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The Problem I Want To Have by melusina, read by paraka
Tricia’s heard the jokes all the guys make, and she’s worked hard never to be that girl. She’s not going to do anything that could screw up the band. And she’s not going to be Pete Wentz’s fucking girlfriend.
Podfic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  Patrick/Travis  AU  Genderfuck  Breakup&Makeup  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Sept2019  Rec 
6 days ago by paraka
Conclusions by bexless, read by rosekolodny
Set in 2006. "Smokes," Mikey reads aloud. "Likes dogs in case ever get one. Likes rock music. Likes loud rock music. Is interesting. Does not hog bathroom." He looks at Frank over the top of his glasses. "Dude, it's like you're meant to be."
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Frank/Gerard  Bob/Ray  Mikey/Alicia  AU  NotFamous  Misunderstanding  First_Time  Time4:00-5:00  Rec 
6 days ago by paraka
Xmas in Connecticut by Yahtzee
In December 1944, the entire nation loves Rebecca Lawrence - "America's Most Beloved Homemaker." Her columns about leading the ideal life in the country help lift people's spirits on the home front during World War II. But when her publisher asks her to host a war hero for Christmas dinner, the world is in danger of learning the truth ... which is that "Rebecca Lawrence" is imaginary. Really, she's a combination of Raven's snappy writing and Charles' knowhow in the kitchen.

However, this war hero, Erik Lehnsherr, is headed to Connecticut, so Raven and Charles have no choice but to find a way to make the imaginary real - at least, just for Christmas. Charles thinks they can pull it off, at least until he opens the door to see Erik and falls in love at first sight.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Het  AU  NonPowerAU  Undercover  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Jul2019  Rec 
9 weeks ago by paraka
His Terrible Swift Sword by Yahtzee
Written in 2003, after "X2" was released: In the past, a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr struggle to discover their powers -- and in the near future (the then unimaginably distant year of 2006), humanity is waging war on Magneto's Brotherhood and losing. The ensuing battle scatters the X-Men across the globe, but brings Rogue closer to Logan than she ever dreamed possible.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Het  Slash  Rogue/Logan  Charles/Erik  Future_Fic  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:50K-100K  Jul2010 
9 weeks ago by paraka
Dangerous Games by Gerec
Charlotte Xavier agrees to a sexual relationship with mob boss Erik Lehnsherr, in an effort to protect her brother Raven who is currently under his employ. She's only just coming to realize how much the agreement makes her subject to Erik's every whim...and how much she's starting to enjoy it.
Fic  X-Men  Het  Charles/Erik  AU  NonPowerAU  Rule63  MobAU  PWP  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Jul2019  Rec 
9 weeks ago by paraka
Keys and Cages by orphan_account
When Charles and Raven are taken captive by King Shaw, they're separated and married off -- Charles to Shaw and Raven to Erik. There's nothing but the worst to assume of the man known as the Black King and his stoic right-hand.

Luckily for Raven, Erik deems her a tad too young for him and instead awkwardly adopts her as something of a surrogate little sister. He turns a blind-eye when she begins a covert affair with a scientist in Shaw's Kingdom, Henry.

Charles, however, is not so lucky. Shaw is an obsessed and possessive man who will do anything, including ban any sort of interaction between Charles and others, to assure that his new prince falls in love with him and only him. But when Erik sneaks Raven in for a secret visit and she sings the knight's praises, Charles wants to meet the man who has been so kind to his sister. Struck by Charles' composure despite a seemingly dire situation, eventually Erik visits on his own behind his King's back.

But the more he gets to know the prince and princess, the more Erik starts to question his years of unquestioned loyalty to Shaw. And the Black King isn't known to take trespasses lightly, no matter who the trespasser is.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Het  Charles/Shaw  Hank/Raven  AU  AUStillHavePowers  Rape  Angst  H/C  Slavery  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Jul2019 
10 weeks ago by paraka
Pantheon by Yahtzee
In the year 96 AD, all Rome is aware that their gods have begun to Mark certain people with their gifts -- the healing power of Apollo, the metal control of Vulcan, the deathly touch of Pluto, or the mental powers of Minerva. When those gifts fall to slaves or barbarians instead of the Romans themselves, strict control is necessary.

Then a gladiator from Judea meets an enslaved scribe from Britannia, and the repercussions will shake the Empire itself.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Het  Charles/Erik  Rogue/Logan  AU  Historical_AU  AUStillHavePowers  Slavery  H/C  Violence  First_Time  WC:100K-150K  Jun2019  Rec 
june 2019 by paraka
Pockets Full of Stones (Lay Me Down) by kianspo
“You can’t,” Gwaine says in a pained voice. “Merlin... True or false: if Arthur had so much as a single gay bone in his body, a single gay hair on his head, even, you’d be married to him by now?”

A story in which Merlin is Gay, Arthur is heterosexual but homoromantic and they end up in a queer platonic relationship.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Het  Merlin/Arthur  Merlin/Gwaine  Merlin/Percival  AU  Modern_AU  Queer  Jealousy  WC:2K-5K  Apr2019 
april 2019 by paraka
Even Better Than the Prophecies by LaBelleetlaloup
This will be the final installment of this series because there will not be an adaptation of season/series five. It simply wouldn't make sense. Instead, there will be a lovely happily-ever-after type ending. Enjoy!
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  WC:2K-5K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
King of Camelot by LaBelleetlaloup
Alright, so we have made it to season 4. (How long have I been working on this story???? Does that word counter really say over 200k??? anyway...) We'll start with my version of The Wicked Day and move on from there. Mithian returns and is better than Arthur at hunting. They handle Caerleon and Annis with more aplomb. The Lamia is still creepy. Agravaine is going to come to visit and be a complete disaster of a human being. Gwaine is still madly in love with Merlin, bless his heart. Still trying to keep Morgana from becoming a complete disaster of a human being over there with Agravaine and Morgause. Hopefully it's working.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Arthur_is_King  Family  WC:25K-50K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
King-Regent by LaBelleetlaloup
Morgana and Morgause are gone but the turmoil they left still has to be dealt with. And Uther is not making a quick recovery. Despite Arthur's protests, someone needs to firmly take over to prevent any further invasions because the kingdom seems weak without a clear leader.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  H/C  Established_Relationship  WC:25K-50K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
Crown Pretenders by LaBelleetlaloup
Continuing into the events of Series/Season 3 but things are starting to sincerely diverge from canon.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  WC:25K-50K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
Wintertime by LaBelleetlaloup
Merlin and Arthur spend the winter living in each other's pocket and suddenly what everyone had already assumed is now true. Morgana still isn't the first one to find out and she's still irritated about it. Also, that first born son that Merlin promised her father appears to be on the way sooner rather than later.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  Mar2019 
april 2019 by paraka
Summertime by LaBelleetlaloup
Arthur recovers with ill grace and a treaty visit from King Bayard must needs be returned. Morgana flirts with the idea of marrying Bayard's eldest son. Also, Merlin has a very lovely trip home for Midsummer.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Gwaine  AU  Rule63  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
Crossing A Line by Footloose
Lance can't help it. He's overprotective. He tries to hide it, but Gwen sees through it every time.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Gwen/Lancelot  AU  Modern_AU  Magic  WC:<2K  Mar2019 
april 2019 by paraka
Procedures by Footloose
The worst part about their boys being at war is when their boys were at war and out of touch.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Gwen/Lancelot  Morgana/Leon  AU  Modern_AU  Magic  WC:2K-5K  Mar2019 
april 2019 by paraka
A Muggle-born Magic by Musyc
Regency-era AU. Physician's daughter Hermione Granger finds herself in need of a way to pay off her father's debts after his death. Draco Malfoy, retired from the politics of the Isolationists, a group of pure-bloods bent on separating 'true' magic from lesser folk, finds himself in need of a tutor for his son, Scorpius, who appears to be incapable of magic and must learn to survive in a world without it. Draco also needs a wife and mother for Scorpius, to satisfy a promise to his unwell father. After she saves his son from an attack by Isolationists, Draco hires the Muggle-born Miss Granger for the former, and after a riot in Vauxhall Gardens and a scandalous discovery made by his mother, weds that selfsame Muggle-born for the latter. While making the best of her marriage of (in)convenience, Hermione discovers that Scorpius' history of wild imaginings and dreams is more than just imagination. As she attempts to teach him about magical abilities no one expected he would ever have, she and Draco work together to raise Scorpius and learn to trust each other.
Fic  TTS  HarryPotter  Het  Hermione/Draco  AU  Harlequin  ArrangedMarriage  Family  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Feb2019  Rec 
february 2019 by paraka
that sugar babe it melts away by spacenarwhal
"Oh,” Foggy says with a grin, slipping her hand into Matt’s and letting him half-tug her over to him until she’s straddling his hips. “Are you going all caveman on me, Murdock? Gotta say it kinda works for me.”

Matt’s grin widens, a touch of smugness sharpening the edges of it when he says, “I know."
Fic  Daredevil  Het  Matt/Foggy  AU  Rule63  PWP  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
Sugar and Spice by morosophe
Growing up blind, Catholic, and Murdock in a world in which "Matty" is short for "Matilda."
Fic  Daredevil  Het  Matt/Foggy  AU  Rule63  Misunderstanding  WC:2K-5K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
Popping the Question by AnonEhouse
How Natasha Stark and Steve Rogers met in 3490-Earth.
Fic  Marvel3490  Het  Steve/Tony  Rule63  First_Time  WC:<2K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
sitcom by brandywine421
"We need to call in a ringer," Steve said suddenly. "Of course. Daredevil." Sam held back his comments.

"That nutjob from Hell's Kitchen?" Tony frowned. "The hell does he have to do with anything?" Tony gave Steve an expectant look.

"She met him when she was stalking a gang of ninjas or something - she wasn't working, just curious, I think," Steve shrugged. Clint held up his hand for a high-five and Sam rolled his eyes in annoyance. "She gave me a lot of TMI - "

"Wait, what?" Tony interrupted. "What kind of TMI?"

Wanda sighed dramatically. "Daredevil keeps his fingers and his mouth exposed for very good reasons." There went Sam's restrained comments.

"Anyway - " Steve cut her off and Sam stopped Clint from giving her a high-five. "What little she told me about his 'skills' involved excellent night-vision and bitterness toward electronics."
Fic  Het  Daredevil  Avengers  Foggy/Marcy  Pepper/Tony  Sam/Natasha  Weddings  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
Falling Back to Earth by Annerb
Jack gets the call from the SGC. He should have been cynical enough to know it was all too good to last.
Fic  Stargate:SG-1  Het  Sam/Jack  AU  Breakup&Makeup  Established_Relationship  WC:25K-50K  Jan2019  Rec 
january 2019 by paraka
Linger by Annerb
They’ve been doing this…whatever it is for almost a month now.
Fic  Stargate:SG-1  Het  Sam/Jack  AU  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Jan2019  Rec 
january 2019 by paraka
Convergence by Annerb
Jack O’Neill is a man waiting to die, and she’s the only one brave enough not to look away.
Fic  Stargate:SG-1  Het  Sam/Jack  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
String Theory: An AU Series by Annerb
Dr. Samantha Carter joins the SGC and discovers a life she never expected.
Fic  Stargate:SG-1  Het  Sam/Jack  AU  H/C  SlowBuild  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Jan2019  Rec 
january 2019 by paraka
A Rush of Blood to the Head by Annerb
"You volunteering to come with me, Carter?" Sam and Jack deal (or don't) with the creation of mini!Jack.
Fic  Stargate:SG-1  Het  Sam/Jack  AU  Clones  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
No Holds Barred by MissAnnThropic
Jack’s eyes snapped open and he popped up onto one elbow to eye his bedmate. He wondered who she was for only a millisecond, because he would know that blonde head of hair anywhere. Which meant he had a big problem, because he had no idea how he ended up in bed with Major Samantha Carter.
Fic  Stargate:SG-1  Het  Sam/Jack  Marriage  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
follow you until you love me by sabinelagrande
Training, chess, intergalactic profiteering, and, of course, love.
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Het  Elizabeth/Caldwell  AU  BDSM  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Dec2018 
december 2018 by paraka
Other Fragments by bomberqueen17
This is a home for some of the bits I've written that fit into the universe of Other Plans, but not into the storyline. So far it's just a few offcuts and some things I couldn't shoehorn in anywhere else. Some of these bits are quite old and some are new.
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Het  John/Nancy  AU  Earthside_AU  Family  WIP  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Dec2018 
december 2018 by paraka
Regency Spy Marrieds by rageprufrock
So I found this in the back channels of my gmail account, where Past Pru apparently started writing a Regency era genderfuck Mycroft/Lestrade marriage of convenience spy romance. I -- what? I have nothing. For everyone who read Least of All Possible Mistakes and wished there was more Regency era marriage of convenience spy romance.
Fic  Sherlock  Het  Mycroft/Lastrade  AU  Historical_AU  Harlequin  WIP  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Dec2018  Rec 
december 2018 by paraka
Lost in Translation by verity
The thing about the Gate translator was that after the first few weeks, you stopped thinking about it most of the time, until something happened like Ronon bumping shoulders with Teyla after a particularly uncomfortable meeting with a village elder and saying, "Bros before hoes."

Rodney, who had been following them down the path, stopped so suddenly that John almost ran into him. "What did you just say?"

"Oh, Rodney," Teyla said, looking amused. "He did not mean you."
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  Het  John/Rodney  Teyla/Kanaan  AU  A/B/O  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Nov2018 
november 2018 by paraka
Stand and Deliver by rageprufrock
An X-Men: First Class genderfuck regency AU; more or less abandoned WIP. Proceed with caution.
Fic  X-Men  Het  Charles/Erik  AU  Historical_AU  Harlequin  WIP  WC:2K-5K  Oct2018 
october 2018 by paraka
Completed Puzzle (Mother's Day Fic) Shattered_Mirrors_and_Lace
Pete’s thumb hovers over the post button as for the first time, in a really long time, he actually has to think about posting this for the world to see, which normally wouldn’t be that hard, but considering how ‘big’ this was…well, he wasn’t sure if he was ready yet. Hell, he could barely wrap his head around it...
Pete reflects on his and Trisha's relationship over time when he tries to think of a way to break some major news to their fans.
(Ties into Mother's day)
Fic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  AU  Genderfuck  Rule63  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Sept2018 
september 2018 by paraka
Spirk Valentine's Day Extravaganza by T-hai-la
A series of one-shots set in my own personal Fem!Kirk-Spirk-AOS AU. These will be in order and somewhat sporadic.

It was not Spock’s idea to go to the nightclub. In fact, he had tried to find the best excuse to stay in for the night, but his mother was insistent. Whether he had friends to converse with or not, she had managed to persuade him to attempt to… socialize.
Fic  StarTrekReboot  Het  Kirk/Spock  Rule63  AU  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Jul2018 
july 2018 by paraka
From You I Cannot Hide by SailorChibi
Being a sub isn’t the worst thing in the world. Being a sub who doesn’t like pain, well. That’s just weird. A sub’s sole responsibility in life is to be anything and everything a dom wants, an open canvas for a dom’s brush, malleable and sweet. Obie taught him that, and that fear ultimately tears him and Pepper apart. So Tony hides his dirty secret and doesn’t sub for anyone now. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Het  Steve/Tony  Natasha/Bucky  AU  BDSM  H/C  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  May2018 
may 2018 by paraka
Graded on the Sanctity of Patience by BlackEyedGirl
Around about the time Phillipa Jane told her middle-school teacher that Phil wasn’t a nickname, it was her name and not a difficult one to remember, she picked up a reputation. That hasn’t really gone away. [Always-female!Coulson/Clint]
Fic  Avengers  Het  Clint/Coulson  AU  Genderfuck  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Jan2014  Rec 
january 2014 by paraka
Commonalities by perpetfic
Clint and Coulson move into the tower, and Tony kind of wonders what they see in each other.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Het  Clint/Coulson  Pepper/Tony  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Jan2014 
january 2014 by paraka
Hitch A Ride On The Back of a Butterfly by torakowalski
When Loki attacks SHIELD and brainwashes Clint Barton, Phil Coulson’s first priority is to get their daughter to safety. After that, there's just leading the ground defence against the Chitauri, organising a group of brand new SHIELD recruits into a workable army, and learning to work with Tony Stark. (Female!Phil AU.)
Fic  Avengers  Het  Clint/Coulson  AU  Genderfuck  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:25K-50K  Jan2014  Rec 
january 2014 by paraka
she blinded me with political science by thingswithteeth
Darcy watched the Avengers defend New York from over two thousand miles away. She could look out her window if she wanted to watch the aftermath. She watches the news instead, and realizes one very important thing: the Avengers have a bit of a PR problem.
Fic  Avengers  Het  Darcy/Bruce  AU  Awesome  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Rec  Dec2013 
december 2013 by paraka
HD 181068 by saathi1013, read by kalakirya
"Hierarchical triple systems comprise a close binary and a more distant component." -
Darcy’s been cagey in regards to the whole 'bi' topic, because it’s complicated. Or, okay, people think it’s complicated, but it really isn't and she doesn't want to handle the barrage of inevitable questions.
Especially not from Jane, who asks questions like it’s her job (which it kinda is) and might cotton on to the fact that Darcy thinks she’s hot. Like, 'Jodie Foster in Contact' hot, except without the interstellar daddy issues.
(Later, Darcy will remember this thought and laugh and laugh. And maybe also want to cry.)
Podfic  Avengers  Femslash  Het  Moresome  Jane/Darcy  Jane/Thor  Jane/Thor/Darcy  Breakup&Makeup  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Let It Go by daphnie_1
"All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love." - Leo Tolstoy
Fic  Avengers  Het  Clint/Natasha  WC:<2K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Here Waiting (Do You See Me?) by Morgane
When Clint finds out Phil and Natasha are sleeping together, he is happy for them. Really, he is. After all, he never thought he had a shot with either of them anyway.
Fic  Avengers  Het  Moresome  Natasha/Coulson  Clint/Coulson/Natasha  Established_Relationship  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
Slow Growth Investment by arsenicarcher
Left at the hospital, injured and penniless, Clint tries to find his way to another circus, or some other means of supporting himself, but makes a few decisions that end up costing him. He's pretty much given up on ever making something of his life when he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, witness to an assassination. As it turns out, that's the best luck he's had in years. (Alternately, for those of you who know what this refers to: the obligatory hooker AU.)
Fic  Avengers  Moresome  Het  Clint/Coulson/Natasha  Clint/Natasha  AU  Prostitution  H/C  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2013 by paraka
warp and weft by legete, read by blackglass
The muscle apparently talked a little much for Loki's liking. Now Natasha has to pick out the stitches.
Podfic  Avengers  Het  Clint/Natasha  AU  H/C  Established_Relationship  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Loved Long Since, and Lost Awhile by DevilDoll
"It's the small stuff that hurts the most, he finds." Post-movie Clint/Coulson fix-it.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Het  Clint/Coulson  Clint/Natasha  Angst  Established_Relationship  WC:5K-10K  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
Treasure Hunt by flora, read by sk_lee
Clint Barton is a medium-well-known treasure hunter. Phil Coulson has a ship. And Tony Stark, spacecruiser owner, wants an artifact from poorly-charted space
Podfic  Slash  Het  Clint/Coulson  Darcy/Steve  AU  SciFiAU  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Oct2013 
october 2013 by paraka
Stark Tower Living by raiining
Clint Barton does not trust easily. When he does trust somebody, he does so absolutely, trusting with everything he has. He wants to do what he can, anything he can, for them. He wants to please them, wants to submit to them, because he trusts them to take what they want while giving him what he wants.

He understands that's a lot to ask, but fortunately the Avengers are up to the task.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Het  Moresome  Phil/Avengers  D/s  GSF  Kink  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
The Maenad of the Maquis by rthstewart, read by luzula
"He who loves not wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long." Former High King of Narnia and current RAF Flight Officer Peter Pevensie is not a fool.
Podfic  Narnia  Het  Peter/OFC  Future_Fic  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Aug2013 
august 2013 by paraka
Wedding Day by hotfruits, read by sly
...while the priest rattled on and on about true love and the sanctimony of marriage. Something that probably shouldn’t be corrupted by incest and sodomy, he thought dryly.
Podfic  Narnia  Slash  Het  Peter/Edmund  Edmund/Other  Dark  Angst  Death_Fic  Suicide  Established_Relationship  Time<0:10  Aug2013 
august 2013 by paraka
Of Angels and Kings by hapakitsune, read by tito11
This is the Modernists AU.

In the 1920s, a group of intellectuals roots itself in Paris, led by Pete Wentz. This is their story.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Pete/Patrick  Ryan/Jon  Brendon/Spencer  Gerard/Lindsey  Victoria/Gabe  William/Tom  AU  Historical_AU  Death_Fic  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Jul2013 
july 2013 by paraka
Nobody Wants Reality Tour 2010 by elle_dritch
"So me and Vicky are thinking of getting married," Patrick says ultra-casually, and looks around the hotel suite to gauge his bandmates' reactions.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Pete/Patrick  Patrick/VickyT  AU  Marriage  Crack  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Mar2013 
march 2013 by paraka
The Problem I Want To Have by melusina
Tricia’s heard the jokes all the guys make, and she’s worked hard never to be that girl. She’s not going to do anything that could screw up the band. And she’s not going to be Pete Wentz’s fucking girlfriend.
Fic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  Patrick/Travis  AU  Genderfuck  Breakup&Makeup  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Feb2013  Rec  Awesome 
february 2013 by paraka
Untitled by pearl_o and etban
Pete is hanging out with his band, playing video games with Joe Troh and being a doofus dorkface, while Andy and Patrick play on computers and do their own thing in the background. When the phone rings, they pause the game and he answers.

Pete says, "Oh, hey, Mikey, what's up?" Because they're still friends, you know, and he thinks they're going to hang out or something.

And Mikey just says, very calmly because she's been practicing, "I'm having a baby, you're the father, I'm keeping it."
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Femslash  Pete/Patrick  Pete/Mikey  Mikey/Alicia  AU  Genderfuck  Family  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Feb2013 
february 2013 by paraka
She's a Flirt by betawho, read by kdheart
She knows him, but he doesn't know her yet, why does that get her hot?
Podfic  Doctor_Who  Het  Doctor/River  Time<0:10  Jan2013 
january 2013 by paraka
Glowing at the Camera by rsadelle
Andy and Matt run an erotica/fetish photography studio. Pete gets Trish (they're not together) a session with them because he thinks she needs to build up her confidence.
Fic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  AU  Genderfuck  First_Time  WC:<2K  Nov2012 
november 2012 by paraka
Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (what little boys are made of) by giddygeek
Whether he'd admit it or not, Patrick had a type. Pete had failed to account for that in her wish-making.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  AU  Magic  Genderfuck  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Nov2012  Rec  Pete/Patrick  Sept2018 
november 2012 by paraka
Dunder Mifflin: Chicago Branch by offtheceiling & iamtheenemy
Patrick is always the one who adds in the (to the), because that’s his title, dammit. He’s Pete’s assistant and Pete could not actually do his job without Patrick there. “My very own Ugly Betty!” Pete will say, fluttering his eyelashes at Patrick. “Except not ugly, or a girl. You can be Hot Patrick instead. Chat fic. Rough, unbetaed.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Pete/Patrick  Ryan/Brendon  Spencer/Jon  Frank/Gerard  Bob/Greta  AU  NotFamous  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:5K-10K  Nov2012 
november 2012 by paraka
Rebel Girl by girlpearl
And Patrick wants to say, see, this is why so many guys are terrified to date you and you have to write emo lyrics about them. AU--Pete has always been a girl.
Podfic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  AU  Genderfuck  PretendDating  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Nov2012  Nov2013  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
I love the words but it's unrequited by oritsu_luv
Pete's words have never seemed more Pete's than at the moment when they're all Patrick has of him.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Pete/Patrick  Patrick/OFC  Angst  Established_Relationship  First_Time  WC:<2K  Aug2012  Rec 
august 2012 by paraka
Leaving Albuquerque by chaosmanor
Andy was waiting, at the airport gate, when Suzy walked through the exit, and if there was any surprise in his eyes, it was immediately replaced by delight, and he hugged her quickly.
Fic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  AU  Transgender  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Aug2012  Rec 
august 2012 by paraka
Lord Knows It Would Be The First Time by azurejay
"You're a real pal, Pete Wentz." The one where Pete sleeps with girls who hit on Patrick.
Fic  Bandom  Gen  Het  Pete/OFC  Pete/Ashlee  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:5K-10K  Aug2012  Rec 
august 2012 by paraka
I'm trapped in this body and can't get out by azurejay
The one where there's a woman trapped in Pete Wentz's life, and her name is Pete Wentz.
Fic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Ashlee  AU  Transgender  Angst  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Aug2012  Rec 
august 2012 by paraka
Manslaughter by moirariordan
Maybe it doesn’t matter where she is or what she’s doing, maybe all that matters is that she shows up. Saves the day, makes it worse, takes her shirt off. Whatever.
Fic  TeenWolf  Het  Derek/Stiles  AU  Genderfuck  PWP  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Jul2012 
july 2012 by paraka
The Strong Scent of Evergreen by rubykatewriting
Derek and Stiles start something new. "I am, you know," she whispers against his mouth, and he tilts his head in question. "Yours."
Fic  TeenWolf  Het  Derek/Stiles  AU  Genderfuck  Bonding  Family  Virgin  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jul2012 
july 2012 by paraka
Midwinter (But Not The Song, Coda #4) by emilyenrose & ignipes
It starts snowing at dusk. The grounds of the estate are blanketed by the time supper is finished. The wind is sharp and bitter, and there's a draft from the window. Victoria shivers and draws the curtains shut, crosses the room again and drags her chair closer to the fireplace.
Fic  Bandom  Het  Brendon/Vicky  AU  Slavery  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Jun2012  Rec 
june 2012 by paraka
But I'm Not a Soldier by idyll
The first time Derek shoves Stiles against a wall, she pepper sprays him in his face.
Fic  TeenWolf  Het  Derek/Stiles  AU  Genderfuck  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Jun2012  Rec 
june 2012 by paraka
I Want Your Lips to Sing by twentysomething, read by knight_tracer
"But for some reason, when Stiles sees Derek talking to Lydia, the two of them painfully good-looking, all she can think about is that her hair is in a messy ponytail and there's pizza sauce on the hem of her t-shirt. It's not like she wants to go on a montage out of a '90s teen film and come out like Rachel Leigh Cook on a staircase, but Stiles maybe thinks she doesn't want to look like the homeless one in the pack."
Podfic  TeenWolf  Het  Derek/Stiles  AU  Genderfuck  Jealousy  Misunderstanding  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Jun2012  Rec 
june 2012 by paraka
Sex Scenes Your New Boyfriend's Too Vanilla To Read About by jedusaur
Ryan never knows when he's going to hear it, whether Spencer is going to give someone the word right away or wait almost the full week before handing it out. He doesn't know how many people will get it, or who they'll be, or where they'll use it.

All Ryan knows is that when someone says the word, he drops to his knees and obeys.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Ryan/Everyone  Brendon/Jon  D/s  Kink  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:5K-10K  May2012  Rec 
may 2012 by paraka
The Last Gentleman in New Jersey by etben
So the thing is - the thing is, Gerard Way is totally not stalking the lead singer of Pencey Prep. Really. He's not. Not even a little.
Fic  Bandom  Het  Frank/Gerard  AU  Genderfuck  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  May2012  Rec 
may 2012 by paraka
Change by gala_apples, read by sylvaine
Mikey's the person that always rides the bus, never gets the Ferrari. Metaphorically speaking.
Podfic  Bandom  Het  Slash  Mikey/Alicia  Mikey/Pete  Transgender  Time<0:10  Established_Relationship  May2012  Jun2013 
may 2012 by paraka
Hear Me Out by impertinence
It's not so much the turning into a girl that's a problem; that's happened before. It's the fact that Frank doesn't turn back.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Frank/Gerard  AU  Genderfuck  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Apr2012 
april 2012 by paraka
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