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Manual Installation of CTAN Package in Ubuntu - kianmeng.org
Unfortunately you can’t do that in Ubuntu. To prevent unnecessary stability issues (e.g. permissions), norbert, the maintainer of Debian’s TeX Live and author of tlmgr, decided not to include this tool. Hence, tlmgr is also missing from Ubuntu as well.
latex  ctan  ubuntu  tex  tlmgr  2012 
july 2013 by oog
How To Break Into Linux (And How To Prevent This)
mount -o rw /dev/sd8 worked to mount /usr. had to remove remount from the command
ubuntu  security  password_recovery  fuzzbuster  single_user_mode 
april 2013 by oog
delicious robots blog
Password for user someuser: psql: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "someuser" Oops. Your password didn't work, asshole. Instead, you need to open up this file /etc/postgresql/9.1/main/pg_hba.conf in a text editor (with root privileges, of course) and change this line: local   all             all                                     peer
postgis  peer  local  md5  database  error_message  ubuntu  postgresql  authentication  admin  permissions 
january 2013 by oog
UsersWikiPostGIS20Ubuntu1204 – PostGIS
The compile option works. But apt-cacher-ng must be removed....

At first blush mostly works for postgresql 9.3 and postgis 2.1.
postgresql  succ  postgis  tutorial  installation  compile  ubuntu  linux  unix 
january 2013 by oog
[lubuntu] Network Manager not working - Ubuntu Forums
Solved it own after searching long.
in the terminal type "sudo edit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf" change the "managed=false" to "managed=true" and then save it.
then in the terminal type "killall nm-system-settings"
and then reboot......

This seems to have worked for me on Lubuntu in 2012....
network_manager  ubuntu  nm_applet  2010  2012 
september 2012 by oog
Ubuntu Friendly
has proc, video card, and wireless card
compatability  ubuntu  linux  unix  hardware 
june 2012 by oog
Lubuntu/Announcement/11.10 - Ubuntu Wiki
Switch to xfce4-power-manager for power management.
power_management  lubuntu  unix  linux  ubuntu  xfce4  laptop 
march 2012 by oog
Google Chrome Flash plug-in blocked | chrisjrob
To fix this I entered “about:plugins” in the address bar, and clicked “disable” against Flash. This results in Google Chrome falling back on the version of Flash installed in the operating system. If you do not have Flash installed, then in Debian you can install as follows:

$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

This is working on lubuntu 12.10
flash  chromium  plugins  chrome  google  ubuntu  error_message  2011 
february 2012 by oog
Getting Back to a Pure LXDE on Ubuntu
These removal commands were created based on what Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc. packages were added to a default Lubuntu installation.
lxde  lubuntu  apt  ubuntu 
february 2012 by oog
How To: Manual Network Configuration without the need for Network Manager - Ubuntu Forums
This method provides the most low level method to establish your network connection.
ubuntu  wifi  wireless  cli  configuration  manual  command_line  unix  linux 
february 2012 by oog
Bug #806381 in wicd (Ubuntu): “wicd RenameProcess function results in rename failed”
Mitigating factor: In the process I found out that the WLAN interface is now displayed properly in the default network manager. So personally I have no more reason to run wicd.
wicd  error  ubuntu 
february 2012 by oog
Derivatives | Ubuntu
Recognized Ubuntu flavors

These are derivatives that use Ubuntu as their foundation and contribute significantly towards the project.
Xubuntu - Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop environment
Ubuntu Studio - Designed for multimedia editing and creation
Mythbuntu - Designed for creating a home theatre PC with MythTV
Kubuntu - Ubuntu with the K Desktop environment
Edubuntu - Ubuntu for education
Lubuntu - Ubuntu that uses LXDE
ubuntu  lubuntu 
january 2012 by oog
Some upgrades show packages being kept back
If I may try to rephrase: 'Apt-get dist-upgrade'ing also installs new packages brought in the chain of dependencies, whereas 'apt-get upgrade'ing only install newer versions of packages already installed.
apt-get  apt-get-dist-upgrade  apt  debian  linux  ubuntu  unix 
november 2011 by oog
AptGet/Howto - Community Ubuntu Documentation
"apt-get dist-upgrade" does not perform distribution upgrade. See [http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading upgrading] for more information.
apt-get  ubuntu  linux  dist_upgrade 
november 2011 by oog
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