/rebecca 
october 2018 by partofthewhole
By the author of "Laura's Dilemma" - Anonymous - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
There was always a fire in the schoolroom grate, even when she came home long after midnight. And Miss Cole was always there. Sometimes she would be turning over the pages of a novel (Maria was almost sure it was a novel); sometimes writing a letter; sometimes she would be dozing in the high-backed chair that had been Mamma's favourite when they lived in the country; but she would always be there when Maria looked in.

And Maria always looked in.
fic  femslash  original  author:anonymous  ofc  ofc/ofc 
october 2018 by partofthewhole
Citation Flirtation - Anonymous - Black Panther (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Shuri's paper is refuted in a subclause of a footnote. This means war. (And somehow eventually takeout and fully-funded projects and kissing.)
fic  femslash  author:anonymous  marvel  mcu  black.panther  shuri  t'challa  ofc  shuri/ofc 
october 2018 by partofthewhole
No Country for Young Women - coyotesuspect - Discworld - Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
As a favor to Wazzer, Polly and Maladict go undercover as a couple at a peace conference to foil a plot. Unfortunately, they don't know what the plot is or who's doing the plotting.

Even more unfortunately, Maladict really wasn't kidding about vampires and structured lingerie.
fic  femslash  author:coyotesuspect  monstrous.regiment  terry.pratchett  discworld  maladict  polly.perks  mal/polly  pretend.girlfriends  futurefic 
august 2018 by partofthewhole
Catching the Snitch - abluestocking - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In which a Ministry dinner, a sibling rivalry, and a Quidditch tournament changed the course of Padma Patil's life in a way she never expected.
fic  femslash  author:abluestocking  harry.potter  ginny.weasley  padma.patil  ginny/padma  pretend.girlfriends 
august 2018 by partofthewhole
Girls These Days - Nerissa - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Ann is not sure it should be this difficult to dismantle a criminal enterprise.

She does know it shouldn't be this fun.
fic  original  femslash  ofc/ofc  author:nerissa 
august 2018 by partofthewhole
Running In Circles - shinealightonme - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm thinking about dating again," Gina says, in what is clearly the sad and thoughtful voice she had practiced for this occasion.
fic  femslash  brooklyn.nine.nine  author:shinealightonme  gina.linetti  rosa.diaz  rosa/gina 
august 2018 by partofthewhole
Summer's Turns - Trobadora - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Inzun was not a fellow student mage any more. She was a student death-witch instead, even if her teachers hoped she would never actually use those powers.
fic  original  author:trobadora  femslash  ofc/ofc  magic 
august 2018 by partofthewhole
Love Is Touching Souls - lady_ragnell - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Enjolras has worn a cuff to keep from finding out who his soulmate is for years, even though he knows there's a name under there. When Grantaire starts coming to meetings, though, bringing Combeferre's soulmate close behind him, it's enough to make Enjolras wonder if he's making the right choice after all.
fic  slash  author:lady_ragnell  les.miserables  enjolras  grantaire  enjolras/grantaire  au  soul.bonding 
july 2018 by partofthewhole
Into Something Good - lady_ragnell - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Enjolras, in need of a date for a benefit, follows Courfeyrac's advice and calls an escort service. R turns out to be the perfect date, even if he's absolutely nothing Enjolras was expecting.

Although that may be because he isn't actually an escort.
fic  slash  author:lady_ragnell  les.miserables  enjolras  grantaire  enjolras/grantaire  au  pretend.boyfriends 
july 2018 by partofthewhole
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