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The Great Avengers Body Swap by vain_glorious, read by blackglass
Loki and the Avengers spend a month in SHIELD's detention cells, because Loki cast a bodyswapping spell against them and got himself with it, too.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  BodySwap  Time0:20-0:30  Dec2013  Rec 
december 2013 by paraka
Learn How to Tell You Goodbye by torakowalski, read by liannabob
When Phil Coulson's life model decoy is attacked on the Helicarrier, the World Security Council seizes the opportunity to send him deep undercover in Russia.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Clint Barton struggles to come to terms with the loss of his handler and unexpectedly finding himself part of the Avengers, a group of people who can't quite call themselves a team. Yet.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Steve/Bucky  AU  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  H/C  Mourning  First_Time  Established_Relationship  Time4:00-5:00  Dec2013  Rec 
december 2013 by paraka
Try the Salsa by sabinelagrande, read by fire_juggler
Everything else pales in comparison, except maybe the guy who makes it.
Podfic  Avengers  Preslash  Clint/Coulson  AU  Mundane!AU  Time0:10-0:20  Dec2013  Rec 
december 2013 by paraka
Robot Trip by copperbadge, read by kalakirya
Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could possibly go wrong?
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  Pepper/Tony  RoadTrip  Friendship  Time0:45-1:00  Dec2013  Rec 
december 2013 by paraka
Charm and Strange by Cesare, read by Lunate8
"It's perfectly clear. All words of one syllable, even. I, am, not, a, top."
Podfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  D/s  First_Time  Time<0:10  Dec2013  Rec 
december 2013 by paraka
Baby Steps by raiining, read by raiining
Clint Barton doesn't care for S.H.I.E.L.D. This Agent Coulson, though, he might be different.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Still Officially Lost by pollyrepeat, read by raiining
From Still Officially Lost by pollyrepeat: “Barton has clearly imprinted on you,” Fury starts, and keeps talking right over Phil’s knee-jerk, horrified, “He has not,” to seal Phil’s doom by saying, “so I’ve decided that you’re going to take primary responsibility for him from now on.”

“Oh, god,” Phil says, faintly, before he can stop himself.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  Friendship  Time1:00-1:30  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
10, 9, 8, car by pollyrepeat, read by aphelant
Clint was pretty sure he'd seen this movie. Like a lot of things since he'd joined the Avengers, it had been a lot funnier when it wasn't his life.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Time_Loop  Death_Fic  Angst  Established_Relationship  Time0:45-1:00  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
The Cephalopod Who Loved Me by linguisticjubilee, read by greeniron
Clint stands outside the tank for Octopus Cynea, a Treasure of the Pacific, feeling distinctly like an idiot. He broke into an aquarium in the middle of the night, --an aquarium, by the way, he had just tried to convince his boss was full of Bad Guys Up to No Good--armed to the teeth with a bow and quiver, to talk to an octopus. Not his proudest moment.
Or, the one where Coulson gets turned into an octopus.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  AU  Transformative_AU  Crack  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Never Sold a Lie by nerdwegian, read by shell
"The Life Model Decoys are designed with a self-sustaining Artificial Intelligence, with the project goal being for them to be able to pass as their Target Model in any given situation."
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  Angst  First_Time  Time0:45-1:00  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
User Since by rageprufrock, read by susan_voight
To: PC (
From: Buck (
Subject: Report!
Date: May 10, 2012

Phil — where the hell are you, man? Let us know if you're all right, or if there's anything we can do to help. HQ's freaking the fuck out.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  Death_Fic  Community  Angst  Time0:20-0:30  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
As Long As You Hold My Heart by jeyhawk, read by reena_jenkins
"AU. Kris is determined to win Adam's heart and if it take a tiara and a sparkly wand (the plastic kind, thank you very much) to get Adam to notice him, he's willing to go all in."
Podfic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  NotFamous  Crossdressing  Jealousy  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Vampires in Manhattan and Aftermath by selenay, read by jenna_corinth
Transported to another dimension, Clint and Phil find themselves quarantined in the middle of a vampire plague. Meeting their duplicates and seeing how everything went wrong could be the push they need to confront their own feelings.
But with time running out, they need to find a way home and, if they're lucky, a way to fix the other world as well.
Podfic  Slash  Clint/Coulson  AU(visiting)  Vampires  Apocafic  First_Time  Time3:00-4:00  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
Like Fine Print, Hard To Read by torakowalski, read by raiining
"Take your clothes off," Phil orders and Clint’s stomach rolls over in a fun, squirmy way.
"All of them?" he asks, already dropping his hands to his belt.
Phil just looks at him. It’s his did I fucking stutter? look, which Clint secretly finds crazily hot.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  D/s  H/C  Established_Relationship  Time0:20-0:30  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
But I Will Hold On Hope (And I Won't Let you Choke) by Perpetual Motion by perpetfic, read by crinklysolution
In which Clint is not the emotionally stunted one, plays pretty well with others, and Sitwell is a foul-mouthed matchmaker against his will.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Oct2013  Nov2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
life as a tree house by kellifer_fic, read by reena_jenkins
Tony finds out that when it comes to Avengers, you can't adopt just one.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  Family  Time0:45-1:00  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
I've got your words in me by eleanor_lavish, read by inkjunket
Clint doesn’t fuck up assignments very often. This time, he’s pretty glad he did.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
yours for good by aphelant , read by anna_unfolding
There's a whole lot he would give to hear Phil's dry "Impressive," through the comm, and maybe it's fucked up that the brush of card stock against the skin of his chest allows him to pretend that Phil's voice is real, but fucked up is all he's got.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  AU(visiting)  Dark  Established_Relationship  Time0:20-0:30  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
Words Don't Come Easily by anna_unfolding, read by aphelant
Clint is going to kill Tony. Right after he figures out how to get out of there without having to say too much.
“Natasha, what’s the first rule about fight club?” he admonishes, and Natasha laughs, and Phil’s eyebrows go up. Fuck. Stop talking, Barton.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Moresome  Clint/Coulson  Clint/Coulson/Natasha  FuckorDie  PWP  D/s  Established_Relationship  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
Through the Glass by dentalfloss, read by liannabob
"Thoughts, Coulson?" Fury asked, finger tapping idly on Barton's file.
"He's dangerous. He has trust issues that we may not be able to breach, he will not like working with others, he will lie to us about his motivations every chance he gets and, most likely, be successful every time." Coulson's gaze drifted back to the empty chair Barton had chosen earlier, boxed in the corner yet protected on as many sides as possible. "It won't be easy, but if we can win his loyalty he has the potential to be the asset we’re looking for."
Fury agreed, though neither of them would ever dream that they already had Barton’s loyalty, or that the price it cost was so steep.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  AU  Slavery  Time5:00-10:00  Sept2013  Rec 
september 2013 by paraka
The Damages We Keep by dentalfloss, read by aerlatro
Clint wasn’t stupid, but sometimes he did stupid things. Hiding the fact that he was injured seemed to make the top of that list as far as Coulson and his team was concerned.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  H/C  Angst  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Sept2013  Rec 
september 2013 by paraka
We Used To Be Friends by ladyfoxxx, read by jenepod
"You and me, right Mikes?"
"Yeah, fuck everybody else."

Best friends since high school, if Frank could've chosen a brother, he'd pick Mikey. Then Mikey became a rock star and Frank... didn't. After years of radio silence, Mikey steps onto a stage in Jersey and back into Frank's life.

(Or, the one where Frank is a school teacher and Mikey plays rhythm in The Used.)
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Mikey  AU  NotFamous  Misunderstanding  Breakup&Makeup  First_Time  Time5:00-10:00  Jul2013  Rec 
july 2013 by paraka
Write What You Know by romanticalgirl, read by dapatty
Pete's a widower with a three-year-old, a mortgage, a deadline, and no idea what his next book is going to be. Gabe's the barista at his local coffee place who turns his life and his world upside down.
Podfic  Bandom  Pete/Gabe  AU  NotFamous  Family  First_Time  Time2:30-3:00  Jul2013  Rec 
july 2013 by paraka
And The Band's Playing "Hail To The Chief" by synecdochic, read by general_jinjur
Fifteen years after Rodney begins teaching at The Little State University That Could, Dr. Vail announces his retirement, and Rodney is appointed chairman of the Physics department -- for his sins, Rodney says mournfully, and Katherine, who is the only person who has managed to learn not to take him seriously, laughs.
Podfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Gen  AU  Future_Fic  Time0:20-0:30  Jun2013  Rec 
june 2013 by paraka
Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by synecdochic, read by kuepo
SGC finally stops calling him by December. Rodney celebrates by writing a final exam for his relativity class so difficult that it reduces four students to tears in the exam hall. Upon reflection, he decides to be merciful and offer partial credit.
Podfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  AU  Future_Fic  Death_Fic  Angst  Established_Relationship  Time2:00-2:30  Jun2013  Rec 
june 2013 by paraka
Patrick the Hot IT Guy by la_dissonance, read by fire_juggler
As long as the hot IT guy is the one to come fix it, Pete's computer is welcome to break down as often as it likes.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  NotFamous  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Jun2013  Rec 
june 2013 by paraka
Freaky Friday by Cardel, read by pennyplainknits
Things like this don’t really happen, except in cheesy teen movies where the protagonists are suppose to learn some great life lesson on taking people for granted and realizing that walking in the other person’s shoes is not as easy as they may have believed. This isn’t a movie and Pete isn’t Lindsay Lohan and Patrick isn’t Jamie Lee Curtis, yet here they are.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  SupernaturalAU  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  May2013  Rec 
june 2013 by paraka
The Motions I've Been Going Through by fire_juggler, written by Gemmi999
"You're stealth." Pete whispers. "You totally bind, and I wish that shit didn't hurt as much as I know it must."
Podfic  Bandom  Gen  Transgender  H/C  Time<0:10  Mar2012  May2013  Rec 
may 2013 by paraka
Dropped Call by girlpearl, read by melusina
The drunk dial: so much subtext, so much intrigue, so much of what the kids are calling “BCI." That’s, uh, Booty Call Implication.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  Misunderstanding  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Apr2013  Rec 
april 2013 by paraka
Thank You for the Music & Take a Chance On Me by jedusaur, read by theletterelle
"Panic is going to be a big fucking deal. If Brendon is your lead singer, he's going to be a big fucking deal. Do you really want to own a celebrity?"
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  Ryan/Brendon  Jon/Spencer  AU  Slavery  Noncon  Dubcon  First_Time  Established_Relationship  Time0:45-1:00  Apr2013  Rec 
april 2013 by paraka
In Production by ladyfoxxx, read by pennyplainknits
The AU where bandom are filmmakers and Gerard is directing the Umbrella Academy movie. Brian is the distractingly hot stuntman, Pete is the producer, Patrick is the studio babysitter and everyone gets lucky at the wrap party.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  Brian/Gerard  AU  NotFamous  Angst  Breakup&Makeup  First_Time  Time5:00-10:00  Mar2013  Rec 
march 2013 by paraka
Flying Is The Most Fun A Cheerleader Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (But Threesomes Are Best When She's Naked) by reena_jenkins, read by quintenttsy
I know nothing about cheerleading that I didn't learn from Bring It On, Hellcats, and watching ESPN when Middlest Sis makes me, but FLIPS! and KICKS! and PEPPY HAIR! and BITCHY SNARKY GENDERSWAP AWESOMESAUCE!
Podfic  Bandom  Femslash  Moresome  Ryan/Spencer  Ryan/Brendon/Spencer  AU  College_AU  Established_Relationship  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Mar2013  Rec 
march 2013 by paraka
Frogs Out There Who Used to Be People by Lenore, read by melusina
Patrick has some concerns about Pete's new girlfriend. Maybe he's not so far off-base.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  Magic  MagicalMistakes  SexPollen  First_Time  Time0:20-0:30  Feb2013  Rec 
february 2013 by paraka
Can Never Wrong this Right by theopteryx, read by argentumlupine
It's 1949 and Dr. Way is a professor of Archeology and Frank is his constantly exasperated (and secretly pining) assistant. When their latest trek takes them to South America to locate the fabled Blood Stone, however, they both find more than they bargained for.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Gerard  AU  Historical_AU  SupernaturalAU  Fusion  Bonding  First_Time  Time2:00-2:30  Rec  Jan2013 
january 2013 by paraka
Gamut by Nahara, read by erica_schall
Arthur is a recruiter for a branch of the Special Forces and goes to give a talk at Ealdor High School. Merlin is in the audience.
Podfic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Modern_AU  Bonding  Magic  Time1:30-2:00  Jan2013  Rec 
january 2013 by paraka
Give In, Oh Sweet Surrender by Inane_Rational, read by lunchee
‘Don’t fight back. Just let them take what they want.’ This is the first rule Merlin knew.

Then Prince Arthur came to wage war on Cenred, and Merlin catches his eyes. He began to learn a new form of surrender.
Podfic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Merlin'sMagicIsRevealed  Noncon  Dubcon  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Jan2013  Rec 
january 2013 by paraka
The Walls Have Ears by DefineWisdom, read by raxhel
The walls have ears… and mouths. Merlin starts learning things, some of which he really wishes he could unlearn.
Podfic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  Magic  First_Time  Time<0:10  Jan2013  Rec 
january 2013 by paraka
Alpha Spikes by starbeast, read by rhea314
AU. Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year's heat season, as a 'thank-you' to all they've done for their compounds throughout the year. Derek is an Alpha and...yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he's just turned eighteen. not his day.
Podfic  TeenWolf  Slash  Derek/Stiles  Jackson/Danny  AU  Bonding  Breakup&Makeup  First_Time  Time5:00-10:00  Dec2012  Rec  via:parakatr 
january 2013 by paraka
(not actually) Vampires!verse by Solarcat, read by isweedan
Frank has high school figured out. His mom has given up arguing about the amount of time he spends in Gerard's basement, and he doesn't actually care if people think it's weird that he and Gerard hold hands in the hallways and go to the bathroom together. The only thing Frank cares about is figuring out why Gerard's suddenly avoiding him -- because what's the point of losing your virginity on Prom Night if you can't tell your best friend about it in the morning?
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Gerard  AU  HighSchool_AU  H/C  Time1:30-2:00  Dec2012  Rec  via:parakatr 
december 2012 by paraka
Or Something Like It by semivowel, read by aphelant
It turns out Sheppard’s physically unharmed, just doped out of his mind on Pegasus Galaxy truth serum. And since the rescue party arrives 35 minutes later, Rodney down-grades the entire experience to a mild food-poisoning equivalence class.
Podfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Dec2012  Rec  via:parakatr 
december 2012 by paraka
DILF by twentysomething, read by rhea314
Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.
Podfic  TeenWolf  Slash  Derek/Stiles  AU  NonCanon_AU  Family  First_Time  Time3:00-4:00  Nov2012  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
Pull of the Tide by Miss Aphelion. read by rhea314
"Stiles appears alone at the doors of the emergency room the morning after the full moon, covered in blood with a deep slash torn across his left side. He's suffering from hypovolemic shock and barely conscious and he won't tell anyone what happened—not his hospital appointed psychiatrist, not his father. Not even his pack.
The list of suspects is disconcertedly short. There were only seven others in the woods with Stiles that night: Derek, Scott, Boyd, Erica, Isaac, Jackson and Allison. And none of them remember the night in quite the same way."
Podfic  TeenWolf  Slash  Derek/Stiles  Magic  Dark  First_Time  Time3:00-4:00  Nov2012  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
Turn My Head into Sound by zee, read by girlpearl
Pete starts whispering encouragement into Patrick's ear to help him get over his stage fright. Then he starts whispering... less helpful things.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2012  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
Act as a Clever Medicine by zee, read by girlpearl
Pete's eyes widen, and Patrick can see the 'aha' moment. "Holy shit. That asshole with the water gun, you got sprayed with something--"

"I--" Patrick licks his lips, tastes Pete. "Yes. Pete, I, I need--" he gives up on talking because Pete's mouth is right there and he's leaning forward, a little, and Patrick has no impulse control whatsoever right now.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  SexPollen  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Nov2012  Mar2013  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
Giving Orders in Bed for Dummies by Cimorene, read by hananobira
Eventually it was clear that his options were (1) give in, (2) listen to Pete whining about it for the rest of forever, or (3) kill him, and Patrick wasn't entirely confident in his ability to commit the perfect murder yet.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  D/s  Kink  Established_Relationship  Time<0:10  Nov2012  Rec  Awesome 
november 2012 by paraka
Rebel Girl by girlpearl
And Patrick wants to say, see, this is why so many guys are terrified to date you and you have to write emo lyrics about them. AU--Pete has always been a girl.
Podfic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  AU  Genderfuck  PretendDating  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2012  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
Five Times it Mattered that Patrick is a Werewolf (and one time it didn't) by art_brutal, read by dapatty
Patrick is sometimes a wolf. FOB still happened in the way we all know and love. Set all the way through early van days, from the band's inception to their first major tour.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  WereAnimals  Bonding  First_Time  Time0:20-0:30  Oct2012  Rec  Nov2012 
october 2012 by paraka
You are the Moon by skoosiepants, read by striped_bowties
Things Stiles doesn't like to deal with first thing: hot, moist dog breath on his face, a cuddly werewolf creepifying his perfectly normal morning wood with shades of bestiality, and his dad holding his service revolver against the skull of his bedmate, never mind the fact that his bedmate could possibly be a vicious unhinged rouge omega.
Podfic  TeenWolf  Slash  Derek/Stiles  AU  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Oct2012  Rec  via:parakatr 
october 2012 by paraka
Scenarios by sophia_sol, read by analise010
Written for the Bandom Missed Connections Fest, for the prompt: "Brendon always sees this guy during his commute--he gets in a few stations after Brendon, and he's always reading the newspaper, and he always gets out the same station as Brendon. Brendon's never talked to him, but he means to. And then that guy isn't taking the commute anymore."
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  AU  NotFamous  Time0:10-0:20  Oct2012  Rec 
october 2012 by paraka
Floating Our Way Out by frankie_ann, read by jenepod
Ghost!Brendon AU. Brendon died five years ago and haunts a rundown house on the outskirts of Chicago. Ryan moves in with him! Brendon has a crush on Spencer, but won't let Ryan tell Spencer that Brendon exists, in case Spencer's creeped out by him. Ryan and Jon and Spencer start a band. Meanwhile Brendon helps Ryan write songs when the others aren’t around, since they don't know he exists, but he's frustrated that he can't join in for the rest of it. Sad, awkward ghost love with a happy ending and some fuzzy cuteness along the way. Guest starring Gerard, Mikey and Gabe.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  Ryan/Jon  AU  Transformative_AU  SupernaturalAU  Death_Fic  First_Time  Time2:00-3:00  Oct2012  Rec  via:parakatr 
october 2012 by paraka
CJ Cregg Never Had This Problem by torakowalsk, read by letsgofriday
Pete Wentz was the kind of reporter designed solely to make the life of the White House's Press Secretary more difficult than it otherwise needed to be.

As the White House’s Press Secretary, Patrick was in a pretty good position to judge.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  NotFamous  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Aug2012  Sept2012  Oct2012  Rec 
october 2012 by paraka
Won't Know 'Til You Begin by sena, read by knight_tracer
In which Frank is an accidental pervert, Mikey sleeps with Fabio, Gerard is much too sincere when talking about pain sluts, Ray is terrible with women and great with guitars, and Otter's got really bad taste in music. Alternately, the one where Frank realizes he has a thing for Mikey, Mikey realizes he has a thing for guys, and they're both adorably stupid failboats.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Mikey  UST  First_Time  Time2:00-3:00  Oct2012  Rec  via:parakatr 
october 2012 by paraka
I 4 U & U 4 Me by melusina, read by girlpearl
Pete convinces Patrick to pretend they’re dating during Lollapalooza - it goes about as well as could be expected.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  First_Time  Time0:20-0:30  Sept2012  Oct2012  Rec 
september 2012 by paraka
Runaway Car by katie_andrew, read by hermette
Written for eledhwenlin’s Picture Perfect AU prompt on pennyplainknits Pretend Dating Fest.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  AU  NotFamous  Harlequin  Time0:45-1:00  Sept2012  Rec  via:parakatr 
september 2012 by paraka
Sugar Daddy (We're Goin' Down) by jedusaur, read by leish
There is a long, heavy silence. Pete caresses Patrick's nipple. Patrick's dad coughs.

There is a very slight chance that this may, possibly, have been a bad idea.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  HighSchool_AU  Virgin  First_Time  Time0:20-0:30  Aug2012  Sept2012  Oct2012  Rec 
september 2012 by paraka
Thoughts on Accent Diversity in Podfic by nickelmountain
As a couple of people pointed out, accents are subjective anyway. We all have them. And yet it comes up again and again as a reason why new podficcers are afraid to dip their toes in the water. It makes me sad.
Meta  Podfic  Accents  Aug2012  Rec 
august 2012 by paraka
Bottoming From The Top by jedusaur, read by crazybutsound
Pete's the one inflicting the pain, but he's definitely not the one in charge. He's pretty sure that any games being played here are between Ryan and Ryan. Ryan is the dom, and Ryan is the sub, and Pete is the sex toy.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Ryan  Kink  D/s  First_Time  Time0:20-0:30  Jul2012  Rec 
july 2012 by paraka
Another Ex On the Calendar by lalejandra, read by reena_jenkins
I'm saying we should seduce Ryan -- he's already more than half in love with you -- and maybe he'll stay with us when Jon leaves.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Moresome  Brendon/Spencer  Ryan/Brendon/Spencer  AU  Established_Relationship  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Jul2012  Rec 
july 2012 by paraka
Screaming Down The Starlit Sky by herlovewasajoke, read by reena_jenkins
Arrogance and impulse control -- too much of one means too little of the other. Lines are drawn, alliances are forged, and nothing in Beckett's city will ever be the same again.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Ryan/Brendon  Spencer/Jon  Frank/Gerard  Mike/Tom  Butcher/Siska  Alex/Tom  Alex/Cash  Pete/Patrick  Bob/Joe  Adam/Tommy  AU  Vampires  Bonding  Superpowers  Dubcon  Amnesia  Dark  First_Time  Established_Relationship  Time30:00-40:00  Rec  Awesome  Jul2012  Nov2012 
july 2012 by paraka
Pages In Your Passport by inlovewithnight, read by fire_juggler
Pete pursued soccer instead of music. He has a good long run in the game. Then in 2010, he meets this guy in a band.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Mikey  AU  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Jun2012  Rec 
july 2012 by paraka
A Very Magical Kidnapping by deastar, read by exmanhater
Kris gives him a look. "You kidnapped me. You are holding me here against my will. I keep feeling like that fact isn’t getting the attention it deserves."
Podfic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Magic  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Jul2012  Rec 
july 2012 by paraka
I Was Your Silver Lining by shoemaster & theopteryx, read by isweedan
"So what do you do?" "I wait." "You wait? Like, what, tables?" "I wait for you." Werewolves, Gypsy magic, soul mates, reincarnation and Gerard being a creeper.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Gerard  AU  WereAnimals  Magic  First_Time  Time5:00-10:00  Jul2012  Rec 
july 2012 by paraka
Ain't that a Kick in the Head 'Verse by swing_set13, read by dr_fumbles_mcstupid
Wherein Hogwarts is a hotbed for teen romcoms where the surly hot guy is really a romantic dork who pines after the oblivious nerd who love getting into trouble. Oh and there are dragons. AND FEELINGS. And magic, but that's really not important to the plot.
Podfic  TeenWolf  HarryPotter  Slash  Derek/Stiles  AU  Fusion  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Jul2012  Rec 
july 2012 by paraka
The Sky-High City by sevenfists, read by inkjunket
Gerard's first book is called Leonard's Purple Balloon, and it's about how it's okay to like purple balloons instead of red balloons or green balloons, even though your friends might make fun of you.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Gerard  AU  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Jun2012  Rec 
june 2012 by paraka
Sing Ourselves to Sleep by dsudis, read by inkjunket
Being exhausted is nothing like being drunk, but some nights Gerard gets too tired to remember that.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Patrick/Gerard  First_Time  Time0:20-0:30  Jun2012  Aug2012  Rec 
june 2012 by paraka
Pondering Transformative Works, Blanket Permission, and Transformation in General by fire_juggler, read by anatsuno
In the last couple of months, I've written two.... things. One was explicitly not!fic and the other was not!not!fic and not fic, but more in that hazy area of verbal vomit. I didn't even post it to my journal, just stuck it on AO3. Both un-betaed and un-spell-checked. *nods* They are... really great [/sarcasm] Mostly, what this has confirmed for me is that I am a podficcer and not a writer. But, they are out there in the world.
Meta  Podfic  BlanketPermission  Time0:10-0:20  Rec 
june 2012 by paraka
I'm Game If You Are by moirariordan, read by fire_juggler
The way Kris phrased it was, in such an essentially Kris kind of way, "I can't really - have sex."

Adam's first thought was oh God, AIDS, and his second was Christian? and what actually came out of his mouth was a slightly whiny, very pathetic-sounding "why not?"

Kris blushed, and that was nothing new, but he didn't own it like he usually did, instead he fidgeted and looked uncomfortable and shy, and that if nothing else was alarming because Kris isn't any of those things, even when he's embarrassed he's a spitfire, and he's fearless and brave and a total smart ass, but right at that moment he looked very young and kind of scared, and there was nothing about it that wasn't wrong.

"I'm just - not good at it?" he said, and Adam almost wanted to laugh.
Podfic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  NotFamous  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Jun2012  Rec 
june 2012 by paraka
This Seed Burst and Grown by sena, read by pennyplainknits
Nobody's in a band, but Pete and Patrick meet in the Chicago music scene, anyway. Patrick's sixteen and mostly innocent and kind of confused and Pete's older and cooler and fucked up in ways that just make Patrick like him more.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  HighSchool_AU  College_AU  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Jun2012  Rec  Jul2012  Sept2012 
june 2012 by paraka
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