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Painted Skies by rebekahfair
Jared Padalecki, Pre-Vet student, receives a summer internship to work at the Ackles' Quarter Horse Ranch. Jared isn't quite sure that he and the owners' 23-year-old son, Jensen, are going to hit it off. Yet after Jared sticks up for Jensen in an arbitrary bar fight, Jensen starts showing Jared the ropes of the ranch. As their friendship grows, their attraction to one another does as well, despite Jensen's struggles with his sexuality. Jared and Jensen learn each other and about the hardships of life and love all under the blistering heat of the Texas sun.
Fic  SPNRPF  Slash  Het  Jared/Jensen  Chris/Allison  AU  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Feb2010 
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