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curtis pusher stunt
It is one of the oldest continuously operating airfields in the entire country as
its aviation history dates back to a dirigible flight
by Lincoln Beachey in 1905. This flight was the
first aerial crossing of the Columbia River and the
first aerial landing at Pearson.
Fixed wing flying began at Pearson in 1911
when Charles Walsh was the first pilot to build a
Curtiss Pusher and fly from Pearson Field on June
15, 1911. The following year, Silas Christofferson
became the second aviator to fly from Pearson
when he piloted a Curtiss type biplane and made
two flights on May 12, 1912. Silas logged over
200 flights at Pearson Field in 1912, but his most
famous flight occurred on June 11 in front of a
crowd of Portland, Oregon, Rose Festival celebrants estimated at 50,000.
Tom Murphy from Hood River, Oregon,
was the brave pilot who flew the replica off of the
rooftop and traveled to Pearson Field where he
landed safely some 26 minutes later.
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Where Baca questions the provenance of the original Baconian text.
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Shows the danger to a human passing over a low dam.
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autosport clipping 1970
Autosport 9 July 1970. Mentions P1078 having a two-year old engine. Mention's Gardner's 1969 record. 
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Springfield Township
John Elliot 4-D at start of Elliot's Run Creek
Robert Elliot to the east
John Switzer near top of map
rows 1-8, cols A-H considered over whole sheet
huntingdon_county_pennsylvania  springfield_township  elliot_family  map  maps  pdf  pennsylvania  property_map  switzer_family  filetype:pdf  media:document 
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Cross Creek
John Cowen "Cowen Hall" 4-F
Thomas Marquis "Marrigate" 2-B
John Marquis "Marquisgate" 2-B
rows 1-8, cols A-H considered over entire sheet
cross_creek_washington_county_pennsylvania  pennsylvania  washington_county_pennsylvania  map  1921  property  property_map  maps  pdf  coen_family  cowen_family  cowen_john  cowen_hall  marquis_family  marquis_thomas  marquis_john  filetype:pdf  media:document 
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