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Click, copy, paste: Is our proposed copyright bill futureproof? | City Press
we support the ReCreate Coalition in South Africa, mentioned in the article.
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Digital media pioneer urges radical rethink of copyright
In his keynote speech in Wellington this week, Canadian author, journalist and digital pioneer Cory Doctorow said propping up existing businesses in news, media and entertainment is like trying to reward the winners of last year’s lottery all over again.

“Freezing old business models” will mean “ending up at war” with the forces of innovation and change, he warned.   
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march 2018 by osi_info_program
The Most Nefarious Part Of The TPP Proposal: Making Copyright Reform Impossible | Techdirt
The head of the US Copyright Office, Maria Pallante, has proposed a bunch of changes to copyright law (some good, some bad), and astoundingly, just as Congress is at least trying to have the discussion about whether or not those and other ideas make sense, the USTR is looking to effectively tie everyone's hands by saying "these things cannot be changed," including many of the reforms that Pallante has directly proposed.
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Internet Sharing License - open letter to the Brazilian government from Richard Stallman
"I know of one possible obstacle to adopting this system in Brazil: Free Exploitation Treaties such as the one which established the World Trade Organization. These are designed to make governments act for the benefit of business rather than that of the people; they are the enemies of democracy and of most people's well-being. (We thank Lula for saving South America from ALCA.) Some of them demand "compensation for rights holders" as part of their general policy of favoritism for business."
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British Library on Copyright: Help or Hindrance?
Michael Geist highlight's the British Library's new report on copyright and research.
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The European Copyright Code
"The European Copyright Code is the result of the Wittem Project that was established in 2002 as a collaboration between copyright scholars across the European Union concerned with the future development of European copyright law...The aim of the Wittem Project and this Code is to promote transparency and consistency in European copyright law. The members of the Wittem Group share a concern that the process of copyright law making at the European level lacks transparency and that the voice of academia all too often remains unheard. The Group believes that a European Copyright Code drafted by legal scholars might serve as a model or reference tool for future harmonization or unification of copyright at the European level. Nevertheless, the Group does not take a position on the desirability as such of introducing a unified European legal framework."
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