Google Analytics Training | WordPress Training | August 27 - 29, 2019
Google Analytics, "Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that allows you to use your Google Analytics data to create easy to read reports and dashboards that are fully customizable and can be shared with your clients."
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16 days ago
As Mortgage-Interest Deduction Vanishes, Housing Market Offers a Shrug - The New York Times
The 2017 law nearly doubled the standard deduction — to $24,000 for a couple filing jointly — on federal income taxes, giving millions of households an incentive to stop claiming itemized deductions.
tax  file  joint  housing  interest  mortgage  deduction 
16 days ago
It was time to teach our 5-year-old my phone number in case he ever got lost.
It was time to teach our 5-year-old my phone number in case he ever got lost. He had zero interest in memorizing it ... until I made it the passcode for our iPad. Guess who can call his mom anytime he needs to now?
parenting  kids  memorization  phone  number  nyt 
21 days ago
Here's What to Feed Your Summer Bird Feeder Visitors | All About Birds
Move feeders occasionally. Concentrations of seed hulls and bird droppings under a feeder can lead to outbreaks of salmonellosis, a bacterial sickness that can affect birds (and people). Move feeders around the yard and don’t allow waste to build up in one area.
birds  feeder  tips 
5 weeks ago
Zinc for Colds: Does It Help? - Health
"The safe upper limit for zinc in adults is 40 milligrams per day"
Cold-Eeze Homeopathic Cold Remedy
cold  remedy  zinc  health  sick 
8 weeks ago
Archives West: Lloyd Bond and Associates Landscape Architects records, 1949-2004
Designer who sketched backyard designs...

University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives.

1.84 11
Rodney, Lynn #5922
landscape  architecture  baker  2825  home  design 
9 weeks ago
Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts.
javascript  processing  programming  animation  language 
9 weeks ago
Live Chat Software with Zendesk Chat
This is what WP Engine uses for support chat
chat  help  software  saas 
10 weeks ago
MatternCo services include web design and WordPress development.
Clear and explanatory throughout. Maybe not design - but content is good and gives prospective clients good info about process, what to expect, etc...
* This company works with kristemichelini.com
minimize  redesign  competition  example 
10 weeks ago
When Is It Safe to Put Baby to Bed With a Pillow or Blanket? | What to Expect
You’re better off waiting until she transitions to a toddler bed, which can happen between 18 months and 3 1/2 years old (though ideally as close to age 3 as possible). And it’s fine to hold out until she shows active interest in having one. ... When the time does come to give your tot a pillow, avoid the fluffy adult-sized models in favor of a small, firm toddler pillow. And keep extra fabric out of the mix by skipping the pillowcase. ... The rules of thumb for blankets are the same as for pillows.
baby  toddler  sleep  pillow  bed  blanket 
11 weeks ago
Switching From Crib to Toddler Bed | What to Expect
any time between 18 months and 3 1/2 years old, ideally as close to age 3 as possible
kid  toddler  sleep  bed 
11 weeks ago
Is it swipe and carousel working at the same time? · Issue #64 · malsup/cycle2 · GitHub
I have make it work swipe and carousel together by using the data attribute as data-cycle-swipe-fx="carousel".
jquery  cycle  carousel  swipe 
11 weeks ago
Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc
CSS pointer-events (for HTML) - UNOFF
This CSS property, when set to "none" allows elements to not receive hover/click events, instead the event will occur on anything behind it.
html  layer  z-index  click  thru  div  css 
may 2019
css - Click through div to underlying elements - Stack Overflow
Yes, you CAN do this.

Using pointer-events: none along with CSS conditional statements for IE11 (does not work in IE10 or below), you can get a cross browser compatible solution for this problem.
html  layer  z-index  click  thru  div  css 
may 2019
The Case for Doing Nothing - The New York Times
What we’re talking about is … doing nothing. Or, as the Dutch call it, niksen.
quiet  health  mental  relax  psychology  life  research  nyt 
may 2019
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