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If you have problems with your PC locking or going to sleep, caffeine will keep it awake. It works by simulating a keypress once every 59 seconds, so your machine thinks you're still working at the keyboard, so won't lock the screen or activate the screensaver.
windows  free  wakeup  presentation  presentacion  modo 
4 weeks ago by oriolrius
Download ConEmu.
the best shell (ssh client) tool for windows, by far better than putty
ssh  windows  terminal  shell  console 
october 2018 by oriolrius
Quick 'n Easy FTP Server Lite
- Simple, intuitive and cool looking user interface, with several pages for managing the users, configuration and security.
- Easy to setup using the build-in FTP Server Setup Wizard.
- Add new user accounts with the User Account Wizard.
- Support for systems that are a part of a network with a router and/or firewall.
- Configuration is saved in XML format.
- Realtime server trace, which displays every command and it’s reply on the screen.
- Everything can also be logged to a file.
ftp  network  portable  windows  server 
june 2018 by oriolrius
Connect Endpoints with Comm Tunnel | BLOG
my favorite tool for sending serial ports to TCP sockets
serial  port  windows  hyper-v  linux  usb  tcp  sysadmin 
january 2018 by oriolrius
How to force users to change their password periodically on Windows 10 | Windows Central
You can make your PC more secure by forcing users to change their password regularly, and in this guide, we show you how to do this on Windows 10.
windows  password  security  policy  protection  iso  iso27001 
september 2017 by oriolrius
Boxstarter - windows automation packages and installations
Repeatable, reboot resilient windows environment installations made easy using Chocolatey packages. When its time to repave either bare metal or virtualized instances, locally or on a remote machine, Boxstarter can automate both trivial and highly complex installations. Compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 7/2008 R2 forward.
windows  automation  tools  sysadmin 
september 2017 by oriolrius
Technitium MAC Address Changer v5 Release 3 (FREEWARE)
Technitium MAC Address Changer v6 is a FREEWARE utility to instantly change (spoof) MAC Address of any network card (NIC).
tools  software  free  address  windows  mac  security  freeware  network  changer 
august 2013 by oriolrius
Sikuli Script - visual scripting
Sikuli Script automates anything you see on the screen. It uses image recognition to identify and control GUI components. It is useful when there is no easy access to a GUI's internal or source code.
tools  visual  programming  utils  automation  windows  script  linux 
august 2013 by oriolrius
leapcast - ChromCast emulator
leapcast - ChromeCast emulation app for any device
streaming  python  multimedia  google  chromecast  chrome  windows  linux 
august 2013 by oriolrius
Learn Python GUI programming using Qt framework | Udemy
Learn Python GUI programming and design powerful GUI applications using a great cross-platform framework called Qt.
python  ui  gui  udemy  programming  learn  windows  mac  linux  qt  online 
august 2013 by oriolrius
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