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Audio: The perils of minor improvments
This short lecture by the FT's undercover economist Tim Harford argues that the world of scientific funding is biased towards incremental innovation and against major breakthroughs.
failproject  funding  audio  bh 
february 2013 by osi_info_program
NLnet; Welcome to NLnet Foundation
A Dutch foundation that supports privacy and security projects, as well as projects that promote and extend the open document format.
foundation  funding  privacy  odf 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
Open Letter: Congress Must Protect Transparency Programs in Budget Negotiations - Sunlight Foundation
Open letter from the Sunlight Foundation asking Congress to protect federal spending on transparency programs.
sunlight  data.gov  openletter  funding 
april 2011 by osi_info_program
Nätaktivister's new democracy fighters
"The Swedish government has announced it's intent to use 150 million kronor ( ~ $23M) of its annual foreign aid as a one time support for online activism and democratic development."
sweden  internetfreedomtm  funding  news 
february 2011 by osi_info_program
Are European Think Tanks Corporate Lobbyists By Another Name? | Intellectual Property Watch
"Dieter Plehwe from the corporate watchdog LobbyControl estimates that there are 60 think-tanks in Brussels, as well as several others in the national capitals of EU states that publish material relating to the Union’s policies. Plehwe noted that corporate-funded think tanks generally do not have to publish their accounts in the same way as foundations (such as those linked to political parties) who receive public subsidies."
lobbying  funding  astroturfing  eu 
february 2011 by osi_info_program
Knight and Mozilla Foundations launch partnership to advance media innovation | KnightBlog
"Today we announce the Knight-Mozilla News Technology partnership, a $2.5 million project, featuring news technology fellowships and an innovation challenge. The partnership will accelerate media innovation by solving technological challenges, developing new news products and services of the Web and embedding technologists in news organizations. The partnership will kick off with an open innovation challenge, reaching to a mix of creative thinkers interested in solving journalism challenges. Dozens of challenge winners will participate in an online learning lab and in-person prototype-building event to brainstorm and build out ideas. Then, 15 Mozilla-Knight News Technology Fellows will be embedded in newsrooms to help solve digital challenges. To launch the partnership Knight Foundation and Mozilla recruited the pilot newsrooms, which include the Boston Globe, the BBC, The Guardian and Zeit Online."
funding  journalism  media  technology  mozilla  philanthropy 
february 2011 by osi_info_program
Google Finds It Hard to Reinvent Philanthropy - NYTimes.com
"“We concentrated on complicated engineering problems rather than large development challenges,” said a former executive of DotOrg, who left the organization after a couple of years and requested anonymity because he did not want to damage the relationship between his current employer and Google. “That meant we were creating solutions that were looking for problems rather than the other way around.”"
funding  google 
february 2011 by osi_info_program
Science Funding for the Little Guys | Magazine
Short article on micro funding for citizen science. Requirements for openness don't seem to go far enough, though.
scientificresearch  funding 
december 2010 by osi_info_program
Foundation Funded OER Vs. Tax Payer Funded OER – A Tale Of Two Mandates
Commentary on recent paper comparing different approaches to OER funding
OER  funding 
november 2010 by osi_info_program
Official Google Blog: $10 million for Project 10^100 winners
MoederDao sez:"Includes several worthy education and open law projects, as well as $1m for an urban transport solution involving... "human-powered vehicles on a monorail". Good luck with that one."
october 2010 by osi_info_program
BBC News - Today - Bill Gates 'hopeful' about polio eradication
Bill Gates interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about the effect of science and aid in Africa.
DigitalGurus  aid  healthcare  gm  funding 
june 2010 by osi_info_program
Seven New Grants From the Mobile Money for the Unbanked Programme
"The GSMA has announced the details of a further seven grantees from the Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) Fund, which is administered by the GSMA Foundation. with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. New grantees are Cellcard in Cambodia, Digicel in Fiji, Orange in West Africa, Safaricom in Kenya, Tata Indicom in India, Telenor in Pakistan and Tigo in Africa."
mobile  mobilebanking  cambodia  fiji  westafrica  kenya  india  Pakistan  funding 
june 2010 by osi_info_program
FrontlineSMS secures new funding | Build it Kenny, and they will come...
"Today, the Omidyar Network announced a two year investment of $350,000 for future FrontlineSMS technical and organisational development, the result of several months discussion and planning. Omidyar come on board as our fifth donor, with funding already in place from the Hewlett Foundation, Open Society Institute/HIVOS, and the Rockefeller Foundation."
grantees  funding  mobile 
may 2010 by osi_info_program
Inaugural Breaking Borders Awards at GV 2010 Summit
The Breaking Borders award "offers $10,000 grants to projects and individuals that support freedom of expression, recognizes it as a fundamental human right and connects freedom of expression to governance. Google and Thompson Reuters are providing support for the award, and Global Voices and Google have convened a jury to select the recipients."
funding  awards  freeexpression 
may 2010 by osi_info_program
Balancing Act News Update - African internet developments
"Donorland has been littered with pilot projects over the last ten years that took interesting technology and ideas and sought to make them work in the unforgiving African context. All too often they had little idea of what potential users actually wanted and once the funding ended, the water closed over them and that was that. There is now a second generation of ICT4D projects that seem to have learnt the lessons of these early failures. Russell Southwood spoke to Terra Weikel and Sean Blaschke of UNICEF and Bas Hoefman of Text for Change about how they are using technology in different ways."
mobile  funding  africa  oped 
may 2010 by osi_info_program
Facebook Privacy Blunder Is Boon for Berkeley Legal Scholar
Facebook announce $6 million towards online privacy grant-making foundation as part of court settlement
facebook  funding  privacy  bigdata  dataprotection 
march 2010 by osi_info_program
Paul Currion - How international NGOs killed civil society in developing countries - humanitarian.info
From the article: "In summary: the presence of international NGOs undermines the development of civil society as we unwittingly remake it in our own image, enabled both by national governments and international donors. We need to break this cycle by recognising the diversity of collective action, revising our engagement strategies to reflect that, and reversing legal and economic frameworks that perpetuate the cycle of NGO creation that leads to bloated and ineffective local NGO communities." MoederDao sez; "this is something EM pointed me to six weeks ago, but still relevant..."
funding  civilsociety  africa  advocacy 
march 2010 by osi_info_program
The Strategic Plan 2010-20 | Wellcome Trust
The Wellcome Trust - the third richest charitable foundation in the world - announces its new ten year strategic plan. The 1st of five challenges the plan to address is "maximising the health benefits of genetics and genomics", including exploring and addressing "the significant questions these advances raise for society, ensuring that individuals and communities around the world are empowered to use their genetic information to improve their health and quality of life. "
genetics  wellcometrust  funding  genomics  privacy  ip 
march 2010 by osi_info_program
Access to Knowledge in Egypt
Macarthur foundation-funded report on the state of a2k in Egypt
research  funding  egypt  oped  a2k 
march 2010 by osi_info_program
Our 2009 Fellows | Ashoka.org: News & Knowledge Entrepreneurs
Ashoka and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announce 10 new "News & Knowledge" fellows elected to join the Ashoka community of leading social entrepreneurs. Ashoka fellows are given a living stipend for an average of three years, in order to allow them to focus full-time on their social entrpreneurship. The 2009 News and Knowledge fellows are developing models of journalism and reporting.
media  funding  socialenterprise  news  ashoka 
february 2010 by osi_info_program
Wikimedia Foundation announces $2 million grant from Google
The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that operates Wikipedia, today announced that it has received a $2 million (USD) grant from the Google Inc. Charitable Giving Fund of Tides Foundation. This is the Wikimedia Foundation's first grant from Google. The funds will support core operational costs of the Wikimedia Foundation, including investments in technical infrastructure to support rapidly-increasing global traffic and capacity demands. The funds will also be used to support the organization's efforts to make Wikipedia easier to use and more accessible.
funding  wikipedia  google 
february 2010 by osi_info_program
Leak-o-nomy: The Economy of Wikileaks
Interview with Wikileaks about the way they are funded and about their current funding push.
wikileaks  censorship  freeexpression  funding 
january 2010 by osi_info_program
Knight News Challenge | You invent it. We fund it.
The 2010 Knight News Challenge is the fourth year of a contest awarding as much as $5 million a year for innovative ideas that develop platforms, tools and services to inform and transform community news, conversations and information distribution and visualization.
funding  media  community  Knight 
january 2010 by osi_info_program

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