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More EU Nations Flock to Gold
Yesterday, the Hungarian central bank announced it recently boosted its gold reserves 10-fold.
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october 2018 by pankkake
Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar | Zero Hedge
Turkey announced it will repatriate all the gold it has stored at the US Federal Reserve and deliver it to the Istanbul Stock Exchange, in an attempt to eliminate the influence of the dollar.
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may 2018 by pankkake
You can now rent a luxury yacht with bitcoin
It said it has hired Goldmoney to process its cryptocurrency and precious metal payments.
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november 2017 by pankkake
Smell That? | BitMEX Blog
If Bitcoin is digital gold, than theoretically it could reach the same ratio as gold relative to aggregate government debt. That implies a Bitcoin price of $461,333 or an 80x increase in price.
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october 2017 by pankkake
Lingots, pièces, ETF… Le surprenant profil des Français qui possèdent de l’or -
EXCLUSIF Pratiquement un Français sur trois détient de l'or, que ce soit sous la forme de pièces de monnaie, de lingots ou de bijoux. Un bas de laine qui rassure… en particulier chez les jeunes.
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october 2017 by pankkake
What Is Wrong With Silver: Are Cryptocurrencies Killing Demand For The White Metal? | Seeking Alpha
Despite gold's rally which saw it briefly rise about $1,300 silver continues to perform poorly. There are signs that supply and demand fundamentals have decoupl
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september 2017 by pankkake
China to bring back gold in international settlement with new oil futures | Business Standard News
Read more about China to bring back gold in international settlement with new oil futures on Business Standard. China is working on crude oil settlement in yuan backed by gold to circumvent US dollar settlement
gold  china  oil  finance 
september 2017 by pankkake
The Strange Secret History of Operation Goldfinger | The New Yorker
In the sixties, the U.S. government launched Operation Goldfinger, a secret project to look for gold in the oddest places, James Ledbetter writes.
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june 2017 by pankkake
End of empire
Note that only last month it was announced that Russia’s central bank has opened an office in Beijing, and is tasked with resolving the technical aspects of gold deliveries from Russia into China. The importance of the Shanghai Gold Exchange will increase further through this link to Moscow.
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april 2017 by pankkake
China claims discovery of its largest gold mine with $22 billion potential — RT Business
The biggest ever gold deposit of an estimated 380 tons has been discovered in China, announced Shandong Gold Group during a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday.
gold  china 
march 2017 by pankkake
Gold The "Ultimate Insurance Policy" as "Grave Concerns About Euro" - Greenspan | Zero Hedge
“I view gold as the primary global currency” said Greenspan. “Significant increases in inflation will ultimately increase the price of gold. Investment in gold now is insurance…”
gold  money  finance 
march 2017 by pankkake
Épargner, oui, mais dans quoi ? | Contrepoints
Avec la publication du dernier bilan trimestriel de la Banque de France sur l’épargne des ménages, on apprend que les sommes laissées sur les comptes courants non rémunérés des particuliers atteignent désormais 415 milliards d’euros.
gold  finance  fr  france 
february 2017 by pankkake
Germany brings back 300 tons of gold from New York | Daily Mail Online
The German central bank said it brought 111 tons of gold back from the Federal Reserve in New York last year, concluding in September - the last of 300 tons slated for return.
gold  germany 
february 2017 by pankkake
Scenes Of Panic In India As Gold Price Skyrockets After Currency Ban | Zero Hedge
Money is also moving out of the country. Gold has shot up to as much as $2,800 per ounce, if you can find it.
india  money  gold 
november 2016 by pankkake
Russia is loading up on gold
And Russia's central bank was not the only one buying, China and Kazakhstan saw their gold holdings increase by 4.98 tonnes and 4.14 tonnes, respectively, the WGC said.
gold  russia  china 
november 2016 by pankkake
L'euro-or, une monnaie de secours pour remplacer l'euro ? | Contrepoints
Des économistes allemands suggèrent de créer une monnaie parallèle : un euro-or, qui servirait de secours au cas où l’euro s’effondrerait. Idée farfelue ou réaliste ?
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september 2016 by pankkake
Gold and the Dollar Can Hardly Be Relied On | GEFIRA
Also, the credibility of the official USA data on gold stockpiles comes into question. It is not the fist time that, while reading through economic analyses, I come across a question: does the USA have as much gold as it says it does? One must admit that the number of doubts and discrepancies that occurs in the data is intriguing.
gold  usa  money  finance  banks  germany 
july 2016 by pankkake
Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention | Foreign Policy Journal
Newly disclosed emails show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention.
gold  war  finance 
february 2016 by pankkake
Bitcoin Is Sedition | Bitcoinism
Bitcoin is an insurrection. Holding Bitcoins is a way for individuals to reject the legitimacy of the welfare-warfare state. Bitcoin is a vote of no-confidence aimed directly at the very concept of governance. Bitcoin is a clear and present danger to the perks, paychecks, and pensions of every government employee and retiree.
bitcoin  government  freedom  history  gold 
june 2014 by pankkake
Eric Sprott On Central Banks, Bullion Banks and the Physical Gold Market Conundrum | Zero Hedge
The recent decline in gold prices and the drain from physical ETFs have been interpreted by the media as signaling the end of the gold bull market. However, our analysis of the supply and demand dynamics underlying the gold market does not support this thesis.
gold  finance 
july 2013 by pankkake
Paper Vs. Physical Gold: Picturing The COMEX/SGE Divide | Zero Hedge
Unlike investors in the West, Chinese housewives just want physical gold regardless of the price.
china  gold  finance 
july 2013 by pankkake
Interview with Varg Vikernes
First of all I would remove paper money and replace it with real money; gold coins, silver coins and copper coins. That would remove the opportunity for bankers to turn us all into debt slaves, like they do today by making paper money from nothing and then loan it to us for interest.
blackmetal  metal  interview  politics  money  gold 
december 2011 by pankkake

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