Another Thing To Fall
"You know, James, anyone who references Forrest Gump and Vergil practically in the same breath --" oh, that sentence should never have been started, it didn't have a single good place to go.  
"Has a crack in his soul?" Hathaway suggested.
fic  fandom_lewis  rating_mature  category_m/m  pairing_jameshathaway/robertlewis  author_suzan_lovett  trope_internalisedhomophobia  trope_sexualitydiscovery  trope_slowburn  genre_casefic  trope_religiousguilt  trope_religion 
january 2019
the deal
Some Dvali harvesters contemplate a new arrival they dragged out of the river.

Inspired by this beautifully drawn, bleak artwork by soothsayerc/dinkyicarus (NSFW for death, injury and male-presenting nipples):
fic  fandom_deusex  fandom_deusex:mankinddivided  rating_mature  category_gen  author_trulycertain  genre_deathfic  genre_outsiderpov 
december 2018
Shadow World
After Prague's top agent murders the world's most famous woman on live TV, Miller finds himself drawn into ever deepening levels of conspiracy.

Ignores original!Eliza's canonical fate in MD, since I didn't find out about it until after I had this plotted out. (Oops.)
fic  fandom_deusex  rating_mature  category_gen  author_teyke  trope_bodyhorror  trope_nonconbodymods  genre_casefic 
august 2018
Lay Hands
Cable grinned and pressed down, turning Wade’s words into gargling choke. “Don’t worry,” he said, “you depraved little fuckwit. You’re going to have nightmares about the things I do to you tonight.”
fic  fandom_deadpool  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_nathansummers/wadewilson  author_largishcat  kink_roughsex  kink_bloodplay 
june 2018
Just One Tomorrow
Instead of landing in Langley, Lorraine finds herself getting off the plane in Berlin. Again, and again, and again.
fic  fandom_atomicblonde  rating_mature  category_f/f  pairing_lorrainebroughton/delphinelasalle  trope_timeloop  genre_spies  kink_competence 
june 2018
Between Wind and Water
England and Spain are at war, and Norrington needs a quick solution to the Jack Sparrow problem. Meanwhile, Jack discovers that the Caribbean he once knew is gone. The deal they make could solve both their troubles, or it might be the worst mistake of their lives. AU after first film.

This story is AU after the first film (sequels never happened). It's an experiment in dropping POTC characters into an actual historical event: the Battle of Cartagena de Indias in 1741. Most of the non-POTC characters are real people. I did, however, alter history quite a bit. I'll tell you at the end what I changed.Many thanks to Schemingreader, Concertigrossi, Porridgebird, Blackletter, Grypons_lair, and Sharklady35 for their kind support and input, and to Eldivinomarques, Lolitalockhart and N0_leaf_clover for language help. Guys, I could not have written this without you.
fic  fandom_piratesofthecaribbean  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_jacksparrow/jamesnorrington  author_rexluscus  genre_adventure  genre_ageofsail  genre_plotty  fandom_historicalrpf  genre_angst  trope_internalisedhomophobia  trope_rivalstolovers  trope_loversonoppositesides  trope_war 
june 2018
Tear Down The Stars
Thorold Tethras is a terrible dwarf (source: the entire Ambassadoria), but he reckons he's a good person, really, and a damn sight better at Diamondback than his brother.Unfortunately none of that is any help at all when he falls head over heels for one Maevaris Tilani.Or: How To Woo A Magister's Daughter When You've Got No Idea What You're Doing Really, Help.

With great thanks to Lavinia for the beta <3
fic  fandom_dragonage  rating_teen  category_f/m  pairing_thoroldtethras/maevaristilani 
may 2018
Letters from dwarves to the ones they love.
(Reader note: due to the nature of this fic all ships listed are featured but none of them extensively.)

I tried to hit as many points in your prompts as I could because I just couldn't settle on an idea! So here's a bit of everything. A smörgåsbord of dwarves, in no particular order.
fic  fandom_dragonage  rating_gen  category_multi  pairing_dagna/sera  pairing_alistair/maleaeducan  pairing_sigrun/velanna(dragonage)  pairing_biancadavri/varrictethras  pairing_thoroldtethras/maevaristilani  pairing_dwarf!rilienus/dorianpavus  pairing_femalecadash/josephinemontilyet 
may 2018
Let Me Look at the Sun - Telanu - The Good Place (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“It must be a nice monster if it’s in the Good Place.”
   They’re eleven months into attempt 801, and Michael thinks this might be the reboot that finally takes.

Thanks, as always, to Luthien for a kickass beta read, and to Ellydash for very helpful feedback. NB: this story revolves around the premise that this is the 801st reboot, which has lasted eleven months. Another Michael/Eleanor story was posted recently with the same premise. I'd already begun writing this, so that similarity is coincidental.
The story's title comes from the song "Who Are You, Really?" by Mikky Ekko. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Feedback is always appreciated :)
fic  fandom_thegoodplace  rating_mature  category_f/m  pairing_michael(thegoodplace)/eleanorshellstrop  author_telanu  trope_identityporn  kink_powerplay  genre_angst  kink_hatesex  kink_cunnilingus  trope_denial  trope_mindwipe 
february 2018
Further Orders
Ephemera: a selection of notes attached to official reports from Inquisition Lead Scout Lace Harding to Sister Leliana, Seneschal of the Second Inquisition, 9:41-9:43 Dragon.
fic  fandom_dragonage  category_gen  pairing_leliana&laceharding  author_sunspeared  trope_epistolary  rating_teen 
january 2018
Speak freely of our acts, or else our grave
It's rare that Sigrun sounds bitter about dwarf things. She usually sounds resigned.
She should be furious. Sigrun and Velanna, and refusing to be forgotten by history.
fic  fandom_dragonage  rating_notrated  category_f/f  category_gen  pairing_sigrun&velanna  author_sunspeared 
january 2018
Blood and Fire
Harry has spent the last twelve years in Romania, not returning to England as often as he knows he should. It's complicated. But when Ginny asks him to be her best man and help her plan her wedding, he can't say no. Having a reckoning with his choices, with himself, won't be easy. To say nothing of seeing Draco again.
fic  fandom_harrypotter  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_dracomalfoy/harrypotter  author_lumosed_quill  trope_reunion 
january 2018
so much history in these streets
Kent’s not an idiot, he knows Jack has a boyfriend; their coming out was kind of fucking hard to miss.
OR as I’ve been calling it all along, the “Bitty walks in on Jack and Kent fucking” fic
fic  fandom_checkplease!  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_kent"parse"parson/jackzimmermann  author_deepbutdazzlingdarkness  kink_exhibitionism  trope_infidelity  kink_dirtytalk  trope_accidentalvoyeurism 
january 2018
The bindings are time-consuming. Winding the thin silken cord around her limbs and the brass bedstead is finicky work, even when she so eagerly positions herself to assist you.
fic  fandom_fallenlondon|echobazaar  rating_explicit  category_f/f  pairing_thesilk-cladexpert/femaleplayercharacter  author_apgeeksout  genre_2ndpov  genre_pwp  kink_bondage  kink_spiders 
january 2018
and i'm trying my hardest not to fall
Growing up is a slow process."Of course, this sort of colour is also designed to indicate social class, which, although we British are far too squeamish to say so, still fascinates most of us.” (Re: the papers quoting murder victim Joanna Yeates parents’ house price, Sally Baker, Feeedback, Times Jan 8 2011)
fic  fandom_original  category_m/m  author_surexit  trope_classdifference  trope_comingofage 
january 2018
Friends In Low Places
“Hey, Mashkov,” Kent says, “who do I gotta blow to get a drink around here?”
fic  fandom_checkplease!  category_m/m  pairing_parse/tater  author_blue_rocket_frost  genre_angst  trope_drugs  rating_teen 
january 2018
Sorry For the Blood In Your Mouth I Wish It Was Mine
Kent orders a vodka water at the other side of the bar. Mashkov is a hard guy to ignore: he’s tall and dark and his nose is interesting, sort of upturned and sharp, kind of delicate for a guy who’s strong enough to pick Kent up with one arm. His eyes are almost too dark to see the pupils; there’s a little green in them, maybe. Kent’s staring. He’s never seen Maskhov anywhere off the ice that he’s not smiling and surrounded by people.Kent probably shouldn’t bother him, but it’s late and he’s bored and he's about out of impulse control for the day. He moves so close to Mashkov’s chair that their arms are almost touching. “So,” he says, “you come here often?”
fic  fandom_checkplease!  author_blue_rocket_frost  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_parse/tater  kink_analfingering 
january 2018
Whistling Shell
The sacrifices we make for money aren't always worth it. The Captain wants a piece of the red honey trade, and in order to secure her place with the smugglers, she sells something away that can't be bought back. Or can it?
fic  fandom_sunlesssea  fandom_fallenlondon|echobazaar  author_famacneil  category_gen 
january 2018
Notes on the Disappearance of Derceto Class Frigate the HMS Johannes Agricola
These are not for you.

With enormous thanks to idrilka for proofreading. This story was written with Crueltide in mind, and as such features dark/disturbing/gross themes in line with what you’d expect from Lovecraft-tinged nautical exploration horror. Caveat lector.
fandom_sunlesssea  rating_mature  category_f/f  author_csoru  fic  genre_epistolary  genre_horror 
january 2018
An Ill Wind
On the eve of a storm, Kaja finds a half-drowned stranger on the shore--or the stranger finds her.
fic  fandom_original  rating_teen  category_gen  genre_horror  trope_merfolk  trope_greenlandsharkmaid  trope_eldritchhorror 
november 2017
Trade In These Wings On Some Wheels
Of course Phil was going to make sure Kent was okay. Kenny was his little brother. Phil was always going to make sure he was okay.

So sometimes you think, "hey my headcanons are too set in stone! Let's change it up, what if Kent had a big family of brothers?" And then it's 14k later and you're in hell. Thanks to defcontwo for being the best of betas, for swearing at me and accusing me of turning her to the dark side. And suggesting the title. Thanks, babe.
fic  fandom_checkplease!  rating_teen  category_gen  pairing_kentparson/jackzimmermann  genre_ocs  trope_brotherhood  trope_pining  trope_unrequited  trope_gettingoverit  trope_unhappyending 
september 2017
The Wistful Deviless needs a partner for something intimate, destructive, and transformative. The Captain knows her share about destruction and transformation. (The intimacy, as always, is the hardest part.)

WARNING: as the tags attempted to indicate, this is a story about extremely violent intimate activity, including some vore/cannibalism themes and (temporary, consensual) bodily death, performed by enthusiastically consenting adult characters. If this content isn't your cup of tea, you probably don't want to read this. This story also contains implied spoilers for the Chapel of Lights and Wistful Deviless storyline in Sunless Sea. Happy Yuletide, byzantienne! I, uh, may have taken your "don't worry about being too dark or too weird" guideline and run wild with it. I hope I managed a little bit of the joyous, too.
fic  author_Wasuremono  fandom_sunlesssea  rating_explicit  category_f/f  pairing_zeecaptain/thewistfuldeviless  trope_bodyhorror  kink_xeno  kink_vore  kink_snuff  genre_2ndpov  trope_consensualviolence  kink_roughsex 
september 2017
Back to the Source
An anonymous tip off, a suspicious household and a lost magical item. Peter can't help but think that there's something fishy about this situation.
fic  podfic  fandom_riversoflondon  rating_g  category_gen  trope_selkies  trope_magicalcreatures  character_petergrant  character_lesleymay  character_zachpalmer  author_Jadesfire  reader_Sunquistadora 
august 2017
If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd've Baked a Cake
It was funny to call it normal, but life can be funny sometimes: that was what Lavender had said, and Dudley, who knew he wasn’t very clever, was bound to agree with her.

Written for the 2012 Dudley_redeemed fest on LJ. With huge thanks to batswing for the wonderful beta! All mistakes still in the text are mine. Title taken from the Eileen Barton song.
fic  fandom_hp  rating_g  category_gen  character_dudleydursley  author_pitry 
june 2017
Life Lessons
Performing the Duty is never easy. It's even harder when Susan's lines of work intersect.
fic  fandom_discworld  category_gen  genre_deathfic  trope_griefmourning  rating_g 
november 2015
Now You Lived Somewhere Away from Here
Five years in the future, no one's as young as they used to be.Title from Carl Sandburg. Apologies for the pretension like whoa.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_mature  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_sharksdontsleep  genre_futurefic  trope_reunion 
october 2015
Harvey sometimes moonlights as a Star Trek BNF. Mike might have an attitude problem on the internet. TiberiusGhost is strangely compelling, for a recluse who never goes to meetups, and Harvey's finding this kid Photohead vaguely familiar...
fic  fandom_suits  rating_explicit  category_f/f  category_m/m  pairing_mikeross/harveyspecter  pairing_donna(suits)/otherfemalecharacter  author_closer  genre_fandomau  genre_au  trope_identityporn 
october 2015
Call It Catharsis
In which I find a myriad of ways to make Eduardo’s least favorite trip to Palo Alto even worse. Predictably, this involves a lot of Sean Parker. (Eduardo POV)

[The one where Eduardo and Sean get arrested]
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_silviakundera  pairing_seanparker&eduardosaverin  trope_arrested  trope_loveconfession  rating_teen 
october 2015
Buyer's Remorse
When Eduardo Saverin has a sudden vacancy for a best friend, no one on earth expects Sean Parker to fill it -- least of all Sean himself.In which Sean Parker accidentally grows up, stumbles into a priorities readjustment, and helps Eduardo kick True Love's ass like a boss.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_teen  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_silviakundera  genre_friendshipfic  trope_reconciliation  trope_bros  pairing_seanparker&eduardosaverin 
october 2015
In Focus
Jack's just taking pictures whenever he sees something worth photographing, something that seems to fit what he's being told in class, about line and shape and color and beauty. It's like the camera knew before Jack did.
fic  fandom_checkplease!  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_ericbittle/jackzimmermann  author_sparklyslug  trope_photography  kink_photography  trope_oblivious  kink_voyeurism 
october 2015
The Long Affair
“My connection with Jesse, I can talk about that for days, and weeks, and months, and years... it was just a wonderful thing to be able to have a genuine connection with someone and allow that to bleed into not being filmed and allow everything to just kind of bleed in through. We’d share rides together in the morning. We’d eat Lobster in Boston, crab in Baltimore. Wherever we were we would have the shellfish of that specific area of the United States. You know, little things like that.”Andrew Garfield
fic  fandom_socialnetwork(2010)rpf  fandom_actorrpf  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_jesseeisenberg/andrewgarfield  author_emilys_list  trope_actors  trope_reconciliation  genre_angst  trope_breakup  trope_comingout  trope_relationshipnegotiation 
october 2015
Never Marry for Money (You Can Borrow it Cheaper)
Eduardo & Mark have to attend some kind of shareholder's/young-and-a-billionaire's meeting in Vegas/Vermont/Illinois. One thing leads to another and they WAKE UP MARRIED. A quicky divorce/annulment would be easy if not for the fact that Mark drunkenly changed his facebook status to MARRIED TO EDUARDO SAVERIN.

Or, Mark and Eduardo get drunkenly married. Chaos ensues.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_mature  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_hapakitsune  trope_fakemarriage  trope_wokeupmarried  trope_mutualpining  trope_misunderstandings 
october 2015
Nameless But Not Unknown
Andrew clears his throat.  “Emma said you were coming,” he says.  He blames his concussion for the fact that he really wants to reach out and find out how springy Jesse’s curls are.  Jesse’s mouth twists up into a smile on one side.  “Damn,” he says, “She’s spoiled the surprise.  Which wouldn’t have been much of a surprise since you have no idea who I am.”“Of course I do,” Andrew tells him, “You’re the guy who flies to LA to bring me a cup of tea.”
fic  fandom_socialnetwork(2010)rpf  category_m/m  pairing_jesseeisenberg/andrewgarfield  author_torakowalski  trope_amnesia  trope_misunderstandings  rating_teen  trope_hurtcomfort 
october 2015
Make Your Home With Me In My Arms
Or, 5 times they shared a house + 1 time they made a home. Moments and memories from the times Andrew and Jesse have lived together over the development of their relationship.

THIS WAS SO NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS LONG. This really just started because Sandra wanted me to write something heartbreaking and so I did but then I needed cheering up and had this hazy half-remembered kinkmeme prompt lurking in the back of my mind? I really just intended about 2k of happiness and then would call it a night. Thing escalated, obviously. (And because of all that, this is un-beta’d. Ha. HAH. Laughing so I don’t cry. Please message me mistakes if/when you find them?)Links to the fanmix can be found here.
The strong friendship between Alfred Lord Tennyson and Arthur Hallam they shoot a movie about is a real thing that we talked about in one of my English classes! The poem Tennyson wrote about Hallam's death is here, and this is the poem Hallam wrote that Jesse quotes at the end. Here is the Louise Gluck poem that Andrew quotes. The album that they declare Mark and Eduardo's unofficial soundtrack is Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons, and they quote "Sigh No More" and "After the Storm" from that album. Additionally, the song that Andrew says is something that Alfred would say about Arthur is "The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Are Out to Get Us!" by Sufjan Stevens. And, the Cat Power song that Andrew's briefly references at the end is "Sea of Love". And lastly, the title is from "Lake Winona" by The Careful Ones. All of these (and more!) are available on the fanmix.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork(2010)rpf  rating_mature  category_m/m  category_multi  pairing_jesseeisenberg/andrewgarfield  pairing_andrewgarfield/emmastone  pairing_ryangosling/emmastone  pairing_andrewgarfield/shannonwoodward  pairing_jesseeisenberg/annastrout  pairing_justinbartha/jesseeisenberg  author_wardo_wedidit  trope_domesticity  genre_slowburn  trope_baking 
october 2015
sweet on you
BAKERY AU. Mark is Mark, Eduardo owns a bakery/café near the Facebook offices. Mark does not have time to have a thing for him, but he totally, totally does. Sadly for Mark's continued enjoyment of a harassment-free existence, Dustin is still Dustin and is entirely devoted to his causes of a) getting Mark laid, b) acquiring all the gossip, and c) acquiring all the baked goods he can. Featuring novelty shaped cookies, frosting in places frosting should never be, and ~feelings~. Cakes are baked, feelings are felt, and Mark makes his known - eventually.
fic  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_moogle62  genre_au  genre_bakeryau  genre_fluff  fandom_socialnetwork  trope_baking 
september 2015
There Is a Place in My Heart
The way to solving all problems in life, if you happen to be andrew garfield, is to get super drunk and kiss your co-star. except that is a lie, because this way only lies madness, taking inappropriate advice and smelling bottles of shampoo. Guest-starring Emma Stone and Justin I-am-the-worst-person-to-talk-to-about-your-problems Timbalone.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork(2010)rpf  category_m/m  pairing_jesseeisenberg/andrewgarfield  author_moogle62  trope_drunk  rating_teen 
september 2015
Never Be Again
They touch more now than they ever did when they were friends. [For Porn Battle XI, angry sex.]

For Porn Battle XI, for prompts aftermath and broken.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_blackeyedgirl  genre_pwp  kink_hatesex  trope_dysfunction  genre_angst 
september 2015
There Will Be Time
It’s Mark’s thirtieth birthday. [Written for Porn Battle XI]

Written for Porn Battle XI, for the prompts time and alcohol.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_blackeyedgirl  genre_pwp  kink_fellatio  kink_handjob  trope_reunion 
september 2015
Looking for the Perfect Beat
Thirty years after the depositions, Eduardo runs into Mark during Harvard's Alumni Weekend. But that's okay, because Eduardo got over him a long time ago...right?
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_mature  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_merisunshine36  genre_futurefic  trope_reunion  trope_older 
september 2015
Bait and Switch
In which Mark has good plans, Eduardo has bad plans, and Sean goes with the flow.
Alternatively-- help! Eduardo is trapped in a threesome and he can't get out.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_seanparker/eduardosaverin  pairing_seanparker/eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_silviakundera  genre_pornwithplot  category_threesome 
september 2015
So Much Better than Soulmates
"What he thinks is: he and Eduardo have really good sex. They like each other. Eduardo laughs at his jokes. Sean reads the New York Times and Eduardo reads HuffPo. They go to the gym together. Eduardo likes giving head almost as much as Sean likes getting it, and he's figured out the exact way to finger Eduardo to make him come in like, six minutes flat. They stopped using condoms three months ago. That, Sean thinks smugly on a slow Saturday night in, sticking a hand behind his head and watching Eduardo dry himself off after a shower, is so much better than soulmates."
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_seanparker/eduardosaverin  author_ymorton  genre_pwp  kink_rimming  kink_dirtytalk 
september 2015
Eduardo Saverin, Time Traveler
Looking up at the mess of stars above New (New New New) Singapore, he stops being Eduardo Saverin, absentee CFO of Facebook, and starts being Eduardo Saverin, time traveling companion to a mad man in a blue box who keeps on calling him Frank.

You know what's cooler than one million dollars? Eduardo Saverin, time traveler.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  fandom_doctorwho  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_kaikamahine  category_m/m  rating_teen  genre_crossover  trope_timetravel 
september 2015
Heave Ho, Thieves and Beggars
When you can't run, you crawl. When you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you. Or, when Wash's cousin contacts Serenity saying that the youngest, richest man in the universe wants to hire them for a job, an empty purse leaves Malcolm Reynolds hard-pressed to take the offer. The problem? Mark Zuckerberg needs their help to break a friend out of the Academy. And as it turns out, that's just the easy part.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  fandom_firefly  fandom_serenity  category_f/m  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  pairing_washwashburne/zoewashburne  author_kaikamahine  genre_crossover  trope_recovery  genre_slowburn  rating_teen 
september 2015
the time is come when the day is done
Mark is in California. Eduardo is in Florida. There's a whole country full of zombies between them, but Mark's not going to let a little thing like the potential to be eaten stop him from getting somewhere Eduardo wants him to be.
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_mature  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_moogle62  genre_au  genre_zombieau  genre_apocalypseau  trope_reunion  trope_roadtrip 
september 2015
city of blinding lights
Reclusive Facebook Founder Goes Into the Wild. Or at least, that's what Mark pictures the headlines to say. A story about a reunion, the Fourth of July, the Le Pan Quotidien on 19th and Broadway, and driving all night across the state of Kansas.
fandom_socialnetwork  rating_mature  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_tashlae  fic  trope_roadtrip  trope_strongsenseofplace  trope_reunion 
september 2015
Wend and Repeat (Until True)
Everyone knows this story. It's a journey where you can't look back, you can only go forward. Turns out that's more complicated than it seems.AKA: The Orpheus AU
fic  fandom_socialnetwork  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_novembersmith  genre_au  genre_magicau  genre_supernaturalau  genre_orpheusau  trope_afterlife  trope_secondchance  trope_reunion 
september 2015
Teeth in the Grass
The one where Eduardo thinks they are in a tragedy with subtitles and pouring rain and his life is so hard, while Mark thinks they are in a romantic comedy and it is awesome. They meet in the middle.Sad Eduardo angsty angst.
fandom_socialnetwork  rating_explicit  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_ninhursag  kink_rimming  kink_tenderness  fic  trope_hurtcomfort 
august 2015
Trivial Pursuits
But the top two players are always the same: E.S. and M.Z. None of the other players ever rank anywhere near them, it’s always just the two of them: Eduardo in first place and Mark just a few hundred points behind. No matter how long he plays or how well he does, every god-damn day he comes in second to Eduardo.(or: the one where Mark and Wardo reconnect, learn how to work as a team, and it turns out trivia isn't trivial at all.)
fandom_socialnetwork  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_fairy_tale_echo  fic  trope_reunion  rating_g 
august 2015
A Handbasket
For the prompt: "Dream team gangbang Jesse."A/N Is this the fic that will finally secure my place in the inner circles of hell? Probably. Fingers crossed.
fandom_socialnetwork(2010)rpf  rating_explicit  category_m/m  category_multi  pairing_jesseeisenberg/andrewgarfield  pairing_jesseeisenberg/others  author_poose  kink_gangbang  kink_dirtytalk  kink_voyeurism  genre_pwp  fic  trope_sharingfantasies  kink_fantasysex  fandom_actorrpf 
august 2015
a change in pressure
The thing is, James doesn't get jealous. Which is all great, seriously, except for the part where he pretty much wants to shoot something every time Esteban gets that look on his face.
fandom_masseffect  rating_teen  category_m/m  pairing_stevecortez/jamesvega  trope_jealousy  trope_misunderstandings  fic 
august 2015
i like you (so much better when you're naked)
"Why would I want to stay in some shithole like Hollywood when I could be right here, in the great state of Georgia, at a dumb college bar, looking at you?"
fandom_pitchperfect  rating_mature  category_f/m  pairing_bumperallen/fatamy  genre_humour  trope_fatsex  kink_exhibitionism  kink_powerdynamics  kink_ds  kink_womanontop  fic 
august 2015
No Wealth and No Ruin
In which Mark Zuckerberg gets a job, learns important life lessons, makes friends, finds the love of his life, and dies. Not necessarily in that order. [Dead Like Me fusion, with bonus appearance by Jessica from Supernatural].
fandom_socialnetwork  fandom_deadlikeme  fandom_supernatural  category_m/m  pairing_eduardosaverin/markzuckerberg  author_kaikamahine  rating_mature  genre_fusion  genre_au  trope_afterlife  trope_identityporn  trope_secondchance  genre_supernaturalau  fic  trope_reunion 
august 2015
The Fourth Deathly Hallow
From the private journal of John. H. Watson MD; not intended for publication. Being an account of the strange case of the Fourth Deathly Hallow; in which Dr John H. Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes save a life, discover the true secret of Professor Moriarty, unravel a time loop or two, encounter a femme fatale, imbibe potions, break into and out of a wizarding mansion, hide in a male brothel, go shopping, track down a magical artefact, almost attend a ritual sacrifice, fail to be Obliviated and totally ignore the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692, all in the company of a lank-haired, irascible but secretly besotted schoolmaster, a bemused aristocrat and an increasingly perceptive and enamoured young hero.
fandom_hp  rating_g  category_m/m  pairing_harrypotter/severussnape  author_gingertart50  genre_casefic  genre_pastiche  genre_historicalau  trope_studentteacher  fic 
august 2015
Butter With You
”You’ve got egg on your face”, says Louis.
Nick isn’t quite following. ”What?”
Louis rolls his eyes. ”You’ve got egg on your cheek. Looks stupid.”
Nick could be inside with a cup of tea and a scone right now. Nick had thought – perhaps naively - that they were past all this now. That they could go back to behaving like adults.
”Right, I’m not gonna do th –”, is all he gets out before Louis practically launches himself at Nick, mouth first.
Or, the Tomlinshaw GBBO AU nobody asked for.
fandom_onedirection  fandom_radio1rpf  rating_mature  category_m/m  pairing_nickgrimshaw/louistomlinson  pairing_niallhoran/harrystyles  author_driveinbingo  genre_au  genre_gbboau  trope_baking  trope_rivalstolovers  trope_pining  kink_secretrelationship  fic 
august 2015
How We Live Now
They were friends now, and when your Mom was making your third week as company President a corporate-themed hell on Earth you called your best friend to complain about it. It didn’t mean anything.

Annaloverofarendale's been keeping this ship supplied with new fic almost single-handedly, and I owed her fic. She suggested coffee shop AU, which this is not. It is not even set in a coffee shop. It is entirely about two people talking while they drink beverages, so there's that.
fandom_arresteddevelopment  category_m/m  pairing_georgeoscar'gob'bluth/tonywonder  author_doyle  trope_pining  rating_g  fic 
august 2015
Storm Clouds on the Ocean
Gob tries to figure things out with Tony. This is a problem, because Gob is terrible at figuring anything out and always has been.

This is kind of a sequel to Quite a Mess, but stands on its own well enough if you've seen season 4.
fandom_arresteddevelopment  category_m/m  pairing_georgeoscar'gob'bluth/tonywonder  author_youjik33  trope_comingout  trope_figuringoutsexuality  fic  rating_teen 
august 2015
Harry wasn't at school any more, nor was he fifteen.

He was a successful merchant banker with a flat to die for and an owl who loved him.

He wasn't going to get into a pissing match with a stick-fiddler who'd always driven him mad.
fandom_hp  author_blythe  category_m/m  genre_au  genre_bankingau  pairing_harry/draco  rating_explicit  fic  trope_reunion 
august 2015
Corridors of Power
Being An Originally Intermittent Account
of the Political (Mis)Adventures
of the Viscount Northallerton, Lord Malfoy of Wimbledon;
and the Rt. Honourable Harry J. Potter,
Member of Parliament for North Southwark and Bermondsey (Liberal Democrat).

Annotated, with Footnotes
genre_politicsau  genre_au  rating_mature  pairing_harry/draco  author_blythe  fandom_hp  category_m/m  trope_ust  fic 
august 2015
Take My Arms That I Might Reach You
And now the story of a self-absorbed magician who found everything, and the one other self-absorbed magician who helped him put it all together. It's Gob's surprising character development.
fandom_arresteddevelopment  category_m/m  pairing_georgeoscar'gob'bluth/tonywonder  author_gyzym  rating_g 
june 2015
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