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Forget Apple vs. the FBI: WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People | WIRED
Mountain View is home to WhatsApp, an online messaging service now owned by tech giant Facebook, that has grown into one of the world’s most important applications. More than a billion people trade messages, make phone calls, send photos, and swap videos using the service. This means that only Facebook itself runs a larger self-contained communications network. And today, the enigmatic founders of WhatsApp, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, together with a high-minded coder and cryptographer who goes by the pseudonym Moxie Marlinspike, revealed that the company has added end-to-end encryption to every form of communication on its service.
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april 2016 by osi_info_program
Beneblog: Technology Meets Society: Crypto is Not Broken
The bottom line: We've consulted with cryptographers and studied the Martus code, and we do not believe that there is a weakness affecting Martus users. The flaw turns out to be related to a design error in the implementation of RSA in specific "embedded" devices, specifically firewalls and routers. It's not a general problem with RSA, and there's no current risk to Martus users. The way this flaw emerged has motivated us to review Martus's security model, and we are pleased with how well it has stood up.
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february 2012 by osi_info_program
Web Privacy Start-Ups Struggle - WSJ.com
"Products Help Surfers Stay Anonymous, but Customers Are Few; 'It's Hard to Get Users to Pay for Anything These Days'"
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september 2010 by osi_info_program
India sets deadline for BlackBerry compliance | Technology | The Guardian
"The Indian government has set RIM a deadline of the end of August to give it access to data transmitted by BlackBerry's email and messaging services. If the Canadian-based firm does not comply, Indian telecoms operators will be ordered to close the two services down."
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august 2010 by osi_info_program

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