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On Ethics and Techno-Utopianism at the Media Lab
Having said that, I believe that we need to continue to integrate social sciences and reflection even more deeply into our science and technology work. While I have a big voice at the Lab, the Lab operates on a "permissionless innovation" model where I don't tell researchers what to do (and neither do our funders). On the other hand, we have safety and other codes that we have to follow--is there an equivalent ethical or social code that we or other institutions should have? Harrison Eiteljorg, II thinks so. He wrote, "I would like to encourage you to consider adding to your staff at least one scholar whose job is to examine projects for the ethical implications for the work and its potential final outcome." I wonder, what would such a process look like?
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june 2018 by osi_info_program
Joi Ito: How to Save the Internet from its Success | Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon
An interview with Joi Ito that hints at some possible coming changes at the MIT Media Lab under his leadership including greater adoption of Creative Commons licenses and more participation in OpenCourseWare.
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New Director of MIT Media Lab Talks of Encouraging Openness - Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education
An interview with MIT Media Lab's new director, Joi Ito, in the Chronicle of Higher Education.
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Joichi Ito Named Head of M.I.T. Media Lab - NYTimes.com
Venture capitalist and veteran blogger Joi Ito has been named the fourth director of the M.I.T Media Laboratory, which was originally founded by Nicholas Negroponte in 1985. While some eyebrows have been raised at Ito’s lack of a college degree, colleagues are quick to point out that his global connections will benefit the center.
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Higher Education Reimagined With Online Courseware
This New York Times feature on open courseware marks ten years since the inception of the MIT OpenCourseware Initiative and measures the cost and impact of this and similar initiatives to date.
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