Novels | Kate Wilhelm
Award-winning author Kate Wilhelm — writer of more than 60 science fiction, fantasy and mystery works, and member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame — died earlier this month in Eugene. She was 89.
Best known in the science fiction field for her 1977 Hugo and Jupiter Awardwinning novel, “Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang,”
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3 days ago
Small Business Administration - Hire and manage employees
Before finding the right person for the job, you’ll need to create a plan for paying employees. Follow these steps to set up payroll:
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6 days ago
How to remove "delete" permission on Amazon S3 - Stack Overflow
You can attach no-delete policy to your s3 bucket. For example if you don't want this IAM user to perform any delete operation to any buckets or any objects, you can set something like this:
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7 days ago
How to Cut Down on Unwanted Junk Mail - The New York Times
Avoid Mail Intended for Previous Residents: "cross out all bar codes on the envelope (so it doesn’t get automatically sorted), write “Return to sender: Recipient moved” on the front and stick it back in the mailbox."
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7 days ago
ADP Official Site | Payroll, HR and Tax Services
Tom Ancona > This is who I use for payroll. (Along with Harvest to get the hours tracked).
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11 days ago
It’s Tax Time: What to Remember - The New York Times
How can I track my tax refund?

The I.R.S. recommends using its IRS2Go app for smartphones or its online refund tool to check the status of refunds. Filers claiming the earned-income credit or the additional child tax credit, however, won’t see updates for projected refund dates before Feb. 17, the agency has said.
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14 days ago
How Tiny Red Dots Took Over Your Life - The New York Times
Apple, in its guidelines, seems a bit more fed up. “Minimize badging,” it says. “Don’t overwhelm users by connecting badging with a huge amount of information that changes frequently. Use it to present brief, essential information and atypical content changes that are highly likely to be of interest.”
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19 days ago
2018 Subaru Outback Review & Ratings | Edmunds
If you simply need a do-it-all, go-anywhere wagon for not a lot of money, it's hard to beat the Outback 2.5i Premium. It comes with heated front seats and the larger 8-inch display. Subaru's EyeSight bundle of driver assist features is a recommended option.
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19 days ago
2018 Subaru Outback | In-Depth Model Review | Car and Driver
Our preferred Outback—the 2.5i Premium ... still represents the best value in the lineup ... We’d also select the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology package for $1995 ...
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19 days ago
Harlequin x GDP | Marijuana Strain Reviews | AllBud
Smoked this joint at Boyz Weekend 2018 @JB's place around the fire Sat night.
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21 days ago
Everything That a Freelancer or Agency Needs
Scroll down about half way they talk about must-haves for your website
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28 days ago
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