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Born On This Day: Joan Crawford 1904-1977 | Tara Hanks
Lucille Fay LeSueur was born in San Antonio, Texas, on March 23, 1904. Her father, Thomas E. LeSueur, abandoned her mother, Anna Bell Johnson, and her two eldest children, while she was still pregnant. A
lesueur_family  joan_crawford  family  genealogy 
march 2016 by oog
NorCal Genealogy | Resource Center | The 1949-1959 Brides and Grooms Index
There are several that I have copied for other researchers that actually have two entries, with the bride's last name being different in each but the file number being the same. I think this means she was married previously and one last name is her original maiden name and the other is her married name previous to the marriage listed.
california  marriage  marriage_index  duplicate_entries  family  genealogy 
march 2014 by oog
Forest City monitor. (Newspaper, 1850s) [WorldCat.org]
Forest City monitor.

Publisher: Forest City, Mo. : J.R. Vanatta & A.R. Conklin
Edition/Format: Newspaper : English
Database: WorldCat
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Forest City (Mo.) -- Newspapers.

Genre/Form: Newspapers
Material Type: Newspaper
Document Type: Journal / Magazine / Newspaper
OCLC Number: 28777253
Description: v.
vanatta_family  missouri  forest_city_monitor  vanatta_j_r  family  genealogy 
october 2013 by oog
Evidence-based Genealogy vs. Conclusion-based Genealogy | Tim Forsythe
Conclusion-based genealogists (CBGs), which make up the bulk, take a different approach. They gather all their sources together over a period of time, and when they feel comfortable with making a conclusion based on the sum of their data, they will enter only those claims....
database  family  genealogy  evidence_based  conclusion_based 
april 2013 by oog
Vere-y Interestink
Irish-branch MacDonnells use a green dolphin with red fins, even as the Rodano-Alps dolphin is blue with red fins. Moreover, note
vere  devere  oxford  mcdonnell_family  boar  mcdonald_family  genealogy  family 
march 2013 by oog
GEDCOM X: no industry standard
That has not stopped leading genealogy companies like Ancestry.com and RootsMagic from joining FHISO as a founding member. Recently, WikiTree joined, and more genealogy product and service vendors are expected to follow.
gedcomx  gedcom  genealogy  family  2012  wikitree  fhiso 
november 2012 by oog
RootsWeb: NJHUNTER-L Re: [NJHUNTER] The Runyon Family
New Jersey Source Records 1600-1800s
Runyan, Mary and Samuel Large, Hunterdon, Feb. 10, 1780
runyan_family  large_family  large_samuel  runyan_mary  forum  family  genealogy 
october 2012 by oog
October election 1854.

For Representative:
Isaac M. Coen 1590 votes.
Jesse Marvin, 1206 "
coen_family  coen_isaac_m  1854  genealogy  family  indiana  fountain_county_indiana 
october 2012 by oog
History of Fountain County Indiana
BOARD OF JUSTICES. The first meeting of the board of justices was held July 14, 1826. The proceedings of that session were recorded in the following language: " Special Session. July 14, 1826. "At a special meeting of the board of justices of Fountain county, convened at the house of Robert Hetfield, in said county, on July 14, 1826. Justices present,—Absalom Mendenhall, James Miller, David Rawles, Thomas Gillam, Thomas Clawson. "The said justices, being duly commissioned and qualified, proceeded to the election of a president, and, on motion, Absalom Mendenhall was appointed for one year.
miller_family  miller_james  fountain_county_indiana  indiana  family  genealogy  1826 
october 2012 by oog
Cincinnati, Ohio - Ohio History Central - A product of the Ohio Historical Society
During 1790 and 1791, thousands of militiamen from Kentucky and Pennsylvania flooded Cincinnati as Harmar and eventually St. Clair planned expeditions against the Native Americans. St. Clair faced such a difficult time maintaining control of his men in the town, with its three taverns, that he moved his men to nearby Ludlow's Station. After St. Clair's Defeat, at the hands of the Indians in 1791, many settlers fled Cincinnati, fearing that the natives would descend upon them. Despite the lack of order and the various safety concerns, hundreds of settlers continued to come to the town. They believed that they could make their fortunes providing the soldiers and people traveling down the Ohio River with supplies. By the summer of 1792, thirty warehouses existed in Cincinnati to meet these needs. With the success of Anthony Wayne against the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794, more settlers arrived in the community, including a French pastry chef and a hairdresser. By early 1795, a spinning wheel manufacturer, a brewer, a chair manufacturer, and a butcher all had opened up businesses. In 1803, the year that the United States Army abandoned Fort Washington, the city had roughly one thousand civilian residents.
cincinnati_ohio  history  genealogy  family 
september 2012 by oog
Mary Large - View media - Ancestry.com
BUNTING, Joshua, of Chesterfield, and Mary Large, of Nottingham, at Chesterfield. 17th 11th mo. 1785   1 Medius. in the sense of junior, or second?   Witnesses--Amy, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca Bunting, Amos, Lydia, Elizabeth, Hannah, Anne and Nathan Middleton, John Large, Joseph M. Lawrie and others. AdamnAngieadded this on 6 May 2008 From Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey Volume XXII Marriage Records 1665-1800 Paterson N.J. The Press Printing and Publishing Co., 1900 CHESTERFIELD (BURLINGTON COUNTY) FRIENDS'
large_family  bunting_family  family  genealogy 
september 2012 by oog
RootsWeb: MA-BAY-COLONY-L PASSENGERS AND SHIPS......continues 1635.....1 ship name unknown and the PLANTER
Planters of the Commonwealth: 1620-1640; Charles E.Banks, Boston,Mass,1930
...."On June 7 (Sunday),there came in 7 other ships....and one to Salem, and 4 more
to the mouth of the bay, with store of passengers and cattle. All came within 6 weeks."
[Winthrop's Journal]...It is probable that these ships were the JAMES, ELIZABETH.
with five others whose names are not of record. The passenger list of 7 of these ships
will follow;
and included with them are these persons known to have come this year but it is not
to assign them to a particular vessel.
Rev.Peter HOBART...of Southold, Suffolk....to Hingham
Joshua, Jeremiah, Elizabeth,and Josiah.
Anthony COOPER...of Hingham, Norfolk(Eng)....to Hingham
-----Cooper( 6 children whose names not known)
Deborah and Sarah
William LARGE of County Norfolk (and a Mrs.....Large)...to..?
large_family  genealogy  family  1635  large_william 
september 2012 by oog
Read the ebook Transactions - Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (Volume 12) by Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
1624. Elizabeth Large, gen: Widow July 29.

Marr 8

1616. John Lyne and Agnes Richmonde 16 Dec 1 ' with License.

1638. William Large of St. George's and Edith Teast m d by

License Feby 1 6.
large_family  england  marriage_records  family  genealogy 
september 2012 by oog
History - Indiana Infantry (Part 8)
118th Regiment Infantry Organized at Wabash, Ind., July and August, 1863, for 6 months' service. Left State for Nicholasville, Ky., September 16. Attached to Mahan's 1st Brigade, Wilcox's Left Wing Forces, Dept. of the Ohio, to October, 1863. 2nd Brigade, Wilcox's Left Wing Forces, Dept. of the Ohio, to January, 1864. District of the Clinch, Dept. of the Ohio, to March, 1864. SERVICE.--March from Nicholasville, Ky., to Cumberland Gap September 24-October 3, and to Morristown October 6-8. Action at Blue Springs October 10. March to Greenville and duty there until November 6. March across Clinch Mountain to Clinch River. Action at Walker's Ford, Clinch River, December 2. Duty at Tazewell, Maynardsville and Cumberland Gap until February, 1864. Action at Tazewell January 24. Mustered out March 1-4, 1864. Regiment lost during service 3 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 86 Enlisted men by disease. Total 90.
118th_infantry  wabash_indiana  war_record  military_record  indiana  civil_war  large_family  large_w_d  family  genealogy 
september 2012 by oog
Monument City Memorial Cemetery - Surnames J-Z - Huntington County, Indiana
Large, Emma, b. 1870, d. 1920, #707
Large, John, b. 1857, d. 1917, #706
Large, Lou O., no dates, #710
Large, Ralph, no dates, #708
118th_infantry  monument_city_indiana  indiana  cemetery  cemetery_records  large_family  family  genealogy 
september 2012 by oog
James Chilton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
sabella Chilton was baptized on January 15, 1586/7 in St. Paul’s Parish, Canterbury. She married Roger Chandler in Leiden, Holland on July 21, 1615 and had four children. There is no record of Isabella's death. Bradford’s statement that Chilton had another daughter is the only proof that Isabella came to Plymouth.[33] The family probably came to Plymouth in either 1629 or 1630 when Bradford states that “the rest of the Leiden contingent arrived”.[34] There is also an earliest tax record showing Roger Chandler March 25, 1633. Chandler is also shown in a record of those men able to bear arms in 1643, and a land record in 1644. He is also listed as a Freeman in 1648. Chandler died in Duxbury between 1658 and 1665. In October 1665, the land in Plymouth Colony (150 acres) is granted to the three unnamed daughters of Roger Chandler, deceased.
chilton_family  chilton_james  mayflower  family  genealogy 
august 2012 by oog
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Hampton, New Hampshire, Area Genealogy
Edward was born Robert Edward GYLLMAN. He later dropped the Robert and changed the spelling of his surname.
gilman_family  family  genealogy  gilman_edward 
august 2012 by oog
[NI0441] Charles E. Banks, Genealogist, found a deposition stating that Edward, NOT Robert, was the father of Edward Gilman, the immigrant. Many books such as the one below, did not have that information when they were written.

1. Edward1 lived in Caston, Norfolk, England; m. 22 June 1550, Rose Rysse; d. prior to 7 July 1573.
2. Robert2 (Edward1) bap. 10 July 1559; m. Mary (???); buried 9 Mar. 1618.
3. Edward3 (Robert,2 Edward1) b. ab. 1587 in Hingham, England; m. 3 June 1614, Mary Clark; set sail for Boston, Mass., in ship Diligent of Ipswich, Capt. John Martin, Apr. 26, and landed 10 Aug. 1638; went to Ipswich, Mass., and later to Exeter; and d. 22 June 1681. - History of Pembroke, New Hampshire , Page 441
gilman_family  charles_e_banks  genealogy  family  gilman_edward 
august 2012 by oog
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