Weaponized data: How the obsession with data has been hurting marginalized communities / Nonprofit With Balls
post from ED of small nonprofit about equity/equality gap in data-driven non profit activity
statistics  data  inequality  equity  ee 
2 days ago
How big data is unfair — Medium
Tett is well known for reporting on the failure of such things as “multi-variable equations” in the wake of the financial crisis, but she is perplexingly quick to accept that multi-variable equations are neutral and therefore fair, because the “computer experts” (whatever that means) at the police station asserted them to be so.
bigdata  profiling  predictivepolicing  hjd 
28 days ago
The Biggest Tech Problems So Obvious We Aren’t Fixing Them — Backchannel — Medium
article from inside tech dev talking about tech dev and design misses, including tech that solves problem of silicon valley people.
innovation  ee  culture 
5 weeks ago
Please, Corporations, Experiment on Us - NYTimes.com
is it ever ethical for companies/govts to experiment on us? this article argues: yes.
9 weeks ago
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