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Commemorative biographical record of Washington county : J.H. Beers & Co : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
ILLIAM LEONARD was born December
'■•, 1824, in Greene county, Peun., and his
lather, Lot Leonard, was also a native of
the same county. His grandfather, Lot
Leonard, was born in New Jersey, and in
early life came to Greene county, Penn., where he
was married to a Miss Huge, who bore him chil-
dren as follows: William, John, Lot, Isaac, George,
Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah and Leah. Mr. Leonard
was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, and a
Federalist in politics. He preached Presbyterian-
ism, Methodism and Quakerism, bu4 finally became
a Freethinker, and preached his own new doctrine
until he died, at the age of ninety-two years.
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RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Knox County Ohio Families: 1800-1930
1. John MILLS (--?-- MILLS1) was born 1760 in Wales. He married Rachel LEONARD, daughter of William LEONARD and Mary LOTT.
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A complete history of Fairfield County, Ohio - Hervey Scott - Google Books
Amos and Samuel Mills listed on 1806 tax rolls for fairfield county, pleasant township. 1806. samuel kratzer, zeba leonard, william leonard also, for clinton township. (kratzer also for pleasant township)
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24 Aug 1762 Lenard, James, and Mary Smith

11 Apr 1771 Leonard, James, and Margaret Rigger10 Feb 1769 Leonard, Pamela, and John Gray12 Jan 1768 Leonard, Ruth, and Hugh Steward30 Nov 1772 Leonard, Sarah, and Isaac HopperFeb 1747 Leonard, Susannah, and William Kelly11 Mar 1748 Leonard, Thomas, and Elizabeth Martridge

29 July 1762 Mills, Alexander, and Ann Cenon
3 May 1762 Mills, Francis, and Mary Pimple
3 Sept 1767 Mills, Thomas, and Eleanor Rowland
6 June 1765 Mills, William, and Catharine Van Sciver
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a part of genealogytrails
LEONARD, William - dated 3-5-1306; recorded 5-3-1808.   Eldest son, Amos. Daughter, Rachel,   Signed, William (his mark) Leonard.   Witnesses:   John Mills, Thompson Mills, and Benj'm Brown. (l)

LEONARD, Ziba - dated 7-23-1813; recorded 4-18-1815.   Sons:   Amos, Ziba, Michael and Joseph.   Daughters, Martha and Lydia ,   Wife, not mentioned or named but note signatures.   Signed, Ziba Leonard and Martha (mark) Leonard,   Witnesses; Smith Hadley, Benjamin Brown, Wesley Spratt, Benjamin Leonard and Jonathan Burch.    (12)
BOYLE, Jonathan of Clinton twp. - dated 11-24-1807; recorded 5-3-1808. Wife, Elizabeth.   Sons;   John, James and Thomas.   Daughters:   Christiana, Hannah, Sarah and Mary;   all not of age,   Executors:   Mathew Merrit- and John Mills. Signed, Jonathan (his mark) Boyle.   Witnesses;   Jonathan Hunt, Zeba Leonard and Daniel Demmick. (1)
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Leonard, John Braden
The late A. Jackson Leonard, who died at Deemston on March 18, 1918, was born in this county in 1852, and was a son of Isaac and Amanda (Cox) Leonard, members of pioneer families here and whose last days were here spent. Isaac Leonard was a blacksmith, doing business in the Zollarsville neighborhood.
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County of Washington.
34-Vol. XXVI, 3rd Ser.

Prefatory Note:
The lists of warrantees of land in the several counties of the Commonwealth
are copied from the original record books in the Land Office of the Department
of Internal Affairs. Only the names of the warrantees with the number of acres
and dates of warrant are given.
Leonard,     Jesse,                           200            Jan.       26,      1(85.
Leonard,     Ziba,                            150            Aug.       1,       1786.Leonard,     William,                         200            Aug.       1,       1786.
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Greene-Washington County PA Archives Wills.....Leonard, Lot June 4, 1847
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Source: Washington County Clerk
Written: June 4, 1847

Lot Leonard Will; Washington Co. PA
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Greene County PA Archives Deed.....Fordyce, Archibald & Nancy - Leonard, William, Nancy & John November 6, 1832


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Written: November 6, 1832

Recorded: November 28, 1832
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Warrantees of Land in the County of Greene, 1795-1894, 40 —Vol. XXVI, 3rd Series
Coen, Moses, Jr., xs., 90 March 22, 1837.
Leonard, Lot, Jr., 30 Jan. 19, 1819.
coen_family  leonard_family  greene_county_pennsylvania  pennsylvania  family  genealogy  list  database  warrantees 
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A history of Knox County, Ohio, from ... - Google Books
A history of Knox County, Ohio, from 1779 to 1862 inclusive: comprising biographical sketches, anecdotes and incidents of men connected with the county from its first settlement ; together with complete lists of the senators, representatives, sheriffs and other officers of the county, and a sketch of Kenyon College, and other institutions of learning and religion within the county

Anthony Banning Norton
R. Nevins, printer, 1862 - 424 pages
anthony_banning_norton  mills_john  leonard_family  coen_family  mills_family  1862  knox_county_ohio  family  genealogy  ohio  anthony_banning  book  google_books 
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 ROSTER OF OHIO SOLDIERS IN WAR OF 1812                                        145 Pages 136-137.  Vol. 1. ROLL OF CAPT. ICHABOD NYE'S COMPANY (CAVALRY).(Probably from Knox County.)                               Served from August 26, until October 4, 1812.
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Bridgewater, MA Vital Records to 1850
Bridgewater, MA Vital Records to 1850
Published by: New England Historic Genealgical Society
Boston, MA 1916
Transcribed for the web by Coralynn Brown
1850  bridgewater_massachusetts  vital_statistics  vital_records  ames_family  leonard_family  1916  family  genealogy  book  transcription 
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Daniel Dimmock and Rachel Leonard
9-4 Daniel Dimmock1 son of Hezekiah and Alice (Ripley)Dimmock was born 1778 in Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut1 and died 18511 . He married Rachael Leonard , daughter of Martha and Ziba Leonard, 1804 in Knox County, Ohio1 2. She was born About 17851 and died 18456.
leonard_family  leonard_rachel  dimmock_family  dimmock_daniel  genealogy  family 
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Solomon Decoded - Leonard Family Legends and Legacies
Nice explanation for Manning Leonard's contention that Solomon's wife was Mary.
leonard_solomon  chandler_sarah  genealogy  family  leonard_family  chandler_family 
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Early Marriages in Bridgewater (NEHGR 21:225)
[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 21 [1867]: 225] 1867.] Early Marriages in Bridgewater. 225 

Job Ames and Sarah Washburn, Jan. 12, 1697.
John Field and Elizabeth Ames, ——— 1697.
William Ames and Mary Hayward, Dec. 13, 1698.

Josiah Leonard and Marjoram Washburn, Nov. 2, 1699.
Samuel Washburn and Deliverance Leonard, Jan. 9, 1701.
Isaac Leonard and Mary Randall, April 16, 1701.

Book has a good explanation of Julian, Calendar, dual-dating, and counting by months.
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solomon cochise leonard
Only place on the internet with a middle name for leonard
leonard_solomon_cochise  leonard_family  leonard_solomon  family  genealogy 
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Notes: Isaac took part in the Narragansett Expedition in 1675, for which son Isaac Leonard of Bridgewater claimed a grant in 1733. He was a weaver. Isaac of Bridgewater and wife Deliverance sold land with dwelling and barn in Bridgewater 29 Feb 1705/6. He owned land in Mendon and Worcester. He was of Bridgewater 27 Mar 1717 when he transferred Worcester land, wife Deliverance consenting 7 Mar 1719/20; son Benjaimn on 9 Mar 1719/20 attested he saw Isaac sign. On 5 Apr 1717, acknowledge 10 Dec 1717, Isaac Leonard of Bridgewater gave to son Joseph Leonard his homestead in Bridgewater, on condition Isaac have lifetime use.
1719  dual_dating  julian  leonard_family  leonard_isaac  ames_deliverance  ames_family  genealogy  family  narragansett_expedition 
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Savage New England Register, Volume 3, Leland - Lewiston
A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, Before 1692 Volume #3
leonard_family  book  genealogy  family  james_savage  1692  new_england_register 
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History of the early settlement of Bridgewater in Plymouth county, Massachusetts: including an extensive Family register
by Nahum Mitchell Mentions Isaac Leonard marrying Deliverance, but does not mention their son Benjamin. The book does mention Benjamin Leonard marrying Hannah Phillips in 1715.
phillips_family  phillips_hannah  leonard_benjamin  mitchell  nahum_mitchell  bridgewater_massachusetts  massachusetts  family  genealogy  leonard_family  book 
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Leonard family
If you want to know more about the Leonards, the guy to call is Allan Vaughn at 724-239-xxxx. His mother is a Leonard and he’s retired and spends all of his time researching the family tree and wants to talk to anyone who has information or needs information. Unfortunately, he does not use email (or the web).
allan_vaughn  leonard_family  genealogy  family  vaughan_g_allan  vaughan_family  vaughn_family 
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Mentions Leonard DNA project.
leonard_family  dna  genealogy  family 
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Some broken links. Has lots of Leonard information with sources.
leonard_family  dna  family  genealogy 
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Has references - The Home Page of Michael A. Shoemaker - Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.
leonard_family  family  genealogy 
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Greene Connections Bibliography
Zollars, Malvine and Richard. Marriages Compiled from Greene County, Pennsylvania Records 1780-1885. No place: Privately printed, 1987.

Copy in Tacoma
greene_county_pennsylvania  richard_b_zollars  zollars  malvine_b_zollars  book  references  leonard_family  family  genealogy  lib_loc 
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Has transcript of William Leonard's will.
More about WILLIAM LEONARD:Church affiliation: Ten-Mile PresbyterianMilitary service: Revolutionary War, Teamster Morristown, NJWill: March 05, 1806Will Probate: May 03, 1808, Mt. Vernon, Knox Co. OH

For the name of God, Amen. I William Leonard being of sound mind and memory, but weak in body and calling to mind the certainty of death have thought ________ to make this my last will and testament in manner following that is first my soul to God who is that he may have the same in mercy as for my wordly goods. That I am _________ of after my just debts and funeral expenses I bequeth in the following manner Vis: I give my daughter Rachel fifty-dollars, and the gift of my both real and personal that I am________ of _________son Amos. In witness_______ of _______ I have unto my hand and seal this fifth day of March one thousand eight hundred and six.
hisWilliam X LeonardmarkWitness:John MillsThompson MillsBenjamin Brown
leonard_william  leonard_rachel  mills_john  family  genealogy  leonard_family  mills_family  revolutionary_war  war  military_records 
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History of Knox County, Ohio: its past and present, containing a condensed, comprehensive history of Ohio, including an outline history of the Northwest; etc.
by Norman Newell Hill, Albert Adams Graham, Graham, A.A. & Co., Mt. Vernon, O. - p.717: "LEONARD, ZIBA, Clay township, retired. He was born August 28, 1798, in Greene county, Pennsylvania, and removed to Clinton township in 1803, arriving November i4th. He came with the Pennsylvania colony, who setttled in what is known as then Ten Mile Settlement. The names of his companions will be found elsewhere in this work. At his advent into Knox county, Mr. Leonard was but a few months past his fifth birthday. He is one of the few now living who came into the county as early as 1803. His mind is strong and active, and his memory is well stored with reminiscences of the almost forgotten past." - "The first wedding in Knox county was that of Mr. Leonard's sisters," in the winter of 1804—Amariah Watson and Sarah Leonard, and Daniel Dimmock and Rachel Leonard. The parties were united at the same time. A justice of the peace from Lancaster, Fairfield county, performed the ceiemony, there being..."
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Subject: John Mills 1727 and son, John Mills 1760
Start of thread on John Mills and Rachel Leonard continued in /2005-11/ - John Mills of Morgan Township, Washington County, PA, was born in 1760 and
is the son of John Mills of 1727. Not all of the children in the family have
been identified at this time. The 1760 John Mills turned up on a Pension
Application submitted to the Mills list in the summer of 2003, It states that
he was born in 1760, that he served as a Pvt. in the PA militia, that his
wife was Rachel Leonard, and that he died in Knox County, Ohio in 1829,

(Note: Those details are hauntingly similar to Grace Ina [Vanatta] Large's DAR information and the other DAR applications are similar.)
revolutionary_war  pension  pennsylvania  morgan_washington_county_pennsylvania  dna  mills_family  leonard_family  mills_john  leonard_rachel  1760  1727  family  genealogy 
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Subject: Re: [MILLS] John Mills 1727 and son, John Mills 1760
Part two of thread on John Mills and Rachel Leonard. Part one is at /2005-10/ - William Leonard and Rachel Leonard are covered in this thread. "There is a little information on John Mills and all of the Ten Mile contingent that went into Knox County online. It is 'The History of Knock County, Ohio.' This is a great book to read. John Mills was elected as an Associate
Judge (one of the first three men selected to serve) and on one notation his
middle pintail is 'A'. The only time I have seen a middle initial given. - This book also contains some information about William Leonard. His was the first will probated in Knox County and in his will he only mentions two of his children, one of which is Rachel, married to John Mills." - 1881 Knox County book: http://books.google.com/books?id=DBAtAAAAYAAJ
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