After German Journalism Scandal, Critics Are ‘Popping the Corks’ - The New York Times
The scandal has prompted a debate about narrative journalism, a genre that has become more popular in recent years and, some argue, has increased the scope for journalistic fraud.

“Purists say narrative journalism has blurred the line between providing objective facts and subjective interpretation,” said Carsten Reinemann, a journalism professor at the University of Munich, though he also cautioned against discarding the genre altogether.

Mr. Fichtner of Der Spiegel spoke of a “crisis of narrative journalism.”

“We have to ask ourselves whether we got carried away in storytelling forms that seduce authors to make the stories better than they already are,” he said.

He spoke of his own experience as a judge for journalism awards. “There is a tendency in recent years to make these narrative stories perfect,” he said. “We are looking for seamless plausibility and a density of detail that can be baffling.”

Narrative journalism "has to become more humble,” he said. “Because sometimes it might just be too good to be true.”
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7 weeks ago
Remembering 'Singin' In The Rain' Co-Director Stanley Donen : NPR
DONEN: Well, because Gene's movements are basically athletic and the force of the movement is important to get the thrill of watching him dance, it's harder to produce that on film because film is not able to get forceful movement because it's only a two-dimensional medium. And you need two eyes to see sharp, hard, forward and back or sideways movement. You need three dimensions.

And therefore, I tried to make up for - for that lack in the way I photographed it, which meant trying to make it a more dynamic move by the placement or movement of the camera or lack of movement of the camera. With Fred, you want to get the delicacy of the movement. So it's another way of focusing the eye in this two-dimensional medium on his physical, you know, subtle movements.
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7 weeks ago
Leading People When They Know More than You Do
when corporate executives imagine that they know more than the people who do the work.
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11 weeks ago
3 simple questions to ask yourself to find the best art college for you
This is the original site, which included a link in the statement "Impactful success, making a difference in your community and the world, helping illuminate and combat the 21st century's most pressing social problems with your art." that is now 404.
Still looking for that info.
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january 2019
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