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And The Cogs Fall Into Place by heartsdesire456
Patrick Stump was happy with his life as owner of Stump's Specialty Shoppe, a wonderful shop where he could sell his inventions, until his mother forged his signature to a marriage contract to none other than the recently widowered Lord Wentz. In spite of being forced to face the reality of leaving his home, his business, and his young friend without anyone to watch over him, Patrick soon finds it hard to hate his new husband.

Brendon Urie thought he had finally found a friend, almost...
Fic  TTS  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  Brendon/Spencer  AU  Steampunk  ArrangedMarriage  Family  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Sept2019  Rec 
10 days ago by paraka
Riding in Cars With Boys by caitri, read by reena_jenkins
Joanna's life used to be easier before she had two Step-Dads. For the FML challenge at jim_and_bones.
Podfic  StarTrekReboot  Slash  Kirk/McCoy  Family  Established_Relationship  Time<0:10  Sept2019 
10 days ago by paraka
Coda to Starshaped #3 by harriet_vane, read by argentumlupine
Follows a couple of weeks after the last coda, still a couple of months after the end of Star Shaped.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Ryan/Brendon  AU  Family  H/C  Established_Relationship  Time0:10-0:20  Rec  Aug2019 
6 weeks ago by paraka
Coda to Starshaped #2 by harriet_vane, read by argentumlupine
Takes place a couple of months after the end of Star Shaped.
Podfic  Bandom  Gen  Family  AU  Time0:10-0:20  Aug2019  Rec 
6 weeks ago by paraka
For Your Information by reni_days, read by Ceebee
Merlin sighs. "After your...announcement," he explains, "your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I'm sort of like his gay tutor, it's hard to explain."
Podfic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Modern_AU  NonMagical  ComingOut  Family  First_Time  Time0:45-1:00  Jul2019  Rec 
7 weeks ago by paraka
The Son-in-Law by Tossukka
"Your son is a major arse.”

”Who is this?”

”This is Merlin Emrys. The one who dated your son for four years, and I just called you to inform that your son is an arse and I can’t believe I put up with him all that time. Is it only him or is it some Pendragon thing I wasn’t aware of?”
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Modern_AU  Mundane!AU  Breakup&Makeup  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Jul2019  Rec 
8 weeks ago by paraka
The Long Pause by spicedpiano, tahariel
A year ago, it went without saying: Charles and Erik were going to get married. That was then. Now Erik can scarcely stand to be in the same room as him, and Charles is left loving a man who may never love him back.

When Erik loses his job, Charles volunteers to take him and his young son in. It means close quarters, and walking a minefield between providing for them and not being accused of charity or, worse, bribery. But maybe if Charles can keep treading that line long enough, Erik c...
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  Erik/Sebastian  AU  AUStillHavePowers  Historical_AU  Noncon  Family  Mpreg  A/B/O  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:50K-100K  Jul2019 
10 weeks ago by paraka
Marrying a Mob by Ook
Charles is a teacher at a very exclusive school. When armed men burst in on the trail of two children, of course he stands up to them and gets hurt. The children are Erik Lehnsherr's children (of course); a "prominent businessman" or, less politely, "mobster".

Erik is grateful to Charles for saving his children's lives at the cost of his kneecap. So very grateful.

Naturally he tries to reward Charles for his actions. Equally naturally, Charles will be having none of that.

Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  Erik/Sebastian  AU  Family  First_Time  Jul2019  NonPowerAU  MobAU  H/C  WC:25K-50K 
10 weeks ago by paraka
Take a Chance (On Me) by Ook
n which Charles, terrorised by his abusive ex, takes his young son to a small town in America, where they both settle down and make friends with their neighbours. Particularly the town mechanic, Erik, and his foster son, Alex. Requester stated they wanted to "drown in H/C. "
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  Charles/Others  AU  AUStillHavePowers  Family  H/C  Kidnapping  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jul2019 
10 weeks ago by paraka
Hyperborean by orphan_account
Merlin is a hermaphrodite (fully functional male and female genitalia) shifter living in the far north. Arthur is the conquering king who takes Merlin's pelt, thereby forcing Merlin to come back to Camelot with him.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Transformative_AU  Dubcon  Hermaphrodite  Mpreg  Family  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Apr2019 
april 2019 by paraka
Even Better Than the Prophecies by LaBelleetlaloup
This will be the final installment of this series because there will not be an adaptation of season/series five. It simply wouldn't make sense. Instead, there will be a lovely happily-ever-after type ending. Enjoy!
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  WC:2K-5K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
King of Camelot by LaBelleetlaloup
Alright, so we have made it to season 4. (How long have I been working on this story???? Does that word counter really say over 200k??? anyway...) We'll start with my version of The Wicked Day and move on from there. Mithian returns and is better than Arthur at hunting. They handle Caerleon and Annis with more aplomb. The Lamia is still creepy. Agravaine is going to come to visit and be a complete disaster of a human being. Gwaine is still madly in love with Merlin, bless his heart. Still trying to keep Morgana from becoming a complete disaster of a human being over there with Agravaine and Morgause. Hopefully it's working.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Arthur_is_King  Family  WC:25K-50K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
King-Regent by LaBelleetlaloup
Morgana and Morgause are gone but the turmoil they left still has to be dealt with. And Uther is not making a quick recovery. Despite Arthur's protests, someone needs to firmly take over to prevent any further invasions because the kingdom seems weak without a clear leader.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  H/C  Established_Relationship  WC:25K-50K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
Crown Pretenders by LaBelleetlaloup
Continuing into the events of Series/Season 3 but things are starting to sincerely diverge from canon.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  WC:25K-50K  Mar2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
Wintertime by LaBelleetlaloup
Merlin and Arthur spend the winter living in each other's pocket and suddenly what everyone had already assumed is now true. Morgana still isn't the first one to find out and she's still irritated about it. Also, that first born son that Merlin promised her father appears to be on the way sooner rather than later.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Het  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Rule63  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  Mar2019 
april 2019 by paraka
A Muggle-born Magic by Musyc
Regency-era AU. Physician's daughter Hermione Granger finds herself in need of a way to pay off her father's debts after his death. Draco Malfoy, retired from the politics of the Isolationists, a group of pure-bloods bent on separating 'true' magic from lesser folk, finds himself in need of a tutor for his son, Scorpius, who appears to be incapable of magic and must learn to survive in a world without it. Draco also needs a wife and mother for Scorpius, to satisfy a promise to his unwell father. After she saves his son from an attack by Isolationists, Draco hires the Muggle-born Miss Granger for the former, and after a riot in Vauxhall Gardens and a scandalous discovery made by his mother, weds that selfsame Muggle-born for the latter. While making the best of her marriage of (in)convenience, Hermione discovers that Scorpius' history of wild imaginings and dreams is more than just imagination. As she attempts to teach him about magical abilities no one expected he would ever have, she and Draco work together to raise Scorpius and learn to trust each other.
Fic  TTS  HarryPotter  Het  Hermione/Draco  AU  Harlequin  ArrangedMarriage  Family  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Feb2019  Rec 
february 2019 by paraka
Ghost of a Memory by Phoenix Boy
After killing Voldemort, Harry leaves the wizarding world for a few years before joining the university under an assumed name. Safely graduated, he returns to teach at Hogwarts. He doesn't really want to be Harry Potter again, but keeping his identity secret is a lot harder when surrounded by so many familiar faces.
Fic  TTS  HarryPotter  Slash  Harry/Severus  Future_Fic  PowerfulHarry  TeacherHarry  Family  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Feb2019 
february 2019 by paraka
SG Team Gibbs by paburke
When brass this high was using his rank, bad things were about to happen –or had.
Fic  NCIS  Stargate:SG-1  Stargate:Atlantis  Gen  AU  Clones  Family  WC:<2K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
To Find the Place Where I Am by seekergeek
John slanted a look at him but held his peace. The fact that he actually did love Rodney had no bearing on their relationship, really, despite what Ronon thought. John couldn't give Rodney what he needed.
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  Family  Asexuality  AU  BDSM  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Dec2018 
december 2018 by paraka
Other Fragments by bomberqueen17
This is a home for some of the bits I've written that fit into the universe of Other Plans, but not into the storyline. So far it's just a few offcuts and some things I couldn't shoehorn in anywhere else. Some of these bits are quite old and some are new.
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Het  John/Nancy  AU  Earthside_AU  Family  WIP  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Dec2018 
december 2018 by paraka
Other Lives by bomberqueen17
John starts his new part-time job at the SGC.
Predictably, he touches something that gets him into trouble.
Can he figure out what's real and what's not? Can he use the knowledge he gains to help the SGC find Atlantis?
Can he deal with confronting what he might have been, in another life?
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  AU  Family  Earthside_AU  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  Dec2018 
december 2018 by paraka
First Night Home by Elayna
After the twins have gone to sleep in their cribs for the first time...
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  Family  PWP  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Dec2018 
december 2018 by paraka
Miracles by Elayna
John's unusual method for rescuing Rodney leads to long-term consequences for both of them.
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  Mpreg  Virgin  Family  Jealousy  WC:10K-25K  Dec2018 
december 2018 by paraka
Baby Love by WaxRhapsodic
Based on the movie Baby Boom! Erik is a hardworking career omega who is left a big surprise in his cousins will!
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  Family  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  TTS  NonPowerAU  Oct2018  Jul2019 
october 2018 by paraka
In the Bleak Midwinter by keire_ke
It is not easy to find out, well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, that your mother arranged a marriage for you. It is even less easy to convince her that you have no interest in the very fertile Magda, she of the wide hips and lustrous auburn hair. Fortunately, with a good friend at his side over the holiday weekend, Erik is sure he will prevail.
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  AUStillHavePowers  Family  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Oct2018  via:pru 
october 2018 by paraka
Completed Puzzle (Mother's Day Fic) Shattered_Mirrors_and_Lace
Pete’s thumb hovers over the post button as for the first time, in a really long time, he actually has to think about posting this for the world to see, which normally wouldn’t be that hard, but considering how ‘big’ this was…well, he wasn’t sure if he was ready yet. Hell, he could barely wrap his head around it...
Pete reflects on his and Trisha's relationship over time when he tries to think of a way to break some major news to their fans.
(Ties into Mother's day)
Fic  Bandom  Het  Pete/Patrick  AU  Genderfuck  Rule63  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Sept2018 
september 2018 by paraka
Something Precious by Snarry5evr
Precious: Something of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.
Fic  HarryPotter  Slash  Harry/Severus  AU  A/B/O  Marriage  Mpreg  Family  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Aug2018 
august 2018 by paraka
Subjective Assessment by walkandtalk
All relevant data suggest the odds are against Spock and Kirk, but even a promising young Vulcan scientist can see that there are immeasurable forces at work here.

A series of moments that test the hypothesis, set between the final chapter and the epilogue of Objective Data.
Fic  StarTrekReboot  Slash  Kirk/Spock  Family  Breakup&Makeup  Established_Relationship  WC:25K-50K  Jul2018 
july 2018 by paraka
Objective Data by walkandtalk
A young Vulcan decides to find a mate for his guardian, Spock. After careful calculations, Cadet Kirk is obviously the superior choice.
Fic  StarTrekReboot  Slash  Kirk/Spock  AU  Family  MatchMaking  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Jun2018  Sept2019 
july 2018 by paraka
Tequila in the Air by My_Barbaric_Yawp
In which Wolfgang’s happy, Kala's excited, Rajan’s over the moon, and Felix is along for the ride.
Fic  Sense8  Moresome  Wolfgang/Kala/Rajan  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Jun2018 
june 2018 by paraka
Rockabye by aohatsu, carolion
A baby changes everything. David's not sure he's ready for that.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  David/David  Mpreg  Misunderstanding  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:25K-50K  Jun2018  Rec 
june 2018 by paraka
Hitch A Ride On The Back of a Butterfly by torakowalski
When Loki attacks SHIELD and brainwashes Clint Barton, Phil Coulson’s first priority is to get their daughter to safety. After that, there's just leading the ground defence against the Chitauri, organising a group of brand new SHIELD recruits into a workable army, and learning to work with Tony Stark. (Female!Phil AU.)
Fic  Avengers  Het  Clint/Coulson  AU  Genderfuck  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:25K-50K  Jan2014  Rec 
january 2014 by paraka
Story Time with Thor by shadowen, read by opalsong
One of the earliest truths learned by the children of heroes is the simple, universally accepted fact that Thor tells the best stories.
Podfic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Future_Fic  Death_Fic  AvengersFindOutCoulsonsNotDead  Family  Established_Relationship  Time0:20-0:30  Nov2013 
november 2013 by paraka
life as a tree house by kellifer_fic, read by reena_jenkins
Tony finds out that when it comes to Avengers, you can't adopt just one.
Podfic  Avengers  Gen  Family  Time0:45-1:00  Oct2013  Rec 
october 2013 by paraka
Dying is the Easy Part of Living by sheep
It's been ten years since Clint's seen his brother, and the family reunion is not the one he was expecting.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Clint/Coulson  Family  H/C  Betrayal  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Oct2013 
october 2013 by paraka
Write What You Know by romanticalgirl, read by dapatty
Pete's a widower with a three-year-old, a mortgage, a deadline, and no idea what his next book is going to be. Gabe's the barista at his local coffee place who turns his life and his world upside down.
Podfic  Bandom  Pete/Gabe  AU  NotFamous  Family  First_Time  Time2:30-3:00  Jul2013  Rec 
july 2013 by paraka
Conveniently Located by melusina
Patrick wants to find someone he can settle down with: marriage, kids, dog, white picket fence, the whole kit and caboodle. His hot new neighbor would be just what Patrick's looking for, if only he weren't already in a relationship.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  NotFamous  Misunderstanding  Harlequin  Family  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Feb2013  Rec 
february 2013 by paraka
Untitled by pearl_o and etban
Pete is hanging out with his band, playing video games with Joe Troh and being a doofus dorkface, while Andy and Patrick play on computers and do their own thing in the background. When the phone rings, they pause the game and he answers.

Pete says, "Oh, hey, Mikey, what's up?" Because they're still friends, you know, and he thinks they're going to hang out or something.

And Mikey just says, very calmly because she's been practicing, "I'm having a baby, you're the father, I'm keeping it."
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Het  Femslash  Pete/Patrick  Pete/Mikey  Mikey/Alicia  AU  Genderfuck  Family  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Feb2013 
february 2013 by paraka
Change (In the House of Pete) by lierdumoa
Figures that despite this being all Pete's fault, Patrick would still somehow end up being the Rumpelstiltskin in this fucked up scenario.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  Transformative_AU  Magic  Family  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Jan2013 
january 2013 by paraka
DILF by twentysomething, read by rhea314
Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.
Podfic  TeenWolf  Slash  Derek/Stiles  AU  NonCanon_AU  Family  First_Time  Time3:00-4:00  Nov2012  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
Bun in the Easy-Bake Oven by Dira Sudis
f Patrick had had anyone to call and freak out at, nine months and three weeks ago, he would have.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  Bob/Gerard  AU  Mpreg  Family  Crack  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Oct2012  Rec 
november 2012 by paraka
Buy You A Mockingbird by femmequixotic
It’s his first day back home after a week at Decaydance’s offices down in Florida, and he always arranges his flight so he lands at O’Hare in time to pick the girls up from school.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  Future_Fic  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Aug2012 
august 2012 by paraka
Play This Record in Reverse by madsciencechick
"You gotta meet this kid," Joe says, and he sounds totally excited, like, so excited it's even making it past the weed and Joe's general mellow. "No, man, I'm serious. He's—he's incredible, okay? I met him at the, you know, the new Borders, down on—anyway, you gotta meet him. He's amazing."

Patrick rolls his eyes. "Okay, fine. Whatever. But if this is a waste of time—"

"It isn't," Joe insists. "He's the guy. Believe me. He's the guy."
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  Crack  Mpreg  Family  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Aug2012  Rec 
august 2012 by paraka
The Strong Scent of Evergreen by rubykatewriting
Derek and Stiles start something new. "I am, you know," she whispers against his mouth, and he tilts his head in question. "Yours."
Fic  TeenWolf  Het  Derek/Stiles  AU  Genderfuck  Bonding  Family  Virgin  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jul2012 
july 2012 by paraka
Throw a Little Sparkle All Over It
"Hey, Ma," Mikey says. "No, everything's fine—well, I mean, Gerard accidentally adopted a baby—no, he's changing her now, he can't talk." Gerard flips him off, but Mikey just settles further into the couch. Gerard pouts, then looks up at Frank.

"Frankie," he says, and Frank shakes his head.

"Sorry, man," he says. "But as the one sane person on this entire bus, I'm pretty sure my official job is to watch and laugh."
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Gerard  Family  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  May2012 
may 2012 by paraka
Lego Rainbow by lalejandra, read by crazybutsound
Spencer falls hard for his daughter's kindergarten teacher. Fluffy schmoop.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  AU  Family  Transgender  Time1:00-1:30  May2012  Rec 
may 2012 by paraka
Coda to Starshaped #3 by harriet_vane
Follows a couple of weeks after the last coda, still a couple of months after the end of Star Shaped.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Ryan/Brendon  AU  College_AU  Family  WC:<2K  May2012  Rec  Dec2012 
may 2012 by paraka
Coda to Starshaped #2 by harriet_vane
Takes place a couple of months after the end of Star Shaped.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Ryan/Brendon  AU  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  May2012  Rec  Dec2012 
may 2012 by paraka
Coda to Starshaped #1 by harriet_vane
Spencer and Ryan and Brendon end up going to see Jon’s band. Takes place a couple of weeks after Star Shaped.
Fic  Bandom  Ryan/Brendon  Spencer/Jon  AU  College_AU  Established_Relationship  First_Time  WC:<2K  May2012  Family  Dec2012 
may 2012 by paraka
Forever, Now by passe_simple, read by klb
Gerard and Mikey have lost their parents, but they've found Brian.
Podfic  Bandom  Gen  AU  Family  Feb2012  Rec  Apr2012  Time5:00-10:00  Dec2012  Jun2013  Aug2019 
february 2012 by paraka
Catch and Release by roozette, read by fire_juggler
Harry has a “tell,” when he needs affection. Ron never realized Severus had the same one.
Podfic  HarryPotter  Slash  Het  Harry/Severus  Ron/Hermione  Future_Fic  Family  Established_Relationship  Time0:30-0:45  Jan2012 
january 2012 by paraka
Five Secrets That Ought to Be Kept (And One for the Road) by rageprufrock, read by revolutionaryjo
Arthur talks himself out of it three different times. There must be another way; maybe his father will see reason; maybe they’ll understand.
Podfic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Modern_AU  Family  Established_Relationship  Time0:20-0:30  May2011  Royalty  Apr2019 
may 2011 by paraka
Services Rendered by rageprufrock, read by revolutionaryjo
“Imagine the PR nightmare if good, hardworking French escorts found out.”
Podfic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Modern_AU  Future_Fic  Family  PWP  Time0:30-0:45  May2011  Royalty  Apr2019 
may 2011 by paraka
Story of a Girl by seperis, read by reena_jenkins
When Joanna Sheppard was six years old, she stepped into the cockpit of her very first plane and told her parents that she wanted to fly.

"Women don't go into combat," Major Sheppard said with a frown, eyes flickering to his wife, leaning casually against the seat.

Captain Sheppard just grinned and reached down, guiding her daughter's hands. "Joan will fly planes that haven't been invented yet." Leaning down, her mother's voice hummed low and gentle against her ear. "All you have to do is want it."
Podfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Het  John/Rodney  AU  Genderfuck  Family  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Apr2011  Jan2012  Rec 
april 2011 by paraka
6 Lessons from a Dead Man by Roozetter, read by fire_juggler
Harry Potter put himself in a vulnerable position on Severus’ birthday. So, naturally, Severus took advantage.
Podfic  HarryPotter  Slash  Harry/Severus  AU  Future_Fic  Family  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Mar2011 
march 2011 by paraka
Untitled by silsecri
The whimpering woke him up.

The wolf sprang from the bed he'd been sleeping on, out the door and down the hallway. At the end, light came from a slightly open door. The pitiful noises came from inside.

He pushed the door open with his snout and the cries stopped. A small, furry head peeked from under the sheets and terrified eyes locked on him. The puppy yipped in excited relief. At last, something familiar.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Transformative_AU  WereAnimals  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Feb2011 
february 2011 by paraka
My Father Before Me by telleer, read by nodense
Even after twenty years, Rodney still has no idea how to raise children. Futurefic.
Podfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  AU  Future_Fic  Family  Established_Relationship  Time1:30-2:00  Dec2010 
december 2010 by paraka
More than Meets the Eye by poppetawoppet
Kris and Adam shacking up and Adam stepping on a toy truck and discovering Kris is a father. Except I've done total role reversal and sort of put it in my porn star AU universe.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Family  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Nov2010 
november 2010 by paraka
The Best Things In My Life by silsecri
Kris seemed like the perfect guy for Adam. Except for one small thing.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  NotFamous  Family  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Oct2010 
october 2010 by paraka
Visit by emmuzka
Adam was now steadily picking his nail polish off, his signature stress effect. “Until five months ago, I was happily Single, no kids!" That came out a bit hysterically.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  Dubcon  Family  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Aug2010 
august 2010 by paraka
Sam by jerakeen, read by paraka
When Kris calls from his latest humanitarian trip and tells Adam that he has kind of sort of maybe possibly accidentally adopted a baby girl, Adam laughs for ten minutes straight.
Podfic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  Future_Fic  Family  First_Time  Time0:10-0:20  Jul2010  Sept2010  Jan2011  Feb2011  Jun2011  Rec 
july 2010 by paraka
Dreaming Out Loud Extras & Deleted Scenes by jerakeen
These snippets were beta-read by minglingcrab, who washed her hands off me after the third edit. :) For possibly the first time ever, I didn't take her advice on some things - so while the mistakes have always been mine, this time they're also kind of intentional.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Family  NotFamous  Established_Relationship  WC:5K-10K  Jul2010  Rec  Awesome 
july 2010 by paraka
Dreaming Out Loud by jerakeen
Listening to his dad play when he thinks Dylan is asleep makes Dylan kind of sad and worried. His dad is good, that’s what everyone says. But no one ever gets discovered in Arkansas. Alfie says even Baltimore is better if you want to be famous, but he still thinks that city kind of stinks, so he doesn’t recommend it to Dylan. He says they need to move to Los Angeles. That’s where all the famous people live. And Alfie has an Aunt Madeleine there, and he can totally come and visit sometimes.

Dylan doesn’t have his own computer, but his dad lets him use the one in the living room. He even has his own account there, with his very own user picture (Batman) and password (robinsux). So he already looked Los Angeles up, and he’s pretty sure Alfie is right about this. Because Los Angeles is where Adam Lambert lives, and if his dad is ever going to make an album and give concerts and stuff, Adam Lambert is the guy to help.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  NotFamous  Family  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jul2010  Rec  Awesome 
july 2010 by paraka
Unless It's Lies or It's Love by sprat
In which Adam (a rock star) meets Kris (a single dad) at an Emergency Room in Arkansas at the end of a particularly shitty night. Also features: San Francisco, fresh starts, baked goods, OCs, cameo appearances by Matt and Megan, pirates, monsters with garbage heads and a recording studio.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  NotFamous  Family  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jul2010  Rec  Awesome 
july 2010 by paraka
Someday is Now by bright_lights28
A visit from Tommy and his new family has Kris and Adam thinking about their own future.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  Future_Fic  Family  WC:<2K  Jul2010 
july 2010 by paraka
Idle Hands by blue_icy_rose
A move to a new town may be just the new start that Kris and his son have been needing.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Gen  AU  NotFamous  Family  WC:<2K  Jul2010 
july 2010 by paraka
Not In Front of the Kids by chash, read by juice817
Jared loves his job, except for when hot straight guys come in with their nieces and fuck with his life. That part he's not so fond of.
Podfic  SPNRPF  Slash  Jared/Jensen  AU  Family  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Jun2010 
june 2010 by paraka
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