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Far-right violence is on the rise. Where is the outrage?
The far right is emboldened, legitimised and ever more violent, and hate crimes are surging. When we discuss Islamist fundamentalist terrorists, we ask: who are the hate preachers radicalising them in mosques or the internet? We have yet to engage seriously in a similar debate about far-right terrorism for a simple reason: the hate preachers are mainstream politicians, commentators and media outlets.

The hate preachers radicalising far-right extremists are not ranting on soap boxes on street corners: they get splashed on front pages. They use rhetoric such as “Enemies of the people” and “Crush the saboteurs”; they deploy distortions, myths, half-truths and lies to whip up hatred against Muslims, migrants and refugees, and to scapegoat them for crimes committed by the powerful.
by:OwenJones  from:CommentIsFree  race  fascism  HateSpeech 
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Boris Johnson wants Britain to laugh away his racism
In August 2018, just a month after the release of those hate crime figures, Johnson remarked that Muslim women who wore the niqab looked like bank robbers and letter boxes. A British watchdog organization reported an immediate rise in harassment against Muslim women as a direct result of his comments.

These “jokes” date back some time. In a January 2002 article in the Daily Telegraph, when talking of the queen’s visit to the Commonwealth, he described black African children as “picanninies.” This word is not only racist — referring to caricatures depicting black children as “nameless, shiftless natural buffoons” with “bulging eyes, unkempt hair, red lips, and wide mouths into which they stuffed huge slices of watermelon” — it’s also an old term from the time when Britain was a dominant world power. Just a month later, in the Sun — another one of Britain’s most-read newspapers — Johnson wrote that “the best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction.” Given that several Africans who resisted British colonial rule were castrated with pliers, it isn’t surprising that many people of African descent didn’t consider this amusing.

Johnson’s racism is nostalgic, and crucially so; it yearns for a time when his country bestrode the globe, and as a result, it resonates powerfully with so many of his fellow citizens. His persona is a carefully cultivated throwback to the days of sepia TV and Pathé News, and as we lurch toward an uncertain future, there are a sizable minority who find it uniquely comforting: A YouGov poll, conducted in the immediate aftermath of his announcement as leader, found that 28 percent of respondents were either pleased or delighted by the news.
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There Is Nothing Wrong With Julián Castro’s Spanish
The problem with Julián Castro’s Spanish is not whether he is an English monolingual, uses the wrong prepositions or alternates between English and Spanish pronunciation. There is, in fact, no problem with Mr. Castro’s Spanish, other than prejudice against Latino Spanish-speakers.
In truth, terms like “fluent” and “bilingual” mean little because they are vague and subjective. When Latinos describe their Spanish as not fluent or not good enough, they have often internalized the idea that the Spanish spoken in, say, the West Side neighborhood of San Antonio is inferior to the Spanish spoken in Madrid, Bogotá, Colombia; or Puebla, Mexico. But to my ears, all varieties of Spanish are equally valid.

Rather than parsing the accuracy of Mr. Castro’s perception of his Spanish-speaking abilities, I find it more useful to focus on why language minorities tend to undervalue their own proficiency.
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Republicans' Quest for a White America Is Destroying America
Already, Trump and the Republicans have severely harmed the institutional heft of checks-and-balances. But they’re not done. America’s international reputation and influence rest on enormous economic and military strength, as well as the intangible but all-important “soft power” brought on by a robust democracy. All three pillars are necessary to sustain America’s nearly global respect and position, yet — and this was the rub — all three are increasingly dependent on more than just whites in the United States to build and sustain. For white America to exist, America must die. And the Republicans have made their choice.
Put simply, because Trump promises Republicans a return to white dominance, he is more important to the GOP and its base than the country those in power took an oath to support and defend.
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Don’t be fooled by Johnson’s ‘diverse’ cabinet — Tory racism hasn’t changed
The new BAME cabinet members all supported the government that adopted these policies, so they clearly do not represent Britain’s black and Asian communities. For them, blue is the only colour that matters and they are some of the most rightwing figures even within the Tory party.

As minister for international development Patel pursued an aid policy that was more about promoting opportunities for British business – and she had to resign when it emerged she had held secret talks with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. As home secretary, Sajid Javid stripped British teenager Shamima Begum of her citizenship. He also dramatically increased stop and search, ignoring the stark racial inequalities in how police use the powers.

As for Mirza, she believes institutional racism is a myth and said the Labour MP David Lammy’s review of inequality within the criminal justice system would “do more harm than good for black Britons”.

By parading a set of token figures to legitimise his agenda, Johnson is treading a well-worn path – one used by politicians across the ages to fool people into thinking they are witnessing a breakthrough in the fight against inequality. Under New Labour, Valerie Amos was ennobled and brought into cabinet, only to be sent to the 2001 United Nations conference on racism to explain why Britain would not call its role in transatlantic slavery a crime against humanity.

In the United States, Clarence Thomas was appointed by George Bush to the US supreme court in 1991. He has gone on to be the most conservative justice on the court, recently voting against overturning the death sentence of an African American defendant in a case where even Brett Kavanaugh (a Trump appointee) condemned the “relentless” attempts of prosecutors in Mississippi to get an all-white jury. And in 2004, Condoleezza Rice was said to be a sign of progress when she was appointed the first female African American secretary of state by George W Bush. But when Hurricane Katrina wrought havoc in 2005 she stayed on holiday and went shopping for shoes.

It was only a matter of time before Britain’s right wing embraced meaningless racial symbolism, and it should be no surprise the new era has been ushered in by Johnson. But do not be fooled: a cabinet packed with ministers with brown skin wearing Tory masks represents the opposite of racial progress.
by:KehindeAndrews  from:CommentIsFree  geo:UnitedKingdom  politics  race  BorisJohnson  PritiPatel  SajidJavid  JamesCleverly  AlokSharma  MuniraMirza  DavidLammy  ValerieAmos  ClarenceThomas  BrettKavanaugh  CondoleezzaRice 
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Poll finds widespread Islamophobia among Conservative Party members
The YouGov poll of Conservative Party members, for the anti-racist campaign group Hope Not Hate, found that 40% of members wanted limits on the number of people of the Islamic faith entering the country, as opposed to just 5% who want to see fewer Christians or Jewish people.

The poll also found that:

◼ 43% of Conservative Party members "would prefer to not have the country led by a Muslim."
◼ 45% believe that "there are areas in Britain in which non-Muslims are not able to enter."
◼ 67% believe that "there are areas in Britain that operate under Sharia law."
◼ 39% believe that "Islamist terrorists reflect a widespread hostility to Britain amongst the Muslim community."
by:AdamBienkov  from:BusinessInsider  Islam  Conservatives  race 
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Britain’s story of empire is based on myth. We need to know the truth
Brexiter ideology is contradictory. It simultaneously insists on pride in the British empire (accompanied by the delusion that former colonies are eager for a close bond with their erstwhile masters) and stokes harsh anti-immigrant sentiment. The Runnymede Trust’s report, however, points to the simple fact that the history of migration cannot be separated from that of empire. The presence of African, Caribbean and Asian communities in this country is tied to the great and lasting upheavals of British colonialism including economic hardship, land dispossession, ethnic and social cleansing, labour exploitation and wealth loss, often caused by the migration of large numbers of Britons to colonial possessions where they sought to escape poverty in Britain or to enrich themselves further. As late as the 1950s, advertisements were encouraging Britons to move to Kenya for cheap land and farm labour. The British Nationality Act of 1948 was intended mainly to facilitate immigration from the “white” dominions of New Zealand and Australia but also enabled the arrival of black and Asian migrants such as the “Windrush generation” who came here from the Caribbean as British subjects and filled a desperate labour shortage. Some understanding of this backstory would help when black and Asian Britons are asked to account for their presence in Britain as they all too frequently are.

Here’s the irony. While discussions of the British empire invariably generate toxic divides, it is in fact this very history that can provide sought-after “common ground” on which to examine the necessarily complex question of what it means to be British today. All Britons, white and ethnic minority, are touched every day by imperial legacies, from what we eat and drink – coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea – to the multinational corporations and banks we work for or buy from, to our basic assumptions and categories of thought including concepts such as race, development, free trade and globalisation which were forged in the crucible of empire. Colonial history also provides context for many contemporary British concerns from identity, multiculturalism and humanitarianism to foreign aid, hard borders and sovereignty.

Moreover, the history of the empire shows us not only that there is nothing especially “British” about values such as tolerance, freedom, human rights or democracy but that often what we call “British values” were influenced by both empire and resistance to empire. The oft-told story of a benevolent Britain “bestowing” freedom on her colonies when they were deemed ready for it is largely myth. In reality, resistance, often violent resistance alongside famous non-violent movements, was a central part of the story. Colonial subjects often had their own ideas about the meaning of “freedom” – like the Jamaican rebels of 1865, who rejected the notion that they were “free” to sell their labour to plantation owners after being released from bondage, and demanded small plots of land in which they could be truly independent. “Freedom”, it became clear, has many meanings and today we are often presented with a rather narrow version mainly to do with consumer choice.

An honest and informed understanding of the British empire and its afterlife is also vital because it can help us go beyond the questionable model where ethnic and cultural minorities in Britain are required to “integrate” into a static model of “Britishness” owned by white Britons.
by:PriyamvadaGopal  from:CommentIsFree  imperialism  colonialism  history  geo:UnitedKingdom  race 
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Islamophobia is rife among Tory members. Johnson and Hunt can't just ignore it.
Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have a stark choice: do they go against the grain of members who express quite shocking views, potentially harming their chances of winning the leadership, or do they keep quiet because they’re too scared to say anything – or even because they agree with these disgraceful viewpoints?

The views expressed by Tory members aren’t the views of a mainstream party. Members have bought into Islamophobic myths: 67% believe the lie that “there are areas in Britain that operate under sharia law”, as opposed to just 18% who do not believe this to be the case. Almost half (45%) believe the lie that “there are areas in Britain in which non-Muslims are not able to enter”, as opposed to just 34% who do not believe this to be the case. Members taint the whole Muslim community for the actions of a tiny, tiny minority, with 39% of members believing that “Islamist terrorists reflect a widespread hostility to Britain among the Muslim community”.
There are party members who have more in common with Katie Hopkins than Rory Stewart. That should alarm potential leaders. We’ve called on the Conservatives (and repeatedly asked the party chairman, Brandon Lewis) to hold an independent, external investigation into the state of Islamophobia in the party, but the response so far has been a deafening silence.
It’s depressingly predictable that Johnson has now started to backtrack on promises that all the leadership candidates made during their TV hustings last week to hold an inquiry. His response to the revelation that many party members held deeply Islamophobic views has been to pander to them, instead of showing that he wants to lead the whole country. Given his own history, this perhaps isn’t surprising, but it should still shock.
by:MatthewMcGregor  from:CommentIsFree  Islam  Conservatives  fascism  race  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  BorisJohnson  TheresaMay  JeremyHunt 
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White People Are Broken
Racism is not just an attitude or a feeling toward people who are different than you; racism is also a structural, institutional system which has benefited white people from the day Europeans landed on this soil.

White people own the top percent of the vast wealth in this county. White people own the majority of real estate, run the vast majority of corporations, determine the cost of the products and the pay of the employees. We control the political system, the judicial system, the educational system, the health system and the legal system.

But none of these systems are broken. They were built this way. White people are broken. We built these systems this way.

That we live in a country where anyone would have to assert they matter at all, should tell you something is very wrong.

White people are broken, but we don’t have to be. Broken is not evil. Broken means something needs to be fixed. Healed. Changed.

White people created this mess. White people need to help clean it up.
People of color don’t need white people to speak for them. They need us to hand them the mic.
by:KatherineFugate  from:Medium  race  allyship 
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Twitter Has Started Researching Whether White Supremacists Belong on Twitter - VICE
Motherboard spoke to several academics who have studied Twitter and radicalization online. While most of them said that they are glad Twitter is finally thinking about the issue of white supremacists on the platform, several said they believe the company should be constantly researching these issues, and should have started long ago.

When Motherboard described Twitter's plans on the phone, two of the academics laughed before responding.

"That's wild," Becca Lewis, who researches networks of far right influencers on social media for the nonprofit Data & Society, said. "It has a ring of being too little too late in terms of launching into research projects right now. People have been raising the alarm about this for literally years now."

"I mean, these quotes are a disaster, I'm going to be honest," Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, a progressive group that studies conservative disinformation, said. "The idea that they are looking at this matter seriously now as opposed to the past indicates the callousness with which they've approached this issue on their platform."
by:JasonKoebler  by:JosephCox  from:Motherboard  race  HateSpeech  moderation  Twitter  VijayaGadde 
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Philadelphia’s Pride Flag Matters
It’s worth noting that black and brown people have been integral to the struggle for LGBT rights. African American and Puerto Rican drag queens were among those who rose up against police harassment and brutality at the Stonewall Inn in June 1969, ushering in a new era of queer activism. The gay liberation movement that followed in the 1970s was modeled in part on the black freedom struggle that preceded it, and the two movements found common cause around the issue of police brutality.¹ Later on, black gay activists played a key role in convincing the City Council to add sexual orientation to Philadelphia’s Fair Practices Ordinance.²

And yet black and brown people have long been marginalized within Philadelphia’s LGBT spaces and institutions. Last year video of iCandy owner Darryl DePiano using a racial slur to describe black customers surfaced on YouTube. Around the same time Philly Pride youth marshal Kemar Jewel, who is black, was turned away from Woody’s, supposedly because he violated the bar’s dress code by wearing sweatpants and sneakers.

That kind of racial discrimination has been a problem in the Gayborhood for decades. In the 1970s and 1980s it was common practice for gay bars to ask men of color for multiple forms of ID, while letting white customers enter freely. In 1984 Philadelphia community groups formed a committee to investigate discrimination in Center City’s gay bars. They found that both racism and sexism were endemic in the Gayborhood, where bars used “neutral” policies such as dress codes and ID requirements to exclude women and minority customers.³ Apparently little has changed.
by:DanRoyles  from:Medium  from:ThinkQueerly  Pride  LGBTQ  inclusion  race  geo:Philadelphia  geo:UnitedStates  Privilege 
may 2019 by owenblacker
Philadelphia’s new, inclusive gay pride flag is making gay white men angry
“It’s a push for people to start listening to people of color in our community, start hearing what they’re saying,” Amber Hikes, the new executive director of Philadelphia's Office of LGBT Affairs, told NBC. “And really to believe them and to step up and say, ‘What can I do to help eradicate these issues in our community?’”

Hikes told NBC that most of the pushback her office has received in response to the new flag has come from white gay men. And to be fair, it’s unclear whether the white gay men who have complained about the flag are fully aware of the discrimination that’s been documented within Philadelphia’s LGBTQ community, or the context of the flag’s inclusionary message that’s specific to the city.

But the controversy over Philly’s flag is telling.

In particular, it brings attention to what Vice aptly sums up as “the lack of intersectionality” in LGBTQ culture. In simple terms, there are some LGBTQ people who will fight for LGBTQ-specific rights — e.g., same-sex marriage — but then fall short when it comes to other issues that affect LGBTQ people, like racism or sexism or economic inequality.

And there have been many times when the LGBTQ community at large has failed its poor and non-white members, and that many LGBTQ people, particularly white gay men, have failed to recognize or ignored those failings.
by:AlexAbadSantos  from:Vox  Pride  LGBTQ  inclusion  race  geo:Philadelphia  geo:UnitedStates  Privilege 
may 2019 by owenblacker
Sajid Javid urged to act in immigration scandal 'bigger than Windrush'
The American company that administered the test, Educational Testing Service (ETS), told the Home Office that it had conducted a voice analysis of recordings of all 58,458 tests taken in 96 test centres in the UK between 2011 and 2014 and concluded that 33,725 people cheated, and a further 22,694 people had “questionable results”. Only about 2,000 were found not to have cheated.

Stephen Timms, the Labour MP for East Ham, is sceptical about these findings. “It think it’s nonsense. There is no way that 90% of those who sat the test were cheating. Do they really believe they were presiding over a system in which over 90% were cheating? It doesn’t make sense. It’s completely implausible.
Hundreds of court hearings have subsequently questioned the reliability of the evidence provided by ETS and the Home Office. Some students have been accused of sitting a test in one centre but have clear proof that they sat it in another. At least one of those accused never sat the Toeic test but has nevertheless had his visa cancelled with no opportunity to appeal.
by:AmeliaGentleman  from:TheGuardian  SajidJavid  immigration  race  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  HomeOffice  education  EducationTestingServices 
april 2019 by owenblacker
The black feminists behind #YourSlipIsShowing, a campaign against Twitter trolls masquerading as women of color with the fake hashtag #EndFathersDay.
It’s now conventional wisdom that today’s hateful right-wing trolling has its roots in Gamergate. Gamergate, argued a 2015 BuzzFeed piece, “first revealed … that under the modern internet’s surface layer of samey platforms and feel-good cultural consensus, burbled, in chans and subreddits and forums and anonymous networks and IRC, a reservoir of opposition to its values.” Gamergate, declared a 2018 Salon essay, was the beginning of “a very dark turn in American conservatism.” Gamergate, observed Politico Magazine in 2017, was the moment that “hardened anti-political correctness sentiment on 4Chan.” But as the media has pieced together the story of the alt-right’s rise, #EndFathersDay has been a key omission. This feels particularly notable in light of the fact that Quinn, arguably the main target of Gamergate, not only quotes Hudson in her book, Crash Override, but also specifically cites #EndFathersDay as a precursor to “similar disinformation tactics used during GamerGate, and later during the 2016 presidential election.”
by:RachelleHampton  from:Slate  GamerGate  abuse  race  HateSpeech  feminism  journalism 
april 2019 by owenblacker
Smooth, angry, cool, powerful: how we talk about blackness
Teacher and writer Jeffrey Boakye has encountered endless labels – all of which have informed his experience of being black and British today. Here, he unpicks their meanings. Black, Listed: Black British Culture Explored by Jeffrey Boakye is published by Dialogue (£18.99).
by:JeffreyBoakye  from:TheGuardian  race  interesting  geo:UnitedKingdom 
april 2019 by owenblacker
Until Christchurch I thought it was worth debating with Islamophobes. Not any more
I could detail the volume of anti-Muslim front pages and columnists forensically quoting from made-up news items, incendiary columns in the mainstream press and politicians’ rhetoric. The article would provide evidence for the undeniable rise in hate crimes against racial minorities in general and Muslims in particular, buttressing the argument with statistics. It would be an article similar to those I have written many times – after the Muslim travel ban in the United States, for example. I could plead that something even more horrible will happen if we do not find a way of reversing this juggernaut, of tempering language and applying the same sensitivity filters when talking about Muslims that we do about other minorities.

I am not going to write that article today, or ever again. The reason is simple, and it is this. I used to write on the assumption that people didn’t quite fully see the danger and ubiquity of casual hate speech against Muslims, and how it has been racialised and associated with immigration. Naively, I used to think it wasn’t necessarily an obvious danger, because people had been subjected to Islamic terrorism and were coming to terms with that, sometimes sloppily and irresponsibly, but understandably.

I no longer believe this to be the case. Politicians and the media know exactly what they are doing. They know that hating Muslims sells, whether it is for votes or for clicks or for profile raising.
by:NesrineMalik  from:CommentIsFree  race  politics  islamophobia  journalism  HateSpeech 
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UN report says Israel a ‘racist state’ and ‘apartheid regime’
UN under-secretary general and ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf said the report was the “first of its type” from a UN body that “clearly and frankly concludes that Israel is a racist state that has established an apartheid system that persecutes the Palestinian people”.

ESCWA comprises 18 Arab states in Western Asia and aims to support economic and social development in member states, according to its website. The report was prepared at the request of member states, Khalaf said.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters in New York the report was published without any prior consultation with the UN secretariat.
by:Reuters  from:Reuters  from:IrishTimes  geo:Palestine  geo:israel  apartheid  race  WarCrime 
february 2019 by owenblacker
Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur Who Targeted Gay Men Pleads Guilty to Murder
For years as men began to disappear, those in Toronto’s LGBTQ community began to question if the disappearances were connected and if a serial killer was targeting the city’s gay population. “Missing” posters for the men filled city streets, but Toronto police said there was no proof of a serial killer in 2017. Given most of McArthur’s victims were South Asian and Middle Eastern men, LGBTQ activists pointed out that it took the disappearance of a white victim, Andrew Kinsman, for police to take the string of killings seriously.
by:HazelCills  from:Jezebel  geo:Toronto  SerialKiller  homophobia  race 
january 2019 by owenblacker
The Yellow Vest Movement explained to my non-french friends
In reaction to a speed limit change on roads, and to a new tax on gas, a movement started on Facebook calling to block the country by going on roundabouts and block the roads there. This movement has spread through Facebook. At first, medias defined it has a “periurban” movement, a movement from the countryside of France, the “lower france” to quote M. Raffarin, former prime minister. But I think that it’s partial, a bias due to the fact that most – if not all – national medias are based in Paris and do not really get out of Paris in densely populated area. It’s been worse since their funding is going down, losing local correspondent and replacing them by columnist, creating a divide between those who reads the press and those whose medias speaks about.

My understanding of where the yellow vest come from is, in part, due to two sources. First this good article wrote by cartographers and sociologists, which show that it is, in fact, the middle class, leaving in suburbs or big urban centers, not people leaving in the country. The second source is my personal experience of those suburbs, since I grew up there. Most suburbians areas in France are build around two class of population. The middle class who cannot afford to live in the center, and then lives in residential area that we call dormitory city. Middle managers, engineers, leaving in cheap houses massively built, office workers needing a car to do anything, because the commute system is not designed for that. Teenagers who drive drunk home because they don’t want to end up in their family house at 11pm because there’s no way back home, and no place to party nearby.

The other one are the big projects, build in the sixties to house migrant workers. And that the state will stop worrying about. I suggest you to read about SONACOTRA to understand what’s been happening in the projects since the 80’s. So, you basically have two kind of people living in suburbans area. The one who can afford one or two car, and have no other practical solutions because everything is closing around them (from post office to hospital). And the one who can’t, leaving in old building, the lower class, mostly non white people. What defines the yellow vest is, at its core, their link to cars. The protests started in reaction to a speed limit reduction, which was perceived as yet another caprice of a government which is perceived has an urban elite which do not care about anything except their bank accounts. Those protesters depends on their car and, a lot of them – if not most – are in a precarious situation. If they can’t pay the gas of their car,they can’t go to work, so they’re going to lose their jobs, which will lead to difficulty to pay back the house mortgage, etc … This particular form of precariousness is called energetic precariousness [précarité énergetique]. They’re not the lower class, the lower class lives in projects and cannot afford a car, so they use public transportations to work, when they have a job at all. They’re the one who, taxes after taxes, are paying more for less. Their earning taxes rises while the level of public services goes down, creating a feeling of unfairness among them. More than the National Front votes (sorry, Rassemblement national nowadays, RN), I think that what defines them is the abstention.
GiletsJaunes  politics  geo:France  race  austerity  immigration 
january 2019 by owenblacker
Amazon’s Disturbing Plan to Add Face Surveillance to Your Front Door | American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU and other civil rights groups have repeatedly warned that face surveillance poses an unprecedented threat to civil liberties and civil rights that must be stopped before it becomes widespread. The history of discriminatory government surveillance makes clear that face surveillance will disproportionately harm people already targeted by the government and subjected to racial profiling and abuse — immigrants, people of color, and the formerly incarcerated.

The ACLU’s test is consistent with academic research demonstrating that face surveillance technology is less accurate for darker skinned faces and women. These systems threaten to further entangle people with law enforcement, ripping families apart and increasing the likelihood of racially biased police violence. In addition, this technology puts activists and protesters in danger when exercising their First Amendment rights.

Despite the risks to civil liberties and racial justice, Amazon has chosen to ignore questions from members of Congress and calls from consumers, civil rights groups, and its own employees and shareholders to take responsibility for the consequences of its technology on communities where it is deployed.
by:JacobSnow  from:ACLU  surveillance  FacialRecognition  Amazon  race  PoliceState  DomesticSurveillance 
december 2018 by owenblacker
Revealed: the stark evidence of everyday racial bias in Britain
“Racism and discrimination for BAME people and minority faith groups isn’t restricted to one area of life,” said Zubaida Haque, the trust’s deputy director. “If you’re not welcome in a restaurant as a guest because of the colour of your skin, you’re unlikely to get a job in the restaurant for the same reason. Structural and institutional racism is difficult to identify or prove, but it has much more far-reaching effects on people’s life chances.”

David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, said the findings were upsetting. “Racial prejudice continues to weigh on the lives of black and ethnic minority people in the UK. While we all share the same hard-won rights, our lived experience and opportunity can vary,” he said.

Recalling being stopped and searched when he was 12, Lammy said: “Stereotyping is not just something that happens, stereotyping is something that is felt, and it feels like sheer terror, confusion and shame.”
by:RobertBooth  by:AamnaModhin  from:TheGuardian  race  geo:UnitedKingdom 
december 2018 by owenblacker
My name is Nish Kumar – so please stop calling me Nish Patel
We were in denial about the extent to which Britain had cured itself of the poison of racism. We’re definitely not in denial about it now. If that makes people feel uncomfortable, well, they should feel uncomfortable. We should feel uncomfortable as a nation that we sided with the “breaking point” poster. I understand there are people who aren’t racist who voted leave, but ultimately, as a nation, we saw the breaking point poster and we said: I’m going to vote the same way as that guy.

I have had conversations with leave voters who get very uncomfortable when I say things like that because they say “I’m not racist, it was an issue of sovereignty.” But at the same time, you saw the breaking point poster and you calculated the damage that would do, or you didn’t consider the damage that would do, and you decided to act on it anyway. You didn’t think about us either because we don’t factor into your version of what this country looks like, or because you don’t care.

It’s just about fundamentally reimagining the concept of Britain as a country. Whenever British values are talked about, there is an inherit implication that they are white values. When we were growing up we were all asked to accept ourselves as British citizens, and I still hold on to this idea that multicultural Britain is possible. It’s perfectly possible that I can be a completely British man who also celebrates Diwali with his family and doesn’t have to explicitly bow down to white culture and completely deny my entire family up until the moment of my birth. I have to believe in that idea, otherwise I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.
by:NishKumar  from:CommentIsFree  race  geo:UnitedKingdom  society  discrimination  Brexit 
december 2018 by owenblacker
For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies
A really good piece. Very focussed on the US — and some of these points don't apply in quite the same way over here; we exported our genocides to other places like Ireland, India, Canada and Australia, for example — but worth reading nonetheless.

I pticly like this 4th point:

『 Please try not to, “I can’t believe that something like this would happen in this day and age!” your way into being an ally when atrocities like the events in Charleston, S.C., and Charlottesville, Va., happen. People of color have been aware of this kind of hatred and violence in America for centuries, and it belittles our experience for you to show up 300 years late to the oppression-party suddenly caring about the world. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome you. I want for you to come into a place of awareness. However, your shock and outrage at the existence of racism in America echoes the fact that you have lived an entire life with the luxury of indifference about the lives of marginalized/disenfranchised folks. Please take several seats. 』
by:CourtneyAriel  from:Sojourners  race  colonialism  HateSpeech  allyship  geo:UnitedStates 
november 2018 by owenblacker
Sir Philip Green named as man at heart of 'UK #MeToo scandal'
Lord Hain told the House of Lords: “Having been contacted by somebody intimately involved in the case of a powerful businessman using non-disclosure agreements and substantial payments to conceal the truth about serious and repeated sexual harassment, racist abuse and bullying which is compulsively continuing, I feel it’s my duty under parliamentary privilege to name Philip Green as the individual in question, given that the media have been subject to an injunction preventing publication of the full details of a story which is clearly in the public interest.”
by:JessicaElgot  from:TheGuardian  PhilipGreen  PeterHain  SexualAssault  RapeCulture  race  bullying 
october 2018 by owenblacker
LeslieMac 🖤 on Twitter: "It’s 2018 & I have a personal bar with regard to references or depictions of Rosa Parks & the Montgomery boycott. it should be CLEAR that Parks & other organizers PLANNED her direct action with the intention to push for a boy
It’s 2018 & I have a personal bar with regard to references or depictions of Rosa Parks & the Montgomery boycott. it should be CLEAR that Parks & other organizers PLANNED her direct action with the intention to push for a boycott.
by:LeslieMac  from:Twitter  DoctorWho  RosaParks  race  television  MalorieBlackman  ChrisChibnall 
october 2018 by owenblacker
A Colony of Aliens
The United States has always needed new workers to contribute to its economy, but it hasn’t always wanted them to settle down, making their status fluctuate between indispensable resource and burden on the economy. From the enslavement of Africans that began in the 17th century to the recent fights between Silicon Valley companies and the US government over the H-1B work visa, which permits companies to temporarily hire foreign workers, the country has a long history of recruiting foreigners—by invitation or by force—to relocate here and contribute to its economic success. But it has rarely made those workers feel welcome once they arrive.
by:ManishaClaire  by:NathanGelgud  from:Topic  immigration  race  geo:UnitedStates 
october 2018 by owenblacker
✊🏿Black Aziz aNANsi✊🏿 on Twitter: "Ok y'all I'm sick and tired of folks saying that racism will eventually go away when the older generation dies off. It won't & I'll prove it"
Ok y'all I'm sick and tired of folks saying that racism will eventually go away when the older generation dies off. It won't & I'll prove it

First I wanna state that racism has not changed at all. Racist white folks have been using the same tired arguments for over 100 years
from:Twitter  race  history  reference 
october 2018 by owenblacker
Thread by @nkjemisin: "Good evening, Twitter. It's time for a post-dinner coffee rant. Today I want to tackle the topic of "Why do you always have to mention Jemis […]"
Good evening, Twitter. It's time for a post-dinner coffee rant. Today I want to tackle the topic of "Why do you always have to mention Jemisin's race? Isn't that racist? Why can't you just talk about the work?"
So, first I want to acknowledge that *occasionally,* people ask this question in good faith. For those people, let me say: I also wish that all things were equal enough to allow people to "just talk about the work" of me or any marginalized writer.

But they aren't. Equal enough.
by:NKJemisin  from:twitter  race  SpeculativeFiction  writing 
september 2018 by owenblacker
Everything wrong with science fiction is John W. Campbell’s fault
The problem with Campbell’s legacy, then, is one of ideological gatekeeping or, if you will, a kind of conservative, American, white male identity politics. It’s not about liking any one book, or story, or magazine. It’s about looking at the works and the attitudes and the actions of both Campbell and his protégés and it’s about wondering what voices, what stories, what perspectives they were keeping out. How many women encountered Asimov at a convention, left humiliated and angry, and never returned to the community? How many people of color had Campbell tell them their stories “weren’t relatable” and stopped writing because of it? How many people encountered Heinlein or Clarke or Hubbard and… yikes. Just… yikes.

Maybe more importantly: what would science fiction, that literary genre most famously invented by a teenage girl, look like today if it hadn’t been shoved so thoroughly into such tiny, parochial little box by the decades-long shadow of John W. Campbell?
by:AlisFranklin  SpeculativeFiction  JohnWCampbell  race  sexism  SexualAssault  privilege 
september 2018 by owenblacker
Colin Kaepernick becomes the face of Nike's Just Do It campaign
“We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward,” the Nike executive Gino Fisanotti told ESPN. “We wanted to energize its meaning and introduce ‘Just Do It’ to a new generation of athletes.”
Kaepernick and another former 49ers player, Eric Reid, have not been signed by any of the NFL’s 32 teams since their protests spread. Both have filed collusion grievances against NFL owners.

On Thursday, arbitrator Stephen Burbank denied the league’s request to dismiss the case, which means he found sufficient evidence for the case to continue and perhaps go to trial.
from:TheGuardian  ColinKaepernick  Nike  race  sport  geo:UnitedStates 
september 2018 by owenblacker
Thread by @grollman: "You're white. A person of color has directly or indirectly suggested that something you have said about race/POCs/white people is problemati […]" #teachsoc #racism #sociology
You're white. A person of color has directly or indirectly suggested that something you have said about race/POCs/white people is problematic or something you didn't intend to be about race was inherently related to race. They might even have said "you(r comments) are racist."
by:EricAnthonyGrollman  from:twitter  race  privilege  activism 
august 2018 by owenblacker
Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests
Their reams of data converged on a breathtaking statistic: Wherever per-person Facebook use rose to one standard deviation above the national average, attacks on refugees increased by about 50 percent.

Nationwide, the researchers estimated in an interview, this effect drove one-tenth of all anti-refugee violence.

The uptick in violence did not correlate with general web use or other related factors; this was not about the internet as an open platform for mobilization or communication. It was particular to Facebook.

Other experts, asked to review the findings, called them credible, rigorous — and disturbing. The study bolstered a growing body of research, they said, finding that social media scrambles users’ perceptions of outsiders, of reality, even of right and wrong.
by:AmandaTaub  by:MaxFisher  from:TheNewYorkTimes  immigration  race  fascism  Facebook  violence  geo:Germany 
august 2018 by owenblacker
Walter Hood: How urban spaces can preserve history and build community
Can public spaces both reclaim the past and embrace the future? Landscape architect Walter Hood has explored this question over the course of an iconic career, with projects ranging from Lafayette Square Park in San Francisco to the upcoming International African American Museum in Charleston, South Carolina. In this inspiring talk packed with images of his work, Hood shares the five simple concepts that guide his approach to creating spaces that illuminate shared memories and force us to look at one another in a different way.
by:WalterHood  from:TED  urbanism  slavery  race  geo:UnitedStates  geo:Charleston_NC  geo:SanFrancisco  geo:NewYork  history 
august 2018 by owenblacker
Jameela Jamil: ​'I won't become a double agent for the patriarchy'​
Meanwhile, Jamil has taken on another high-profile role, that of an extremely vocal critic of celebrity culture. She started an Instagram account called I Weigh on which women post images of themselves and say how much they “weigh” – not in kilos, but in the qualities they like about themselves (“Good friend”, “Bad singer”, “Loving sister”, and so on.) She made headlines earlier this year when she criticised Kim Kardashian for promoting something called an “appetite suppressant lollipop”. “Fuck off. You terrible and toxic influence on young girls,” Jamil wrote on Twitter. Kardashian later deleted the post.
by:HadleyFreeman  from:TheGuardian  JameelaJamil  TheGoodPlace  BodyPositive  misogyny  SexualAssault  race 
july 2018 by owenblacker
Amazon’s Face Recognition Falsely Matched 28 Members of Congress with Mugshots
The false matches were disproportionately of people of color, including six members of the Congressional Black Caucus, among them civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). These results demonstrate why Congress should join the ACLU in calling for a moratorium on law enforcement use of face surveillance.

To conduct our test, we used the exact same facial recognition system that Amazon offers to the public, which anyone could use to scan for matches between images of faces. And running the entire test cost us $12.33 — less than a large pizza.
by:JacobSnow  from:ACLU  ACLU  FacialRecognition  Amazon  biometrics  race 
july 2018 by owenblacker
Clare on Twitter: "“Political correctness” is when you have to treat people you don’t consider fully human with respect, “civility” is when you have to treat people who don’t consider you to be fully human with respect.… https://t.co/mY3hH2U
“Political correctness” is when you have to treat people you don’t consider fully human with respect, “civility” is when you have to treat people who don’t consider you to be fully human with respect.
from:Twitter  abuse  language  PoliticalCorrectness  Conservatives  race 
july 2018 by owenblacker
The Cis White Gay Man at a Crossroads
"We're like the centaurs of the oppressed," says Peter Staley, the veteran HIV activist who, while secretly gay and HIV-positive in the 1980s, worked as a high-paying stockbroker until he finally left and came out to help found the pioneering activist group ACT UP. (He will publish a memoir.) "We're like half white men, with all the privileges thereof, and half an animal that many people worldwide would have no compunctions about shooting dead. We get into a problem when we point only to our unique horse part and ignore the white man part."
by:TimMurphy  from:IntoMore  sexuality  homosexuality  privilege  DonaldTrump  Conservatives  race 
may 2018 by owenblacker
Wakanda Curriculum: Black Panther film movie companion for middle grades
Grades: 5th-8th (works for high school too)

This curriculum is designed for students who are seeing Black Panther, as a means to having them engage more critically and thoughtfully with the film. The curriculum assumes that students, like mine, have previous experience of studying the African continent, its diversity and colonialism.
by:TessRaser  from:GoogleDocs  Wakanda  colonialism  imperialism  slavery  feminism  Afrofuturism  geo:Africa  education  StudyGuide  race 
may 2018 by owenblacker
Ex-mayor of Ipswich denied citizenship after almost 40 years in UK
Inga Lockington, who has been a Liberal Democrat councillor for 19 years and served as mayor in 2007, moved to the UK from Denmark in 1979, when she married her husband, Tim.

She was given indefinite leave to remain, which was stamped in her passport at the time.
The Home Office rejected her application, which cost her £1,282, at the end of January on the basis it “cannot be satisfied” that she was permanently a resident in the UK.
She said her rejection was on the basis of her not having a permanent residency card, which has been obligatory since November 2016.
by:NicolaSlawson  from:TheGuardian  IngaLockington  Brexit  xenophobia  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  HomeOffice  race 
may 2018 by owenblacker
The EU’s core values are under attack as never before. It must defend them.
The European commission proposals are welcome, but will not begin to bite for several years. We need something with more immediate impact. That something is the expulsion of Orbán’s Fidesz party from the European People’s Party (EPP) before next year’s European elections. The EPP is the EU’s main grouping of centre-right parties. Leading figures from its member parties include German chancellor Angela Merkel, Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy, European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, and European council president Donald Tusk. It emphatically holds high the values of liberal pluralist democracy.

What is more, party groupings such as this, with their spitzenkandidaten in European elections, are supposed to be at the heart of the EU’s internal democratisation. Yet it keeps in its ranks a party that is not only dismantling liberal, pluralist democracy at home, but fought its last election on an anti-Brussels, xenophobic platform, including dog-whistle antisemitism in posters plastered across the country targeting George Soros and a fictional “Soros plan” for flooding Hungary with Muslim migrants.

The EPP does not merely tolerate Fidesz; it actively supports it. As the Fidesz MEP József Szájer noted in an appreciative email to fellow MEPs (leaked to Politico), EPP parliamentary leader Manfred Weber “came … to Budapest to support our campaign, to stand firm beside us”, and party president Joseph Daul “considerably helped us to score this success”.
by:TimothyGartonAsh  from:CommentIsFree  geo:Hungary  Fidesz  ViktorOrbán  fascism  antisemitism  EPP  ManfredWeber  JosephDaul  geo:EuropeanUnion  race 
may 2018 by owenblacker
The Home Office’s dirty secret: a whole new generation of Windrushers
The new home secretary, Sajid Javid, has wasted no time in disowning the phrase “hostile environment”. But the real test he faces isn’t one of superficial terminology. First, there is the question of whether he will do anything to dismantle the day-to-day reality of prejudice that ensnared the Windrush generation with such appalling consequences; whether he will concede that obliging landlords to check people’s papers under the threat of fines or imprisonment drags us backwards to a world where people with dark skin routinely face discrimination; or that cutting off access to housing and work risks forcing people into exploitation on the black market.

But there’s another dirty secret buried in the Home Office. The government’s futile, arbitrary target to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands means it is not just imposing further restrictions on who can come to the UK from abroad (no matter that the NHS is desperate for doctors). It is making it harder for people here legally, including those who’ve grown up here, to become permanently settled.
by:SoniaSodha  from:CommentIsFree  immigration  geo:UnitedKingdom  politics  TheresaMay  SajidJavid  race 
may 2018 by owenblacker
There's Nothing 'Fair' About The New Rules For Women Track Athletes
The science around all of this is dubious, at best (which is why Chand won her case at the CAS). It’s not clear that these women have the particular advantage for which they are being punished. But beyond that, we need to pause and really take in what the IAAF is doing here.

These are women whose bodies produce whatever level of testosterone they produce. Even if one was to concede that this gives them an advantage over their competitors, so what? Then it would seem they were born into the right body to be great at their sport. So are Michael Phelps or Chloe Kim or LeBron James. Why are we not sitting in awe of Semenya’s greatness as we have done with Usain Bolt? We should all simply feel lucky that we are living to witness her elite body do elite things.

But Semenya is a black woman from a country located in the global south who does not fit western ideas of the “feminine,” and so she must be stopped to make the playing field more fair for other competitors ― apparently the IAAF thinks it can decide for whom the field should be level.
by:JessicaLuther  from:HuffPost  IAAF  sport  CasterSemenya  sexism  race 
may 2018 by owenblacker
Is the US Border Patrol Committing Crimes Against Humanity?
For a three-day walk—which is the shortest most migrants will make—it is impossible to carry sufficient water. Medical experts recommend, for these conditions, at least one and a half gallons per day. For a three-day walk, that’s almost forty pounds of water. Throw in food and clothes, and a migrant would have sixty pounds on their back, which, given the terrain, is unfeasible. Many carry one or two gallons. Most become desperately, dangerously thirsty after about two days of walking. Some fare worse. If they don’t find water, they are in danger of heat exhaustion, severe dehydration, and death.

The risk isn’t happenstance: US Border Patrol policy intentionally pushes migrants into crossing in regions where they are more likely to suffer and die. An analogous policy in the interior of the country would be rerouting a sidewalk to force pedestrians to hazard straight across a busy highway, and chasing them with armed helicopters as they do so.

The agent, after scanning the hills, looking up and back down the trail, squatted to inspect the cache. The water bottles had hearts drawn on them, as well as uplifting messages written in Spanish: Agua Pura, ¡Ánimo! ¡Que Vayan con Suerte! He shifted his rifle and awkwardly readjusted his squat. Then he took out his knife and began lining up the water bottles. One by one, he stabbed them, sticking in his knife and then pulling it back out along with a little gulp of water. He stabbed all eight bottles. The water bled out, soaking the dirt.
by:JohnWashington  from:Guernica  geo:UnitedStates  geo:Mexico  geo:Arizona  immigration  refugees  CrimesAgainstHumanity  race 
may 2018 by owenblacker
Britain’s hostile environment has been a century in the making
Almost a century ago, after the 1919 race riots (a misnomer which implies a parity of power and violence) rocked the tiny Black and Asian communities in UK port cities, the government’s chief immigration officer commented that the presence of colonial seamen (from the British empire) was socially undesirable and that “it would be better to place these men in concentration camps”.

Six years later the aliens’ order was used to detain and deport “coloureds” even if they had a right to be here. In 1972, faced with the arrival of thousands of Ugandan Asians with UK citizenship, the government tried to find them an alternative home in the Falklands or the Solomon Islands. Women arriving from India and Pakistan to legally join their husbands could be subjected to virginity tests at British airports until 1979.
by:NadifaMohamed  from:CommentIsFree  race  immigration  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom 
may 2018 by owenblacker
Black lives are not safe in this country. What more do white people want? | Nayuka Gorrie | Opinion | The Guardian
Last week popular conservative columnist Miranda Devine wrote that … the right … needs to accept there is a war and get down in the trenches and fight. This rhetoric in equal parts frightens me and makes me laugh. I have this reaction because white people are the most powerful people in this country and have been since invading the continent.
Last week, a report published by the Australian Human Rights Commission came out detailing the composition of leadership across different business, social, legal and academic institutions. I didn’t need to read the report to know what the report revealed.

It found 95% of Australia’s senior leaders were from Anglo-Celtic or European backgrounds. The shade of power in this country is white. Another report recently by Macquarie University called Social media mob: being Indigenous online detailed that nearly 90% of the Aboriginal people surveyed had witnessed racism online.
by:NayukaGorrie  from:CommentIsFree  geo:Australia  AboriginalPeoples  WhiteFragility  race 
april 2018 by owenblacker
Why Theresa May can’t blame anyone else for the Windrush scandal
This weekend, Downing Street refused to schedule a meeting between the Prime Minister and representatives of 12 Caribbean countries to discuss the immigration status of Windrush-generation Britons. The first Theresa May learned of this was this morning, when she was alerted to the problem by a letter signed by 140 MPs from multiple parties – at which point, her office hastily announced that it would be scheduling such a meeting after all.

That, at least, is the official line, but I’m not buying it. Missing the brewing scandal would have required the Prime Minister to have spent the weekend offline, without phone signal and probably in a cave. But mostly it’s because this whole mess is so completely consistent with everything else Theresa May has done since she first joined the Cabinet. When people show you who they are, Maya Angelou once wrote, believe them: Theresa May has been showing us who she is for a very long time.
Why does May have such a problem with the idea of foreigners coming to Britain and spending their lives – even a part of their lives – here? The obvious answer is that she simply doesn’t like foreigners very much, but there are other possibilities. Perhaps she worries about social cohesion, or the impact that population growth will have on public services. Or perhaps she worries about the electoral prospects for conservatism in an increasingly diverse world. Perhaps she’s not a racist: she just thinks that the electorate is.

Whether the prime minister personally holds racist views, though, doesn’t really seem to matter. Whatever the contents of her heart, the fact is she has pursued xenophobic policies, which have emboldened racists, aggravated racial tensions, and risked wrecking the lives of legal migrants and ethnic minority Britons alike.
by:JonnElledge  from:NewStatesman  TheresaMay  xenophobia  immigration  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  race 
april 2018 by owenblacker
Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys - The New York Times
[This is an incredibly depressing indictment of how racist America fails black boys. (With excellent dataviz, as one might expect from the NYT.)] White boys who grow up rich are likely to remain that way. Black boys raised at the top, however, are more likely to become poor than to stay wealthy in their own adult households. Even when children grow up next to each other with parents who earn similar incomes, black boys fare worse than white boys in 99 percent of America. And the gaps only worsen in the kind of neighborhoods that promise low poverty and good schools. According to the study, led by researchers at Stanford, Harvard and the Census Bureau, income inequality between blacks and whites is driven entirely by what is happening among these boys and the men they become. Though black girls and women face deep inequality on many measures, black and white girls from families with comparable earnings attain similar individual incomes as adults.
Poor white children struggle in parts of the Southeast and Appalachia. But they still fare better there than poor black children do in most of America. In effect, the worst places for whites produce outcomes that are about as good as the best places for blacks. These new maps also suggest that part of the reason the Southeast looks bad for all children, in the middle map, is that the region is home to many black children who fare particularly poorly there.
by:EmilyBadger  by:ClaireCainMiller  from:TheNewYorkTimes  race  economics  geo:UnitedStates  by:AdamPearce  by:KevinQuealy 
march 2018 by owenblacker
How activists of color lose battles against Facebook’s moderator army
Mary Canty Merrill was fed up. So she turned to Facebook.

“Dear White People: The terminology we use to define a problem determines how we attempt to solve it,” she wrote in an April 4 Facebook post.

“You are so accustomed to defining racism as people of color being the problem that you want to fix us, patronize us, save us and heal us. You rarely perceive yourselves as the problem (which is where its root lies). Thus, your interventions are most often ill-informed, misdirected and yield no meaningful or sustainable results.”

She logged in the next day to find her post removed and profile suspended for a week. A number of her older posts, which also used the “Dear white people” formulation, had been similarly erased.

Perhaps most Facebook users would’ve simply waited out the weeklong ban. But Merrill, a psychologist who advises corporations on how to avoid racial bias, wondered whether she was targeted because she is African American. So she asked some white friends to conduct an experiment: They copied what she had written word for word and had others report it as inappropriate content. In most cases, Facebook allowed the content to remain active. None of their profiles were suspended.
by:AaronSankin  from:RevealNews  Facebook  moderation  censorship  race 
february 2018 by owenblacker
TEDxManchester 2018 - transcript
What I have learned, and seen, is that effectiveness of a terrorist attack is measured not by its violence, its scale, or how many lives it claimed. The effectiveness of a terrorist attack is measured in how we as a society react to it. The true measure is how much fear it instills, how much division it creates between our communities, how much cultural change it puts our society under. Our responses, as both individuals and as communities, to these atrocities, is literally what imbues terrorism with its strength, and its power.
I have learned that those who respond to extremism with violence and bigotry and hatred against entire populations of people, are in fact doing precisely the least constructive and most damaging thing they could do. So much of this narrative is steered by our prominent right-wing press, who, when these attacks occur, call for closed borders and openly provoke racist hostilities to millions of readers: they’re playing their part perfectly. When a gang of thugs smash up a mosque, attack Muslims in their own homes, scrawl racist graffiti in public spaces - they form part of the damage. It’s not just about the bomb. It’s not just the attack that inflicts the damage. I have seen that it’s the physical impact is what we experience first, but the subsequent effects of this broken response to extremism are wide-ranging and immeasurably damaging to our communities.
by:DanHett  terrorism  journalism  geo:UnitedKingdom  race 
february 2018 by owenblacker
Western Neutral: Separating Common Culture From “Whiteness”
The first time someone ever accused me of “speaking white” I was maybe seven years old. 

The concept completely baffled me.

My mother is a speech language pathologist, I grew up in a middle class multicultural neighborhood, I went to a gifted school and I live in the midwest.

Literally everyone around me sounded exactly the same.

So, why on earth was this tow headed, yellow bellied, idjit kid accusing me of “talking like a white person” when literally everyone within shouting distance of us spoke with the same exact midwestern standard dialect? (Which, of course is also the dialect used on radio and in films: “Standard American”.)
by:KaylaAncrum  from:MediaDiversified  race  geo:UnitedStates  society  language 
february 2018 by owenblacker
✡️ Josh Shahryar ☪ on Twitter: "Gather round, children, as I tell you a story about my introduction to Washington D.C., American racism and American "exceptionalism". The year is 2005, I'm a journalist from South Asia, visiting the United States on
Gather round, children, as I tell you a story about my introduction to Washington D.C., American racism and American "exceptionalism". The year is 2005, I'm a journalist from South Asia, visiting the United States on an invitation from the State Dept with about a dozen others.
by:JoshSharyar  from:Twitter  race  geo:UnitedStates 
february 2018 by owenblacker
First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals
Tom Booth, an archaeologist at the Natural History Museum who worked on the project, said: “It really shows up that these imaginary racial categories that we have are really very modern constructions, or very recent constructions, that really are not applicable to the past at all.”

Yoan Diekmann, a computational biologist at University College London and another member of the project’s team, agreed, saying the connection often drawn between Britishness and whiteness was “not an immutable truth. It has always changed and will change”.
The results pointed to a Middle Eastern origin for Cheddar Man, suggesting that his ancestors would have left Africa, moved into the Middle East and later headed west into Europe, before eventually crossing the ancient land bridge called Doggerland which connected Britain to continental Europe. Today, about 10% of white British ancestry can be linked to this ancient population.
by:HannahDevlin  from:TheGuardian  history  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:Europe  race 
february 2018 by owenblacker
'People are starting to understand': huge Invasion Day protest stuns Melbourne
The events start at the same time, and until a few years ago only one was accommodated. Before 2015, the Invasion Day rally was seen as just a group of hardcore activists; they didn’t register in the minds of the flag-waving crowd that turned out to watch the official proceedings. That was then. On Friday, when the Invasion Day march reached the barricades that had been pushed aside after the parade moved on, it significantly outnumbered the Australia Day event. Crowd estimates were between 40,000 and 60,000 people. It stretched the length of four city blocks, picking up stragglers and people who were on the street only because they had watched the official parade.
by:CallaWahlquist  from:TheGuardian  geo:Australia  InvasionDay  politics  decolonisation  imperialism  history  AboriginalPeoples  race 
january 2018 by owenblacker
James Damore is wrong. It’s fine to discriminate against bigots and bullies
There is a difference between discrimination on the basis of background and discrimination on the basis of behaviour. The former is a prejudice: literally, a pre-judgment, writing someone off before you’ve even met them. The latter is simply a judgment, and it’s not just alright to judge people on how they treat others – it’s admirable. Fairness and justice are not achieved by calculating the mean average of everyone’s opinion, whatever those opinions happen to be.
by:LauriePenny  from:CommentIsFree  conservatism  JamesDarome  bigotry  misogyny  prejudice  race 
january 2018 by owenblacker
How white engineers built racist code – and why it's dangerous for black people
Experts such as Joy Buolamwini, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, think that facial recognition software has problems recognizing black faces because its algorithms are usually written by white engineers who dominate the technology sector. These engineers build on pre-existing code libraries, typically written by other white engineers.

As the coder constructs the algorithms, they focus on facial features that may be more visible in one race, but not another. These considerations can stem from previous research on facial recognition techniques and practices, which may have its own biases, or the engineer’s own experiences and understanding. The code that results is geared to focus on white faces, and mostly tested on white subjects.
by:AliBreland  from:TheGuardian  JoyBuolamwini  FacialRecognition  biometrics  technology  surveillance  race 
december 2017 by owenblacker
Travel guides to segregated US for black Americans reissued
“The heart of the book is a fairly short list of places where black people could have stayed. You look up your home town, and maybe there’s no places listed, or maybe there’s three … and two of them are ‘tourist homes’, basically the Airbnb of the day, private residences that would rent you one of their rooms to crash for the night. There’s this certain expectation that the book might be filled with angry polemics about how unfair this all is, or explaining why this guide was needed, but there’s little of that. The person buying this understood very well what the situation was, they were living it every day. So there were things like Victor Green writing about how he expected that some day this guide would no longer be needed – he didn’t live to see that day, alas – but for the bulk of the book it is just practical information, listings and ads.”
by:AlisonFlood  from:TheGuardian  apartheid  geo:UnitedStates  history  date:1950s  date:1960s  race 
december 2017 by owenblacker
Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom?
A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush.

This isn’t about the policy differences we have with all presidents or our disappointment in some of their decisions. Obama and Bush both failed in many ways. They broke promises and told untruths, but the basic decency of each man was never in doubt.

Donald Trump, the man, on the other hand, is uniquely awful. His sickening behavior is corrosive to the enterprise of a shared governance based on common values and the consent of the governed.
by:USATodayEditorialBoard  from:USAToday  DonaldTrump  geo:UnitedStates  politics  misogyny  incompetence  democracy  race 
december 2017 by owenblacker
Race and masculinity: How backward stereotypes continue to shape my experience of the gay scene
I think it’s great to see that society and the gay community is coming around to a point where how you speak, dress or look doesn’t define the sort of man you are. But I’m not naïve. We’re heading in the right direction but I still feel that for many gay men there is some underlying need to adopt and, in turn, desire to see, traditional masculine traits in their partners.

I’m not saying this is right or acceptable, and at times I have been guilty of thinking the same.

But playing for The Kings Cross Steelers (the world’s first gay and inclusive rugby club, based in London) has helped me to evolve my conceptions of masculinity. I have seen 10st twinks fearlessly take down 18st hulking props, only to see both then dress up in drag at club socials. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, and in my opinion equally as attractive and “masculine.”
by:ChrisKang  from:Attitude  masculinity  society  race  LGBTQ 
december 2017 by owenblacker
Facebook blocks ads that exclude by race
Facebook has announced that it will temporarily stop advertisers from excluding ethnic or racial groups when they buy ads on the social network.

In addition to suspending its “multicultural affinity marketing” feature, Facebook will conduct an audit into how advertisers use the exclusion tool.

That audit will extend beyond ethnic and racial affinity groups to include other users, such as the LGBT community and religious groups, USA Today reported.
Facebook’s action comes a week after ProPublica, a non-profit news organisation, revealed that Facebook was still allowing advertisers to buy housing ads that excluded audiences by race even though it had previously promised safeguards.
from:Warc  Facebook  race  religion  advertising  LGBTQ 
december 2017 by owenblacker
America, a year later
“It looks like one party that is holding on to a 1950s America’s demographics and increasingly looks like a white Christian party that is going to be perpetually tempted toward nationalist parties around that identity,” says Jones, author of the 2016 book The End of White Christian America. “And then we have a Democratic Party that is following these (demographic and economic) changes, and might, on the other hand, be tempted to double down on (pursuing) everyone but white Christians. In a country with a two party system that is a pretty volatile mix: Race, religion and identity overlaid with partisanship.”

Just how volatile that mix can be has been explosively evident since Trump took office. Trump’s presidency has offered a precarious balancing of the unprecedented and the conventional. In style, he has been unlike any previous president, precipitating an unending succession of feuds with a rotating cast of foils and antagonists; regularly delivering false accusations that are easily disproven; and attacking the legitimacy of any institution, from the media to the courts, that he believes can resist him. Parts of his agenda have been equally unconventional, as he’s embraced policies on both immigration and trade far more insular than the GOP has endorsed before."
by:RonaldBrownstein  from:CNN  via:TomCoates  politics  geo:UnitedStates  DonaldTrump  demographics  race  religion 
november 2017 by owenblacker
Dances with Dragons: Dothraki and Hollywood Western Aesthetic
Sunday on Game of Thrones we finally got the Dany dragon battle we’ve been waiting for, and it was glorious. I do have some…questions on the battle strategy (which @miamckenzie breaks down as well here and here), but overall it was a rousing scene full of fire and tension and badassery and…well, a lot of references that made me as a Native person cringe.

There are certain tropes that abound when we talk about Native portrayals in film. Inescapable aesthetics and scenes that have been so deeply solidified in folks’ minds thanks to Hollywood Westerns. I just finished re-watching the documentary Reel Injun with my students this summer, so these ideas are fresh in my mind. Reel Injun does an incredible job breaking down where these stereotypes and tropes come from, how they grew in conjunction with the invention of film and political movements of each era, and how they still deeply affect Native film portrayals today. The film is available on Netflix, so I recommend watching if you’ve got an hour. It’s entertaining and funny too.

But one of the tropes used over and over again in Hollywood westerns is the “Indian ambush.” Innocent white folks, either camped with their covered wagons or traveling through the canyons of the West, attacked by brutal savages.
by:AdrienneKeene  NativeAmericans  GameOfThrones  race 
november 2017 by owenblacker
The latest Prevent figures show why the strategy needs an independent review
For example, we can see that “Islamist” extremism makes up 65% (4,997 people) of all Prevent referrals – down from 70% in 2015 – and “extreme rightwing” extremism makes up 10% (759 people), down from 15% in 2015. Crunching the numbers, this means that Muslims have an approximate 1 in 500 chance of having been referred to Prevent last year, approximately 40 times more likely than someone who is not a Muslim. The threat, quantified by the number of terror arrests, is approximately five times greater from “Islamist” terrorism compared to “extreme rightwing” terrorism. This may explain concern from Muslim communities who feel disproportionately and unfairly targeted by Prevent.
by:MiqdaadVersi  from:CommentIsFree  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  education  Islam  Islamism  islamophobia  Prevent  race 
november 2017 by owenblacker
“I was only joking”
I’ve been mulling on the application of this analysis of humor with respect to the infamous “Donglegate” incident. Many men in tech responded with anger and fear over a conference attendee getting fired over a sexist joke. “It was only a joke!” they cried.

However, the justification falls flat if we assume that you’re never “just joking” and that jokes define in groups or out groups. The sexist joke shared between two white males (who were part of the dominant culture of conferences in 2013) defined them as part of the “in-group” and pushed the African American woman who overhead the “joke” into the “out-group”.

When the woman pushed back against the joke in by tweeting about it with a picture of the joker, the people who were part of the in-group who found that joke “funny” were angry. When the joker was fired, it was a sign that they were no longer the favored, dominant group. Fear of loss of social status is a powerful motivator, which is what caused people from the joke’s “in-group” to call for the woman to be fired as well.

Of course, it wasn’t all men who blasted the woman for reacting to a “joke”. There were many women who blasted the reporter for “public shaming”, or who thought the woman was being “too sensitive”, or rushed to reassure men that they had never experienced sexist jokes at conferences. Which brings us to the topic of “chill girls”
by:SSharp  sexism  homophobia  humour  race 
november 2017 by owenblacker
At last, an ad that makes my family feel good to be black and British. Thanks Ikea
So how did this Ikea ad slip into existence without anyone noticing? Perhaps good news doesn’t always travel as fast as bad. The new campaign – “Hooray! To the Wonderful Everyday” – shows a black family and their curly, kinky, afro hair, living the good life. How I marvelled at an international brand depicting this family as wonderful. My excitement couldn’t be contained. The next morning I did a WhatsApp broadcast and put it on Facebook, to see if this ad would make others feel as good as I did. It seemed as if nobody else had seen it – but once they did, the response was enthusiastic.

That there is an advert that makes me and my daughter feel good to be black and British. My dad grew up here, I was born here, and this advert appeared in my daughter’s 12th year. It has taken three generations over six decades to get to this point. If this is a watershed moment, it’s been a long time coming.

The absence of white people in the advert is not why I like it. The issue is that positive representation of black people is still the exception. It’s the same reason we celebrate films like Hidden Figures, about Nasa’s black female scientists. The images of us are still overwhelmingly stereotypical – whether it be crime, sport or entertainment. Being depicted as a wholesome, everyday, wonderful family is the jackpot.
by:MichelleDeLeon  from:CommentIsFree  race  advertising  IKEA 
october 2017 by owenblacker
Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled White Nationalism Into The Mainstream
These documents chart the Breitbart alt-right universe. They reveal how the website — and, in particular, Yiannopoulos — links the Mercer family, the billionaires who fund Breitbart, to underpaid trolls who fill it with provocative content, and to extremists striving to create a white ethnostate. They capture what Bannon calls his “killing machine” in action, as it dredges up the resentments of people around the world, sifts through these grievances for ideas and content, and propels them from the unsavory parts of the internet up to TrumpWorld, collecting advertisers’ checks all along the way. And the cache of emails — some of the most newsworthy of which BuzzFeed News is now making public — expose the extent to which this machine depended on Yiannopoulos, who channeled voices both inside and outside the establishment into a clear narrative about the threat liberal discourse posed to America. The emails tell the story of Steve Bannon’s grand plan for Yiannopoulos, whom the Breitbart executive chairman transformed from a charismatic young editor into a conservative media star capable of magnetizing a new generation of reactionary anger. Often, the documents reveal, this anger came from a legion of secret sympathizers in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, academia, suburbia, and everywhere in between.
by:JosephBernstein  from:Buzzfeed  Breitbart  Nazi  fascism  MiloYiannopoulos  SteveBannon  DonaldTrump  USElection2016  geo:UnitedStates  politics  race 
october 2017 by owenblacker
My Struggle to Take Anti-H.I.V. Medicine
There are also cultural reasons for why I abandoned the drug. Like many other people from low-income families in the rural South, I didn’t grow up understanding that drugs could prevent sicknesses. The only people who took medicine around me were those who were already ill. Instead, bleach was our anti-pathogenic weapon. And because my parents contracted H.I.V. before our understanding of the virus evolved to what it is today, a hospice nurse bleached everything in our house at least once a day.

As sad and ignorant as that may seem, losing my parents to AIDS has instilled in me a deep skepticism of doctors, medicine and even hospitals. And while this is rooted in my own experience, studies show that blacks still hold deep suspicions about the health care industry and we report higher instances of racial bias at doctors’ offices than other groups. The Tuskegee trials, where federal researchers followed African-American men infected with syphilis and withheld treatment so that they could see the disease take its course, and other racist medical experiments, have left a long shadow.
by:DarylHannah  from:TheNewYorkTimes  PrEP  HIV/AIDS  geo:UnitedStates  race 
september 2017 by owenblacker
Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’
Want to market Nazi memorabilia, or recruit marchers for a far-right rally? Facebook’s self-service ad-buying platform had the right audience for you.

Until this week, when we asked Facebook about it, the world’s largest social network enabled advertisers to direct their pitches to the news feeds of almost 2,300 people who expressed interest in the topics of “Jew hater,” “How to burn jews,” or, “History of ‘why jews ruin the world.’”

To test if these ad categories were real, we paid $30 to target those groups with three “promoted posts” — in which a ProPublica article or post was displayed in their news feeds. Facebook approved all three ads within 15 minutes.
by:JuliaAngwin  by:MadeleineVarner  by:ArianaTobin  from:ProPublica  Facebook  antisemitism  advertising  technology  race 
september 2017 by owenblacker
I am white. That's all you know about me. Am I privileged based on that alone and assuming I am, should I feel guilt and what should I do about it?

Consider it this way. All I know about you is you’re tall.

Do you have any advantages?


Does that mean you don’t deserve the can of tuna on the higher shelf? No. Nobody is saying that. Eat away mighty giant.

Should you feel guilty about getting the tuna from the top shelf? No. Nobody is saying that. Lighten your soul’s burden and let it fly free in the clouds beneath your knees.

Does that mean short people can’t get the tuna? No.
by:OmarIsmail  from:Quora  privilege  reference  race 
september 2017 by owenblacker
No, White Friend—You Weren't “Embarrassed” by Barack Obama
I remember the day after the Election, a friend of mine who happens to be white, remarked on social media that he “finally wasn’t embarrassed of America and our President.”

I sprained my eyes rolling them and they have never fully recovered.

Since then I’ve heard this sentiment echoed by more white folks than I can count, especially in recent months; supposed relief at once again having a leader who instills pride.
No. Of course you weren’t.

Honestly, I don’t believe you were ever embarrassed. That word implies an association that brings ridicule, one that makes you ashamed by association, and if that’s something you claim to have experienced over the past eight years by having Barack Obama representing you in the world—I’m going to suggest you rethink your word choice.

You weren’t “embarrassed” by Barack Obama.

You were threatened by him.
You were offended by him.
You were challenged by him.
You were enraged by him.
by:JohnPavlovitz  BarackObama  DonaldTrump  geo:UnitedStates  Republicans  race 
september 2017 by owenblacker
Can’t talk about Muslims? It seems we do little else in the UK
To claim, in this climate, that any criticism of reports that are sometimes inaccurate or even entirely made up, is due to a liberal progressive consensus that muffles discussion, is little short of gaslighting. We talk about “it” – immigrants, Muslims, political correctness, the apparent assault on Judæo-Christian Britain – all the time. It has become a national obsession, as British as tea and crumpets. Keep calm and carry on dog-whistling.
So where is this gagging left in the British media? Is it in the pages of the immigration- and Islam-obsessed Daily Mail? Is it in the tabloids? Is it in the pages of the respectable broadsheets like the Times and the Telegraph (whose columnist, Allison Pearson, said last week she was “deeply uneasy about this Muslim foster family”)? Or in the BBC, which now largely acts as a referee providing a platform for false equivocation? Or maybe it is in our immigration-obsessed, Brexit-infected politics?

What we seemingly can’t talk about is anything that takes these issues away from race or religion. We can’t talk about how child abuse is also linked to class and economics, to the power of men over vulnerable children; we can’t talk about how cultural compatibility in foster care is informed, and yes also sometimes compromised, by practicalities such as ease of familial access.
by:NesrineMalik  from:CommentIsFree  race  geo:UnitedKingdom  politics  censorship  SarahChampion 
september 2017 by owenblacker
I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.
Up until about a year ago, I worked at a historic site in the South that included an old house and a nearby plantation. My job was to lead tours and tell guests about the people who made plantations possible: the slaves.

The site I worked at most frequently had more than 100 enslaved workers associated with it— 27 people serving the household alone, outnumbering the home's three white residents by a factor of nine. Yet many guests who visited the house and took the tour reacted with hostility to hearing a presentation that focused more on the slaves than on the owners.
by:MargaretBiser  from:Vox  slavery  history  geo:UnitedStates  race  education 
september 2017 by owenblacker
Weeping Nazi started off as a “men’s rights activist,” which is no huge surprise
It’s yet another example of how the world of online anti-feminism has become a gateway to white supremacy. While there hasn’t been any rigid academic analysis of this phenomenon, sites like We Hunted the Mammoth, which started as a way to monitor the various and overlapping worlds of online misogyny, have tracked that when men get together to gripe about their resentment of women’s growing independence, they often start drifting toward talking about “white genocide” and other white supremacist ideas.

The world of online misogynists is a complex maze. Some of the communities are geared towards older, divorced men. Some are “pick-up artist” sites, geared towards younger men who think they aren’t getting the female attention they believe they’re due. Some identify as “men going their own way,” which is to say giving up on women altogether. But what brings them together is anger over the fact that feminism has liberated women to date whomever they wish and leave marriages that aren’t working. This makes it much harder, in the “men’s rights” misogynist view, for men to acquire or keep the submissive female partners they feel entitled to.

Why hating women would lead so many men to hating nonwhite people is difficult to parse in logical terms. But racism and sexism aren’t rational ideologies and really aren’t bound by the basic rules of logic. At the root of both lies a thwarted sense of entitlement and a sense that women and people of color are somehow stealing what is the white man’s due. That was felt most keenly in Charlottesville last Friday night, when the torch-wielding mob chanted, “You will not replace us!”
by:AmandaMarcotte  from:Salon  misogyny  fascism  Nazi  geo:Charlottesville  geo:UnitedStates  race 
august 2017 by owenblacker
How Germany responds to “blood and soil” politics
Commentators and politicians guard this boundary carefully, for example by eschewing the register and language of the far right. They tend not to brand critics and opponents “traitors”, “saboteurs” or the like. Migrants are rarely denominated in “swarms” or “floods”. The Bild Zeitung, a right-wing tabloid and Germany's most-read newspaper, has criticised elements of the government's handling of the refugee crisis. But it proudly stands up for the principle of welcoming foreigners in need; in 2015 its then editor-in-chief even pointedly took in refugees to his home. The result is a decidedly sober and unemotional style of public debate less prone than that of other countries to grandstanding or furious invective. The Berlin terrorist attack in December was reported factually and without panic; frothing reactions in the Anglo-Saxon press (and on Mr Trump's Twitter feed) contrasting with the stoical mood here.
from:TheEconomist  race  history  fascism  geo:Germany  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:UnitedStates  geo:Charlottesville  HateSpeech  Shoah  from:Twitter 
august 2017 by owenblacker
Phil McDuff on socially acceptable, covert, white supremacy
So I actually want to talk a bit about this image.

The "acceptable" line is important to sustain all the stuff below it. It's what enables all that other stuff.

By carefully categorising and censuring overt white supremacy, regular people are given a way to take part in/ignore the rest guilt free.

White people know if you don't do the stuff above the line you're able to claim the "not a racist" badge.
by:PhilMcDuff  from:Twitter  race 
august 2017 by owenblacker
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