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Issue 131863 - chromium - Chrome hangs when using Synergy and copying from one computer to Chrome on Ubuntu - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Google Project Hosting
1. The most reliable is to open a 3rd party app like gEdit, middle-click the clipboard into it, and then use Ctrl-C (*not* highlighting) to copy what you just pasted, and Ctrl-V it into Chrome. The overhead makes this most suitable for large blocks of text.
synergy  chromium  chrome  bug  error  lockup 
april 2014 by oog
Issue 136608 - chromium - Copy (as in Copy/Paste) locks up Chrome for 5-10min - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Google Project Hosting
This issue is caused by the Spell Checker feature. When attempting to paste any amount of text into a large enough amount of text, it locks up while it re-checks the spelling.
synergy  chromium  lockup  bug 
april 2014 by oog
ImageMagick • View topic - Status of the update process of EXIF thumbnail
ImageMagick does not automatically remove the thumbnail from the EXIF profile. Instead the user has the option of removing the EXIF profile with -strip option for example. Or they can extract the EXIF profile, modify it with an external program, and re-inject it into the image.
exif  imagemagick  thumbnail  bug 
february 2013 by oog
#1529808: Support PostGIS 2.x - Update usage of non-prefixed functions | drupal.org
A temporarily solution for those using PostGIS 2.x is to run the bundled legacy.sql script on your database which will add support for non-prefixed function calls. This can easily be uninstalled with the matching uninstall_legacy.sql script.

Substituting "GeomFromText" with "ST_GeomFromText" on lines 544 and 588 in file sync_postgis.module solves this bug. :)
postgis  postgresql  geodatabase  geospatial  bug 
january 2013 by oog
Bug #430570 “nvi gets conversion error, truncates file” : Bugs : “nvi” package : Ubuntu
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote on 2012-01-24: #3
Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.
2009  nvi  vi  bug  text  error_message  conversion_error 
july 2012 by oog
Bug #550401 in linux (Ubuntu): “thinkpad X3x series suspend and hibernate hang”
I think I've found a solution. Building my own kernel and disabling tickless system and setting processor family to pentium-M seems to have cured the crashes.
thinkpad  ubuntu  bug  hibernation  suspension 
december 2010 by oog
chromium openid bug
We are also currently investigating the technical issues involved with allowing users to log in to a Chromium OS device using a non-Google OpenID provider. We are investigating how to enable 3rd parties to provide interoperable sync services.
chromium  google  bug  openid 
january 2010 by oog

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