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Seems at first blush to work with postgresql-9.3 and postgis-2.1, but conflicts with apt-get upgrade trying to install postgresql-9.1.

Had to install libgdal1 for the postgresql-9.3 installation to work. there was a time when psql-9.3.x was running postgresql-9.1. maybe libgdal1-dev would have been a better choice. This may have been messed up by previous installation attempts, however.
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august 2014 by oog
UsersWikiPostGIS21UbuntuPGSQL93Apt – PostGIS
bkm@asusquad ~ $ shp2pgsql-gui
The program 'shp2pgsql-gui' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install postgis

The following describes how to install Postgresql 9.3, PostGIS 2.1, PGAdmin 1.18.1 and shp2pgsql-gui on Ubuntu versions 12.04 through 13.10. (NOTE: These instructions do not work with Ubuntu 14.04) <- damn!
postgresql  unsucc  postgis  psql2shp  shp2pgsql  installation  howto  geodatabase 
august 2014 by oog
UsersWikiPostGIS20Ubuntu1204 – PostGIS
The compile option works. But apt-cacher-ng must be removed....

At first blush mostly works for postgresql 9.3 and postgis 2.1.
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january 2013 by oog
Running a Diaspora pod on Ubuntu 10.10 | Søren C's blog
Edit: Since Diaspora has switched from mongo db to mysql, the procedure below is now outdated. I may or may not update this page, or write a new guide.
diaspora  installation  howto  tutorial  mongo  mysql 
january 2011 by oog
Google Linux Software Repositories
On an APT-based system (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.), you must download the key and then use apt to install it and refresh your package indexes.
For more information on Google's package signing key, see the Signing Key page.
google  apt  repository  howto  unix  linux  ubuntu  debian  installation 
january 2011 by oog
Installing Rails 3 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx | Web2Linux
This is a short guide on how to get Rails 3 (which is still in beta) running on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. I’m going to assume that you have some skill with the terminal. Also, since you can’t have one without the other, I’m going to walk you through through installing Ruby 1.9.2 and also sqlite3. So there it goes.
rails  ubuntu  karmic  ruby_on_rails  rails_3  gems  installation  linux  howto  tutorial  rvm  ruby  ruby_1_9 
november 2010 by oog

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