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Seems at first blush to work with postgresql-9.3 and postgis-2.1, but conflicts with apt-get upgrade trying to install postgresql-9.1.

Had to install libgdal1 for the postgresql-9.3 installation to work. there was a time when psql-9.3.x was running postgresql-9.1. maybe libgdal1-dev would have been a better choice. This may have been messed up by previous installation attempts, however.
postgis  postgresql  installation  succ  libgdal1  library  gis 
august 2014 by oog
Geo-referenced Tetra Cam ADC Multi-spectral Imagery (Drone Agriculture/Farming) - DIY Drones
We recently received a data collection courtesy of David Dvorak using the Tetra Cam ADC Multi-spectral image sensor. DroneMapper processed 189 geo-tagged 3.2 mega pixel images into geo-referenced Orthomosaic, DEM, DSM and Point Clouds with an area of 1.6 km sq. The AGL of the flight was 1000 ft resulting in a 15 cm GSD per pixel. Processing time was about 2 hours for this data set.
gis  geo_spatial  geo_referencing  jargon  ortho_mosaic  mosaic  gsd 
march 2013 by oog
PostGIS Quickstart — OSGeo-Live 6.0 Documentation
demo=# SELECT AddGeometryColumn ( 'cities', 'the_geom', 4326, 'POINT', 2); <- this fails with a postgis2 installation
postgis  gis  geodatabase  geospatial  cli  command_line 
january 2013 by oog
General Transit Feed Specification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
GTFS, first conceived by Bibiana McHugh, an IT Manager at Portland's TriMet transit agency was developed by Google and Portland TriMet, and originally known as the Google Transit Feed Specification.[1]
gtfs  general_transit_feed_specification  transit  gis  geodatabase  geospatial  mapping  transportation 
july 2012 by oog
road centerlines, address points, intersections, landmarks, railroad crossings
ohio  gis  data  geospatial 
march 2012 by oog
Open alternatives to Google Maps - ACuriousAnimal
What we mean by vector-tiled data? Since GoogleMaps everybody knows about raster-tiled layers, where each zoom level contains more tiles with more resolution.

A vector-tiles layer is similar, in the sense every zoom level has more resolution, but the data of every tile is not an image but vector data is rendered using SVG. This means you need a SVG compliant browser to use Polymaps.
mapping  gis  framework  polymaps  leaflet  openlayers  vector_tiled_layers  vector 
november 2011 by oog
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