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the role of civil society in the EU ACTA debate
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may 2014 by osi_info_program
ACTA – if you think we've won, we've lost | EDRI
The current balance is approximately 52.5% of the Parliament opposed to ACTA and 47.5% in favour. To put it in another way, if just 20 MEPs have their minds changed as a result of the massive lobbying campaign currently underway and organised by the European Commission and big business interests, then ACTA will be adopted.
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may 2012 by osi_info_program
Fear outweighs hope in ACTA debate - Public Service Europe
(via Michael Geist) This oped is from the ACTA rapporteur in the European Parliament's INTE committee "Amid the heated discussions, there is so far little evidence that ACTA will have its intended effect of fixing what is broken about the global enforcement of intellectual property rights"
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april 2012 by osi_info_program
Copyright Treaty Requires Congressional Support, Senator Says | Threat Level | Wired.com
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) says the Obama administration must secure congressional approval for the United States to participate in ACTA, a position at odds with the president.
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march 2012 by osi_info_program
European Commission discusses tactical, partial retreat on ACTA | EDRI
At the meeting of the heads of cabinet of the European Commission on Monday of this week, Commissioner De Gucht's representative announced that a referral of ACTA to the Court of Justice of the European Union is currently being considered.
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february 2012 by osi_info_program
Poland: Netizens Protest Government’s Plan to Sign ACTA Next Week · Global Voices
With the world still talking about the aftermath of the SOPA/PIPA Blackout Day, Polish netizens are confronted with another backstabbing development in the fight for free Internet.
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january 2012 by osi_info_program
Brazil to debate 'anti-ACTA' bill, defying US | thinq_
Brazil looks set to strike a blow against international anti-piracy treaty ACTA, with a bill under discussion in the country's parliament that sets out a civil rights-based framework for the internet.
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october 2011 by osi_info_program
KEI comment on US signing of ACTA | Knowledge Ecology International
What the White House has done is negotiate and sign an agreement of uncertain legal status, that ignores U.S. legal traditions in several areas, despite numerous efforts by NGOs and governments in the ACTA negotiations to provide greater legal certainty for exceptions to enforcement obligations.
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october 2011 by osi_info_program
EU Parliament’s Kangaroo Group hops onto ACTA
The Kangaroo Group is one of a number of groups which provide extra-curricula contact between corporate industry lobbyists and MEPs. It has been criticised for being a back-door entry point for lobbyists  from the arms industry.
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october 2011 by osi_info_program
International Economic Law and Policy Blog: Is ACTA Enforceable?
Is there a difference between international agreements that have an enforcement mechanism and those that do not?  I ask because it's not clear to me that ACTA is going to have a dispute procedure that makes it enforceable.
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october 2011 by osi_info_program
Legal Expert Says Anti-counterfeit Deal Should Be Scrapped | PCWorld Business Center
A leading data protection expert said Tuesday that the international anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) is "badly-drafted, breaches many fundamental rights and lawmakers should throw it out and start from scratch."
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october 2011 by osi_info_program
Alert To Activists: Customs Enforcement of IPR « Christian Engström, Pirate MEP
A very worrying proposal called ”Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights” has arrived from the EU Commission, and will be handled by the European Parliament this autumn. It is an attempt to introduce by the Commission to expand enforcement of intellectual property rights in line with the ACTA agreement, before ACTA has even been signed. Some of the provisions even go beyond ACTA in scope.
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september 2011 by osi_info_program
India will not accept any intellectual property talks outside WTO: Anand Sharma - Economic Times
[via Michael Geist] "India's Commerce and Industry Minister has stated that his country will not accept attempts to change global IP policies outside of international organizations like the World Trade Organization.  The comments arise out of India's ongoing opposition to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement."
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april 2011 by osi_info_program
Electronic Frontier Foundation:
"The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a trade agreement currently being negotiated by the United States and eight other countries: New Zealand, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. Like previous U.S. free trade agreements, the TPP includes a chapter on Intellectual Property. Based on previous U.S. free trade agreements like the U.S.-Korea FTA, it is likely to export controversial parts of U.S. Copyright law like the DMCA’s ban on circumventing digital locks without any of the exceptions and limitations that have enabled technological innovation, user generated content and education, to flourish in the U.S."
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march 2011 by osi_info_program
Mexico: ACTA Public Hearings Kick Off · Global Voices
Good coverage by Geraldine Juarez of the impressive online activist campaign against ACTA here in Mexico. Includes comments from Alejandro Pisanty, Antonio Martinez, and Leon Felipe Sanchez.
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march 2011 by osi_info_program
WikiLeaks Cables Shine Light on ACTA History | La Quadrature du Net
"La Quadrature du Net obtained exclusive access to the WikiLeaks US diplomatic cables regarding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Although they only give a partial account of the history of this secretly-negotiated agreement, these cables shed an interesting light on the coming into being of ACTA. They show the prime role of the US in the advent of this extremist imposition of violent sanctions against citizens and their fundamental rights. The cables expose the stakes and debates surrounding the participation of developing countries, as well as the evolution of the position of European Union during the negotiations."
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february 2011 by osi_info_program
Michael Geist - ACTA: Negotiations May Be Done, But Debate Continues
"Next week, the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage will begin hearings on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. "
news  acta  canada 
january 2011 by osi_info_program
GSK Critiques Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement | Intellectual Property Watch
"Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has taken a stance on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), welcoming most of its provisions, but requesting a harmonised approach for implementation, because the much-debated agreement would leave a lot of space for differing national implementations. GSK warns in its paper against individual EU countries adopting ACTA into national law, something which some EU governments have announced they would do."
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january 2011 by osi_info_program
via IPWatch "The recently completed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is not fully consistent with European Union law and goes beyond international law in some of its aspects, concluded a group of intellectual property law experts from universities in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Spain."
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january 2011 by osi_info_program
Michael Geist - USTR Launches Request for Comments on ACTA
"The USTR has launched a public request for comments on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  There has been no indication from Canadian officials about possible meetings or consultations."
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january 2011 by osi_info_program
Michael Geist - Wikileaks ACTA Cables Reveal Concern With U.S. Secrecy Demands
A tantalising look at just two of the 2,500 US diplomatic cables that have to do with IP: "the secrecy issue has been very damaging to the negotiating climate in Sweden. All political parties have vocal minorities challenging the steps the government has taken to step up its IPR enforcement. For those groups, the refusal to make ACTA documents public has been an excellent political tool around which to build speculation about the political intent behind the negotiations. If the instrument for example had been negotiated within the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) critics say, WIPO's Secretariat would have made public initial draft proposals."
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january 2011 by osi_info_program
ACTA: Updated Analysis of the Final Version | La Quadrature du Net
Short analysis from la Quad on the controversial clauses in the final ACTA text.
acta  analysis 
december 2010 by osi_info_program
Intellectual Property Watch » Blog Archive » ‘Final final’ ACTA Text Published; More Discussion Ahead For EU
Negotiating partners today released the final text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) after another week of what they called “legal scrubbing” which in fitting form was once again was performed behind closed doors, this time in Sydney.
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december 2010 by osi_info_program
Don't trade our lives away - Networks against EU-India Free Trade Agreement
"This site was created to update, share and comment on recent events regarding Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), European Partnership Agreements (EPAs), which are designed to maximize the profit of a few pharmaceutical companies and minimize access to essential drugs for millions of people in the developing world.

Everyone how wants to share documents, pictures etc. on this topic can do it on this blog. Please contact the webmaster, to get access to the page."
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november 2010 by osi_info_program
ACTA: Will The EU Parliament Give Up its Power? | La Quadrature du Net
Resolutions have been tabled by rival parties in the European Parliament that could affect ACTA's transition into European law.
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november 2010 by osi_info_program
Intellectual Property Watch » Blog Archive » Final ACTA Text Released
"The United States Trade Representative has released the final text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement [pdf], though it is still “subject to legal review.” This text, dated 15 November, is the agreed finalised version, according to a USTR press release.

Following a “legal verification of the drafting” the text will go to national governments so they can “undertake relevant domestic processes,” the press release says."
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november 2010 by osi_info_program
Let EAC Join Fight Against Counterfeit Goods
Editorial calls for African states to join ACTA: "I urge the EAC to consider joining the ACTA and to share knowledge and technical resources in fighting counterfeits and pirated goods.

ACTA will not change member states' national laws on counterfeits, trademarks and patents, but seeks a common ground among member states to enforce rules on anti-proliferation of counterfeits."
ACTA  africa  oped 
november 2010 by osi_info_program
Afro-IP: Africa & ACTA
IP blogger AFRO-Leo responds to the Peter Yehangane editorial on ACTA: "ACTA's purpose has almost been overshadowed by the commentary over its secrecy which has naturally given rise to sceptics. The provisions of ACTA have also raised criticisms in their own right too...Afro Leo is not sure why not one single African country appears to have commented on the negotiations over ACTA especially as counterfeiting on the continent is, in his opinion, Africa's single largest IP challenge."
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november 2010 by osi_info_program
PIJIP: - American University Washington College of Law
Lawyers, academics, NGOs, UN, Senators, PTO, EU, Canada, India all line up to criticise treaty: "It is difficult to find anyone outside of USTR and the other negotiating party offices that believe that the ACTA process is legitimate and that this is a good and democratic means to create a new global framework on intellectual property."
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november 2010 by osi_info_program
ACTA: Intervention of China to the WTO TRIPS Council | Knowledge Ecology International
"Excessive or unreasonably high standards for IPR protection could unfairly increase monopolistic profits of right holders, eating into the consumer surplus and further broadening the gap between the rich and the poor in the world"
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november 2010 by osi_info_program
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