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HD 181068 by saathi1013, read by kalakirya
"Hierarchical triple systems comprise a close binary and a more distant component." -
Darcy’s been cagey in regards to the whole 'bi' topic, because it’s complicated. Or, okay, people think it’s complicated, but it really isn't and she doesn't want to handle the barrage of inevitable questions.
Especially not from Jane, who asks questions like it’s her job (which it kinda is) and might cotton on to the fact that Darcy thinks she’s hot. Like, 'Jodie Foster in Contact' hot, except without the interstellar daddy issues.
(Later, Darcy will remember this thought and laugh and laugh. And maybe also want to cry.)
Podfic  Avengers  Femslash  Het  Moresome  Jane/Darcy  Jane/Thor  Jane/Thor/Darcy  Breakup&Makeup  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Recall Delirious Dreams by Cristinuke
When Clint breaks something, Phil had to punish him accordingly.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  PWP  Kink  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Doing You Right in Shawsville by james
On a job in a small town in Georgia (the state), Clint accidentally marries Phil. Oops.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Undercover  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
The Long Dark Night That Follows by james
Clint decides it's time to leave the Avengers. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell the Avengers that.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Angst  H/C  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Let It Go by daphnie_1
"All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love." - Leo Tolstoy
Fic  Avengers  Het  Clint/Natasha  WC:<2K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
In Return by Siria
Natasha has long since become expert at hiding in plain sight.
Fic  Avengers  Gen  WC:<2K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Coulson's Eleven by copperbadge
After Vanko destroyed the Stark Expo, SHIELD instituted a Superhuman Detention program, designed to capture and hold dangerous people -- dangerous people like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and others who made themselves noticeable. The superhumans SHIELD has imprisoned -- and some SHIELD agents themselves -- have other ideas about what constitutes 'dangerous'...
Fic  Avengers  Gen  Pepper/Tony  AU  Dark  ReformedLoki  WC:25K-50K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Not an anchor but a mast by girlpearl read by pennyplainknits
But you, children of space, you restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed.
Your house shall be not an anchor but a mast.
It shall not be a glistening film that covers a wound, but an eyelid that guards the eye.
You shall not fold your wings that you may pass through doors, nor bend your heads that they strike not against a ceiling, nor fear to breathe lest walls should crack and fall down.
You shall not dwell in tombs made by the dead for the living.
And though of magnificence and splendour, your house shall not hold your secret nor shelter your longing.
Podfic  Bandom  Gen  Pete/Patrick  Time<0:10  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Baby Steps by raiining, read by raiining
Clint Barton doesn't care for S.H.I.E.L.D. This Agent Coulson, though, he might be different.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Initiation Into This Life by lar_laughs
(Or: 5 times Clint told the truth and one time she didn't)

Clint Barton has the Black Widow in the cross-hairs of her bow but stays her impulse as she realizes that this woman has seen things, in this first meeting, that not even the people who know her best have ever realized. I was told you were one thing, yet I see you are completely another.
Fic  Avengers  Gen  AU  Genderfuck  Budapest  WC:5K-10K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Lionheart by Skoll
At fifteen, Tony had called her very first press conference, and walked into it wearing a sharply pressed suit, a man's suit, with her hair perfectly done up and her lips painted blood red. Her opening line was, “So I'm sorry, for all of you who thought shaming me for not having testicles for fifteen years would make me grow a pair, but I have news for you: I'm a woman, and I'm still a hundred times more capable than any man I've ever met.” Her second line was, “Also, stop calling me Natasha, for god's sake, my name is Tony.”

As press conferences go, that one sort of went down in history.

(Or: After Afghanistan, the press decides to call the suit 'Iron Man.' Tony's not getting over that one any time soon.)
Fic  Avengers  Gen  Genderfuck  AU  WC:<2K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Here Waiting (Do You See Me?) by Morgane
When Clint finds out Phil and Natasha are sleeping together, he is happy for them. Really, he is. After all, he never thought he had a shot with either of them anyway.
Fic  Avengers  Het  Moresome  Natasha/Coulson  Clint/Coulson/Natasha  Established_Relationship  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Still Officially Lost by pollyrepeat, read by raiining
From Still Officially Lost by pollyrepeat: “Barton has clearly imprinted on you,” Fury starts, and keeps talking right over Phil’s knee-jerk, horrified, “He has not,” to seal Phil’s doom by saying, “so I’ve decided that you’re going to take primary responsibility for him from now on.”

“Oh, god,” Phil says, faintly, before he can stop himself.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  Friendship  Time1:00-1:30  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
10, 9, 8, car by pollyrepeat, read by aphelant
Clint was pretty sure he'd seen this movie. Like a lot of things since he'd joined the Avengers, it had been a lot funnier when it wasn't his life.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Time_Loop  Death_Fic  Angst  Established_Relationship  Time0:45-1:00  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Slow Growth Investment by arsenicarcher
Left at the hospital, injured and penniless, Clint tries to find his way to another circus, or some other means of supporting himself, but makes a few decisions that end up costing him. He's pretty much given up on ever making something of his life when he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, witness to an assassination. As it turns out, that's the best luck he's had in years. (Alternately, for those of you who know what this refers to: the obligatory hooker AU.)
Fic  Avengers  Moresome  Het  Clint/Coulson/Natasha  Clint/Natasha  AU  Prostitution  H/C  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
The Underground by raiining
It’s been a month since Loki, since New York, since Phil. Clint has been hired out to the FBI for busy-work, and gets loaned to the DEA on the side. Someone decides he would be perfect for a quick infiltration job to a local BDSM bar (sorry, “dungeon”) and sends him in. Clint isn't sure how, but he knows this is going to end badly...
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  BDSM  D/s  Undercover  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
The Codes in My Words by brilligspoons
There are too many variables in the situation, so Phil tells Pepper about a cellist and a few weekends spent in an apartment on the Upper East Side and long, slow strolls through Central Park in the evening, and none of these things are technically untrue.
Fic  Avengers  Moresome  Clint/Coulson/Natasha  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Luceat by dira
Requiem Aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Rest in peace.
Fic  Avengers  Gen  Mourning  Funeral  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  WC:<2K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
The Cephalopod Who Loved Me by linguisticjubilee, read by greeniron
Clint stands outside the tank for Octopus Cynea, a Treasure of the Pacific, feeling distinctly like an idiot. He broke into an aquarium in the middle of the night, --an aquarium, by the way, he had just tried to convince his boss was full of Bad Guys Up to No Good--armed to the teeth with a bow and quiver, to talk to an octopus. Not his proudest moment.
Or, the one where Coulson gets turned into an octopus.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  AU  Transformative_AU  Crack  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Story Time with Thor by shadowen, read by opalsong
One of the earliest truths learned by the children of heroes is the simple, universally accepted fact that Thor tells the best stories.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Future_Fic  Death_Fic  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  Family  Established_Relationship  Time0:20-0:30  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Never Sold a Lie by nerdwegian, read by shell
"The Life Model Decoys are designed with a self-sustaining Artificial Intelligence, with the project goal being for them to be able to pass as their Target Model in any given situation."
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  Angst  First_Time  Time0:45-1:00  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
The Job Fair by sabinelagrande, read by themusecalliope
Clint isn't entirely sure that it's a coincidence that the car breaks down right outside of Phil's hometown.
Podfic  Avengers  WelcometoNightVale  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Crossover  AU  Established_Relationship  Time0:30-0:45  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
warp and weft by legete, read by blackglass
The muscle apparently talked a little much for Loki's liking. Now Natasha has to pick out the stitches.
Podfic  Avengers  Het  Clint/Natasha  AU  H/C  Established_Relationship  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
User Since by rageprufrock, read by susan_voight
To: PC (
From: Buck (
Subject: Report!
Date: May 10, 2012

Phil — where the hell are you, man? Let us know if you're all right, or if there's anything we can do to help. HQ's freaking the fuck out.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  Death_Fic  Community  Angst  Time0:20-0:30  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
As Long As You Hold My Heart by jeyhawk, read by reena_jenkins
"AU. Kris is determined to win Adam's heart and if it take a tiara and a sparkly wand (the plastic kind, thank you very much) to get Adam to notice him, he's willing to go all in."
Podfic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  NotFamous  Crossdressing  Jealousy  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Loved Long Since, and Lost Awhile by DevilDoll
"It's the small stuff that hurts the most, he finds." Post-movie Clint/Coulson fix-it.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Het  Clint/Coulson  Clint/Natasha  Angst  Established_Relationship  WC:5K-10K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Without A Net Upon The Wire by torakowalski
Since he was abandoned by his brother and then the circus, Clint Barton has resigned himself to making his own way in the world. So when he ends up living on the streets of New York in the middle of winter, he’s not expecting to be taken in by injured army veteran, Phil Coulson, or accidentally involved in an escalating war against the Russian mafia.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  AU  Homeless  H/C  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
But I Will Hold On Hope (And I Won't Let you Choke) by Perpetual Motion by perpetfic, read by crinklysolution
In which Clint is not the emotionally stunted one, plays pretty well with others, and Sitwell is a foul-mouthed matchmaker against his will.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Oct2013  Nov2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
Rebel Girl by girlpearl
And Patrick wants to say, see, this is why so many guys are terrified to date you and you have to write emo lyrics about them. AU--Pete has always been a girl.
Podfic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  AU  Genderfuck  PretendDating  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2012  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka

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