What’s the Evidence Mass Surveillance Works? Not Much - Lauren Kirchner - ProPublica
Officials are again pointing to the need for mass surveillance to take down terrorists. Here’s what we know about how well it works.
6 days ago
Online Surveillance Methods Grow, and Opt Out Methods Are Limited - The Leonard Lopate Show - WNYC
ProPublica's senior reporter Julia Angwin delves into the issue of surveillance. She'll discuss how Vizio Smart TVs are watching you watch television, what cell phone "zombie cookies" are, and more. Her latest article is "Verizon’s Zombie Cookie Gets New Life."
surveillance  podcast 
9 days ago
Confession of a Russian internet provider | openDemocracy
A firsthand account of how the internet is monitored, regulated and blocked in the Russian Federation.
Russia  censorship 
23 days ago
helping humanitarians thrive - free tips on managing stress to your email for people covering/acting as user generated content monitors and providers
ee  user-generated  trauma 
4 weeks ago
Poland elections: Conservatives secure decisive win - BBC News
this will most likely have a big impact on our policy work in Poland
4 weeks ago
College textbooks are a racket - The Washington Post
Alain Bourget, a math professor at Cal State Fullerton, is in danger of serious disciplinary action from his employer. His crime? Refusing to teach the assigned textbook, which costs $180 and was co-written by the chair and vice-chair of his academic department. According to the Register, the mathematics department decided way back in 1984 to “approve” the text and hasn’t revisited its decision since. Bourget wanted to use two other textbooks instead — one of which costs $76, and the other of which was free. Maybe there are other underlying complications that the Register hasn’t reported — but the story reinforces a strong basic message. College textbooks are a racket.
5 weeks ago
“I feel like I cannot say no to looking at horrific UGC because I want to do well in my career” — First Draft News — Medium
interim article published by OSF grantee Eyewitness Media Hub - preliminary results on the funded study on secondary/vicarious trauma from user generated content
eyewitness  crowdsourcing  user-generated  journalism  ee 
5 weeks ago
launch of a new organization
humanrights  tom_longley 
5 weeks ago
Field of Vision — The Intercept
Field of Vision is a filmmaker-driven visual journalism film unit co-created by Laura Poitras, AJ Schnack and Charlotte Cook that pairs filmmakers with developing and ongoing stories around the globe.
privacy  surveillance 
6 weeks ago
Reporta, a new app, offers journalists a lifeline in hazardous situations | Poynter.
new security app blowing up the libtech security groups on non-transparent app development
data  security  ee 
8 weeks ago
Library of Congress: Can the LOC be saved? - POLITICO Magazine
John Palfrey and Brewster Kahle are mentioned as possible candidates....
Libraries  A2K 
8 weeks ago
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