[Review] David Sasaki on "No Such Thing as a Free Gift" — Medium
David's review of Linsey McGoey’s "No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy".
philanthropy  philanthro-skepticism 
The Promise (and Threat) of Algorithmic Accountability - 01 - 2016 - Events - Public events - Home
Speaker: Professor Frank Pasquale
Respondent: Professor Evelyn Ruppert
Chair: Dr Alison Powell 

From search engine results to credit scores, software orders and weights hundreds of variables into clean, simple interfaces, taking us from question to answer in a fraction of a second. But the rise of big data and predictive analytics in media and finance has alarmed many academics, activists, journalists and legal experts. Three aspects of algorithmic ordering of information have provoked particular scrutiny. The data used may be inaccurate or inappropriate. Algorithmic modeling may be biased or limited. And the uses of algorithms are still opaque in many critical sectors.

Policymakers must address each of these problems, but face two major obstacles. First, how can regulators apply expert judgment given rapidly changing technology and business practices? Second, when is human review essential-and when will controversies over one algorithmic ordering merely result in a second computational analysis of a contested matter? Focusing on recent controversies over the "right to be forgotten" and alternative credit scoring (such as proposals to base loan approvals on qualities of the applicant's social network contacts), this talk will propose reforms essential to humane automation of new media and banking.
podcast  politics_of_algorithms  algorithms 
2 days ago
Amplifying the Impact of Open Access: Wikipedia and the Diffusion of Science
I missed this research this summer. The OA Signalling Project with Wikipedia we are supporting will further help to identify OA articles cited in Wikipedia references.
OA  Wikipedia 
3 days ago
Detecting Terrorism Online Raises Legal Questions - On The Media
a delegation of US gov officials met with silicon valley executives to discuss battling terrorism online: assigning people a risk value via algorithm
algorithms  ee  terrorism  silicon_valley 
4 days ago
How Brazil Crowdsourced a Landmark Law | Foreign Policy
When the time came to draft an important new “Internet bill of rights,” Brazilians took matters into their own hands.
Marco_Civil  civil_liberties 
4 days ago
Anand Giridharadas: The Thriving World, the Wilting World, and You — Medium
Anand Giridharadas gave the following speech at the Aspen Institute’s Action Forum, on July 29, 2015, in Aspen. The talk — on generosity versus justice — was to [his] fellow fellows in the Aspen Global Leadership Network. As a result, it contains some obscure jokes and references. After it popped up in David Brooks’s New York Times column and stirred an outpouring of discussion, sympathetic and critical, [he] decided to post the prepared text here on Medium. The video is also available here and below. Discuss!
philanthropy  philantro-skepticism  philanthro-capitalism 
8 days ago
Chelsea Manning interview: DNA, big data, official secrecy, and citizenship / Boing Boing
Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg did a pair of extraordinary portraits of Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower currently serving a 35-year sentence in Fort Leavenworth for her role in the Wikileaks Cablegate publications. Cory Docotorow interviewed Ms Manning in Fort Leavenworth through an intermediary, coordinated by her support network.
chelseamanning  surveillance  bigdata  algorithms  corydocotorow  ds 
9 days ago
The Next Social Media We Want and Need! — Backchannel — Medium
Tackling The Impossible Dream Of A Private And Socially Connected Future: crypto giant David Chaum explains his PrivaTegrity, and tells why it’s so vital
cryptography  privacy  socialmedia  privategrity  davidchaum  ds 
16 days ago
Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future - The New York Times
Farhad Manjoo article for his "State of the Art" NYT column on technology, business and society. The largest tech companies on earth - Google/Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft -, here named the "frightful 5", like to describe their industry as being risky and disruptive (“someone, somewhere in a garage is gunning for us,” Eric Schmidt once said). But in the larger picture, none of these companies seem to be "losing" the game anytime soon — not in comparison with the rest of the tech industry, the rest of the economy and certainly not in the influence each of them holds over our lives.
platforms  power  business  technology  industry  google  apple  facebook  microsoft  amazon  ds 
16 days ago
Can An Algorithm Find Artillery Craters In Satellite Images? | Popular Science
writeup in popular science about ARCADE - an output of IP funded Rudiment.info. tool for crater analysis detection.
rudiment  ee  BigData  war  ukraine  grantees  algorithms 
8 weeks ago
Is Science Kind of a Scam? - The New Yorker
Why, then, did Einstein’s question get excluded for so long from reputable theoretical physics? The reasons, unfolding through generations of physicists, have several notable social aspects, worthy of Trollope’s studies of how private feuds affect public decisions.
science  history  data  ee 
8 weeks ago
What’s the Evidence Mass Surveillance Works? Not Much - Lauren Kirchner - ProPublica
Officials are again pointing to the need for mass surveillance to take down terrorists. Here’s what we know about how well it works.
10 weeks ago
Online Surveillance Methods Grow, and Opt Out Methods Are Limited - The Leonard Lopate Show - WNYC
ProPublica's senior reporter Julia Angwin delves into the issue of surveillance. She'll discuss how Vizio Smart TVs are watching you watch television, what cell phone "zombie cookies" are, and more. Her latest article is "Verizon’s Zombie Cookie Gets New Life."
surveillance  podcast 
11 weeks ago
Confession of a Russian internet provider | openDemocracy
A firsthand account of how the internet is monitored, regulated and blocked in the Russian Federation.
Russia  censorship 
november 2015
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