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Shakespeare under water - The Lancet
By reason of collecting and holding out certain flowers called “yellow boddles” growing on the bank of a certain small channel at Upton aforesaid called Upton millpond—the same Jane Shaxspere the said sixteenth day of June about the eighth hour after noon of the same day suddenly and by misfortune fell into the same small channel and was drowned in the aforesaid small channel;
1569  jane_shakespeare  jane_shaxpere  2012  katerine_hamlet  upton  drowning  shakepeare  shakspere 
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Solar storm of 2012 - Wikipedia
The record fastest CME associated with the solar storm of August 1972 is thought to have occurred in a similar process of earlier CMEs clearing particles in the path to Earth. This storm arrived in 14.6 hours, an even shorter duration after the parent flare erupted than for the great solar storm of 1859.
sun  solar_storm  2012  1972  1859  science  coronal_mass_ejection 
march 2019 by oog
Tropical canopy lidar
Comparing landsat data to lidar in tropical cambodia
lidar  canopy  tropical  landsat  2012  remote_sensing 
november 2015 by oog
The Marlowe-Shakespeare Connection: Was the Monument Altered? by Peter Farey
...Tom Reedy drew our attention to the monument of a Dr Robert Hovenden. He was Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, where the monument is to be found, and had died in 1614. It can be seen at http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4a/Robert_Hovenden_funerary_monument_cropped.jpg.
shaksper  2012  shakespeare  tom_reedy  marlowe  moniment  wool_sack  1614  cushion  pillow 
august 2013 by oog
Manual Installation of CTAN Package in Ubuntu - kianmeng.org
Unfortunately you can’t do that in Ubuntu. To prevent unnecessary stability issues (e.g. permissions), norbert, the maintainer of Debian’s TeX Live and author of tlmgr, decided not to include this tool. Hence, tlmgr is also missing from Ubuntu as well.
latex  ctan  ubuntu  tex  tlmgr  2012 
july 2013 by oog
ColumbiaRiverImages.com - Birds
Western Bluebird, male, Lyle-Balch Cemetery, Lyle, Washington. Image taken June 12, 2012. Canon Rebel T2i, 300mm with 1.4.
bird  bluebird  2012  lyle_washington  washington 
february 2013 by oog
The Vigillante and the Physics of Three
“The fastest braking possible comes from a triangular wheel arrangement as on the Vigillante and military fighter jets,” Bob explained while looking over his shoulder at me. “You can lock up the brakes on all three wheels, on wet pavement, in a corner and it won’t go into a spin because more than half of the braking takes place behind the center of gravity.”
vigillante  automobile  2012  ken_aiken  the_gear_guy  trivette  history  automobile_history 
february 2013 by oog
Garden Time - The Happy Spot
• SUET SALE IS ON!!!! (3 varieties) Berry, Peanut or High Energy Suet Reg $1.99ea, Now $1.49 each or Mix/Match 12 or more for $.99 each.
suet  for_sale  2012  portland_nursery  portland_oregon  pdx  bird  birds 
january 2013 by oog
GEDCOM X: no industry standard
That has not stopped leading genealogy companies like Ancestry.com and RootsMagic from joining FHISO as a founding member. Recently, WikiTree joined, and more genealogy product and service vendors are expected to follow.
gedcomx  gedcom  genealogy  family  2012  wikitree  fhiso 
november 2012 by oog
Honda HP400 rubber tracks - VIQAN®
These are tiny little guys but we sell a lot of them. We've got about 10 sets left. A set of Honda HP400 rubber tracks will cost you $400. This offer will close at the end of March, 2011. Call 360-906-0109
honda_hp400  tracks  treads  2012 
september 2012 by oog
GSA Auctions, General Services Administration, Government Site for Auctions
PAYMENT BY: 5/24/12 REMOVAL BY: 6/06/12

Sale-Lot Number:A1QSCI12065131
State: AK
Current Bid: 610 USD
Bidders: 4
Close Time: 05/22 08:22 PM CT (Closed)
Time Remaining:
honda_hp400  2012 
september 2012 by oog
[lubuntu] Network Manager not working - Ubuntu Forums
Solved it own after searching long.
in the terminal type "sudo edit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf" change the "managed=false" to "managed=true" and then save it.
then in the terminal type "killall nm-system-settings"
and then reboot......

This seems to have worked for me on Lubuntu in 2012....
network_manager  ubuntu  nm_applet  2010  2012 
september 2012 by oog
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