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Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive | Kali Linux
this worked with a brand new sandisk usb drive. not sure about the FAT12 or about the /dev/mapper instead of just /dev/sdb3
kali  linux  usb  boot_disk  kali_linux  succ  dd  persistence 
september 2016 by oog
lvm commands
$ pvdisplay #physical volume display
$ vgdisplay #volume group display
$ lvdisplay #logical volume display
lvm  logical_volume_management  linux  cli  command_line  from notes
november 2015 by oog
[lubuntu] No image or video thumbnails preview on pcmanfm on lubuntu 11.10
I had problem of no thumbnails for my photos. After some searching I found that in [Edit] [Preferences] under [Display] tab the last line thumbnails will not be generated for files over a certain size which was preset at 2000 kb... and most of my pictures are over that. I just set it to max of 9999 kb and now all my pictures ae thumbnailed in the folders.
pcmanfm  jpeg  filename  thumbnail  succ  linux 
june 2015 by oog
Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems | Firefox Help
Just copying the current libflashplayer.so to the mozilla plugins directory seems to have worked on linux mint
flash  firefox  mozilla  succ  linux  linux_mint 
april 2015 by oog
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