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All In The Way That You Trip by skoosiepants
“I’m going to ask you one more time,” he says, and he looks – Brendon shudders – he looks like he wants Brendon to stay quiet, like he’s just itching to take Brendon apart and maybe put him back together wrong. “Where is Ryan?”
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  AU  Espionnage  H/C  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Oct2019  Rec 
6 days ago by paraka
Ritual Self-Torture by TurtleTotem
Shaw is King, Charles is his royal consort and Erik is a Knight/Lord. Shaw is sterile but his kingdom can't find out, so he asks Erik to impregnate Charles.

He doesn't know Erik and Charles are in love.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  Charles/Shaw  Charles/Others  AU  Royalty  Dubcon  Mpreg  Apocafic  First_Time  WC:100K-150K  Jul2019 
12 weeks ago by paraka
let's pretend I'm holding your hand by primetime
Shaw is King, Charles is his royal consort and Erik is a Knight/Lord. Shaw is sterile but his kingdom can't find out, so he asks Erik to impregnate Charles. He doesn't know Erik and Charles are in love. Regency AU.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  Charles/Shaw  AU  Royalty  Dubcon  Mpreg  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Jul2019 
12 weeks ago by paraka
Riding for the Throne by write_in_ice
Charles is a royal exile sold by his step-father (Kurt Marko) to a fearsome warlord (Erik) for an army to take back his throne. Charles tries to survive and adapt to his new life as magic returns to the world.
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  Fusion  ArrangedMarriage  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Jul2019 
july 2019 by paraka
Dangerous Games by Gerec
Charlotte Xavier agrees to a sexual relationship with mob boss Erik Lehnsherr, in an effort to protect her brother Raven who is currently under his employ. She's only just coming to realize how much the agreement makes her subject to Erik's every whim...and how much she's starting to enjoy it.
Fic  X-Men  Het  Charles/Erik  AU  NonPowerAU  Rule63  MobAU  PWP  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Jul2019  Rec 
july 2019 by paraka
All the Rest is Rust and Stardust by spicedpiano, tahariel
Charles Xavier is the world's preeminent mutant psychologist, called in to consult for the CIA when a raid on a Hellfire Club safehouse discovers a severely abused teenager, Erik Lehnsherr. Taking Erik in soon leads Charles to struggle between his conflicting responsibilities as Erik's guardian and psychologist, and his desire to give in to the dangerous dynamic that is developing between them
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  Noncon  Dubcon  Kidnapping  Dark  Angst  H/C  First_Time  WC:500K-1M  Jun2019  Rec  TTS  AUStillHavePowers 
june 2019 by paraka
Taken by anonymous
Lord Steve Rogers attends the coming of age ball for his friend, Lord Howard Stark's omega son, Anthony. One look is all it takes and Steve demands Anthony be his new bride. Anthony is thus sent to Steve's rooms for bonding where his virginity will be taken.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Steve/Tony  AU  Historical_AU  A/B/O  Virgin  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Jun2019 
june 2019 by paraka
Breach by Salted_Caramel
Dr. Arthur Pendragon has no qualms about taking advantage of his favourite patient.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Modern_AU  Dubcon  PowerImbalance  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Apr2019 
april 2019 by paraka
Being Good by Salted_Caramel
A modern AU in which magic users are caught, sold, bred and used. Merlin is Arthur’s sex slave and his teammates come over for a good old fashioned team bonding gang-bang.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  GSF  AU  Modern_AU  Slavery  Kink  Dubcon  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Apr2019 
april 2019 by paraka
Hyperborean by orphan_account
Merlin is a hermaphrodite (fully functional male and female genitalia) shifter living in the far north. Arthur is the conquering king who takes Merlin's pelt, thereby forcing Merlin to come back to Camelot with him.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Transformative_AU  Dubcon  Hermaphrodite  Mpreg  Family  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Apr2019 
april 2019 by paraka
The Omega Run by marguerite_26
Arthur immediately recognises what he has stumbled upon. He has heard rumours of the barbaric practice still occurring, but he hadn’t believed it could be on Camelot’s soil again. Omega Runs have been banned from this land for more than twenty years, but this couldn’t be anything else.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  A/B/O  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:<2K  Apr2019 
april 2019 by paraka
To the Victor by novemberlite
In which Arthur's the victor, and Merlin's the spoils. ...right?
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Slavery  Dubcon  PWP  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Apr2019 
april 2019 by paraka
Cambiare Podentes: Invocare by JordanGrant
A new prophecy comes to light, one that promises death for Harry Potter and enslavement for the wizarding world, unless Harry himself consents to being sexually enslaved--irrevocably and for life--to Severus Snape.
Fic  HarryPotter  Slash  Harry/Severus  AU  BDSM  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:200K-500K  Feb2019 
february 2019 by paraka
The stars incline us, they do not bind us by ikeracity, Pangea
Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he's settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  Armando/Alex  AU  SpaceAU  AUStillHavePowers  Prison  Noncon  Dark  Dubcon  Slavery  First_Time  WC:150K-200K  Oct2018 
october 2018 by paraka
Sinful Days and Nights by Gerec, orphan_account
A collection of extremely dirtybadwrong PWPs, focused mainly (but not exclusively!) on one Charles Xavier. One shots and ficlets written individually or together by the authors. Beware the tags.

1. Roman/Gladiator AU: Charles is the Markos' pleasure slave. He's also the main attraction at the feast they throw in honor of General Shaw. Aka Charles + gladiators + public sex - Part 1
2. Logan is a werewolf who takes wolf form each full moon and is mated to human Charles.
3. Shaw is Genosha's Royal Chancellor who forces a bond with virgin Prince Erik. Alpha/omega, age difference, breeding, forced bond.
4. Roman/Gladiator AU - Part 2
5. Mob AU: Omega!Charles returns home after his time as a mob boss's surrogate. His stepfather Kurt is keen to continue what Lehnsherr started. Lactation kink.
6. *NEW* Mob AU - Part 2: Kurt signs Charles up for another surrogacy contract, putting him in the middle of a mob war. More lactation kink.
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Cain/Charles  Charles/Erik  Charles/Logan  Charles/Victor  Kurt/Charles  Erik/Sebastian  Charles/Azazel  Charles/Others  AU  Historical_AU  A/B/O  Dubcon  Slavery  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  Oct2018 
october 2018 by paraka
Slave Training by Azamir
An Auror raid gone wrong turns Harry's life upside down. To repay the death caused, he has to become the victim's family's slave. Draco Malfoy reads international newspapers – and is a professional slave trainer. And Harry Potter will be the perfect object to train...
Fic  HarryPotter  Slash  Harry/Draco  AU  Slavery  BDSM  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Aug2018 
august 2018 by paraka
Speaking in Tongues by feelslikefire
When Spock became Emperor, the first thing he did was claim James Tiberius Kirk as his slave, body and mind. But Kirk, being Kirk, has serious trouble with authority, and Spock is pressured by his advisors to discipline his former captain. Permanently.
Fic  StarTrekReboot  Slash  Kirk/Spock  AU  MirrorVerse  Kink  Dubcon  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  Jun2018 
june 2018 by paraka
Thank You for the Music & Take a Chance On Me by jedusaur, read by theletterelle
"Panic is going to be a big fucking deal. If Brendon is your lead singer, he's going to be a big fucking deal. Do you really want to own a celebrity?"
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  Ryan/Brendon  Jon/Spencer  AU  Slavery  Noncon  Dubcon  First_Time  Established_Relationship  Time0:45-1:00  Apr2013  Rec 
april 2013 by paraka
Give In, Oh Sweet Surrender by Inane_Rational, read by lunchee
‘Don’t fight back. Just let them take what they want.’ This is the first rule Merlin knew.

Then Prince Arthur came to wage war on Cenred, and Merlin catches his eyes. He began to learn a new form of surrender.
Podfic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Merlin'sMagicIsRevealed  Noncon  Dubcon  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Jan2013  Rec 
january 2013 by paraka
Eden Burns by coricomile
"The girls don't like you, Rick," Pete says around a laugh. Patrick winces, gritting his teeth. Pete leans in close, breath hot on Patrick's face. His eyes are dilated, pupils wide and dark. "But you don't like them, either, do you?" Patrick feels himself go pale, his heart thumping in his chest. Pete laughs again. "Do you like boys, Patrick?"
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  Dark  Dubcon  Angst  Jealousy  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Nov2012 
november 2012 by paraka
The Creepy Cave by LolaFeist, read by shiningartificat
Stiles looks up. Slowly. "Holy shit," he says. The tentacle is attached to more tentacles which are attached to a giant glowing squid thing. "That is not the droid we were looking for."
Podfic  TeenWolf  Slash  Derek/Stiles  SexPollen  Bonage  Dubcon  First_Time  Time0:20-0:30  Nov2012  via:parakatr 
november 2012 by paraka
The One Where Frank Has an Evil Twin (and Probably Should Have Taken Up Knitting) by theopteryx, xojemmaxo
Not!fic, COMPLETE CRACK, Dub-con (seduction of someone under false pretenses), evil twins being evil, first!times, some mild gore. Mild gore? Is gore ever mild? I digress.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Gerard  MagicalMistakes  Virgin  First_Time  Time0:45-1:00  Oct2012  Crack  Dubcon 
october 2012 by paraka
I Know This Hurts (It Was Meant To) by dancinbutterfly
He feels like the prince trying to catch up with his kinky CinderDom, with a blindfold in the place of a glass slipper.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  D/s  Kink  BDSM  Dubcon  H/C  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Oct2012  Rec 
october 2012 by paraka
Screaming Down The Starlit Sky by herlovewasajoke, read by reena_jenkins
Arrogance and impulse control -- too much of one means too little of the other. Lines are drawn, alliances are forged, and nothing in Beckett's city will ever be the same again.
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Ryan/Brendon  Spencer/Jon  Frank/Gerard  Mike/Tom  Butcher/Siska  Alex/Tom  Alex/Cash  Pete/Patrick  Bob/Joe  Adam/Tommy  AU  Vampires  Bonding  Superpowers  Dubcon  Amnesia  Dark  First_Time  Established_Relationship  Time30:00-40:00  Rec  Awesome  Nov2012  Jul2012  Aug2019 
july 2012 by paraka
Bitch. by lizibabes
Prison AU. Gerard Way is a serial killer, frank's his new cell mate.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Frank/Gerard  Bob/Mikey  AU  Prison  Dubcon  Dark  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  May2012 
may 2012 by paraka
The Goa'uld Adam fic by AraSigyrn
Written for birddi's prompt "System-lord Adam!" in the Kradamadness Round Five. Now finally finished.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Stargate:SG-1  Slash  Kris/Adam  Crossover  AU  SciFiAU  Dubcon  Slavery  Jealousy  Dark  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Mar2012 
march 2012 by paraka
Way of the Wolf by insane_songbird, read by meansprite
The way of the wolf is simple. When a new Alpha takes over a pack he kills the offspring of his predecessor to secure his own lineage. As a werewolf, Jared knows all about the way of the beast. But when he lays eyes on the youngest son of the alpha he just dethroned, Jared throws the rules of the wild out the window to follow a very different instinct.
Podfic  SPNRPF  Slash  Jared/Jensen  AU  Transformative_AU  WereAnimals  DubCon  Bonding  First_Time  Time0:45-1:00  Feb2012  Jun2012 
february 2012 by paraka
Captain Lambert & the Temple of Shadows by AraSigyrn
Kris is one of the Shadow-born, a nearly human sub-race with a knack for infiltration and fighting. Left alone in one of the most inaccessible corners of the world to hone his skills, the last thing he's expecting is visitors.
Captain Adam Lambert (AKA Capt'n Mitchell, The Star-born Captain, The Bane of the Skies) is the most infamous pirate in all the sky with a knack for turning a profit from every situation. When his ship is attacked in a desolate corner of the world, Adam gains a new crew-mate and an wholly unwanted bond. With his own secrets to hide, the last thing Adam needs is a wilful, inexperienced bondmate from an extinct species. Even if his newest crew-mate might know where to find the greatest treasure in the world; a treasure that could make Adam the King of the Skies...
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  SciFiAU  Pirates  D/s  Bonding  Slavery  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Feb2012  Rec 
february 2012 by paraka
Still Standing by epicflailer
There's talk of fierce competition this season - Randy's typical, "this is the best group of talent we've seen on this show", Paula's effusive, "the contestants are all amazing, it's going to be so impossible to choose" and Simon's droll, "we've been spared any caterwauling so far" (so, okay, maybe Simon doesn't say that per se, but it's a pretty close thing) - and Cook's still trying to absorb everything when he meets it.

The stiff competition.

Otherwise known as David Archuleta.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  David/David  AU  Superpowers  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Jun2011  Jan2012 
june 2011 by paraka
Roofied by astolat
The party was sprawled across nine different rooms, and Kris ended up getting detoured half a dozen times before he finally managed to track down the bar and get Adam and Katy's drinks and a beer for him.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Moresome  Kris/Adam/Katy  PWP  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:<2K  May2011  Aug2011 
may 2011 by paraka
The Wolf Thief by house_of_lantis
Written for kradamadcakes Fest 1. Loosely based on the film “The Thomas Crown Affair”. Kristopher Allen is a notorious thief, but not only that, he’s a lycanwolf. Adam Lambert is a wolf specialist hired by the museum to track down a stolen statue. Only a lycanwolf hunter can truly track down another of their kind and Adam is determined to catch the wolf thief – but will Kris allow Adam to catch him?
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Transformative_AU  WereAnimals  SciFiAU  NotFamous  Bonding  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Mar2011  Rec 
march 2011 by paraka
In the Dark by silver_slashes
Adam growled low in his throat, projecting his thoughts outward.

“We had a deal Kristopher. I help you with this other alpha and you spend one night with me.”

Even in his own mind Adam knew he sounded much too pleased but he did nothing to curb his enthusiasm.

“We made vows, the deal is unbreakable. I own you Kris.”
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Transformative_AU  WereAnimals  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:<2K  Feb2011 
february 2011 by paraka
Untitled by anonymous
He runs out of Ease in Dallas and there's just no time between the press and the show and the meet and greet afterward to go out and get more. And it's not like he's ashamed of what he is, but he hasn't actually come right out and told any of the production staff or the handlers or really anybody on the tour except Kris because yes, the recording contracts are in the bag but the album hasn't actually dropped yet and even though he figures he might have enough momentum to get it charted without RCA's publicity, he really doesn't want to risk it. And there's no way to send somebody out for the Ease without explaining why he needs it and he can't ask Kris because Kris is at least as busy as he is so he thinks okay, it's fine, he's just going to tough it out for the four hour drive to Tulsa and then he can check into the hotel and call the agency and have them send a pro. Not his favourite way to deal but beggars can't be choosers, right?
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  SciFiAU  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Feb2011 
february 2011 by paraka
Sweetest Spoils by anonymous
Adam will never forget the day he ascended to the throne. It came sooner than expected -- his father had been stricken by pneumonia traveling in a caravan and passed swiftly -- but the moment the crown touched his head, he could feel it in his bones: the pure, undiluted power that he always knew was meant for him, only him. Visions of waiting empires stretched far in every direction glittered in his mind's eye and he could see kings and captains giving obeisance -- nay, kneeling -- before him, in complete surrender. Goods, gold and lands of kingdoms whose names his tongue couldn't pronounce, he would possess them all. One prince in particular, heir to the throne of a rival country, Adam longed to subjugate.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Historical_AU  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:<2K  Jan2011 
january 2011 by paraka
Love at Any Price by house_of_lantis
Lord Adam Lambert is a notorious scoundrel, forced to marry someone respectable to salvage his reputation; Sir Kristopher Allen is a gentleman whose family estates are on the verge of bankruptcy. A contract marriage solves both of their problems, but neither believed in falling in love – with each other.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  Kris/OMC  Adam/OMC  AU  Historical_AU  Harlequin  Noncon  Dubcon  WIP  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jan2011 
january 2011 by paraka
For Your Entertainment by house_of_lantis
Kris’s brother, David, owes a blood debt to a vampire and he’s run away leaving Kris as collateral. Vampire Elder Adam agrees to interfere on Kris’s behalf as a favor, but is Kris willing to pay the ultimate price?
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  SciFiAU  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Nov2010  Aug2011 
november 2010 by paraka
Which None May Buy by solvent
Regency-style Harlequin AU, arranged marriage. He had never seen Kristopher Allen lost for words before.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Historical_AU  Harlequin  Dubcon  Marriage  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Oct2010  Jul2011 
october 2010 by paraka
Visit by emmuzka
Adam was now steadily picking his nail polish off, his signature stress effect. “Until five months ago, I was happily Single, no kids!" That came out a bit hysterically.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  Dubcon  Family  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Aug2010 
august 2010 by paraka
Untitled by anonymous
“Kristopher, I just settled twenty thousand of your family’s debt and made your mother and brother a very generous allowance for life. If you think I will allow you to fulfil your...duties....under the cover of darkness where I am denied the sight of your delectable body and adorable face then you are very much mistaken. As of the moment you said ‘I do’ you became the most expensive thing I own that is not made from bricks and mortar and I intend to enjoy you to the best of my ability.” He stretched out a languid hand and said softly but in a voice of unmistakable command, “Now come here to me and let me see you.”
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  AU  Historical_AU  Harlequin  Dubcon  WIP  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Jul2010  Oct2010  Aug2011  Rec 
july 2010 by paraka
Stephen by amproof
Kris has been missing for three years. When Adam finds him, he's not the person he used to be. In fact, he doesn't know who he used to be.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Kris/Adam  Kris/OMC  AU  Slavery  Dubcon  Noncon  Amnesia  Future_Fic  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:50K-100K  May2010  Nov2010  Rec 
may 2010 by paraka
Mi Casa Es Su Casa by maybe77
The universe gives Kris and Adam a do-over. Written for the [info]ai_kinkmeme. Prompt: Adam is a ghost that’s haunting the house Kris just moved into. Supernatural sexytimes ensue
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Het  Kris/Adam  Kris/Katy  AU  SciFiAU  Dubcon  Destiny  First_Time  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  May2010  Rec 
may 2010 by paraka
Denial by astolat
"You're kidding, right?" Danny said, after Mike Sarver left and the producers redid the roommate assignments.
Fic  AmericanIdol  Slash  Adam/Danny  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:<2K  Mar2010 
march 2010 by paraka
The Unsuitable Virgin by fayjay, read by fayjay
Jared's parents arrange for him to be married to a girl he's never met. On his wedding night, he finds out that under her fancy dress, corset, stockings and panties, "Jen" is most definitely not a girl. He -could- stop, have the marriage annulled, humiliate them both, ruin his new "bride"'s family for daring to set him up like this, but he decides to have his fun, first. After all, he could still get the annulment in the morning -- if he feels like it. Would prefer shy, not expecting to still be fucked upon discovery, virgin bottom Jensen.
Podfic  SPNRPF  Slash  Jared/Jensen  AU  Historical_AU  Harlequin  Dubcon  Virgin  Crossdressing  First_Time  Time0:30-0:45  Mar2010 
march 2010 by paraka
Term of Service by resonant, read by anatsuno
"You're telling me that you would sell your bodies for curiosity, orbital shielding, and a quarter-charged ZPM?" "Well, yeah. Who wouldn't?"
Podfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  John/Rodney  Dubcon  Slavery  First_Time  Time1:30-2:00  Mar2010  Rec 
march 2010 by paraka
In My Dreams You're Blowing Me...Some Kisses by queenklu, read by crinklysolution
Half an hour from Las Vegas--because when you drive 30 minutes for a fuck you're going to be on your best behavior--is a little bordello called Enthrall 'Em Steer 'n' Bunny Ranch. Fucking is not Jared's problem; keeping his job (and his head above water) just might be.
Podfic  SPNRPF  Slash  Jared/Jensen  AU  Prostitution  Dubcon  First_Time  Time3:00-4:00  Feb2010  Rec 
february 2010 by paraka
Make The Devil Feel Surprise by Telesilla
In a dark mirror universe of our own, sixteen year old Rodney McKay is brought to Atlantis by the Chief Science Officer, his older sister Jeannie, after their parents die. While Jeannie has no real use for Rodney, Colonel Sheppard does. Now Rodney has to come to terms with the fact that not only is he Sheppard's boy toy, but also that Sheppard is a moody, paranoid sadist.

For his part, John isn't quite sure what to make of Rodney, who is an almost too perfect match for him. Just as he and Rodney carefully start to settle into a complicated relationship, a conspiracy begins to surface, forcing Rodney to take a stand.
Fic  Stargate:Atlantis  Slash  Het  John/Rodney  Ronon/Jeanie  AU  Dark  D/s  BDSM  Dubcon  Slavery  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Feb2010 
february 2010 by paraka
Waterstains by leonidaslion
Dean Winchester found his calling in a rundown church in Idaho when he was thirteen and never looked back. Of course, he's never met anyone like this before either ...
Fic  Supernatural  Slash  Sam/Dean  Incest  AU  Religion  Dubcon  Evil!Sammy  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Feb2010 
february 2010 by paraka
We've Got a Groovy Thing Goin', Baby by dreamlittleyo
Sam knows his attraction to Dean is one-sided. But that doesn't mean he can't have what he wants.
Fic  Supernatural  Slash  Sam/Dean  Incest  Dark  Noncon  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:<2K  Jan2010 
february 2010 by paraka
Service by srin
"He's very pretty, that servant of yours," says Uther. "Such a lovely mouth. You really ought to take him, before someone else does." It's clear which someone else he is referring to; Arthur's voice catches in his throat, and he can't make himself say I already have, I did just this morning, why do you think I'm wearing this coat with the absurdly high collar? He can't make himself say anything, not to Uther and not to Merlin, later.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  Merlin/Arthur/Uther  PWP  Dubcon  Incest  WC:2K-5K  Dec2009  Rec 
december 2009 by paraka
Kiss Me, Love, By the Light of the Burning Sky by leonidaslion
Sam just smiles at him, lovingly, and if Dean could just bring himself to ignore the blood and those yellow, cracked eyes, then it would be just like it used to be. Sam lifts one hand and trails his fingers across Dean’s lips before cupping the side of his face. It’s new in the After, but an old, practiced gesture from Before, and Dean finds himself tilting his head into the touch before he realizes what he’s doing. He turns his face away almost immediately, but from the flare of triumph in Sam’s eyes, he noticed.
Fic  Supernatural  Slash  Sam/Dean  AU  Future_Fic  Dubcon  Evil!Sammy  Dark  WIP  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Nov2009  Rec 
november 2009 by paraka
Not Time's Fool by b_b_banana
The adventures of king!Arthur and misplaced-his-timeline!Merlin continue! Now with 25% more plot.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Dubcon  WC:2K-5K  Nov2009  Rec 
november 2009 by paraka
Diet/Junk Food by norah
"Oh, yes, they commit," spat Junk Food. "For a little while. It's all romance and excitement for a few days, a week, all 'I'll stay with you forever,' isn't it? And then the cheating starts. A nibble here, a lick there - and how long do they hold out against what I can offer them? Then you're yesterday's news. At least they always come back to me."
Fic  Anthropomorfic  Diet/Junk_Food  Dubcon  UST  First_Time  WC:<2K  Nov2009  Rec 
november 2009 by paraka
Little Squire by anonymous
He doesn't complain. But what hurts more is that he never seems to be able to fully satisfy Arthur. It merely takes the edge off him. Merlin can't help but feel that he is only a poor substitute for...something. A woman perhaps. Or a better lover. Or a more beautiful one.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  Arthur/Kay  Dubcon  Established_Relationship  WC:10K-25K  WC:25K-50K  Nov2009 
november 2009 by paraka
The Devil At The Gate by skellerbvvt
He hates Merlin, hates him the way only love turned sour can hate, and he can never, never forgive him, but he comes when called and he kneels when ordered, because…it’s his fault.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Arthur_is_King  D/s  Dark  Dubcon  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Oct2009  Rec 
october 2009 by paraka
Untitled by anonymous
"I know about you," he murmurs into the hot skin, feeling the moment the muscles tense beneath his grip, "and you know exactly what I could have done to you."
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  Dubcon  Merlin'sMagicIsRevealed  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  WC:25K-50K  Oct2009 
october 2009 by paraka
Chrome by seraphwings, read by twasadark
This isn't any sort of possession he can recognize. There is no demonic force he can sense, no ghost slipped into Dean's skin. The only sense of a soul at all is just Dean's, quiet and muffled beneath an odd, cold gloss.
Podfic  Supernatural  Slash  Dean/Castiel  Dubcon  First_Time  Oct2009 
october 2009 by paraka
Through the Looking Glass by b-b-banana
Arthur wonders what it might sound like with the boy’s mouth pressed against his ear, if secrets would stir fine hairs instead of breath. Alternate timeline - possibly first in a series.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Dubcon  PWP  Arthur_is_King  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Oct2009  Nov2009  Rec 
october 2009 by paraka
Ascendant by mandybitch
“What makes you so special?”

Merlin’s mother told him he should think before he spoke and it was one of many practical and simple pieces of advice that she gave him growing up that he never seemed to remember to take. Still, later he would blame his answer on the King’s unwavering stare and the fact that Merlin was thinking about how he could hide the blueberry juice stain on his sleeve without drawing too attention to himself, instead of what would be an appropriate response to a polite enquiry from one’s sovereign.

“My charm and good looks?”
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  Arthur_is_King  Dubcon  WC:10K-25K  WC:25K-50K  Oct2009 
october 2009 by paraka
Bound by elandrialore
Merlin could feel the spell working inside of him, and in some distant part of him he knew that he was going to regret this. It didn’t stop him from pushing up the warm linen of Arthur’s shirt, his hands briefly touching skin as Arthur writhed against his bonds.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  PWP  Bondage  Dubcon  First_Time  WC:<2K  Sept2009 
september 2009 by paraka

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