Fritinancy: Word of the week: Jabroni
Long before there was jabroni, though, there was jiboney (spelled in various ways), whose origin, according to the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, is “uncertain” but may be derived from Milanese giambone, which means “hambone.”
jabroni  jabrone 
The Writings of Charles Wisner Barrell 32 | SourceText.com
Thus, each group of triple dots signifies a charred portion of the script. Words partially destroyed are contiguous to these dots. Where Buck has crossed out a word or a phrase in favor of another, we designate the rejected characters in a rounded bracket immediately following. Words or letters obviously required to complete sense are also given in rounded brackets. The elongated brackets represent Buck’s own enclosures.
george_buc  charles_wisner_barrell  devere  oxford 
The Writings of Gwynneth Bowen 11 | SourceText.com
But previous to this agreement, the earl committed great waste upon the castle hill, and, by warrant from him, most of the buildings, except the Keep were rased to the ground, The castle from this time ceased to be a place of residence; the parks which were three in number … were parted and let to several tenants in allotments.
l_majendie  oxford  thomas_wright  devere  1836  1796  gwynneth_bowen  george_buc 
Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Message Boards: 29, Aldgate High Street
The bill of sale from the Tobacco Manufacturer was interesting too, Philip, for it still uses the seal of the Blue Boar Inn in 1894.
boars_head_inn  jack_the_ripper  aldgate  blue_boar_inn 
3 days ago
The Writings of Gwynneth Bowen 22 | SourceText.com
As for the Priory at Earls Colne, it is well known that the final acts of vandalism and desecration were committed in the eighteenth century by the then owner, John Wale, who rebuilt the mansion house of the de Veres within the precinct, using the ancient monuments of the Earls of Oxford for chimney-pieces, and made a ha-ha on the site of the Priory Church, in the artificial banks of which many human bones were once exposed to view. 
george_buc  gwynneth_bowen  hedingham  ha_ha  john_wale 
7 days ago
The Writings of Gwynneth Bowen 12 | SourceText.com
The house he chose was on “Peter’s Hill”, between St. Paul’s and the river, near the Blackfriars playhouse and the Wardrobe. It was a large old house, which had been divided in two. Buck rented one section for his office: the other was the property of Sir William Hicks, formerly secretary to Lord Burghley, whose mother-in-law (B. M. Ward, The Seventeenth Earl of Oxford), or mother (Mark Eccles, Thomas Lodge and Other Elizabethans, ed. C.J. Sisson),” Mistress Julia Penn, let some or all of the rooms in 1590 to the Earl of Oxford and his men!
gwynneth_bowen  oxford  devere  julia_penn  blackfriars  george_buc 
7 days ago
Shakespeare in 100 Objects: Shakespeare's Signet Ring
These ideas are speculative. The ring’s provenance is doubtful (unearthed in a field next to Holy Trinity churchyard in 1810), and further complicated by the fact that the actor David Garrick displayed a similar one in his Temple to Shakespeare in the 1750s.
shaksper  signet_ring  1810 
9 days ago
Satcom Guru: 737 MCAS - Failure is an Option
and then failure to stop it with aft column travel (second surprise) is exponential
boeing  boeing_737_8_max  peter_lemme  mcas  aviation_safety 
9 days ago
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