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The Tiny NGO That Changed Reporting on Rio’s Favelas During the Olympics – The Development Set – Medium
When the Games end, Williamson plans to release a multimedia manual to help other cities reproduce CatComm’s media strategy. The group will also publish an analysis of six years of coverage on favelas. RioOnWatch, meanwhile, will shift to supporting the nonprofit’s original focus: covering community-led solutions in favelas.

CatComm certainly has a point of view, but Williamson resists the idea that that the group is painting an overly rosy picture of informal settlements. “We never deny favelas’ limitations and problems, but that’s true for all communities,” she said. “Talking about the good doesn’t mean you’re romanticizing. The reality is the opposite: by not recognizing these communities’ assets, we are depriving them and ourselves of true development.”

Carless said journalists who draw on CatComm’s resources are not in danger of being biased if they follow professional standards.
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august 2016 by osi_info_program
In Portuguese - Is the distribution of processes at Supreme Court really randomic:
A Brazilian citizen filed a Freedom of Information Request to release the source code of the computers that distribute processes among Brazilian Supreme Court judges. The request was denied, generating a debate on transparency of algorithms used in Justice and the public sector.
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august 2016 by osi_info_program
Perry Anderson · Crisis in Brazil · LRB 21 April 2016
A long, magisterial overview of the background to the crisis.
april 2016 by osi_info_program
Brazilian police arrest Facebook's Latin America vice-president | Technology | The Guardian
Police in São Paulo have detained the regional vice-president of Facebook for failing to provide information requested by a criminal investigation. Diego Dzodan was taken into custody at Garulhos airport on Tuesday and is now being questioned about Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp’s alleged non-compliance with a court order. According to the court, WhatsApp had been ordered for more than a month to reveal messages relating to a suspected drug-trafficking ring.
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march 2016 by osi_info_program
Brazil’s politician pile on pressure to remove “offensive” web content | UNCUT
Brazil has been caught up in a fresh controversy over attempts to curb online criticism of politicians. Brazil is already one of the world’s leaders in online content removal. This time, the main players are tech giant Google and the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house in the country’s congress. 
Brazil  censorship 
april 2013 by osi_info_program
São Paulo Legislative Assembly Passes 989/2011 OER Bill
The Legislative Assembly of the State of Sao Paulo passed a bill on December 20, 2012, which mandates public access to publicly funded educational materials for the State Sao Paulo. OER-Brazil, an Information Program grantee, cultivated interest for such a policy and helped to develop the bill.
OER  Brazil  mh 
january 2013 by osi_info_program
Brazil HIV Drug Patent Ruling Allows Generics, Sends Pipeline Process Into Doubt | Intellectual Property Watch
Word is spreading of a recent decision by a Brazilian judge to annul a patent on a key AIDS drug, effectively allowing less expensive generic versions into the country, and calling into question other such patents.
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march 2012 by osi_info_program
Brazil to debate 'anti-ACTA' bill, defying US | thinq_
Brazil looks set to strike a blow against international anti-piracy treaty ACTA, with a bill under discussion in the country's parliament that sets out a civil rights-based framework for the internet.
brazil  news  acta 
october 2011 by osi_info_program
Hacking for Transparency at Brazil’s Major e-Government Conference | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
Daniela Silva and Diego Casaes review last month's CONSEGI e-government conference in Brazil and the participation of 30 civic hackers in developing innovative open gov apps.
brazil  opendata  conference  david 
june 2011 by osi_info_program
IP tango: Brazil: modernization of the Copyright Act
"The Minister of Culture is holding a seminar in Brasilia to finalize the preparation of the Draft Law. To this regards, the Ministry of Culture is accepting applications for interested parties to participate in the seminar"
brazil  ipreform 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
Brazil’s Copyright Reform: Are We All Josef K.? | Intellectual Property Watch
Pedro Paranaguá offers a useful timeline to help understand Brazil's currently stalled copyright reform, eight years in the making. The process, writes Paranaguá, has gone from open and participatory to closed and opaque.
copyright  brazil  op-ed  david 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
Impeached Ex-President Pockets Brazilian Freedom of Information Law « Observing Brazil
In a followup post to his initial analysis of Brazil's proposed FOI legislation, Greg Michener describes how current senator and former president, Fernando Collor (impeached for corruption) is blocking the bill's passage.
brazil  foi  news  politics 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
FreedomInfo | Rousseff Praise Brightens Outlook for Brazilian FOI Bill
Greg Michener balances optimism with realism in an analysis of some of the background issues behind Brazil's proposed FOI legislation.
brazil  foi  transparency 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
Mobiliza Cultura » English
An open letter to Brazilian President Dilma Roussef by the Mobiliza Cultura campaign which laments the actions of Minister of Culture Ana de Hollanda who has held back proposed copyright reform legislation since taking office.
copyright  brazil  news 
may 2011 by osi_info_program
Emerging nations built bit bypass round Europe • The Register
The BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – agreed to build a 12.8Tbit/s undersea link between Brazil and South Africa and Angola.
internet  infrastructure  brazil  southafrica  angola 
april 2011 by osi_info_program
Citizen Cyberscience for Brasil and Latin America
Brasil@home is an initiative to promote citizen cyberscience, i. e., participation in science projects over the Internet, in Brazil and throughout Latin America. It is an introduction to the concepts of and practice of volunteer computing, volunteer thinking and volunteer remote sensing, the three main forms of citizen cyberscience. Lead scientist from the main projects in the world using these technologies will present lecturers and help promote new projects in Brazil.
events  brazil  citizenscience 
april 2011 by osi_info_program
A Legacy at Risk: How the new Ministry of Culture in Brazil reversed its digital agenda | Freedom to Tinker
Great oped from Ronaldo Lemos on Ana de Hollanda's betrayal of Gilberto Gil's legacy as Culture Minister:

"This is an important moment for the history of cultural policies in Brazil. There is a shared feeling that much of what was built in the past 8 years is at risk. ...the place where the debate is really developing on a daily basis is the Internet. Bloggers, twittterers and social network members have engaged fiercely in the discussion of the current situation. Many of them were too young to even acknowledge the appointment of Gilberto when took office. It is a new generation that has risen for the first time to debate the future of culture and technology policies in Brazil. Inadvertently, the new Minister Ana de Hollanda is contributing to the emergence of new generation of voices online. One now can only hope that she will eventually listen to them."
copyright  brazil  anadehollanda  oped 
march 2011 by osi_info_program
New Leadership At Brazil’s Copyright Office Raises Questions | Intellectual Property Watch
"Marcus Souza was discharged as head of the Culture Ministry’s Office of Intellectual Rights in early March, replaced by Marcia Regina Barbosa (coming from the Attorney General’s office), who is said to have possible ties to the Brazilian music collecting society, ECAD (National Collection and Distribution Office)."
brazil  ipreform  news 
march 2011 by osi_info_program
Brazil And The Defence Of Public Health: Do As I Say, Not As I Do | Intellectual Property Watch
"A recent decision issued by Advocacia-Geral da União (Advocacy-General of the Union) restricts the role performed by Anvisa - the National Agency for Health Surveillance - in examining pharmaceutical patent applications. This may represent a huge setback for commitments made by Brazilian government related to the protection of public health, writes Felipe Carvalho."
brazil  accesstomedicines  publichealth  oped 
february 2011 by osi_info_program
Brazil: Ministry of Culture abandons Creative Commons · Global Voices
David sez: "Great post by @casaesdiego on @anadehollanda's decision to remove CC licenses from website of Brazilian Min of Culture."
copyright  creativecommons  brazil 
february 2011 by osi_info_program
Internet Sharing License - open letter to the Brazilian government from Richard Stallman
"I know of one possible obstacle to adopting this system in Brazil: Free Exploitation Treaties such as the one which established the World Trade Organization. These are designed to make governments act for the benefit of business rather than that of the people; they are the enemies of democracy and of most people's well-being. (We thank Lula for saving South America from ALCA.) Some of them demand "compensation for rights holders" as part of their general policy of favoritism for business."
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january 2011 by osi_info_program
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