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Terminating Service for 8Chan
Unfortunately, we have seen this situation before and so we have a good sense of what will play out. Almost exactly two years ago we made the determination to kick another disgusting site off Cloudflare's network: the Daily Stormer. That caused a brief interruption in the site's operations but they quickly came back online using a Cloudflare competitor. That competitor at the time promoted as a feature the fact that they didn't respond to legal process. Today, the Daily Stormer is still available and still disgusting. They have bragged that they have more readers than ever. They are no longer Cloudflare's problem, but they remain the Internet's problem.

I have little doubt we'll see the same happen with 8chan. While removing 8chan from our network takes heat off of us, it does nothing to address why hateful sites fester online. It does nothing to address why mass shootings occur. It does nothing to address why portions of the population feel so disenchanted they turn to hate. In taking this action we've solved our own problem, but we haven't solved the Internet's.

In the two years since the Daily Stormer what we have done to try and solve the Internet’s deeper problem is engage with law enforcement and civil society organizations to try and find solutions. Among other things, that resulted in us cooperating around monitoring potential hate sites on our network and notifying law enforcement when there was content that contained an indication of potential violence. We will continue to work within the legal process to share information when we can to hopefully prevent horrific acts of violence. We believe this is our responsibility and, given Cloudflare's scale and reach, we are hopeful we will continue to make progress toward solving the deeper problem.
by:MatthewPrince  from:Cloudflare  censorship  fascism  8chan  TheDailyStormer  HateSpeech 
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This Man Spent 25 Years Fighting Newspapers Over Anti-Gay Reporting
Poofters. Benders. Shirtlifters. Bumboys. Lezzies. This was how British tabloid headlines referred to gay men and lesbians in the 1980s — an echo of the taunts heard on the street before a beating. The stories beneath would expand on the pejoratives, justifying them with news of “sick” “evil”, “predatory” gays; all arising from a presumption: that readers would agree.

It came at the worst time. After the burgeoning liberation movement and the shirts-off, arms-up disco era, gay men started dying in their hundreds, then thousands.

As Aids hit in the early 1980s, Fleet Street, then the home of Britain’s newspaper industry, responded by blaming gay people for their own deaths; lying about the causes of the disease; calling for a return to the closet, to abstinence, and even to prison. Later, when the Conservative government gagged teachers from discussing homosexuality, many newspapers roared in approval.

But there was one gay man who decided to fight back, with words of his own.

From 1983, Terry Sanderson began to document newspapers’ slurs against the community in a column for Gay Times magazine (then the most important gay publication) called Media Watch. He dissected the worst — the myths, the stereotyping, the outing of members of the public — and responded to the onslaught with wit and fury. All while providing LGBT people with something invaluable: a voice.
by:PatrickStrudwick  from:Buzzfeed  journalism  HateSpeech  tabloid  geo:UnitedKingdom  TerrySanderson 
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Caught Between Borders: Closed borders and closed minds are trapping African LGBTI asylum seekers in hostile countries
Ultimately, Nathan believes that the current asylum system is broken for LGBTI asylum seekers and cannot offer them adequate protection. It is “virtually impossible to guarantee safety to someone who is LGBTI and on African soil,” she said. “To be safe, they need to be resettled in a third country — a country that is known to be friendly to LGBTI people,” like the United States, Canada, or one in Europe.

For many, however, that safety is out of reach. Resettlement through UNHCR is a long and arduous process: According to the agency, only 4 percent of refugees in Africa considered to be in need will be resettled in third countries this year, after waiting between one to five years. Because of the persecution LGBTI asylum seekers face in refugee camps, UNHCR tries to prioritize their resettlement — even so, it can take years before the process is complete.
by:MaliaPolitzer  by:AnnieHylton  from:Longreads  homophobia  transgender  transphobia  abuse  torture  HateSpeech  geo:Africa  LGBTQ  asylum  immigration 
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Google’s LGBTQ employees are furious about YouTube’s policy disasters
Within Google, employees who spoke to The Verge say they feel frustration, anger, and exhaustion over what they see as a recurring problem, especially for the LGBTQ community. The Verge talked to four Google employees, most of whom requested anonymity in order to speak freely and without fear of retaliation. “Internal outreach to executives has not been effective in years. They ignore us completely unless there is extreme unrest,” says one employee. “We can’t trust them anymore to listen in good faith.”

Googlers have consistently said they’re afraid to speak up or be too loud about issues that matter to them. Wired has previously reported on outspoken diversity advocates being targeted by their own co-workers. Screenshots including personal information and internal discussions have been leaked to many far-right sites.

“When these doxxings were brought up, Google said they were not responsible,” a source tells The Verge. Although the company eventually updated its policies, the source says that Google employees ordered separate phones and removed as much personal information as they could from internal directories. Further sowing distrust, Google walkout organizers say they faced retaliation for their activism; today, walkout organizer Claire Stapleton announced that she’s left the company for that reason. One employee describes the company culture as a place where advocates fear retaliation from their company, bad faith weaponization of HR, and more doxxing.

“It’s not safe for us,” one employee says. As a result, many employees have limited their engagement on these topics out of fear. “We need to look out for our jobs, our personal safety, and our families.”
by:MeganFarokhmanesh  from:TheVerge  Google  YouTube  LGBTQ  HateSpeech  doxxing  propaganda 
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Twitter Has Started Researching Whether White Supremacists Belong on Twitter - VICE
Motherboard spoke to several academics who have studied Twitter and radicalization online. While most of them said that they are glad Twitter is finally thinking about the issue of white supremacists on the platform, several said they believe the company should be constantly researching these issues, and should have started long ago.

When Motherboard described Twitter's plans on the phone, two of the academics laughed before responding.

"That's wild," Becca Lewis, who researches networks of far right influencers on social media for the nonprofit Data & Society, said. "It has a ring of being too little too late in terms of launching into research projects right now. People have been raising the alarm about this for literally years now."

"I mean, these quotes are a disaster, I'm going to be honest," Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, a progressive group that studies conservative disinformation, said. "The idea that they are looking at this matter seriously now as opposed to the past indicates the callousness with which they've approached this issue on their platform."
by:JasonKoebler  by:JosephCox  from:Motherboard  race  HateSpeech  moderation  Twitter  VijayaGadde 
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How money flows from Amazon to 8chan
Watkins selection of Amazon as his financial lifeline to the outside world is not an accident. The company does not run away from websites that others deem toxic. When thousands of advertisers abandoned Breitbart after the right-wing website featured racist categories like "black crime," Amazon continued to run ads on the site.

Amazon remained mum on its decision, despite an aggressive pressure campaign for them to stop advertising on Breitbart from the citizens activist group Sleeping Giants, as detailed by Fast Company.
by:JuddLegum  from:PopularInformation  Amazon  8chan  HateSpeech 
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The black feminists behind #YourSlipIsShowing, a campaign against Twitter trolls masquerading as women of color with the fake hashtag #EndFathersDay.
It’s now conventional wisdom that today’s hateful right-wing trolling has its roots in Gamergate. Gamergate, argued a 2015 BuzzFeed piece, “first revealed … that under the modern internet’s surface layer of samey platforms and feel-good cultural consensus, burbled, in chans and subreddits and forums and anonymous networks and IRC, a reservoir of opposition to its values.” Gamergate, declared a 2018 Salon essay, was the beginning of “a very dark turn in American conservatism.” Gamergate, observed Politico Magazine in 2017, was the moment that “hardened anti-political correctness sentiment on 4Chan.” But as the media has pieced together the story of the alt-right’s rise, #EndFathersDay has been a key omission. This feels particularly notable in light of the fact that Quinn, arguably the main target of Gamergate, not only quotes Hudson in her book, Crash Override, but also specifically cites #EndFathersDay as a precursor to “similar disinformation tactics used during GamerGate, and later during the 2016 presidential election.”
by:RachelleHampton  from:Slate  GamerGate  abuse  race  HateSpeech  feminism  journalism 
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How religious extremists gamed Facebook to target millions of Britons with far-right propaganda
Far-right activists across Europe are utilising an organised network of Facebook pages and dubious, plagiarised news sites to target British Facebook users with extremist content. Every day, a cluster of 13 Facebook pages with 2.4 million likes between them churns out close to 400 posts – most pushing distorted news articles, far-right memes and adverts for Knights Templar crusader merchandise.

Supplying these Facebook pages with this content is a group of five websites, all hosted on the same server and with the same design and way of working. On an average day, these sites produce more than 40 stories, most hastily cribbed from the right-wing British press or alt-right YouTubers.

This online operation has close links to Jim Dowson, a Christian fundamentalist and anti-abortion campaigner who has a knack for crafting populist right-wing brands with strong followings on Facebook. A founding member of Britain First, Dowson helped put in place a social media strategy that propelled the group to almost two million Facebook likes, more than any other UK political page, despite having just 1,000 members offline. …

After leaving Britain First in 2014, Dowson went on to help set up Patriot News Agency, an online media campaign run out of Hungary and Serbia that he claims helped elect Donald Trump to the US presidency. But Patriot News Agency is just one of a network of similar sites hosted on the same server, including British Free Press, This is England, News Bison and News Chicken. Each of these sites, and the Facebook pages that push out their content, espouse the same anti-Muslim message: Europe is in decline and headed towards an all-out war with Islam.
by:MattReynolds  from:Wired  HateSpeech  Christofascism  BritainFirst  Facebook  immigration  politics 
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Facebook bans far-right groups including BNP, EDL and Britain First
Twelve individuals and accounts have been banned by the site: the BNP and its former chairman Nick Griffin; Britain First, its leader, Paul Golding, and former deputy leader Jayda Fransen; the EDL and Paul Ray, a founder member of the group; Knights Templar International and the far-right activist Jim Dowson; the National Front and its leader, Tony Martin; and the far-right activist Jack Renshaw, a former spokesperson for the proscribed terrorist organisation National Action.

In a statement, Facebook said: “Individuals and organisations who spread hate, or attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are, have no place on Facebook. Under our dangerous individuals and organisations policy, we ban those who proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence.

“The individuals and organisations we have banned today violate this policy, and they will no longer be allowed a presence on Facebook or Instagram. Posts and other content which expresses praise or support for these figures and groups will also be banned. Our work against organised hate is ongoing and we will continue to review individuals, organisations, pages, groups and content against our community standards.”
by:AlexHern  from:TheGuardian  HateSpeech  censorship  Facebook  geo:UnitedKingdom  BritainFirst 
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Until Christchurch I thought it was worth debating with Islamophobes. Not any more
I could detail the volume of anti-Muslim front pages and columnists forensically quoting from made-up news items, incendiary columns in the mainstream press and politicians’ rhetoric. The article would provide evidence for the undeniable rise in hate crimes against racial minorities in general and Muslims in particular, buttressing the argument with statistics. It would be an article similar to those I have written many times – after the Muslim travel ban in the United States, for example. I could plead that something even more horrible will happen if we do not find a way of reversing this juggernaut, of tempering language and applying the same sensitivity filters when talking about Muslims that we do about other minorities.

I am not going to write that article today, or ever again. The reason is simple, and it is this. I used to write on the assumption that people didn’t quite fully see the danger and ubiquity of casual hate speech against Muslims, and how it has been racialised and associated with immigration. Naively, I used to think it wasn’t necessarily an obvious danger, because people had been subjected to Islamic terrorism and were coming to terms with that, sometimes sloppily and irresponsibly, but understandably.

I no longer believe this to be the case. Politicians and the media know exactly what they are doing. They know that hating Muslims sells, whether it is for votes or for clicks or for profile raising.
by:NesrineMalik  from:CommentIsFree  race  politics  islamophobia  journalism  HateSpeech 
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Why the attack on our cameraman was no surprise
I covered endless Trump rallies in the run-up to the election and since — and there is a pattern. The attacks on the media are hugely popular with his supporters. They are every bit as much a part of his "set" as Honky Tonk Woman and Satisfaction are part of a Rolling Stones concert. You just can't imagine it not happening.

If you've never been to a Trump rally let me describe what it's like.

At some rallies at the end of the election campaign there were police officers posted on the access points to each press riser (the platforms where our cameras are mounted towards the back of the venue); even if there were no police they were confined areas.

There was no security last night, and the attack on Ron was stopped by a Trump-supporting blogger. Law enforcement were slow to get involved.
by:JonSopel  from:BBCNOL  DonaldTrump  HateSpeech  violence  geo:UnitedStates 
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For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies
A really good piece. Very focussed on the US — and some of these points don't apply in quite the same way over here; we exported our genocides to other places like Ireland, India, Canada and Australia, for example — but worth reading nonetheless.

I pticly like this 4th point:

『 Please try not to, “I can’t believe that something like this would happen in this day and age!” your way into being an ally when atrocities like the events in Charleston, S.C., and Charlottesville, Va., happen. People of color have been aware of this kind of hatred and violence in America for centuries, and it belittles our experience for you to show up 300 years late to the oppression-party suddenly caring about the world. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome you. I want for you to come into a place of awareness. However, your shock and outrage at the existence of racism in America echoes the fact that you have lived an entire life with the luxury of indifference about the lives of marginalized/disenfranchised folks. Please take several seats. 』
by:CourtneyAriel  from:Sojourners  race  colonialism  HateSpeech  allyship  geo:UnitedStates 
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Remember When Mark Wahlberg Was a Violent Racist Bully?
Mark Wahlberg recently filed a petition seeking to have a 1988 assault and robbery conviction permanently cleared from his record. But what of Marky Mark's other youthful indiscretions?

◼ Remember when Mark Wahlberg allegedly yelled racial slurs and threw rocks at black kids?
◼ Remember when Mark Wahlberg beat a Vietnamese stranger with a stick while calling him a "Vietnam fucking shit"?
◼ Remember when Mark Wahlberg blinded another Vietnamese man in one eye almost immediately afterward?
◼ Remember when Mark Wahlberg beat a security guard so badly his jaw had to be wired shut?
◼ Remember when Mark Wahlberg admitted to stealing cars and freebasing cocaine?
by:GabrielleBluestone  from:Gawker  MarkWahlberg  HateSpeech  Assault  crime 
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The Christian right’s new strategy: Divide and conquer the LGBT community
“Gender identity on its own is just a bridge too far. If you separate the T from the alphabet soup, we’ll have more success,” Kilgannon added.

She compared allowing teenagers to transition with “the 1950s lobotomy fad in psychiatry.”

Attendees were also told to wrap their transphobic rhetoric in the language of feminism, claiming gender identity is a concept offensive to women.

Other tips included: No personal attacks on the LGBTQ community, since it’s ineffective (except on politicians who vote for transgender rights); Use secular, not religious, arguments; Run for school board.
by:JeffTaylor  from:LGBTQNation  terf  transphobia  HateSpeech  religion 
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Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify the Internet
“Does free speech mean literally anyone can say anything at any time?” Tidwell continued. “Or is it actually more conducive to the free exchange of ideas if we create a platform where women and people of color can say what they want without thousands of people screaming, ‘Fuck you, light yourself on fire, I know where you live’? If your entire answer to that very difficult question is ‘Free speech,’ then, I’m sorry, that tells me that you’re not really paying attention.”
from:TheNewYorker  Reddit  internet  society  censorship  HateSpeech  DonaldTrump  politics  geo:UnitedStates  geo:Russia  by:AndrewMarantz 
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Donald Trump tells hate group that homophobes will ‘no longer be silenced’
Donald Trump has become the first president to address the conference of a recognised anti-LGBT hate group.

Trump addressed the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit – classed as a “hate group” – as he told the crowds their anti-LGBT views would “no longer be silenced”.
by:BenjaminButterworth  from:PinkNews  DonaldTrump  religion  HateSpeech  homophobia 
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How Germany responds to “blood and soil” politics
Commentators and politicians guard this boundary carefully, for example by eschewing the register and language of the far right. They tend not to brand critics and opponents “traitors”, “saboteurs” or the like. Migrants are rarely denominated in “swarms” or “floods”. The Bild Zeitung, a right-wing tabloid and Germany's most-read newspaper, has criticised elements of the government's handling of the refugee crisis. But it proudly stands up for the principle of welcoming foreigners in need; in 2015 its then editor-in-chief even pointedly took in refugees to his home. The result is a decidedly sober and unemotional style of public debate less prone than that of other countries to grandstanding or furious invective. The Berlin terrorist attack in December was reported factually and without panic; frothing reactions in the Anglo-Saxon press (and on Mr Trump's Twitter feed) contrasting with the stoical mood here.
from:TheEconomist  race  history  fascism  geo:Germany  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:UnitedStates  geo:Charlottesville  HateSpeech  Shoah  from:Twitter 
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Congressman Calls for Holy War on Muslims on Facebook: 'Kill Them All'
“Bigoted meathead” is a familiar trope in policing. But Higgins is much more and so much worse.
Higgins is a petty, self-serving tyrant who considers law and geopolitics as a holy war, but that could easily describe Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, or Donald Trump—and it’s unsurprising Higgins is a fan of the current administration.
Update …: A Facebook spokesperson replied to Gizmodo to state that Rep. Higgins’ post does not violate the site’s standards on hate speech. Their official stance is that Higgins’ sentiment is not directed at all Muslims. Sure, that position doesn’t quite hold up to scrutiny, but neither does the company’s own internal manual for moderators.
by:BryanMenegus  from:Gizmodo  HateSpeech  ClayHiggins  geo:Louisiana  geo:UnitedStates  politics  race 
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Heroic humour or Katie Hopkins? This was a week to choose British values
Still, this latest unemployment development is all exactly as predicted in the Book of Hopkins. As she explained portentously last year: “One day I will say something that takes it so far over the line I will have to go and I accept that too. I think that is part of the condition of living your life on the line.” Living your life on the line … I do like how Katie makes “being a twat on the radio” sound like fighting in ’Nam.

Even so, I’m afraid our contestant doesn’t get to take a lot home with her. We must relieve her of her favourite poses, with this week’s “suffer the children to come to me” a case in point. Never forget that Katie Hopkins gives so much of a toss about the children affected by an extremist murder that she has pursued a relentless online vendetta against Brendan Cox, who has the temerity to have been widowed by a rightwing extremist last year.

Similarly, you never heard her say anything about the horrific murder of schoolchildren at Sandy Hook, or any of the other school shootings in the United States. Being furious about that isn’t going to get her booked on Fox News, and consequently it wouldn’t get a run-out in one of her 3,000-word, five-verb columns.
by:MarinaHyde  from:CommentIsFree  KatieHopkins  terrorism  HateSpeech  journalism  geo:UnitedKingdom  MartynHett 
may 2017 by owenblacker
The rule of law applies to everyone. Even Manchester hate peddlers like Katie Hopkins
Public exhortations for an apparent “final solution” and urging “western men” to protect their families seem to fall into that category. Critics have reported Hopkins to the police, calling for them to investigate her for a possible criminal offence. Officers should do so.

For, again, we know what happens next. It starts with the likes of Hopkins saying what should be legally and decently unsayable, and further down the same rutted path we encounter Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson with her own tweeted observation that “we need internment of thousands of terror suspects now to protect our children”.
by:HughMuir  from:CommentIsFree  KatieHopkins  AllisonPearson  HateSpeech  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:Manchester  LBC  race 
may 2017 by owenblacker
Free Speech and Hate Speech
Hate speech and harassment, if either de jure or de facto legal, silence the weak and amplify the powerful. Thus seemingly “apolitical” or “symmetric” treatments of speech have profoundly political consequences, and we must never pretend that they don’t.
by:YonatanZunger  from:Medium  FreeSpeech  HateSpeech  harassment  trolling  politics  Internet 
may 2017 by owenblacker
What’s wrong with counter speech?
Attempts at counter speech are not only afforded exclusively to the privileged — they also only *work* if you are privileged.

There is a sad irony that we are calling for a strategy to counter hate speech, which is usually against oppressed groups — such as people of colour, indigenous people, women, and queer people — but which is actually *least available* to those groups.

So when we espouse this strategy, are we asking for something that isn’t even possible?
When we ask for counter speech, rather than a removal of content in response to hate speech, we are placing a huge burden upon an oppressed group to spend their time and energy on speaking back to their oppressors — facing harassment, threats, and more oppression when they do so. Rather than holding oppressors accountable, we once again place the burden on the oppressed to carry out further labour just to defend their existence.
by:RuthCoustickDeal  HateSpeech  fascism  MiloYiannopoulos  from:Medium  censorship 
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Trump supporters sent me threats over this tweet
As I type this, people are tweeting that I’ll be deported or killed once Donald Trump takes office. It’s surreal, but it’s useful to explain how I got here, because stories like this will be happening a lot more for the next four years.

On November 9, I created and tweeted a map, based on exit poll and pre-election projections, that showed that Hillary Clinton would have won in all 50 states if only people of color had voted in the election. In fact, race was the greatest determining factor in the election. Trump swept white men and women in every income bracket. With that in mind, I included a message for white folks: “You have work to do.”
by:WIlfredChan  from:Fusion  HateSpeech  politics  USElection2016  DonaldTrump  race 
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How did Twitter become the hate speech wing of the free speech party?
Twitter has become the hate speech wing of the free speech party.

The limited tools available - blocking, muting, going private - do not match well with these floods. Twitter's abuse reporting form takes far longer than a tweet, and is explicitly ignored if friends try to help.
by:KevinMarks  Twitter  harassment  culture  trolling  HateSpeech 
august 2016 by owenblacker
Leslie Jones's Twitter abuse is a deliberate campaign of hate | Ijeoma Oluo | Opinion | The Guardian
Some said the tweets were just mean pranks by kids, others said they were “to be expected” for the internet, even more criticized Jones for supposedly “encouraging” trolls by not ignoring them.

But many other women of color—especially black women—on the internet face the same abuse that Jones is now facing, and we will tell you that this isn’t a harmless prank, this isn’t about hurt feelings or even the sting of a racist comment. This is a deliberate campaign of abuse perpetrated on us to keep us off of the internet, and it needs to be taken seriously.
So when Leslie Jones was receiving a deluge of racist and misogynistic tweets, it was no surprise to me or any other woman of color on the internet to see professional abusers like Milo Yiannopoulos and the rest of the staff at Breitbart gleefully doing their best to encourage abuse from their millions of followers who also see loud black women as a threat and a source of what they view as their denied birthright of power and respect as white men.
MiloYiannopoulos  Breitbart  HateSpeech  misogyny  from:TheGuardian  by:IjeomaOluo  culture  GamerGate  LeslieJones  Ghostbusters  race 
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Charles Johnson, one of the Internet’s most infamous trolls, has finally been banned from Twitter
Chuck Johnson, the far-right mega-troll who doxed two New York Times reporters and argued that homosexuality caused the Amtrak derailment, may at last be off Twitter — this time, for good. ¶ On Sunday, Johnson was permanently suspended from the site after asking for funds to “take out” the civil rights activist DeRay McKesson, who’s been active in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo. Twitter has also suspended a series of Johnson’s new accounts, including @citizentrolling and @freechucknow, prompting Johnson and his lawyers to threaten legal action and accuse the site of “censorship.”
ChuckJohnson  CharlesJohnson  trolling  HateSpeech  abuse  Twitter  from:TheWashingtonPost  by:CaitlinDewey 
january 2016 by owenblacker
Milo Yiannopoulos unverified by Twitter
For Milo’s followers, Twitter’s de-verification is proof that the leftists in San Francisco who run Twitter do indeed want Milo to curb his voice. It’s a shot across the bows. Liberal media conspiracy blah blah blah. ¶ For his critics, it’s a sign that Twitter might—just might—be about to take online harassment seriously. For years, women on Twitter have complained that if they publish anything feminist, or critical of sexism, they are instantly targeted with rape- and death-threats by a semi-anonymous army of trolls, teenagers, and other idiots.
MiloYiannopoulos  Milo  trolling  HateSpeech  Twitter  from:BusinessInsider  GamerGate  abuse  by:JimEdwards 
january 2016 by owenblacker
Maddow Exposes GOP Candidates At ‘Kill The Gays’ Rally
Maddow continued: "It really was a ‘kill-the-gays’ call to arms. This was a conference about the necessity of the death penalty as a punishment for homosexuality."

The fact that presidential candidates like Cruz, Huckabee and Jindal feel free to share the stage with a dangerous religious zealot like Swanson is an ominous sign. There should be real political consequences for those Republican leaders who willingly share a stage with a man who openly advocates for the execution of gays and lesbians. The fact that there are no consequences for participating in such blatant hate speech should serve as a wake up call to all reasonable people.
TedCruz  BobbyJindal  MickHuckabee  Republicans  HateSpeech  politics  geo:UnitedStates  RachelMaddow  by:MichaelStone  from:Patheos  LGBTQ 
november 2015 by owenblacker
UN Human Rights Chief urges U.K. to tackle tabloid hate speech, after migrants called “cockroaches”
After decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse, misinformation and distortion, and in the wake of a recent article in the Sun newspaper calling migrants “cockroaches,” the UN Human Rights Chief on Friday urged the U.K. authorities, media and regulatory bodies to take steps to curb incitement to hatred by British tabloid newspapers, in line with the country’s obligations under national and international law.
KatieHopkins  xenophobia  HateSpeech  TheSun  journalism  culture  geo:UnitedKingdom  UnitedNations  HumanRights  race 
april 2015 by owenblacker
Just a reminder: The campaign for Prop 8 was unprecendentedly cruel
This message of belittlement cut across pretty much every pro-Prop 8 ad—ads that ran incessantly in the state for months. The campaign’s strategy was to debase gay families as deviant and unhealthy while insinuating that gay people are engaged in a full-scale campaign to convert children to their cause. This strategy worked. And it worked because wealthy donors like Brendan Eich flooded the campaign with the money it needed to run ads like the ones above. Eich wasn’t just a casual opponent of marriage equality. He was a major contributor to the most vitriolic anti-gay campaign in American history, one that set the standard of homophobic propaganda that continues to this day. When we talk about Eich’s anti-gay stance, we aren’t just talking about abstract beliefs. We’re talking about concrete actions that harmed thousands of gay families and informed innumerable gay Americans that they were sinful, corrupted predators.
by:MarkJosephStern  from:Slate  video  geo:California  Prop8  BrendanEich  EqualMarriage  sexuality  discrimination  HateSpeech  QueerHistory  from delicious
april 2014 by owenblacker
What happened when I started a feminist society at school | Education | guardian.co.uk
I am 17 years old and I am a feminist. I believe in gender equality, and am under no illusion about how far we are from achieving it. Identifying as a feminist has become particularly important to me since a school trip I took to Cambridge last year. A group of men in a car started wolf-whistling and shouting sexual remarks at my friends and me. I asked the men if they thought it was appropriate for them to be abusing a group of 17-year-old girls. The response was furious. The men started swearing at me, called me a bitch and threw a cup coffee over me. For those men we were just legs, breasts and pretty faces. Speaking up shattered their fantasy, and they responded violently to my voice. Shockingly, the boys in my peer group have responded in exactly the same way to my feminism.
HateSpeech  from:TheGuardian  feminism  misogyny  from delicious
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