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NSA leaks: UK blocks crucial espionage talks between US and Europe | World news | guardian.co.uk
Officials said the abortive attempt to come up with a common European position only served to highlight the divisions that have surfaced as a result of the espionage scandal, with the Europeans against the Americans, the French and the Germans against the British, and leading pro-EU figures arguing that the fiasco has underlined the case for Europe constructing its own cyber-defences.
NSA  Europe  Surveillance 
july 2013 by osi_info_program
ENDitorial: About copyright reform | EDRI
Encouraging Internet providers to become gatekeepers of the Internet would put one of Europe's most instinctively anti-competitive industries in charge of the online marketplace. Anyone who thinks that this will open up the market for innovative online services is sorely mistaken.
oped  copyright_enforcement  europe  bh 
march 2012 by osi_info_program
SABAM vs Netlog - another important ruling for fundamental rights | EDRI
Today, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that a social network “cannot be obliged to install a general filtering system, covering all its users, in order to prevent the unlawful use of musical and audio-visual work”.
news  legal_cases  europe  socialnetworks  intermediary_liability  bh 
february 2012 by osi_info_program
Legal Expert Says Anti-counterfeit Deal Should Be Scrapped | PCWorld Business Center
A leading data protection expert said Tuesday that the international anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) is "badly-drafted, breaches many fundamental rights and lawmakers should throw it out and start from scratch."
acta  europe  news  data_protection 
october 2011 by osi_info_program
Council of Europe countries agree to protect internet freedom of expression - 9/26/2011 - Computer Weekly
"Governments can be prosecuted under human rights law if companies fail to protect critical infrastructure and freedom of expression on the internet, European countries agreed on Wednesday."
freeexpression  disconnection  europe  news  bh 
october 2011 by osi_info_program
Setting Boundaries for Internet Privacy - NYTimes.com
European consumer rights groups have begun a campaign that would prevent advertisers from tracking Internet users unless they explicitly opt in by clicking on Web icons within ads.
privacy  tracking  cookies  europe  eu 
september 2011 by osi_info_program
Beware: Europe's 'unitary patent' could mean unlimited software patents | Technology | guardian.co.uk
The father of Free Software Richard Stallman has written an op-ed in the UK Guardian warning that a proposed EU-wide "unitary patent" system could usher in an age of software patents in Europe. Unlike in the US, software patents are generally not permitted in the EU, following a successful campaign to prevent their introduction several years ago run by, among others, the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII).
software  patents  swpatents  europe  unitary_patent  oped  digitalgurus  darius  110826  digest 
august 2011 by osi_info_program
Alarm over EU 'Great Firewall' proposal - Telegraph
Broadband providers and anti-censorship activists have voiced alarm over an EU proposal to create a “Great Firewall of Europe” by blocking “illicit” web material at the borders of the bloc.
op-ed  filtering  europe  censorhsip 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
Europe at Forefront of Digital Privacy Rights - NYTimes.com
"Abraham L. Newman, an assistant professor at Georgetown University and a specialist in European privacy issues, said Europe’s spotlight on privacy could offer companies like Apple and Google the chance to reorganize the way they handled policies worldwide, using European standards in their corporate strategy."
europe  regulation  privacy 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
Europe's "fundamental rights" trump judge-ordered Internet filters
Ars Technica report the SABAM v Scarlett opinion on filtering the net to enforce copyright.
copyright_enforcement  news  europe  legal_cases  filtering  blocking 
april 2011 by osi_info_program
Copyright term extension will be voted this week « Christian Engström, Pirate MEP
Campaign launched by Pirate Party MEP Christian Engstrom against renewed attempts to fast-track the Term Extension Directive.
copyrightextension  europe  pirateparty  news 
april 2011 by osi_info_program
#1 – Hacker le système politique est une question de volonté » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism
Report on La Quadrature's recent hackday to improve Political Memory, their e-campaigning tool suite.
grantees  civilsociety  civicomms  edemocracy  europe 
march 2011 by osi_info_program
Data retention 'ineffective' in fighting serious crime • The Register
"Comms data retention is ineffective for the prosecution of serious crime, according to a study of German police statistics by local privacy activists."
dataretention  europe  evidence  germany  data_forensics 
january 2011 by osi_info_program
ENDitorial: EDRi publishes study on self-regulation and censorship | EDRI
"European Digital Rights has published a study on the scale of measures being undertaken to outsource policing activities to private companies in the Internet environment and its significance for fundamental rights, transparency and openness on the Internet."
edri  censorship  europe  policy  research 
january 2011 by osi_info_program
Unchartered Waters: The state of open data
"This study seeks to assess the state of open government data in nine European Member States (Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Italy and Spain). Besides the policy level, this study reviews existing data portals from an end-user perspective and checks their compliance with a selection of open data principles."
research  opendata  europe  filetype:pdf  media:document 
january 2011 by osi_info_program
Stop web blocking | EDRI
"At the beginning of February 2011, the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament will hold its first crucial vote on whether mandatory EU-wide web blocking should be introduced - time is running out."
censorship  europe  thinkofthechildrenpolitics  blocking  filtering  eu  news 
january 2011 by osi_info_program
ENDitorial: Net neutrality - wait and see the end of the open Internet | EDRI
"At the joint European Parliament and European Commission net neutrality summit in Brussels on 11 November there was a clear political message - that interference with Internet traffic is permissible as long as companies tell their consumers that it is happening.
The Commission will "wait and see" if such interferences cause problems for the market and will consider taking action if this is the case. In a whole day of discussions, the fundamental rights aspects of the interference by private companies with citizens' communications were only questioned by Jeremie Zimmermann from La Quadrature du Net and Jan Albrecht MEP (Greens/EFA, Germany)."
netneutrality  europe 
november 2010 by osi_info_program
EUROPA - Press Releases - Digital Agenda: Europeana gives online access to over 14 million examples of Europe's cultural heritage
"Anyone in the world can now access over 14 million digitised books, maps, photographs, paintings, film and music clips from cultural institutions across Europe through Europe's digital library Europeana. Launched in 2008 with two million objects, Europeana has already passed the initial target for 2010 of 10 million objects. Today, the Reflection Group ("Comité des Sages" - Maurice Lévy, Elisabeth Niggemann, Jacques de Decker) set up by the Commission to explore new ways to bring Europe's cultural heritage online (IP/10/456) is addressing the EU's Council of Culture Ministers and the European Parliament's Committee on Culture. The Comité des Sages' report is due to be published at the beginning of 2011."
europe  europeana  culturalheritage  news  libraries  digitisation 
november 2010 by osi_info_program
Lives put at risk by communications data retention | EDRI
"A report published on 8 October 2010 by German civil liberties activists reveals that human lives are put at risk by the retention of all telecommunication data."
dataretention  germany  europe  surveillance  privacy  news  resources 
october 2010 by osi_info_program
European Public Policy Blog: A Big Win for the Internet
"Today a federal court in Madrid dismissed charges of copyright infringement against YouTube. This decision is a clear victory for the Internet and the rules that govern it. Spanish broadcaster Telecinco had claimed that YouTube should be liable when users upload copyright-infringing material. "
spain  europe  google  youtube  intermediary_liability 
september 2010 by osi_info_program
Open Rights Group | Data retention challenged by Digital Rights Ireland
Digital Rights Ireland have been granted permission to challenge the Data Retention Directive in the European Court of Justice.
privacy  surveillance  ireland  Europe  news 
may 2010 by osi_info_program
Challenges of Change | World Congress on Information Technology 2010
"The WCIT congress in Amsterdam brings together the world's leading people from industry, government and academia in the field of ICT. A key result is the Amsterdam Declaration, which calls on all stakeholders to deliver the ambitious goals of enhancing economic growth, reducing greenhouse gases, promoting quality of life and consumer confidence, and ensuring that these benefits reach a global impact."
events  internet  Europe 
may 2010 by osi_info_program
The European Copyright Code
"The European Copyright Code is the result of the Wittem Project that was established in 2002 as a collaboration between copyright scholars across the European Union concerned with the future development of European copyright law...The aim of the Wittem Project and this Code is to promote transparency and consistency in European copyright law. The members of the Wittem Group share a concern that the process of copyright law making at the European level lacks transparency and that the voice of academia all too often remains unheard. The Group believes that a European Copyright Code drafted by legal scholars might serve as a model or reference tool for future harmonization or unification of copyright at the European level. Nevertheless, the Group does not take a position on the desirability as such of introducing a unified European legal framework."
copyright  reform  Europe  eu  lobbying  academia  oped 
may 2010 by osi_info_program
Transparency Projects in Central and Eastern Europe
Global Voices roundup for the Transparency and Technology Network: "The actual type of transparency projects in each country depends on the profiles of people involved in the initial action, their relationship with the government, as well as on the nature of citizen participation in the country. All of those projects acknowledge the need to disclose information related to governance in an smoothly presented, easily digestible way."
activism  Europe  transparency  tech4transparency  oped 
may 2010 by osi_info_program
New complaints filed against Google in Europe
The European Commission has begun a preliminary investigation into bringing antitrust proceedings against Google
Google  competition  search  antitrust  news  Europe  europeancommission 
february 2010 by osi_info_program

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