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Green Mountain Diapers: Prefold Diapers
highest rated prefolds + great basic supplies
february 2012 by paparatti
ThatBlondeRedhead comments on I cloth diaper, AMA.
"If you do prefolds and wash every other day, you will probably need to start with 20-24 prefolds. As babies get older they go through less diapers, about 4 less diapers for every 6 months of age.
I would get a cover for every 5 diapers you have, and then an extra (just in case!). Covers don't need to be washed after every use, so you can air out the covers between changes (so, use the blue cover for the first change, use the green cover for the second, yellow for the third, then back to the blue and so on).
If you are using wool covers, make sure you read up on how to lanolize the wool. They can go almost two weeks between washes!"
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january 2012 by paparatti

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