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The rise of giant consumer startups that said no to investor money - Recode
When Andy Dunn started building his direct-to-consumer menswear brand, Bonobos, in 2007, he saw no great options for e-commerce software. As a result, he estimates that Bonobos spent tens of millions of the $120 million it had raised from investors on building, supporting and tweaking the Bonobos technology stack over the years.

But a decade later, Dunn was able to turn to e-commerce software company Shopify as the platform for Allswell, a mattress brand that Dunn helped incubate in his new role at Walmart where he oversees the company’s digital-native consumer brands.

“Shopify is the absolute game-changer,” Dunn said. “At least 75 percent of the digital brands I talk to today are on Shopify and many of them are now saying we don’t need to invest that much in tech.”
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september 2018 by osi_info_program
Richard Stallman, RMS, on Privacy, Data, and Free Software
What is data privacy? The term implies that if a company collects data about you, it should somehow protect that data. But I don’t think that’s the issue. I think the problem is that it collects data about you period. We shouldn’t let them do that.
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april 2018 by osi_info_program
People Are Using AI to Create Fake Porn of Their Friends and Classmates - Motherboard
growing community of redditors who create fake porn videos of celebrities using existing video footage and a machine learning algorithm. This algorithm is able to take the face of a celebrity from a publicly available video and seamlessly paste it onto the body of a porn performer. Often, the resulting videos are nearly indecipherable from reality. It’s done through a free, user-friendly app called FakeApp.
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february 2018 by osi_info_program
Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research — Here’s How They Do It
Highlights the importance of federally funded research to business innovation, but mistakenly states that all federally funded research is openly available.
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april 2016 by osi_info_program
Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future - The New York Times
Farhad Manjoo article for his "State of the Art" NYT column on technology, business and society. The largest tech companies on earth - Google/Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft -, here named the "frightful 5", like to describe their industry as being risky and disruptive (“someone, somewhere in a garage is gunning for us,” Eric Schmidt once said). But in the larger picture, none of these companies seem to be "losing" the game anytime soon — not in comparison with the rest of the tech industry, the rest of the economy and certainly not in the influence each of them holds over our lives.
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january 2016 by osi_info_program
Why HP Wants Autonomy: Math Skills - Technology Review
Acquiring that technology will enable HP to expand its business software products, and put it in a good position to exploit a trend dubbed "big data."
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august 2011 by osi_info_program
Merger of Indian Generic Company with Big pharma | Don't trade our lives away
"As another generic company – Sun pharma has join hands with multinational pharma -Merck to push for branded generics in developing countries, the availability of cheap and affordable generic medicines is further threatened."
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april 2011 by osi_info_program
OpenCorporates :: The Open Database Of The Corporate World
New project by two mySociety-associated developers, Rob McKinnon and Chris Taggert, on databasing corporate data
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february 2011 by osi_info_program
Flat World Knowledge’s Eric Frank: Open Education and Policy - Creative Commons
Jerzy sez: "one of the best OER projects/companies - showing how open textbooks can be sustainable."
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november 2010 by osi_info_program

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